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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  September 8, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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tore at ross. yes for less. there is an armed suspect behind bars were a swat team searched the bay area neighborhood. more on that investigation. >> we will tell you what is causing the travel nightmare and why it could be the first of many at sfo. >> the california battle over vaccines is heating up. a last-minute move on governor newsom. >> it is 6:00 a.m.. >> let's start off with a check of the forecast. >> it might sound dramatic by
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start off by saying that we will be 10 degrees warmer than yesterday for some of us. >> it says something about how cool yesterday was. today is the day that would be average. yesterday stood out for being cooler and windy. the other thing about today, there is a lot of sunshine. very little in the way of low clouds and the marine layer. a few clouds drifting over the east bay hills. most of us have clear skies. temperatures in the low 60s for concord and oakland. in the 50s everywhere else. san francisco, 58. 51, santa rosa. 68 officially in the city for san francisco today. we won't notice a big difference near the water around the bay. the place that will see the difference will be inland. that sounds like a nice day for the inland locations. it was mid-70s yesterday.
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livermore, 71. concord, 75. so those are the headlines. as far as the warm up coming our way is concerned, that gets here by later this week. 90s are coming back. more on that in a few minutes. and and oakland demand is in custody this morning after a woman told police she was kidnapped and assaulted at gunpoint. the suspect, identified as 41- year-old colt was found by police swat team members and vallejo around 8:30 p.m. last night. officials that he was in a tool shed off holly street not far from the home where police were first called. the swat activity forced evacuations and a shelter in place order on the surrounding block. the commotion came as a surprise to neighbors. >> we did not even know they were out here.
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>> the initial call to police was made around 2:15 yesterday afternoon. police are investigating the kidnapping and allegations. here is a live look at the san francisco airport where construction project is causing more canceled flights and longer delays than usual. the project has forced the closure of one of the airport runways. yesterday on the first day of the project, there were more than 200 delayed flights and dozens of flights canceled entirely. >> san francisco airport officials say over the next three weeks, the closure will in effect 26 like today. it is best to check with the airline for the latest status
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of your flight. the richmond police chief may be gone for good. just three days after the police officers union took an overwhelming vote of no confidence in him. a city official confirms that baldwin brown is out of the office for the foreseeable future. many union members want the city to fire brown or ask him to quit. >> this is the atomic button to tell the world that this is how bad things are. >> in the meantime, the assistant chief is in charge. when we asked for reaction, she described her appointment as acting chief. the department was held last year to have low morale and a toxic work environment and union leaders say that has not changed. to the fire watch. right now there are several
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fires burning in california this morning. parts of the state are under mandatory evacuation orders. right now in lake county, the oak fire is burning on both sides of highway 29. in this cell phone video, you can see cal fire crews doing water drops. the fire is 53 acres. evacuation orders were lifted to a warning last night and all roads have been reopened. last check, the fire was 50% contained. full containment is expected today. and the 24,000-acre walker fire is burning out of control. within 500 firefighters along with air tankers are fighting the fire. mandatory evacuation orders are in place. the wildfires are burning about 120 miles northeast of sacramento. as of this morning, it was just 5% contained. there mandatory evacuation orders where they're at red bank fire west of red bluff is 15% contained. investigators say lightning sparked the flames which now cover nearly 9000 acres. the fire is burning at rocky
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terrain. firefighters have been challenged by narrow roads and poor access to the fire area. turning to campaign 2020, the republican party is meeting in southern california this weekend. we asked the former san francisco mayor willie brown if the california republican party can regain some power in the state. >> i would never discount the republicans simply because they usually have adequate resources and those resources are never the subject of being questioned. and they show up with candidates sometimes that fit the mold of where they might want to be. and we show up with a democrat discussing climate control in an environment where nobody hears them. >> they hold a surprising number of school board seats
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and city council seats and any kind of nonpartisan elections that happen all the local level. they do a decent job of creating a bunch of people. it is getting into those races where you have to put a r or a d next year name where they tend to have trouble. >> is it healthy for california? you have seen it, the devolution of the republican party. arnold schwarzenegger was the last state office but a party within himself. is it healthy for california to be a one-party state? >> you know me that i don't advocate opposition. >> you have always advocated a wolf at the door to keep everybody in line. >> i would think however that the quality of this democracy depends upon quality debates and quality debates come on an issue. not these things we are doing on television with these democrats. but discussing the issues. we really should have informed
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persons doing those discussions. and in particular, the candidates. and it is not about what is behind your name. the nonpartisan process sometimes produces better results in partisanship. >> if you are a tech company, maybe you are concerned about how much overwhelming support the democrats have. maybe you want other folks in their making decisions because they are finding right now that having the one-party control over the state law making process is not necessarily going their way. >> mayer brown, the fastest growing party in california is the people that don't think they are republican or democrat. how do you harness that? >> at some point, someone will do exactly that. they will say wait a minute. you proceed to say, i was like
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bernie sanders. i was a democrat at one time. i was a socialist at one time. i was a republican. i declined to see all of those things because nobody often made the opportunity i'm offering you a. that is the kind of campaign that will win. >> in states when you essentially have one-party rule, the people that are considered moderates for example, here in california, are some of those spokespeople that in other times would have been republicans? >> in california right now, no. right now what is considered moderate is what might have been a liberal democrat. because you have a progressive wing even further to the left. so what is a moderate democrat right now in sacramento is really quite over to the left. they do pull from the same financial backers and have similar views. not a ton of daylight between progressives and moderates in sacramento. there are some but it serves for moderates. >> so republican's in california are a vanishing
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breed at the moment. moving on. a measure tighten california's vaccination laws is inching closer to the governor's desk. medical exemptions for vaccinations have tripled since other loopholes were closed in 2015. senate bill 276 would give the state the power to deny certain medical exemptions that appear suspicious. it has cleared both houses. the bill contains amendments that governor gavin newsom requested. now he has demanded further changes which are in a second bill, sb714. still ahead, we sit down with state senator jerry hill to discuss the vexing bill and what happened in sacramento when the bill passed the state senate. and an effort to level the playing field, or a political power grab. some say a push for fair election reform in san jose is not fair at all.
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good morning. one of the most contentious issues and california this year has been the issue of vaccinations. joining us is state senator jerry hill. and sacramento, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate.
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laws and who should be exempted. we made it required that children be vaccinated after the last outbreak of measles. this week in sacramento, we saw a bill i wanted to talk about. it is about policy and politics. the policy is exemptions, who should get exempted and how. and the politics of that. there was a bill that made it all the way through the assembly and the state senate and contentious hours of debate. at the last minute, the governor asked for amendments and completely changed the process. what is going on? >> halfway through the process this year, the governor did get involved. which we like. we want the governor to express his opinion so when the bill gets to the end, he doesn't veto it. he got the amendments and changes and he said at the time that he would sign the bill if those amendments where they are. at the end of the day, the bill passed the senate and the
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assembly and he said, there are a few more things i would like in the bill which is quite unusual. >> okay. let's take his behavior out and say, because he is not the first governor to do something like this. what it does is, for the public, you have this whole process you go through where you hear parts of the bill. you have state legislators like yourself who go through this process. at the 11th hour and 55th minute he says, come to the office and do more changes. i'm not sure the public feels confident about that. >> he was elected as a governor. we have three branches. he is an equal part of that solution. he does have a strong role to play. and you want the bill signed. if you want the bill signed, you want the legislation and you think it is good policy. at the end of the day, you have to work with the governor. there is a line drawn in the sand. if he goes too far, you can drop the bill and not take it. you do want to work with the
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governor. >> was there any more issue more contentious than this one? >> i don't believe so. >> there were hundreds of people that went up to sacramento to speak one way or the other. they were all outside the governor's office as well. >> they were. in the gallery, they were yelling and screaming and had to adjourn and recess the session because we could not conduct business any longer. there were flags they were flying upside down. i want to the governor's office the next morning to talk about another bill. we left and they chased us up the stairs yelling and screaming and we went back into session. it was a difficult time. >> so the governor says, i have these questions. so the option is, with a situation like this, is you ieper go along with it or you say we are not going to end you throw the ball into his court. it would have been a tough situation if richard pan had said no.
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a deal is a deal. that would have put gavin newsom in a difficult situation because he would become the anti-vaccine governor. >> he would. but his request was reasonable. it wasn't that it was eviscerating the bill or making major changes. he was asking for some grandfathering in the legislation which wasn't something that changed appreciably. it wasn't an unreasonable request. the timing could have been better. that would have made it more smooth. now we have to go through that all over again when the bill goes to the assembly and back to the senate. would allow the same disruptions we have seen the last few weeks. >> everybody gets another round. >> the interesting thing is, there was a public round and now we will have the private round. do you think more bills are decided in the chambers or in the hallways? >> i don't know if i want to answer that. both ways. >> stick around.
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i do want to ask you about something we were previewing about. the gig economy. it is huge for the economy and a lot of people are trying to get exemptions from it. i want to talk to you about the art of getting an exemption. it is big money. big politics. state senator jerry hill, let's look outside and see if there is some sun breaking through the clouds. there is more sunshine this morning then we have been typically used to seeing. there is no sunshine technically yet. but the skies are clear enough that when it rises, it won't have anything blocking it. look at the view from the camera that sits at the toll booth at the golden gate bridge. not a cloud in sight here. this is always the canary in the coal mine when it comes to trying to gauge how much we have in the way of clouds.
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if there is nothing here, there won't be anything anywhere else. san jose, a good example. that is the view. perfectly clear overhead. the other camera looking east shows us that it is not that there is no clouds. you will see patchy clouds lingering. in fact, another camera that looks south down the bay, you will see plenty of clouds that have come over the peninsula. it is not widespread. it will be a nice morning. the wind is giving us a break and the temperatures are right on the mark for average. mid to upper 50s in most locations and low 60s for some. daytime highs will look dramatically different than yesterday because they are in terms of warming up for many inland locations. look at the number today for walnut creek. 12 degrees warmer today than yesterday. that does sound dramatic. if you look at what the daytime
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high as, 84. this says a lot more about how cool yesterday was then about today being warm. today is not warm. it is average. concrete, 85. antioch, warmer than yesterday. if we do this same comparison, we come back to the locations around the bay. we are warmer today but not as dramatic. san francisco, 68. it is like nothing happened. oakland, 73. it is a 3-degree warm-up. for san jose, 78 today. i think you will notice the warm-up. 78 gets you back to where you should be for this time of the year. if you look across the rest of the bay area, here is mountain view at 74. fremont will hit 74 as well. we should get used to this for the next few days. we will stay here today and tomorrow. tuesday, temperatures come down a little but it won't be a dramatic drop.
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the next noticeable change gets here by the end of the coming work week when the daytime highs climb back to the mid-90s for inland locations. it will get warmer around here again by thursday and friday. not much of a difference for the rest of the day. more on this in the next half hour. back to you. it has been nearly five weeks since the tragic mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. yesterday the city took some steps toward healing. they held a concert for the victims of the shooting. hundreds of members of the community took part. >> the gilroy stronger team said it raised $52,000 for the victims relief fund. and the rescue of two firefighters in a remote wilderness. officials say falling rocks struck and severely entered the firefighters early yesterday morning. the coast guard searched for
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them in a helicopter and found them within 10 yards of the fire line. they were hoisted out and rushed to hospital. no word on their condition this morning. we will be right back.
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we are talking about the elite sculpt procedure. they are transforming so many
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lives. you have patients from 23 countries coming for this procedure. tell us what it is and why it is different from traditional ipo section. >> traditional ipo section is 50 years old. really knows skin tightening. we are able to take out unwanted fat and tighten the skin at the same time so we can combine fda technologies to give you the best result. all done in the office under local anesthesia. minimal downtime and minimal discomfort. people love the definition and the silhouette and the sculpting that we are able to produce. >> and a lot of people don't want or need a tummy tuck. >> thank you for being here. call now for a complementary consultation. the first 50 people to call get $1000 off the procedure. good morn. after almost six months, raider nation welcome is worn out for antonio brown who could be the
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best writer that never was in a game. how did he feel about that? >> the rater uniform turned in , and then signs with the new england patriots. one year deal, $9 million signing bonus. he could earn up to $15 million per brown asked for his release on instagram after the team friday gave him a fine for a third time this preseason. words with the general manager. missed practices, mr. meeting, missed walk-through. all voided out his near $30 million guaranteed contract. john gruden yesterday who traded for the four time all- pro receiver. >> we have exhausted every thing. we tried every way possible to
6:25 am
make it work. i apologize but i will tell you that i'm very proud of what we did as an organization to try and i'm sorry that we never got a chance to see him and silver and black. very disappointing. in my career as a coach, i looked forward to coaching him but it is not going to happen. davis mills started a quarterback for stanford. against a couple backups. 3rd quarter, stanford up three. saint brown, 7-yard touchdown. trojans took a 24- 20 lead and kept pouring it on. over the middle. to tyler vaughn. they were down 17-3. came back and score the last 35 points of the game. 45-20. in the meantime, star wars night. the oakland a's entertained the tigers yesterday. how about the smooth swinging metals in an the fifth. solo job. oakland a's won the game tenneco two. a game and have laid in the
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second wildcard playoff spot. in the meantime, the giants did it at the dodgers again yesterday. ninth-inning, gestapo protecting a 1-0 lead got hernandez to ground into a game ending double play giants used five rookie pitchers of the game. serena williams stared at a record-tying 24th grand slam title. the u.s. open final. pulled it off and straight sets. becoming the first canadian woman to win a major title as williams now has lost four straight grand slam finals. that is sports at this hour. enjoy your nfl action. some of you, i will see at the coliseum in oakland as the a's try to take three out of four
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from the tigers this week and. some white college football stores. san jose state and tulsa 34-16. california beat washington and a nail the under 20-19. >> a storm produced by hurricane dorian is wreaking havoc on eastern canada. plus an update on recovery efforts in the bahamas nearly a week after the hurricane hit. they are cooking up some of the finest dishes in the bay area while shining a light on a growing problem.
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welcome back to kpix5 news. it is 6:30. >> let's start this half hour with a check of the forecast. >> in 16 minutes, the sun will pop up. these are the 15 minutes where you get some of the prettiest colors in the sky. let me show you what it looks like. this is the south. not only are we seeing the pretty light filling the sky but take note of the clouds that are drifting out there over the peninsula. there is not a lot of that but there is some. what is different about this morning is that it is left over
6:31 am
patching us like floating cotton balls over parts of the bay. it is not widespread great. most of us wake up to clear skies today. a great sunrise about to play up. if you are up and watching this. 60 degrees, concord. 61, oakland. everyone else in the 50s. some of us low 50s. santa rosa, it will feel chilly. 51 degrees right now. as far as where we are going for the daytime high today, temperatures come back into the upper 60s for san francisco. there is the official number for the city. looking across the bay area, 85 for inland locations. it is a wonderful sounding number. 75 yesterday. a noticeable warm up today. warmer than yesterday. more on the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. investigators are looking into what caused a fiery crash of a small plane in nevada. two of the four people on board
6:32 am
from the area. this morning officials are still searching for one of the last victims of the diving boat fire that claims lives over the labor day weekend. many of those people from the bay area. the effort was put off by high wind and other safety issues. 33 bodies have been recovered and officials believe the remaining body could be found when the conception is hauled away. the coroner believes the victims died of smoke inhalation. the canadian province of nova scotia is the latest region to be affected by a storm produced by hurricane dorian. here is a look at a construction crane in halifax. dorian is a post- tropical cyclone and is still quite powerful. it is headed toward newfoundland island. >> in the u.s., dorian left
6:33 am
behind widespread damage on the barrier islands. hundreds of people that defied mandatory evacuation orders were stranded. and the harder hit bahamas, 43 deaths are linked to the hurricane. and 300 people there have been rescued by the u.s. coast guard. >> we have no power or water. >> a cruise ship brought more than 1000 people from the bahamas to florida. a proposed ballot measure aimed at changing ballot regulations is a growing subject for debate in the city of san jose. >> critics say it is misguided or worse. >> it is a power grab plain and simple.
6:34 am
it is quite dishonest and i think it might not pass muster if it gets challenged into the supreme court. >> the proposal is backed by unions and organized labor that would not be subject to its restrictions. they say it is necessary to limit the influence of money and politics. >> . >> the proposal would also move the city mayoral's elections to presidential election years in an effort to get more people to vote for the mayor. backers have six months to put the measure on the ballot in 2020 with enough signatures. turning to the campaign trail. 19 of the democrats running for president spent their saturday at a state party convention in new hampshire. trying to win voters in that primary state. each got the chance to take the stage and make the case that they are the best choice to
6:35 am
take on president trump. >> this is a moment in time that is requiring us to fight for the best of who we are and fight we will. >> the president is picking up a sharpie to redraw a weather map. >> democrats and new hampshire have been slow to endorse so far this election and it may be due in part to the sheer number of candidates in the race. meanwhile senator harris is apologizing for her response to an audience member who used a slur to describe the president at a new hampshire town hall.
6:36 am
>> despite replying well said, senator harris claimed she failed to make out exactly what he said until staff members played a video for her later. harris said she would have stopped and corrected the man and calls the language used unacceptable. >> we asked former san francisco mayor willie brown if he thinks anyone else will jump into the race for president. >> there is always a possibility. for example, it was said four months ago, i will lead the fight to impeach trump. number months ago, tom stier announced, i changed my mind. clearly there is an adequate amount of time for everybody if they can access the resources. there is also a clear indication of a desperate need. the demonstration going on with
6:37 am
these 25 souls, five or six of whom have already dropped out. >> i'm telling you the possibility is still there for somebody to come through. >> has governor gavin newsom endorsed kamala harris? >> what does that mean? that happened to me. someone endorsed me and ran against me. >> what are friends for. >> gavin newsom does not have the resources you would need. you need a ground game for super tuesday. you need a lot of things in place. >> you need a cable camera. >> think about it.
6:38 am
if oprah winfrey ran to run, she has the money to do it. and says, joe biden needs help, it would be an explosive ticket. >> now that is the second time he has floated the idea of a michelle obama joe biden ticket. that must be on his mind. >> willie brown does these things all the time. he said for a while that he thought jerry brown might jump into the race for president or nancy pelosi should be the next president. it seems like the latest in trial balloons he likes to float out there. >> i think that enlarging the field at this point is taking
6:39 am
that trend in the wrong direction. >> we could still see an independent person or a self- funded person like mark cuban for example. it is hard to know who could enter the race and do damage to president trump who would not also do damage to the democrat as well. who could get in to get those votes. it actually could maybe hurt both parties. many of the bay area's finest chefs are serving up their best to draw attention to the stark rise and homelessness among asian americans. at the project by project tenth annual tasting benefit and san francisco, nearly 40 restaurants, bartenders and vendors dished out creations. mayor london breed was there to rally for the cause. the event seeks to shed light on how homelessness among asian americans rose 44% in two years. the proceeds go to a chinatown organization that provides shelter for women. >> one of the largest causes of asian american homelessness is sexual violence at home.
6:40 am
they have to leave. they bring their children. >> last night they were totally sold out. >> still to come, state senator jerry hill discussing the economy and the organizing issues for rights and pay. >> the homeless moved into a popular east bay park. the park users stopped coming. now solution may be on the way.
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we are talking about another one of those issues that has more questions than answers. we are talking about the new definition of who was a worker and who is not a worker full-
6:44 am
time in california. who is a contract employee and who is a regular employee. there is a law going through the books now. >> the law would define exactly who is an employee and who is an independent contractor. we had two forms of employment in california for many years defined by court cases. the decision from the supreme court. it will define who those are. there may be a third form of employment. that is within that realm. >> that brings into a question of who are the most powerful forces in the state legislature. you have businesses that say they want contract employees whether it is who was it uber or amazon. or a part-time doctor or architect. we have that. we have organized labor who says no.
6:45 am
this is a huge issue for labor. >> and who has the upper hand in sacramento. >> the decision of dynamics puts the burden on to it or the definition. so ab5 creates the opportunity for that or clearly defines who is an hit who can be an independent contractor. that is who we are seeing. the problem is who fits into that. uber, lyft, carving out the opportunity for a third approach where benefits can be given. they can get organized and do other things. >> some of this is really arbitrary. i was checking in. for example, you can't to be,
6:46 am
there are limits on are journalist for print versus broadcast. they are not defining then the same way. we have independent truckers here delivering goods but independent contractors delivering newspapers. >> that is the problem. that is why this will not define it permanently. it will be built next year or the year after to clarify it a little better. >> there is supposed to be a test about who is a worker and who is a contractor. it is called the abc test. >> that is the new test. a tough test. >> we have the tough test and i believe it is one state assembly person, lorena gonzales, who is sitting there deciding who fits the test and who doesn't. >> she is the author of the bill. >> she is authoring the bill. >> she can determine what goes into the bill and what amendments she will take and what exemptions she can be granted. there are many exemptions.
6:47 am
many do not get exemptions. newspaper delivery people do not get included. independent truckers. people that invest hundreds of thousands of dollars and they travel around the country and the state delivering things. >> what is the dynamic that winds up with one state assembly person having this say on such a big swath of people. >> the direction she has been going, the direction of this legislation is being supported buy and aided by organized labor in california. and they have been directing how and who gets those exemptions and how the legislation is written. >> i have to add to that. i have spoken with some status family members and i was surprised at how many of them did not know what the bill was and actually were just deferring. >> that is because it is a very complex bill.
6:48 am
i chair the labor committee and the senate and i have been watching it closely to watch to make sure it works and fits for some of those occupations but it is not an easy process. it will not be done this year. in total, there will be new opportunities next year as it comes out and years to follow. those that week of the first of next year will say, oh my god. i have been an independent contractor my whole life and now i'm an employee. >> if i still have a job. >> yes. if i still have a job. >> in the long short, we have a challenge. the solution is to leave the door open for more challenges. >> that is the only way to solve it. >> don't answer it. just keep asking questions. >> as long as we don't close the door. >> close the door. close the contributions. close the debate. thank you for joining us. can you give us a little
6:49 am
sunshine and clarity on something like maybe the weather? >> i love when i can deliver on a request. look at the sunrise over my shoulder. two minutes ago, the official sunrise happened at 6:46 a.m. now three minutes into the show and it looks like we could do a whole segment on that. i will show you a couple of other views. the main take away from this is that there are no clouds. the scene over the golden gate bridge right now, nothing showing up here. that would mean anywhere else you go for much of the bay area. all waking up to clear skies. going to the top of the salesforce tower and looking south, there are clouds that have made their way and over the peninsula. it is patchy. that is as much as you will find. highs yesterday were well into the mid-70s. we are not doing that today inland. going into the mid-80s for daytime highs. today, it will be no more
6:50 am
noticeably warmer than yesterday. yesterday was pretty unusual. it was our first rush with fall for the season. it got cooler. the wind picked up. today we are back to normal. this is what it looks like for the early morning hours. a little marine layer along the coast. patchy clouds for the east bay. as far as daytime highs are concerned, back to average for this time of the year. 85 for concord. a nice day. 81, livermore. 86, that would be average. 89 wednesday is not the big warm-up. it is thursday and friday.
6:51 am
i will show you that in the 7- day forecast. san jose, there are your numbers. watch how the wind keeps coming down as we get further into the influence of the bay. oakland, 75 would be the average. san francisco, upper 60s. you see the warm up thursday and friday. that gets us back to the mid- 90s inland. by next week, temperatures will moderate back down a little bit. as far as the rest of the bay area goes, mid-70s throughout much of the bay. a nice week as we work our way toward the middle of september. back over to you. a string of recent mass shootings has exposed what some say are shortcomings in the system of background checks. the vast majority of mass shooters bought guns legally. last year, there were more than 26 million background checks and fewer than 100,000 people failed. most of those rejections were for a criminal conviction. just over 6000 were for a
6:52 am
mental health issue. in addition, very few states have a mechanism in place to seize firearms from someone who is not legally allowed to have one. california does have a system but there is a backlog, and the thousands. some seniors say they have stopped visiting a once vibrant oakland park because the homeless have taken over. at madison square park, seniors said they used exercise, dance or even sword dancing. but through a translator, a former park user told us that the homeless set up tents two years ago. >> people were fearful to come. people got scared when they saw the trash and the tents. >> we want to help them. >> the cities says it will set up a cabin community for the homeless just two blocks away in october. coming up, district attorney's across the state can clear thousands of pot convictions things to a new app.
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a san francisco bay nonprofit has ruled out a computer program promising to erase or reduce marijuana related convictions. it helps to find cases. it will eventually be available to all 58 california counties. according to code for america, a pilot program tested resulted in automatic dismissals of more than 700 convictions. we are days away from apple's big iphone unveiling. the company is expected to show up several versions of a new iphone 11. high end models may feature a new camera system with a camera on the back that can capture wide angle shots. other upgrades may include a faster processor and improvements to face time. the announcement is tuesday at
6:56 am
the apple headquarters in cupertino. this just in. another challenge to president trump in 2020. mark sanford, the former governor of south carolina and also represented the state as a congressman, is joining former congressman joe walsh of illinois and former massachusetts governor william wilde as the president's primary opponents. we will be right back.
6:57 am
you have to love it when september does its thing and we end up with this forecast. 80s inland. 90s by thursday and friday. enjoy the next four days.
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they will be really nice. if you are not in the mid-80s inland, nice next to the bay. . >> cbs sunday morning with jane pauley is next on kpix5. >> have a great day! ♪
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well well well, what have we here? a magical place...that's lookin' to get scared! with bats...and ghouls...and cars in disguise. i've cast quite a spell now... you won't believe your eyes! the spell is cast. halloween time is back with spook-tacular experiences in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!...
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