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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 6, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone metallica and the san francisco symphony performed for the first time at chase center, we will see how traffic holds up. this just in, an arrest in a hit-and-run, the suspect accused of leading a -- leaving a bicyclist to city leaders are reducing to to put cameras up. i am veronica de la cruz, good night. >> i'm ken bastida. >> betty yu is live outside
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the arena, how will the traffic hold up outside chase center?>> reporter: many fear that it would be nightmarish on this first event, but many fans said it really wasn't all that bad, so far anyway, i just spoke to a san francisco police officer who said that things have been running relatively smoothly tonight, we will have to see how everything shakes out once 18,000 fans exit the arena. it was a night of firsts, for the fans and metallica. and the san francisco symphony. tonight is the first ever chase center concert, the collaboration attracted fans from all over the world. >> i left my wife in myrtle beach, south carolina, in the hurricane to be at metallic us going yeah! -- at metallica!
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>> i came from bangalore, i heard about the chase center, i came to check it out.>> reporter: the drummer in cofounder, -- and cofounder. lars ulrich. >> it's incredible, we are 38 years into the journey, even though we feel like we are getting started, obviously as we play in america, at home, and around the world, we see the audience continues to sort of grow with us. >> reporter: traffic was a big concern before the show. >> we took a train, it wasn't too bad, as well. >> traffic was a piece of cake. there are a lot of sports venues. i grabbed an uber. >> 30 minutes on uber. let's call it about 15 minutes away. >> reporter: the 20th
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anniversary of metallica's collaboration with the san francisco symphony, they last played at the berkeley community theater together in 1999, the acoustics will be really different. >> yes, berkeley, that was more of a theater set up, this is a sports arena. but as you know, everything here is state-of-the-art. >> reporter: i want to give you a live look at all of the muni buses, standing by and ready to deploy, just on the other side of me is the pickup zone for the rideshare users, plenty of traffic officers helping people get to where they need i y that tonighs llica's fan c members. >> if you bought a ticket to tonight's show, you got a free
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muni ride. there you go, that's the way will be to keep people moving. betty yu, thank you. tonight's show went on as planned, but outside, a different scene, a group of protesters projected a number of signs and symbols, taking a stand against sheet -- j.p. morgan chase, accusing the bank of financing fossil fuels. >> sending the message to chase that they are the biggest banker of climate change, financer of coal, oil and gas around the world, it needs to stop, you can see from hurricane dorian and the tragedies we are having around the world relating to climate change, we can't have chase using our money. the arena staff called police of the demonstration, but they were told this is a public space. an arrest in a fatal hit and run, the resting 26-year-old
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jesse alonso aguilar. a collision on story road early in the morning, two cars hit the victim, but only the second driver pulled over and called police. the victims identity has not been released . new at 11:00, richmond's police chief on leave after he no-confidence vote, she's -- chief alan brown is out of the office quote, and for the foreseeable future. a large majority of officers declared no-confidence in brown, they want city officials to fire him or ask him to quit. a consulting group found that they had a low morale and toxic work environment. union leaders say the same problems exist. painstaking salvage operations to recover the burnt remains of the conception, they
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have been suspended, it is upside down and 65 feet of water, officials say it is too windy, operations will resume when it is safe. the process is complicated and slow going and could take days or even weeks. our sister station in los angeles uncovered this, and 2017, the u.s. coast guard cited it on several safety violations, a lack of documentation of fire, and abandon ship safety drills in the log book. no fire extinguishers on board, and a electrical distribution system that was placed in improper service. they found that the violations were resolved. the divers hope to locate the one body unaccounted for, we are learning about two more victims with bay area ties, a recent uc berkeley grad, and a palo alto research scientist and earned degrees from
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stanford. >> [ singing ] amazing grace.>> the grief remains overwhelming for those left behind, they range in age from the teens to the 60s. many from the bay area and others from around the world, singapore and india, the ntsb's preliminary report will be out for another 2-5 days. hurricane dorian taking the last shot at the u.s., battering north carolina's outer banks, the category 1 storm over cape hatteras, the landfall the first since the n the united states this weekend. >> when you have been displaced by storm like this two years in a row it is tough. in the bahamas, over 70,000 people are in need of aid, pregnant women and children are considered a top priority to fly out, we
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have been tracking dorian. >> 15 days ago, it tropical wave left the coast of africa, and started moving across the atlantic, got the name dorian, 15 days later, category 1, heading towards canada, a rough night in early morning, martha's vineyard, the win, that's about it, pulling away from the united states and will become rain that hits england and ireland towards the middle of next week. local weather, changing tomorrow, the breeze will pick up, temperatures will drop, 13 mile-per-hour breeze, 17 miles per hour in fairfield, tomorrow a breezy to windy day, temperatures running up to 9 degrees below average, only 77 in concord, 71 in oakland and 74 in san jose. the 7-day forecast is coming up. city leaders in mountain
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view are loo wid . landowners people who offer up lots will not get paid, it essentially would be an act of charity, officials are trying to identify anyone who might be interested, if there is enough interest, they will start drawing up requirements like a permit program. landowners can offer input when the issue comes before the city council later this month. sounding the alarm, the dire warning about using e- cigarettes. people all over the bay area rallying behind a young immigrant fighting to stay in the united states, why her doctors say her life depends on it. a fire warning in the south bay, the areas most at risk it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a
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for those families who are going through similar situations as i am, we are in this together. >> for the first time, hearing from a bay area woman facing what her doctors are calling a deportation death sentence. christin ayers on the fight to keep the bay areas maria isabel bueso in the united states. >> reporter: students, doctors and nurses, rallying in hayward and are supporting a legal immigrant who is fighting to stay in the united states after getting a deportation order from the trump administration. in march through downtown hayward this evening. this was one of 2 rally showing support for legal immigrant living in the bay area, battling a mps-6rare genetic disease called, --
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battling a disease called mps-6 . >> i am happy to be the voice for those families going through what i am, we are going through it together. >> reporter: her first time speaking publicly since getting this letter in the mail from immigration services ordering her and her family to depart the united states within 33 days. she was invited to the u.s. when she was seven years old to participate in clinical trials that led to a life-saving treatment that she can't receive in guatemala. >> to think that they are doing that because of immigration status is unheard-of. >> reporter: her doctors say the deportation order would be a death sentence. >> she would just crumble down.>> reporter: the trump administration backtracked after public outcry, and says it will continue to review cases like isabel's.
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but friends of isabel who organized the rally one more than that. >> it's not enough for us, we need a bill passed, a solution, we can't rely on we will think about it or work on it or backtrack a little bit.>> the president at the stroke of a pen could allow humanitarian medical care. >> reporter: hoping for a more permanent solution, she will be in washington dc next week speaking to congress at a hearing. in hayward, christin ayers. stop vaping or risk death or severe illness in your lungs, the warning from the cdc. in the east bay, doctors have identified five people with lung illness potentially linked to vaping. telltale symptoms are fever and difficulty breathing. the cdc in addition to illinois and oregon, and 2 deaths in minnesota and california are under igat the person who died in la county was among a dozen who became seriously ill.
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>> we are here today to announce the first known death of a los angeles county resident related to the use of e- cigarettes. >> reporter: the department of public health says the fatality is among 12 reports they received of seven severe lung disease and injury after a history with vaping, just since mid-august. 11 of the 12 people said they were vaping with a thc product. >> if you don't have to vape, don't do it right now. >> reporter: the department said it was someone over 55 who had pre-existing health conditions, but around the country, many of the second patients are young. >> 18 years old, my lungs are like a seven-year-olds. >> reporter: the person who died in california used marijuana products containing thc, they are not distinguishing between cannabis and tobacco in terms
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of health risks. >> is not clear if it is a specific product or device that is causing what we are seeing in these reports.>> you can vape electronic liquid, nicotine, it's not harmful. >> reporter: the owner of vapor deluxe north hollywood, he believes the health department's warning should be specific, that people should not be using illegal marijuana vaping products, instead they should feel safe with legal, store-bought products. >> it is vapor liquid, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and nicotine. this is vaping. >> reporter: he believes they are buying vape cartridges with thc on the streets because they are too expensive at dispensaries, he says his industry has nothing to do with the illegal cartridges. he has this advice. >> don't buy things off the streets, it is a shady thing, you don't know what you are putting anybody -- your body, go to a reputable retailer.
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>> we reached out to the nation's largest e-cigarette maker, juul, who say they are monitoring the situation closely. a wildfire sparked by lightning, has now grown to more than 7300 acres, just 7% contained. in southern california, evacuation orders have been lifted for residence in riverside county, a fast-moving brush fire near marietta is 25% contained. a popular hiking area in palo alto is essentially a tinderbox. city leaders say they have a plan to reduce the risk. maria medina tells us how they are preparing for the worst. >> reporter: the palo alto foothills may be beautiful, but also designated to be at an elevated risk for a wildfire,
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mostly because of the power lines and utility equipment. >> if the fire comes down this way, we all have go bags, we will be ready.>> reporter: doug mclean has lived in the palo alto foothills for more than two decades. >> a work in progress. >> reporter: he has worked on a project. >> when we activate the system, it wets the whole area. >> reporter: that he says would put out any embers from a fire to keep his home from burning to the ground. >> it would come out here, and what an area to about there, around the entire perimeter of the house.>> reporter: the area is at an elevated risk for wildfire, they just put together a mitigation plan to abide by new law passed after several of the states reason wildfires. >> it's hard to look at the fires in the northern part of the state and santa rosa not realize this is just another fire plane, we just haven't lit up yet. >> reporter: utilities plan to
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rebuild and replace and reroute overhead power lines and poles, with the ability to transition underground, managing vegetation around utility equipment. >> we want to see the fire coming, we are lobbying the city to put cameras in that fire station. >> reporter: doug says it's only a matter of time when, not if it hits the foothills. >> just a matter of time.>> reporter: he says a fire marshal visit the area a couple times per year to make sure that everyone has vegetation cutback in case of a fire. in the palo alto foothills, maria medina. >> 98% of all fires are started by people. a nice weekend to get outside, cool, cloudy and breezy, the weather calming down, temperatures outside, not foggy but cloudy, 60 in san francisco, 62 in oakland, 57 in
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santa rosa. the usual cool spot, 52 tonight. fremont 58, going for a early morning bike ride, 57, what a difference two years makes, the first week in september, 2017, the average high was 87, the average high this september is 67. 20 degree difference. we can be hot and cold, we've seen both. tomorrow, 77 degrees, a cloudy start, breezy to windy throughout the day, not that warm, sunday the wind relaxes, a high of 84. a lot of stuff to the west, a storm passing to the west, hitting with rain, a bigger storm in the gulf of alaska, a fall -like weather pattern, the counterclockwise flow will promote the unsure breeze elevated for the next 24-48 hours. lots of clouds tomorrow, we
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wake up to that, sunshine, breeze will be with us, 20-30 miles per hour. less cloud cover on sunday, promoting more sunshine. cloudy and breezy start to the weekend, below average for a while into next week, a worm a possible seven days away . fremont 73, napa 78, livermore 75, san jose 74, san francisco 65. extended forecast, temperatures below average, 60s near the water, 70s and low 80s in lynn, and we want things up, the forecast coming up at 6 am tomorrow morning. -- in land . a terrifying fall and she can't believe how it ended up. a proud sponsor of the bay area pet fair, september 14 and 15th, tomorrow morning we will
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baseball up top, but let's talk area contenders, they wear green and gold, and call the di? comerica park, a suspended game
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at the tigers. am chad and i ma a 2 run blast, four months afterwards, 7-3. the night. bob melvin, nine innings, but enough, it went to the 11th, will castro, the big blow, the oakland a's lost 5-4, but they have sole possession of the second wildcard playoff spot ic, back away and gone. that is off of clayton kershaw. he is not happy. chased after four innings. mike yastrzemski cracks a bases-loaded hit to the, giants
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win 5-4. the raiders, antonio brown, he's going to play monday against the broncos, no suspension, the conduct shenanigans, when he and the general manager got into it at wednesday's practice, the all- pro, arguably the best in his position, made an emotional apology in front of the team. the head coach jon gruden and antonio brown made brief statements. >> ready to move on, he's had a lot of obvious time to think about things, we are happy to have him back. and raider nation is excited about it. >> i'm excited to be out here today, i want to apologize to my teammates, the organization, enough talk, i've decided to be out here with my teammates, and for all the fans, excited to be part of the raiders and see you otli ce e
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thornton, coming back for a 22nd year in the league, when he re-signed on a one-year deal, jumbo, 40 years old, no talk about retirement, he's coming back. a personal congratulations to this handsome man, al along with rick perry, enshrined in the hall of fame, 60 years with warriors as player, coach, symbol of greatness, they called him a destroyer as
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so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok?
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>> you're watching cspan-3. is everything okay? up next, our continuing coverage of robert mueller's testimony. >> the fact that you ran it out two years means you perpetuated injustice. >> stephen: if i could just--if i could just jump in here? mr. chairman, stephen colbert. mr. mueller, over here. hey-oh! woo! woo! macaw! macaw! ( laughter ) marco! marco! okay! bring it in. ( laughter ) bring the eyeballs this way. there you go. and, good. firstly, sir, i just thumped the


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