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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 7, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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homes locked down in one bay area neighborhood as police search for an armed suspect. more on the investigation. he garnished headlines for the raider without playing a single game for the team. more on antonio brown's next move. hundreds of flight delays. more than a hundred canceled altogether. we will tell you what's causing the travel nightmare and how it could be the first of many more days like it at sfo. a vallejo neighborhood quiet once again after a swat search. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. it forced evacuations and shelter in place orders between holly and willow streets. kpix5's kenny choi is in vallejo with the latest on this
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investigation tonight. >> reporter: tonight, vallejo police giving us some new information just a short time ago. they apprehended a man by the name of tynell cole. it started with a 911 call from the victim claiming she was kid naped and raped by cole. authorities then chased him and started at a home on willow street and ended at a different home on holly street. residents had to evacuate and shelter in place. >> we didn't know what was going on out here until we came outside getting ready to leave. then they wouldn't let us out. then they wouldn't let us back in. i hope they finally got the guy. >> the house he ran into was a family that was inside. they came runs out an contacted our officers. that's when we decided to surround all out and activated our swat team. >> reporter: 25 swat officers
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responded to the team. as for the invest entice into kidnapping rape charges, that is still ongoing. kenny choi, kpix5 news. former raider antonio brown exits from the raiders and goes to the patriots. >> let's turn to vern glenn for this. >> it has taken 100 years of the nfl for something like this to happen and i have been around the game 35 years. i have never seen anything like it. a coach gives up a draft pick to get a coveted player. but such a problem orchestrated by the player? you got to get rid of him before he even plays a game for the game? star receiver antonio brown after just six months, there he goes. in a span of hours, a new england patriot. number 84 was granted his release after asking out of oakland this morning on instagram. just this afternoon, he signed
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with the patriots. ab had already posted a picture of himself at a new england uniform. we checked. number 84 is available. we had a one year deal for 15 million, 9 million of it on a signing bonus. his short time in the area filled with drama. frostbitten feet. grievances over a helmet. being fined by the team, he got into a verbal altercation with the general manager. friday, they fined him all of his bonus money voiding his $30 million guarantee contract. then, brown asked to be released. patriots play his old team. the steelers, tomorrow. brown will not playment he had to be on the roster by 4:00 in order for him to be eligible. he could play week two. a kick to the gut for the raiders. second straight year john gruden lost his best player before the season. what a story. >> that is the story.
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>> i'll' you later on in the two for saturday night show. >> thanks vern. brown never actually played a single down of football with the raiders and it was not his choice to come to the team since he was acquired as part of a trade. he may not have wanted to play for the raiders in the first place. they say if brown doesn't want to wear the silver and black, let him go. >> it was a joke, week after week. you would see what was happening. >> we don't need that. i'm glad he went before we paid him. >> you have to cut the cancer off in the beginning. with these shenanigans with training camp. i knew it wasn't going to work. >> brown played the previous nine seasons with the pittsburgh steelers and he has gone to the pro bowl seven times. richmond's police chief might be gone for good. a city official confirms chief
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brown is out of the force for the foreseeable future. many union members want the city to fire brown or to ask him to quit. >> this is our atomic button to tell the world, hey, this is how bad things are. it's not done very often and definitely not to this level. >> in the meantime, assistant chief visa french is in charge. when we asked for reactionings she described her appointment to acting chief as "indefinite." a consulting group found the department had low morale and a toxic work environment. union leaders say that has not changed. now, onto the fire watch. and right now, there are several fires burning in california tonight. and residents are under mandatory evacuations. right now, in lake county, the oak fire is burning on both sides of highway 29. just south of kelseyville. and in this cell phone video, you see cal fire crews doing water drops. the fire is 53 acres but there
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are evacuations in the immediate area. the fire is is about 50% contained and has destroyed at least one structure. now to the 24,000-acre walker fire is still burning out of control. more than 500 firefighters along with air tankers are fighting the fire. about 120 miles northeast of sacramento. and, there are mandatory evacuations in parts of tehama county where the big red bank fire is now 9% contained. investigators say lightning sparked the flames which now covers more than 7300 acres. tonight, some seniors say they have stopped visiting what was a vibrant oakland park because the homeless have taken over. at madison square park, you see seniors doing exercises, tai chi. dancing. but, through a translater, a former park user told us the homeless sat out tents about two years ago. >> people were fearful to come,
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they saw the tents and trash and everybody got scared. they turned this place into a desolate park. >> we want to help them, but at the same time, we are hoping we can continue allowing our seniors and children to come back. >> they say they will set up a cabin community for the homeless about two blocks away in october. the city of san francisco is pushing voters to back a big affordable housing bond at the polls. the yes on measure a campaign kicked off today with the mayor saying the $600 million bond is a must to help solve the housing crunch. the money would bud 2800 new affordable homes in san francisco. give a financial leg up to middle class home buyers and help fix up the city's stock of public housing. but the bond still needs two- thirds of voters to pass this november. a measure to tighten california's vaccination law is getting closer to gavin
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newsom's desk. a senate bill would give the state the power to deny certain medical exemptions that look suspicious. that's cleared both houses. but anti-vaccine protesters shut down the senate after it passed. >> the gallery after we had the vote, they were yelling and screaming. we had to adjourn and recess the session because we couldn't conduct business any longer. because the flags they were flying upside down. >> the bill contains amendments that gavin newsom requested but now he has demanded more changes which are in a second bill. sb714. lawmakers haven't voted on yet. and more disruptions by protesters are expected. if you are headed to sfo, expect delays. the airport's 20-day reconstruction project starts today. also coming up, dorian just doesn't know when to quit, now it is stopping in canada. more on the recovery efforts underway in the bahamas nearly a week after it hit there.
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and they are cooking up some of the finest dishes in the bay area while shining light on a growing problem.
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a long planned repair project shutting down sfo's busiest runway is disrupting a lot of people's plans this week. the closure has led to an average delay of three hours. and canceled more than is hundred flights. betty yu says even if the work was planned the travelers are getting caught by surprise. >> reporter: airport officials are advising travelers to allow extra time and expect delays. drivers in the area should also expect more traffic for about three weeks. this is how fahad will be spending the next two hours or
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so. waiting for his flight to seattle. he has been traveling for almost two days from pakistan. >> you see how i'm dealing with this, just taking rest. waiting for my flight so i can go home and sleep and wake up in the morning. >> reporter: he received these text messages about delays from united airlines alerting him runway construction is reducing the number of planes the faa will allow to land at sfo. today is the first day sfo will close one runway for a 20-day construction project. they will remove surface paving to install a new base layer. it may close some lanes to drivers near the airport. >> briefly from los angeles. and i think we got told that they said there was a delay.
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>> reporter: luckily, esther lord's delay won't cause her to miss her flight back to new zealand. >> if we can't get this flight, that would change the plans. i don't think our bosses would be too happy. >> reporter: sfo says the closure is expected to affect about 26 flights a day. airlines including united are voluntarily reducing their flight schedules. cutting total flights at sfo by 14%. united airlines is going a step further. issuing customers travel waivers. during this construction period. allowing them to change their flights or connect through a different airport. the runway is expected to reopen friday, september 27. at sfo, betty yu, kpix5. tonight, many of the bay area's finest chefs are serving up their best to draw attention to the stark rise in homelessness among asian americans. at project by projects 10th annual tasting benefit, plate
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by plate in san francisco, nearly 40 restaurants and mixologists dished out their creations and mayor london breed was there. homelessness in asian americans rose 44% in two years. proceeds will go to a chinatown organization providing shelter for women. >> one of the big new causes or the largest causes of the asian american homelessness is domestic violence and sexual violence at home. so they have to leave. they bring their children. and there is a transitional housing area that they give to some of these women that really need to flee violence. >> tickets to plate by plate cost up to $210 to eat and drink. and think about the bay area's most pressing issue. and tonight, they were totally sold out. the coast card game to the rescue of two firefighters near
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redding. falling rocks severely injured the firefighters. the coast guard searched for them in a helicopter and found them when ten yards of the fire line. they were hoisted out and rushed to the hospital. but there is no word tonight on their condition. dorian cutting across the canadian maritime cutting out power to half a million people. in the bahamas, the death toll is up to 43 people. 290 have been rescued by the u.s. coast guard. cbs news correspondent tom hanson reports on the recovery efforts in the bahamas and the u.s. >> reporter: valentino bert is a driver who lives in free port. >> we don't have water, power, it is hot. we sleep outside. >> reporter: the desperate search for victims and efforts to help survivors continues after dorian left disaster in
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its wake. in abaco's marsh harbor court, hundreds waited to leave the devastated area. godfrey says he has not been in touch with his family since the hurricane. glimpses of relief are in sight like this british military ship that brought aid. dorian tracked up to nova scotia canada after pounding the u.s. eastern seaboard on friday. it left behind widespread damage on north carolina's ocracoke island and stranded hundreds of people who defied mandatory evacuation orders. >> we have a search and rescue team going door to door to make sure, but this is a close-knit community. people are assuring me that everyone is present and accounted for. >> reporter: on the outer banks, the cleanup began. >> getting it done. getting it out of the way. >> reporter: while some residents return to the daily rhythms of life. tom hanson, cbs news.
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the national hurricane center says dorian's maximum sustained winds are still at 90 miles an hour. for more on the storm's path, here is meteorologist darren peck. >> this storm is just gone on for what seems like forever now. let me show you what this thing looks like. i won't spend a lot of time on this. but this is such a unique story. you can see the mass of clouds far north eastern canada. and it doesn't have any of the organization that a hurricane would have. it no longer is a hurricane. but it still has hurricane force winds. 90 miles an hour winds wrapped around the center of the low. the important thing to look at is where we will see hurricane force winds between now and monday. and you can see the path goes across the northern edge of nova scotia. and across prince edward island and the far north atlantic and we can stop talking about dorian. at least as an active storm. we will still talk about it because of the legacy the storm
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leaves behind. let's talk about back home. these numbers look pretty impressive. that's telling you how much warmer we are going to be tomorrow in these locations. walnut creek, 12 degrees warmer than you were today. but you are only going to 84. that means it was 72 today. you just lived through what was a pretty unique day. we had a really nice cooldown and it was breezy. now the inland locations will notice the bigger jump tomorrow because we noticed the bigger drop today. let me show you the rest of the bay area. i'll get more locations. you can see san francisco, oakland, fremont. san jose, santa rosa, we will all warm up, but not be quite as dramatic. so, an eight degree warmup gets you back to 85. here is everybody else. so, tomorrow, we bounce back and then we pretty much stay at average this last day of the
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weekend. got any plans? castro valley fall festival going on. in the mid 70s . oakland pride is going on tomorrow. you couldn't have asked for better weather for this. mostly sunny, mid 70s . opera in the park anyone? 65 degrees. and, big game coming up monday. 67 degrees. for that one. it will be a wonderful time out in oakland. all right, as far as the seven day is concerned, yes, we warm back up to average tomorrow. then cool down a little for tuesday, but that doesn't last long. we will warm right back up again going into the end of this week. all right vern. what's going on in sports? >> i'll tell you, we have a two- fer saturday night. not just one sports segment. we give you two. hey, and ahead, college football among the items on the menu. key game, battle of backups. when white clad stanford ventured into the land of troy. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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nfl up top. and the raider nation welcome. antonio brown, who could be the best raider that never was in a game? how did he feel about that? >> free! i'm free! [ screaming ] >> huh. raider uniform turned in. outright release this morning. was not an unrestricted free agent for long. a few hours later, he signed with the new england patriots. he could earn up to $15 million. brown asked for his release on instagram after the raiders on friday fined him for a third time this preseason. words with the general manager,
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missed practices, missed meeting. walk through. conduct detrimental to the team. all voided his contract. so here is the head coach john gruden who traded for him today. >> we just have exhausted everything. we tried every way possible to make it work. i apologize, but i will tell you, i'm very proud of what we did as an organization to try. and i'm sorry that we never got a chance to see him in silver and black. very disappointing. in my career as a coach, i looked forward to coaching him but it's not going to happen. segway to college football. strange. cal teed it up and kicked off at the washington huskies at 7:30. got in about five minutes and got delayed to 10:30 because of lightning in seattle. stanford probably felt like they were hit by lightning. davis mels first career start and first trojan start for
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ketan slovis. 15-yard play for connor weddington. it was 7-3. they needed to control tempo of the game. look at slovis. a nice touch pass. 39-yard play. cut sanford's deficit. and then they went ahead in the final minute of the third. slovis again found saint brown. it's 24-20. and they just kept on rolling. slovis to tyler vaughn. touchdown. slovis for 377 yards and three touchdowns. and, the trojans scored the final 35 points of the game. one big 45-20. meantime, san jose state and the home blues hosted tulsa and the golden hurricane ran over, around, and through. for 250 yards on the ground. over 500 yards of offense.
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34-16 win. two touchdowns. and dropped in the spartans to a record of 1-1. but wait. there's more. that's just one segment. we're playing two. and in that one, the rest of the day. the flavors streaking as
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we are going no huddle the rest of the way. star wars night in oakland. as entertained the tigers again. oakland up 1. marcus semyon got one he liked. backed away and gone. it was 5-2as . and then, we got to see the smooth swinging stroke of matt olsen in the fifth. a solo homer and a four for four night at the plate. as won this one 10-2. they have a one-and-a-half game lead in the second wild card playoff race. meantime, bruce bochy and the giants try to pick up another one at the expense of the dodgers. up 1-0 in the fifth. beatty got out of it.
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cody bellenger flew out to left. 9th inning, still 1-0. okay, gastave tried to hold onto the lead and he got hernandez to ground into a game ending double play. giants used five rookie pitchers in the game. and won it 1-0. and, serena williams trying for her 24th, but bianca andreescu said not today. she became the first canadian woman to win a major title as we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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thanks so much for watching. our next local newscast is tomorrow morning from 6:00 to 7:00. >> news and weather updates always on so for all of us, thanks for watching and we'll see you tomorrow. >> goodnight.
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