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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 7, 2019 5:00pm-5:28pm PDT

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live from cbs bay area studios, this is try five kpix 5 news . dorian approaches canada as a tropical cyclone. this is a desperate search for survivors continues in the bahamas. antonio brown no longer in the rater's hands he's already signed with the new team just after they release them . >> a push for new evening. thank you for joining us. >> let's get right to our meteorologist, tracking dorian's path right now . >> dorian has lost all characteristic to altoit is now
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a tropical depression. if you look at the clouds over my shoulder you can see there is still is been there but we have lost the eye. even though it still windy. plenty of rain murkiness went to nova scotia. if we put the center of this thing and track it forward it is the going to travel well out into the atlantic were it will be fairly windy and rainy over northeastern parts of canada. not entirely done with during but no longer a tropical storm. was go to tom hansen with the latest of the recovery effort in the bahamas and the u.s. >> reporter: he is a diver who lives in freeport, like so many other people on the bahamas he is trying to evacuate after hurricane dorian. >> we don't have any power, water it is hot out there. >> reporter: the desperate search for victims in efforts to help survivors continues after dorian left disaster in its wake. >>
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>> reporter: hundreds waited on mr. ferguson stothhis family since the hurricane. glimpses of relief our insight. like this british military ship that brought eight. on saturday dorian trekked up to nova scotia canada with wind and rain after pounding the u.s. eastern seaboard on friday. dorian left behind widespread damage on north carolina's island. stranded hundreds of people who defied mandatory evacuation orders. >> we do have a search and rescue team that is going door to door to make sure but this is a very close knit community. people assure me that everyone is present and accounted for. >> reporter: on the outer banks some residents returned to the daily rhythms of life.
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>> today north carolina officials confirmed the second death following dorian's destruction, heavy winds in the outer banks cause damage. in this video taken at the historic pitch fishing pier you can see a section of it, still missing . right now we are on the way to the storm ravaged outer banks, choppers rescuing people to very surface service bringing food and water cut off from the mainland . antonio brown no longer a member of the raiders they release them after serious highly publicized conflicts. within hours he signed with the new england patriots instead. we're at the rater's practice facility. but first we have moore on the wide receiver has never played a regular-season game . >> in sports, great talent buys you tolerance. with the raiders he came to a point where enough was enough. even for the coach you traded to get him.
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brown is a new england patriot. number 84, grth morningon insta just this afternoon he signed with the patriots. already posted a picture of himself at a new england uniform to play the steelers tomorrow he will not play. we check number 84 is available. brown short time in the bay area was filled with drama. in training camp he miss practice with frostbitten feet and multiple grievances with the nfl over his helmet. he miss a team meeting, after being fined almost $54,000 by the team he got into a verbal altercation with the general manager. on friday the team said he would play in their opener monday night but they find him all of his bonus money $30 million guaranteed contract. then he asked to be released.
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the circus if you want to call it moves to boston. bill belichick will be the ringmaster there. what now? what is on the minds of the legions of silver and black fans who have to processes? i bet you they have no problem getting reaction from raider nation. she is at the team facility in alameda. >> reporter: it has been a very tough past 24 hours, not just for the fans but also for the top team in brass here at the rater's headquarters. antonio brown didn't choose to come to oakland he was acquired as part of the trade and some experts think that might be why all of this drama began. this was part of his plan from the beginning. that is part of the youtube video he posted yesterday, mmnt t y. was a wiachacqug
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>> i have the feeling he never wanted to be here. >> reporter: he is also the creative director at baker street advertising things brown has been trying to force the raiders to release him with youtube video and instagram pulse directly asking to be released plus a series of tweets. >> i think you saw the situation in oakland, wasn't favorable to him, wanted to go somewhere where it looked like a winning franchise. >> reporter: apparently that's exactly what happened when he signed with the new england patriots. >> you could see what was happening. >> reporter: the raiders fans gladhe went before we paid
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him. >> with the shenanigans, training camp, pres see him pla i don't know what i'm going to do. i even bought a jersey. >> reporter: we don't know exactly the details of the plan with the patriots but according to reports, it is $15 million for one year with the $9 million signing bonus so maybe brown can actually help reimburse some of his fans for the jerseys that they bought the says oakland raiders. live at the headquarters, katie nielsen, kpix 5. >> thank you . to our fire watch, cruisers trying to put out a vegetation fire just south of kelsey ville. several evacuations are in
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place including areas on both sides of highway 29. the k fire has burned e res so plumas county has exploded in size today. over 24,000 acres. cal fire says right now moore than 500 firefighters along with air tankers are fighting the fire. the walker fire broke out wednesday. the torah evacuations are in place for some residents there is no containment . another county west of red bluff, the redbank fire is 9% contained, burning moore than 7300 acres. it was sparked by lightning . san francisco mayor london breed wants voters to approve borrowing moore than half $1 billion to build or rehabilitate affordable
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housing. measure a on the november ballot would put $600 million into new, low income d fund upgrades and repairs the campaign kickoff event today. >> we care about making sure san francisco is a moore affordable place for each and every one of us. we need this bond. we need proposition a to pass. >> the bond would help build 2800 new affordable homes in san francisco. supervisors unanimously approved the ballot measure over the summer but what it means, is it okay from two thirds of voters? a new move to cut some of the money out of san jose politic it even the playing field. some believe the plan would cut them out altogether. >> reporter: the goal of this
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ballot initiative is fairly straightforward to increase pool precipitinthe and limithe influencof gr that local governments. the devil is in the details. critics of this plan says it will silence and exclude them. the ballot measure could reshape sent of a politic, moving the election from mayor to presidential election years and severely limiting contributions to political campaigns. >> moore people pay attention to mayoral races in presidential years. moore people are participating in politics, paying attention to campaigns and voting. >> reporter: dubbed the initiative, lobbyists it with 10 units of or moore contractors and developers with business city council. at worsa napower grabe say itbe
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i think it may not pass muster. >> reporter: the ballot measure is back squarely. will be subject to restrictions. limit the instruments of money and politics. >> it is time for san jose to stop the practice. none of these people need to buy their way into political. >> reporter: at least they don't agree on much, ballot measure would not address independent expenditures. outside monies spent on the candidate but not coming directly from his or her campaign. >> in the end this will stack the deck in the favor of one side of the argument. >> this is a step in the right direction but is not a cure all. >> reporter: the packers have six months to collect signatures, in order to get it
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on the 2020 ballot. san jose, kpix 5. democratic hopefuls have landed in new hampshire. they hope to make their mark ahead of the states first nation primary. there is california senator kamala harris, one of 19 candidates work in the states democratic convention. many will need to breakthrough with voters who so far are sticking to what they know, like joe biden, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders who warmed up the convention crowd with bread-and-butter issues . >> we believe if you work 40 hours a week in this country you should not live in poverty, we are going to raise that minimum wage to a living wage, 15 bucks an hour. >> then an outsider candidate he pulled off a big win in new hampshire over hillary clinton, four years ago. his campaign is now betting big that this time new hampshire will fault him to the nomination.
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closures at san francisco airport are causing a huge headache for travelers. why some folks had to get off their plane and onto a bus . safety experts are weighing in on the dive boat tragedy. the latest on the investigations, coming up. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a
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closures at san francisco's busiest runways causing problems for travelers today. airport officials say early morning flight traveling from spokane had to be diverted to san jose. all of this as crews remove and rebuild nearly 2000 feet of runway 28. airport says passengers can expect delays of up to two hours . while the dive boat in which 34 people died past numerous safety checks. the design compliant fire trap. fire safety experts told the la times, 40-year-old boat may been up to code but the exit in the sleeping quarters were too narrow and too hard to reach. design is said to be very
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common but investigators say bl trapping passgers inside. meanwhile salvage operations continue to retrieve the dive t behind you? this is the camera lens that tops the tower. noticeably cooler, wendy. both of those things were part of a week system think of this is first little case, first hint of a fall like pattern which is swept through california. look at the daytime highs, 75 degrees in concord. these are pretty close to the official ones. san jose only got up to 72, fremont 69 degrees. how much cooler it these numbers today than yesterday. concord and livermore, 13 degrees cooler than yesterday.
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12 degrees cooler than livermore. everybody else cool down as well. oakland and mountain view didn't change at all. is actually warmer in pacifica along the coast today. but we you wouldn't see it for looking at the regular satellite switch. the water vapor going to look a little weird. but this'll pick out, moore poorly see that line, that is where the cold front was. clipped this with a very weak cold front. if you watch the way the wind was moving through northern california today. watch the change. see the writer read coming in the northwest. that's where we are now. just on the back edge of that system. as we go through the evening. we start to feel less and less influence of this.
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tomorrow will be windy like today. will have our usual onshore like today. tempgog rm up tomorrow. thatdoesn't either we have now entered transition time. just drop little hands. let's get on with the world of sports?? sports is been far from boring these last 48 hours. to on this one. second straight year, loses aspects player. right before the raiders. wide receiver antonio brown off to the great north northeast today. details of the head.
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in the spotlight today. unfortunate reasons. instead of talking about the monday night opener with denver loss of his greatest office of weapon receiver antonio brown, check this reaction about by being waived by the team this morning. >> free. specked you can call this brown rater file video now. he was in a free agent for long. a few hours later he signed with the new england patriots, one year deal, 9 million guarante they could earn up to 15 million. he asked for his release on instagram early thisdeental
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to the team head coach traded for the four- time all-pro receiver today. >> we have just exhausted everything. we tried everything possible to make it work. it is disappointing. i apologize i am very proud of what we did is an organization in trying. i wish antonio nothing but the best. i'm sorry we never got a chance to see him in silver and black. very disappointing, in my career as a coach i really look forward to coaching him. it is not going to happen. meantime 49er empire, what flora in septtyarsoutlyr raymond james stadium tough for the west coast teams . +90 degree temperatures. 49ers are trying to replicate
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could conditions by having the players work out in a heated tent. the cocaptain had a taste of that . >> it is that hot out there. they have the devil somewhere in tampa because it is ridiculously hot in that tent. hopefully it works otherwise we spend time in the sauna where we didn't need to spend time. >> college football, down a touchdown, great throw, better catch. tony brown tied to 31. three in overtime. huskers needed 48 yarder to go. second straight year, its , wh >> tennis, elusive 24th record time grand slam title ever land in serena williams lap? she keeps losing to teenagers.
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there is a u.s. open final. director spike lee throwing his support around me six-time open champ. and with her good friend duchess megan markel. the 19-year-old was in the way. william serving double faulted. first set, 6-3. second 10 championship, williams couldn't catch up. it was her day. she became the first canadian woman to win a major title. williams has lost four straight grand slam finals. we have stanford, usc in football, cal and washington in football, oakland a's and the tigers and the giants and the dodgers, moving pictures on the late show. >> you brought dinner with you because you have a lot >> is a matter of fact i did. as can be a whole different show tonight. >> kenny said in her report from the coliseum that the theory is going around he was
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acting out because he wanted out, what do you think? back that could be. we will never know. we could share hours over our favorite adult beverage, debating that back-and-forth. the nfl will do their due diligence, they will investigate this whole deal. >> thank you. we will be right back.
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that's it for us here at 5:00, we will be back here at 6:00. cbs evening news is up next.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: tonight, dorian's devastation. the humanitarian crisis, now days after dorian made landfall in the bahamas. plus, the widespread destruction left behind, the catastrophic flooding in north carolina. also tonight, dire warning: iran tells europe hope for a nuclear deal is fading fast. what tehran is now doing to ramp up its nuclear weapons capabilities. the c.d.c. says stop vaping now. why federal health officials believe e-cigarettes may be linked to nearly half a dozen deaths. final flight: we'll take you to the desert


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