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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 7, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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request r a release. he leaves oakland without playing a single down for the silver and black. katie is live. but first we begin with vern glenn. what an end to the story. >> here we go again th the raiders. star receiver antonio brown out. before he even played a down of football in any game. how does head coach john gruden recover from losing his best player before the season opener for the second straight year? remember kalil mack? he went to the bears. now, brown is a new england patriot. number 84 here was granted his release after asking south of oakland this morning on instagram. just this afternoon, he signed with the patriots. ab. already posted a picture of himself in a new england uniform. we checked. number 84 is available.
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brown's short time in the bay area was filled with drama. he missed practice with frostbitten feet and multiple grievances with the nfl over his helmet. after being fined almost $54,000 by the team, he got into a verbal altercation with general manager mike mayot. friday, the team said he would play in their opener on monday night against denver, but fined him all of his bonus money voiding his contract. and brown asked to be released. so antonio brown moves to boston. bill belichick will be the ring master there.
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i'm katie nielsen at raider headquarters. it has been a trying 24 hour. antonio brown never wanted to come to oakland. he was actually acquired as part of a trade. that's why some experts say he created all of this drama on his own to get exactly what he wanted to get cut from oakland. >> do you want to be a raider? >> reporter: this is part of the youtube video he shared that reportedly a phone call with the head coach questioning brown's commitment to the team. but sports marketing expert bob dorfman doesn't see it that way. >> i have a feeling he never wanted to be here. >> dorfman says he thinks brown has been trying to force the raiders to release him with a
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youtube video and instagram post directly asking to be released and a series of tweets. >> he saw the situation in oakland. it wasn't favorable to him. wanted to go somewhere where he looked like a winning franchise. >> reporter: and apparently, that's what happened this afternoon when brown signed with the patriots. >> he can go to new england now. which is a known team for picking up troubled people and turning them into stars. >> reporter: the raiders fans we spoke with said the same thing. if he didn't want to wear the silver and black, let him go. >> you could see what was happening. >> and we don't need that. i'm glad he went before we paid him. >> you have to cut the cancer off at the beginning. with his shenanigans during training camp, preseason. i knew it wasn't going to work. >> i really wanted to see him
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play. i'm one of the ones that bought his jersey. >> what will you do with it now? >> i don't know! it's worthless now! >> reporter: brown has been on social media. one idea i heard thrown around is some of those fans who bought his raiders jersey should try to catch him on social media and ask for his money back especially now that he has a guaranteed deal with the patriots. now to the fire watch and some evacuations in lake county. the oak fire is burning on both sides of highway 29. just south of kelseyville. this is new video just to the news room. you can see cal fire crews doing water drops. the fire is just 20 acres. but, there are evacuations in the immediate area. the fire is about 10% contained right now. let's send it to darren peck who is tracking the weather conditions. >> reporter: the same wind we have been experiencing going about our lives throughout the
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entire bay area is a factor. this is a wide view. and this is is a closeup view in lake county. this fire is burning just to the south of calseyville. there are northwest winds gusting to 20 miles an hour. this is not ideal. it could have been a lot worse though. read the bottom line. relative humidity at 60%. that is actually good news. those are good numbers. for relative humidity. it's not like we have a red flag warning out there today where the conditions would have been ripe for a fire. still, 20 miles an hour winds and a small amount of containment is something to be watched. i'll be back with more on our forecast in a bit. i want to tell you where the winds came from that you no doubt experienced as well. see you in a few minutes. >> in the past hour, we learned another fire has broken out in
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butte county. the so called swedes fire has burned near oroville. the walker fire is still burning out of control. more than 500 firefighters along with air tankers are fighting this fire. about 120 miles northeast of sacramento. there are mandatory evacuations in parts of tehana county tonight. investigators say lightning sparked that blaze which now covers more than 7300 acres. new at 6:00, a once vibrant oakland park is all but abandoned. the people who used it stopped going there. they said the homeless have taken over and set up their tents. madison square park sits on the edge of oakland's china town near the lake merritt bart station. da lin knows the park well and he reports that help from the city may be on the way. >> reporter: this was a popular
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hangout spot for chinese seniors. i remember every time passing by, i would see a lot of seniors exercising. in the morning and evening, this place would be packed. now? they stop coming here. after the homeless moved in. exercise. tai chi. playing badminton. madison square park was the spot. >> another tai chi group over there. it was filled with at least 200 people. >> reporter: dee started coming to the park to do tai chi in 2002. had a lot of good memories. she improved her health and made a lot of friends. >> every morning at 7:30, we would do tai chi here. about 100 people would exercise. it was very fun. very vibrant. >> reporter: she said the homeless set up tents about two years ago and over time, most of the seniors stopped coming.
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now, some seniors do tai chi at a nearby gym. >> people were fearful to come. they saw the tents and the trash and everything got scared. it turned this place into a desolate park. >> reporter: city administrators removed some of the homeless about six months ago after there were complaints they were harassing students who came here for pe class. as a result, the schools and the kids also stopped coming here. >> they are inappropriately touching the kids and scaring off many seniors. >> reporter: the playground is now full of weeds. this little guy wanted to play. but mom wouldn't let him. >> people are smoking marijuana. it's not the right place for kids. we have to leave. my son's not happy. >> reporter: community leader karl chan doesn't want to kick them out. he says the right thing is to find them permanent housing. >> we are hoping we can continue allowing our seniors
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and the children to come back. >> reporter: the city will set up a cabin community two blocks away in october. and, administrators say they is when they will clear out the six remaining tents and ask the homeless to move to the cabin community. >> hopefully, that will happen. we will celebrate. >> reporter: even if the city moves them out t city worries the homeless will come back because it happened before. that's why they want a permanent solution. in oakland china town, i'm da lin, kpix5. san francisco's mayor wants voters to put big money into affordable housing. london led a campaign kickoff. if approved it would allow the city to borrow $600 million to build affordable units. >> we need this bond. we need proposition a to pass. because we know that there is something in the $600 million bond for all people in san
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francisco. >> not all of that money would go toward new construction. it would also be used to repair the city's existing public housing and provide financial help for middle class home buyer. the measure unanimously passed the board of supervisor over the summer. voters will have their say in november. well, nothing says delay like sfo. especially this weekend. thanks to some repair work on the airport's busiest runway. the long planned project will last 20 days to repair 2000 feet of runway 28l. the work is causing major delays now. and plenty of canceled flights. at last check, average delays into sfo were 90 minutes. we learned that 97 flights have been canceled so far today. what's more, a united express flight even had to be diverted to san jose. the passengers were later bussed to san francisco. california's vaccine bill
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battle. it's heating up again. the last-minute move by governor newsom forcing lawmakers to start over. >> plus the remark about president trump that has kamala harris apologizing on the campaign trail tonight. >> and, warning signs go up at a popular san francisco park. be on the lookout for mountain lions.
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a measure to tighten california's vaccination laws is inching closer to the governor's desk. he has indicated he will sign it. but as kpix5's melissa caen reports, some last minute requests from the governor himself could slow down the process. >> reporter: children attending california schools, even private schools, have to be vaccinated. there were several way to get around this requirement for years.
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after a measles outbreak in disney land, the state passed a law that left only one real option. a medical exemption. since then, they have tripled. >> when all of these bogus fraudulent medical exemptions were granted, we saw more cases of the measles. >> reporter: state senator richard pan is also a doctor. and he has proposed sb276. a bill that would give the state the power to deny certain medical exemptions deemed suspicious. like if the child's school has a vaccination rate under 95%. or, if it is from a doctor who has issued more than five exemptions. >> the purpose of the bill is to keep people safe. >> reporter: but it has been a rocky road for sb276. as state senator jerry hill explains, months ago, governor newsom asked for amendments. >> he wanted some changes and he got them. and, he said at the time, he would sign the bill if those were there. the end of the day, the bill passed the senate. the assembly. and he said there are a few
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more things i would like in that bill. this is quite unusual. >> reporter: so now the governor's new changes are in a different bill. sb714 which is governor says he will sign along with 276. but lawmakers like senator hill are not looking forward to the process of having to pass another vaccine bill. >> we will be removing you from the chamber. >> reporter: protesters shut down the senate after it voted on sb276 last week. >> we are calling a five-minute recess. >> in the gallery, when we had our vote this week, they were in the gallery yelling and screaming. we had to adjourn and recess the session because we couldn't conduct business any longer because they t flags they were flying upside down. i went into the governor's office to talk about another bill and they chased us up the stairs yelling and screaming. it is a difficult time. now we have to go through that all over again. the bill comes back and it will
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allow the same disruptions that we have seen over the last few weeks. >> reporter: melissa caen, kpix5. uc berkeley is moving forward with a plan to build a dorm complex at people's park. the university confirms it would house about a thousand students. the project would also include up to 125 apartments for the homeless. and it could all be done by the year 2023. if you are walking around san francisco's golden gate park at night, you could have company. officials say two mountain lions have been spotted in recent weeks. one on the west end, the other at lake merced. we are told neither cat showed any aggression toward humans. still, signs have gone up warning park visitor to keep small children close and dogs on a leash. video of the coast guard coming to the rescue of two firefighters in the trinity alps wilderness. officials say they were hit by fallen rocks and were badly hurt yesterday morning. the coast guard sent a
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helicopter. they found them within ten yards of the fire line. there is no word on how the firefighters are doing tonight. >> hopefully okay. we know darren is busy doing all of our weather all over the place. >> you both experienced more wind than you have in a while. >> did you? >> i did. i experienced wind. >> why are you laughing? >> yes. it was windy. >> that was our first small little taste of fall. wasn't much. but if you notice the breeze pick up today, and you felt cooler, that was our first little glancing blow of fall. we will go to a live look on top of the sales force tower. here is exhibit a. concord that is not a typo. 75. that's it. you were right in line with
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fremont and oakland. but a lot closer than you have been for quite a while. here is how much we dropped. these are the differences and it really stands out over here. the inland locations felt this the moat. look at santa rosa. seven degrees cooler. we were five degrees cooler in hayward. three degrees cooler in fremont. what about the breeze and the wind that picked up? you wouldn't see anything just from looking at the regular satellite. i will switch. going to look a little weird. imery. mes the water vapor you see a very well defined line. a cold front that swept through northern california this afternoon. you wouldn't have noticed it directly. but you did notice the breeze and you can see all the streamlines coming on shore behind that front out of the northwest, we get weak little fronts like that as the seasons
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start to turn. in fact, by the time we get to january, those will be significant cold fronts. but the first ones you barely notice. and it was the wind that clued you in. it is early september. and we are starting to see now. the atmosphere, the wheels are turning. things are very subtly beginning to change. it will not last long. the wind will be gone by tomorrow. if we look at the seven day forecast, we are staying right around average. we will warm up to near average. we will go back into the mid 80s for inland locations. stay there a few days. then we will cool back down by the time we get into tuesday. that doesn't last long either. we will be in the mid 90s by the end of this week. we will be back in the mid 90s . and more like summer by the end of the seven-day forecast.
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back to you. certainly not short on any content today. ahead, just in case you are walking in the door, if you have antonio brown on your fantasy football team, you'll have to sit him this weekend. the raiders took a kick to the gut today. right before the season opener. star receiver off to the great northeast. details just ahead. ...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving. easily set, track and control your goals
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in the spotlight for unfortunate leaders. the raiders have lost antonio brown. check his reaction upon being waived by the team this morning. >> free! i'm free! [ screaming ] i'm free!
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>> there he goes. he wasn't a free agent for long. a few hours later, he signed with the new england patriots. it's a one-year deal. got a $9 million signing bonus. he could earn up to $15 million. brown asked for his release on instagram. this after the team fined him over 200,000 in bonus money for a verbal altercation with general manager mike mayott and conduct detrimental to the team that voided his near $30 million guaranteed contract. head coach john brewton who traded for him, today. >> we have exhausted everything. we tried every way possible to make it work. all i'm going to say is it is disappointing. i apologize, but i will tell you, i'm very proud of what we did as an organization to try. and i wish antonio nothing but
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the best. and i'm sorry that we never got a chance to see him in silver and black. very disappointing. in my career as a coach. i look forward to coaching him. but it's not going to happen. >> meantime, the 49ers from in south florida, tampa. no drama. just the elements. the conditions that are an issue. south florida in september? it is filled with humidity. raymond james stadium in september, just tough on the west coast teams. that, plus 90-degree temperatures. 49ers have tried to replicate the conditions by having the players workout in a heated tent. cocaptain richard sherman has had a taste of that. >> yes. i have used that tent. if it is that hot out there, they have the devil somewhere in tampa. it is ridiculously hot in that tent. hopefully it works, otherwise, we spent time in a sauna we didn't need to spend time in. college football, jim harbaugh looking at the
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michigan game plan. wolverines had to scramble. army is good. they won 11 games last season. michigan clobbered kelvin hopkins jr. somewhere in this pile was a loose football. so it's a fumble, tackle for a loss. and this preserved the win for the blue. we have nebraska fans on the road feeling pretty good in colorado. they led 17-0 until the buffalo roamed. great catch, final minute, tony brown came down to tie it it up. huskers needed this to tie. no. and for the second straight year, the buffs beat its rival 34-31. what a finish. tennis, the record tying
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grand slam title will have to wait for serena williams. she keeps losing to teenagers. 19-year-old bianca andreescu was in the way. williams served. double faulted. lost the first set. championship point for andreescu and williams couldn't catch up to the return. it was andreescu's day. she became the first canadian woman to win a major title as serena has lost four straight grand slam titles. third quarter. u.s. up 11. you can't leave donovan mitchell alone for a corner pocket three like that. u.s. won 69-53. to improve to 4-0 in world cup
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play. and it gets better. cal against washington in football. stanford at usc in football. as are playing the tigers. the giants have the dodgers. man. boy. talk about moving pictures on the late show. that's what we got tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. >> let me ask you. antonio brown is released from the raiders within 40 seconds. >> within a cup of coffee, he's a patriot. >> did they come to an agreement before he was released? >> no. the raiders release him and he is just unrestricted. >> and they negotiate a deal? >> i'm sure his first phone call was to bill belichick and the patriots. they do a deal and it is done. just like that. just like that. >> it's incredible. >> that's how it works. coming up, tropical storm dorian is not done yet. the former hurricane is now battering canada. while it has lost its hurricane status, it has not lost much of
6:28 pm
its strength. an effort to level the playing field or a political power grab? why some say a push for fair election reforms in san jose isn't fair at all. and a kamala harris supporter slams president trump. why harris herself is now apologizing for how she responded. ♪ find the brands you love from nordstrom. up to 70% off at nordstrom rack.
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hurricane that devastated the bahamas and trashed the east coast and made another landfall in canada? and dorian is now a post tropical cyclone churning east of maine. >> while it may have lost the name, it still packing dangerous winds. the cyclone hit nova scotia head on in the last couple of hours. earlier, winds caused this tree in halifax to fall on a truck. and send a construction crane toppling over. dorian swamped the coast with a seven-foot storm surge. trapping some residents in the outer banks. in the u.s., five deaths have been blamed on the storm so far. >> today, evacuees from the bahamas arrived in florida on cruise ships, they were rescued from towns all but wiped off the map. the situation grows desperate. the death toll is rising. and thousands remain missing. while search and rescue teams
6:32 pm
comb the ruins, reporter nadia romero is in nassau with the latest. >> reporter: the storm of storms, hurricane dorian changed paths so much. >> every time we thought it was going to end up in one location, it would shift and bob and weave. and just the sheer intensity of the storm. >> reporter: even after 15 years of doing hurricane relief, head pastor matthew sweeting says people in the bahamas are struggling to provide resources. >> we need everything we asked for five days ago, we shipped everything out already. >> reporter: new providence community church serves as ground zero packing up care packages for evacuees. cruise lines working to load up supplies. this one using its massive vessel to bring stranded hurricane victims to the u.s. mainland. international agencies working together to help the most affected. >> words really can't explain what has taken place. things will only get worse. >> reporter: with the world chipping in, the hope is that
6:33 pm
the bahamas can recover and rebuild. in nassau, bahamas, nadia romero, kpix5. officials are searching for one last vtim of the dive boat fire that claimed 34 lives over labor day weekend. many from the bay area. the coast guard is planning to raise the sunken boat from the waters south of santa barbara, but the effort was put off yesterday by high winds and safety issues. 33 bodies have been recovered and officials believe the remaining body could be found when the conception is hauled away. coroners believe the victims all died of smoke inhalation, perhaps in their sleep. a string of recent mass shootings is exposed what some are calling short comes in the system of background checks. the vast majority of mass shooters have acquired their guns legally. last year, there were more than 26 million background checks and fewer than 100,000 people failed. most of these rejections were for criminal conviction. just over 6,000 were for a mental health issue.
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in addition, very few states have a mechanism in place to seize firearms for someone not legally allowed to have one. 19 of the democrats running for president spent the day at the state party convention in new hampshire trying to woo voters in the early primary state. each got the chance to make the case they are the best choice to take on president trump. >> so, this is a moment in time that is requiring us to fight. for the best of who we are. and fight democrats we will. >> donald trump is reelected, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation. >> americans are picking up their possessions to flee a superstorm, and the president is picking up a sharpee to redraw a weather map. how did we get here? >> democrats in the granite state have been slow to
6:35 pm
endorse. so far this election cycle. that is due in part to the sheer number of candidates in the race. meantime, senator harris is apologizing tonight for her response to an audience member who used a slur to describe the president at a new hampshire town hall. >> what are you going to do in the next one year to diminish the mentally retarded action of this guy? >> well said. [ laughter ] >> senator harris says she did not hear exactly what the man said until staff members played a video for her. she says she would have stopped and corrected him and calls the language he used "unacceptable." meanwhile, tonight, democrats on a house judiciary committee are taking normal steps to investigate whether president trump should be impeached. the committee is expected to vote on a resolution on impeachment proceedings. the point is to set the ground rules for conducting hearings. those rules reportedly will
6:36 pm
follow a precedent set in 1974 when the same committee held hearings on impeaching then president richard nixon. a bid to push money out of san jose politics is rubbing some people the wrong way. kpix5's devin fehely on the reform that is riling up the city. >> reporter: the goal is fairly straightforward to increase participation in the political process here in the city of san jose and limit the influence that lobbyists and special interest groups have over local governments. the devil is in the details. and critics of this plan say it will silence and exclude them. the ballot measure could reshape san jose politics moving the election from mayor to presidential election years and severely limiting who could contribute to political campaigns. >> more people pay attention to mayoral races in presidential years. more people are participating in electoral politics. paying attention to the
6:37 pm
campaigns. and voting. >> reporter: dubbed the initiative for fair elections, a ballot measure would bar lobbiests and landlords with ten units or more and contractors and developers with business from contributing money to their political campaign. critics of the measure say it is at best misguided and at worse, a naked power grab. >> it's a power grab plain and simple. it is quite dishonest and i think it may not pass muster if it gets challenged into the supreme court. >> reporter: the ballot measure is backed squarely by unions and organized labor who would not be subject to its restrictions. but who say it is necessary to limit the influence of money in politics. >> it is time for san jose to stop that practice. and not allow those people to continue to buy their way into the political process. >> reporter: though they don't agree on much, the two sides acknowledged the ballot measure
6:38 pm
would not address independent expenditures. >> in the end, this will stack the deck in favor of one side of the argument. >> this is a step in the right direction. but it is not the cure-all. >> reporter: the backer haves six months to collect signatures to get it on the 2020 ballot. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix5. other news, richmond's police chief may be gone for good. just two days after the police union took an overwhelming vote of no confidence in its leader, a city official confirms chief allen brown is "out of the office for the foreseeable future." many union members want the city to fire brown or ask him to quit. in the meantime, assistant chief bisa french is in charge and when we asked for a reaction last night, she described her appointment to acting chief as "indefinite."
6:39 pm
a consultant group found there was low morale and toxic work environment. it was a flying saucer story that put roswell on the map. >> there are other objects taking over the new mexico town. and, if you see these sisters, you better salute. the military milestone they just hit together. my experience with usaa
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has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family
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and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. a plane that served as a work force four decades is being put out to pasture. or actually, the desert. american airlines is replacing 26 of its nd80 planes with new models. and sending them off in style. where do airplanes go when they retire? >> well, like so many
6:42 pm
americans, they fly south. reporter kris van cleave is in roswell, new mexico with the story. >> you have people up here watching. >> reporter: this will be the final takeoff, touching the painted sky for the last time as it flies from dallas to roswell, new mexico. retirement flights are special. typically, they are only pilots or about the only passengers on board which means we have our pick of seats. captain dave clark was at the controls. after 53,000 flight hours and millions of passengers, clark closed the book on american's md80 fleet. an old friend of his for 27 years. >> you know this day is coming for a while. but, to realize this is your last takeoff, you shut the
6:43 pm
engines down. it's a little surreal. >> reporter: one by one, the parade of planes, the last of the airlines, landed in roswell. rolling to a stop side by side. >> reporter: doug parker has brought in more than 500 new planes in the last six years. >> we now have the loungest fleet of all the network airlines. >> reporter: two dozen retiring plane ins a day is unusual, but this is literally where old planes are put out to pasture. the hot dry air wards off the rust. row after row. a sprawling testament to the planes of yesterday. so many you can see them from space. >> is roswell the end of the line for most of these planes? >> for most of the airplanes yes. >> reporter: brian hancock's business strip the engines of
6:44 pm
in demand parts. >> what percentage of this plane will be reused? >> with the processes used today. we are in the 90 percentile. >> reporter: retirement is not so great for the rest. smashed into pieces. and sold for scrap. but dave hall sees a certain beauty here. >> we have this eerie kind of feeling. there is something romantic about it. >> reporter: nearly 20 years, he has been taking pieces of old planes and turning them into something new. this md80 tail goes to his workshop. a sofa, this mile high bed, these tables, a best sellers. >> it is our duty to preserve aviation history a little bit. >> reporter: history that for now is growned. american expects some of the planes retired this week to fly
6:45 pm
again. but, most of these planes will be parted out and recycled. some will sit here, parked in the new mexico desert for years to come. kris van cleave, roswell, new mexico. some siblings fight but these two are ready for battle. they are the first pair of sister generals in the u.s. army. major general maria barrett is now joined by her younger sister brigadier general paula lodi. the sisters grew up in massachusetts and are close enough in age, they played on the same soccer team in high school. now, barrett is the commanding general of netcom and lodi serves in the office of the surgeon general. even better, lodi has two daughters in the army. one just began her basic training. and, still to come, it's a living tribute to a fallen hero. we will show you what it took to create this unique corn maze in the central valley.
6:46 pm
kind of a unique weather day. i will show you what things look like after our first little brush with a weak little weather maker passing us by.
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6:48 pm
efforts to settle one fight in the opioid epidemic have hit
6:49 pm
an impasse. attorneys general from tennessee and north carolina have led negotiations with the family that owns purdue pharma. the sacklers have rejected two offers from the states and declined to make counterproposals. that means purdue is likely to file for bankruptcy protection. and a federal trial is on track to begin next month. the youngest victim of last weekend's mass shooting in west, texas has been laid to rest in odessa. leila hernandez was just 15 years old and among those killed when a man began firing at random in a traffic stop. it has been nearly five weeks since the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. tonight, the city is taking new steps to heal. >> reporter megan myer on the
6:50 pm
benefit concert held by the people for the people. >> reporter: the town of gilroy has proudly stood together as gilroy strong, butoday, they are gilroy stronger moving two months after tragedy, there is healing. >> as horrible as the event was, it really brought everybody together. >> reporter: today, people were brought together with music, food, and for the good of the cause. a benefit concert was put on for the victims of the gilroy garlic festival shooting. organizers tell me although the tragedy didn't affect their family like it did others, they knew they needed to help. >> if i was there, it could have been me or someone i know. i had family that was at the festival. so, i think that is why it just hit too close to home. >> reporter: the money raised today will be going to the families who were impacted the most but the organizer says she has seen how events like this have impacted people in a way that money can't buy. >> we wanted a day to just bring healing to people. people that were affected or
6:51 pm
had family. just something that would bring people together. and show people that we are so much stronger than what happened. >> reporter: the gilroy stronger team has raised over $52,000 for the gilroy foundation so far. and they don't plan to stop here. >> we were strong when we started. now we are stronger through all this tragedy. >> it happened. but, we are going to move forward and we are stronger for it. kind of an interesting looking day with all the clouds that showed up. it wasn't just the marine layer. we had mid level clouds come in. it got breezy and quite the cooldown today for inland. we had a weak little cold front that just grazed through northern california. very early this morning. and that's what kicked up the wind. and it also helped to cool us down. and now, we are just kind of seeing the leftovers. that cold front is going to start to move off and it is not really going to have a big
6:52 pm
influence on us. wait until you see the warmup. it will be about 10 degrees warmer than today was because it was so cool. today, pretty view from the top of the sales force tower looking off toward the east end. one that is just as nice looking the other way. off toward the west, we are sitting at 70 degrees in concord right now. yeah. you heard me. 75 in santa rosa. 66 in livermore. that is one degree warmer than san francisco. the first cold front of fall that came through the bay area today. even the satellite looked different. higher mid level clouds that came in with an organized line. we got one day of this. it is going away by tomorrow. and, that's when the temperatures are going to start coming back up for us.
6:53 pm
instead of mid 70s , no more 75 concord. you are going to 86 tomorrow. 79 for san jose. 85 for santa rosa tomorrow. there's fremont. coming in, the mid 70s . you can pick out your part of the bay area. ly pick two locations. look at that jump for today and tomorrow. it will be hotter than that at the end of the seven day forecast. the 90s aren't coming back. if that's concord, let me show you what it looks like for the bay. not bad. so, we are going from 70 backseat to the mid 70s , we still have a second half of the week to get through. oakland, the pride festival. it will be sunny. it will be mild. it will be less breezy than
6:54 pm
today was. opera in the park in golden gate park. it will be in the mid 60s . still a good on shore flow for that. so, you'll still have the low clouds. and, of course, the raiders. as uncle vern likes to say. going monday against denver. be a great night for football in oakland. in the seven day forecast, we have covered the next five days. through the bay, we'll be right back after this.
6:55 pm
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we are getting a look at a growing memorial in the central
6:57 pm
valley. >> reporter linda shows us how a farm is bringing someone's memory to life in a corn field. >> reporter: with a gps on his back, and a computer in his hands, shawn stulworthy walks the ten acre field of dutch hollow farms to map out one of his most memorable pieces of art carved out of a canvas of corn. >> we are able to create an image that people can really recognize as that image. >> reporter: that image is of newman police corporal roniel singh. he was shot to death last christmas leaving behind his wife and their one-year-old son. >> it hit us locally, just because corporal singh gived not far from where i lived in modesto. he has been here to the farm buying tulips during tulip season. >> reporter: for the farmer,
6:58 pm
honoring singh was a no brainer. >> we have a big platform with people coming to the farms. why not put some real true meaning and being able to raise some funds also for the family. >> reporter: for the last five years, his farm has honored various people carving out images of kevin durant and steph curry and recognizing firefighters for battling big blazes throughout california. >> each and every single year, we put out on our facebook page, okay, what should our maze be this year? >> reporter: there will be a memorial marker at the start of the maze and a special opening ceremony. >> his wife and child will be the first to walk in. >> reporter: a maze honoring a man who lost his life protecting ours. >> it will be an honor to have the family. it will be the honor to have the community come together. >> wow. all donations will go directly
6:59 pm
to the corporal memorial fund. we appreciate you watching. we'll see you back here at 11:00 tonight. >> have a good evening. we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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