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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 9, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the departure board for him and goxathose ged by the runway improvements. international choppers that find themselves without a connecting flight. we were at my daughters wedding reach section the day after and got the notice our flight was canceled. >> reporter: a lot of those were flights were california. about 13% of the overall flight schedule has been canceled. today about 120 flight cancellations. most of those occurred prior to today. we are hearing there are some day of the cancellations the airlines are doing.>> reporter: why the delays and cancellations on the runway work was planned well ahead of time? we put that this question to the airport spokesman. he said the flight scheduling is up to the airlines. all of these reductions are voluntary. your ports don't have the authority to tell airlines how many flights to operate.
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es to an airline business decision. in terms of reducing their flight schedules. we are going to try to scramble and find a flight. >> reporter: if you have plans in the coming days keep this in mind and keep an eye on your flight. our goal is to have the runway reopen by friday, september 27. they are on schedule. they should hit that 27th deadline or may be coming in early. the bad news as you might have seen is the airlines seem to be feeling out what kind of capacity they can run through sfo with that runway down. we reached out to the airlines to ask them what kind of scheduling accommodations they are trying to make even the runway being down. they replied with an explanation they are trying to help everyone who has been displaced from their flight. people are getting waivers for free extra legs of travel. the feeling out here is that the airlines are trying to figure this out.
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don't be surprised if we continue to see more delays and more cancellations the next couple weeks. as they tried to move through with just three runways at sfo. adding to the mess for british airways flights were canceled. as part of a pilot strike over the next two days. the dispute is over money. the airline said it has offered the pilot 11 1/2% pay raise the next three years. the union leaders want profit- sharing added to the package. 200,000 passengers set to travel today and tomorrow if no deal is reached another strike is set for september 27. the raiders about the play what could be their final home opener in oakland before next year's plan to move to las vegas. fans are ready to move past all of the antonio brown drama. second life look the team takes on the denver broncos at the coliseum with the kickoff at
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7:20 pm. the parking lot is filling up. the ground-level view fans continued to arrive. after tonight there will be just seven more home games. a view from earlier this afternoon as hundreds of motorists lined up to park and start tailgating. we spotted fans appearing to burn their jerseys. possibly out of anger over brown's exit and signing with the patriots. dennis o'donnell joins us where a hall of famer is speaking out about all the drama.>> reporter: i just came from the parking lot. raider nation is furious over the whole debacle of antonio brown. released by the raiders on saturday. hours later he signs with the new england patriots. raider nation and jerry rice feel they got duped. here is rice today on 95.7 the game. we all got played. we did. he contacted me and he told me
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he wanted to play ball here in the bay area. i bought into it. he was a denzel washington. he won the oscar.>> reporter: rice essentially recruited brown to play it in the bay area. he wanted him to be a 49er. brown ends up being a writer. except he is not a raider. he is a new england patriot. raider nation felt the whole thing was a conspiracy from day one. it is like go to another team. telecheck will pick you up. because the steelers would have never done that.>> reporter: you believe he had no intention of ever playing a single snap of the raiders.>> i don't. get all the fussy cause. who burns their feet? they take precautions on stuff like that. and did the helmet thing. come on. this is a little out of control.>> reporter: the bottom line is antonio brown is not a
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raider. ironically two straight years the raiders have lost their two best players. just prior to the start of the season. mac to chicago bears a year ago. and now antonio brown this season. a devastating loss i think for derek carr. raiders and the denver broncos tonight monday night football. let the season go forward. some raiders fans have figured out a way to salvage those antonio brown jerseys. now that he is a new england patriot. they are using tape or black marker to change the jury jerseys number 81. that happens to be the number worn by tim brown. legendary receiver who played 16 seasons with the raiders. at a hearing in san
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francisco opponents tried one more time to block a homeless navigation center on the embarcadero. while construction work continues in a former seawall parking lot. andrea said the hearing left both sides declaring victory. >> reporter: both the save embarcadero for all in the city call today victory. there is one more hearing to get through before this thing either continues construction or stops.. the framing of san francisco's homeless navigation center has popped up above the green fencing on the embarcadero on seawall lot 330. a judge ruled construction can continue. for now. what i propose to do today is to deny the request for a temporary restraining order. but to issue an order and set this matter for hearing at a future date. about the group save embarcadero as for construction to come to a halt. the judge denied the request and push the matter to
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september 23. peter the attorney for the group is calling it a victory. the city has to explain itself. and show why it is not violating the law. and proceeded to build this project in violation of the law that the city help to drive.>> reporter: calling today's hero hearing a victory the attorney's office. we are pleased the judge denied the request to stop construction on this needed shelter. this project has undergone although required environmental review and all appropriate land- use laws were followed. save embarcadero for all alleges the city violated state law in failing to get permission to build housing on the lot and the state lands commission. along san francisco's waterfront neighbors are still questioning the location. it doesn't seem they are giving a lot of thought to these people. were those people are the people down there. why are they getting so much? why don't they do this down the street? there is land down there.
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>> reporter: that hearing date is scheduled for september 23 in the afternoon for this next hearing. this embarcadero navigation center. the city said today the embarcadero navigation center could be open within two months. and that every month it is delayed it will cost them an extra $100,000. authorities are conducting a criminal probe into the dive boat tragedy off the california coast. the fbi coast guard and u.s. attorney in los angeles overseeing the investigation. they are looking into safety issues including whether a night watchman was on duty when the fire broke out before dawn on labor day. 34 people were killed. the majority of them from the bay area. yesterday federal agents raided the office of the boat's owner truth aquatics in santa barbara. off the coast of georgia rescuers have finally freed the
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final four crew members who were on board a capsized cargo ship. they have been trapped in it for a day and a half. coast guard crews worked to rescue the remaining crew members. from the golden ray cargo ship and saint simons georgia. the workers were trapped for nearly 35 hours.>> they were subject to some pretty tough conditions. over the last day and a half.>> reporter: rescuers may contact and determined they were in the engine room i tapping on the whole of the ship. there was a system of tapping. they would do three or more taps. eventually they got expert is more important the crew knew where to go so they could touch the seal on the outside of the ship to make those taps.>> reporter: it ran into trouble shortly after leaving port on sunday.>> 20 people were rescued from the ship. the coast guard video shows rescue crews pulling one person to safety in the middle of the
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night before smoke and fire suspended the rescue operations. officials are investigating to see if weather played a role in the mishap. the port remains closed to all shipping traffic. as officials eager out how to up right the vessel. investigators are looking into whether the cargo ship's stability was compromised when it left port. police made an arrest in a deadly shooting in san jose. it happened last friday on park moore avenue. officers responded and found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. the victim was taken to the hospital where he died. police announced they have arrested robert eugene stier. he was taken into custody after a traffic stop in stanislaus county. nearly every state in the union has joined forces to investigate google's online dominance. the top law enforcement officials from 48 states including district of columbia
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and puerto rico announcing the bipartisan investigation from the steps of the capitol. they have some concerns that google is gaining a monopoly on digital advertising. which earns google's tens of thousands of dollars in revenue every year. they say that harms small businesses who struggle to climb to the top of your search results. we like a wide open spaces. we like competition as well. the overwhelming number of query responses relate to google businesses and or advertisers that pay for that slot. meantime california and alabama are the only states staying out of the investigation. in march europe find google one $.7 billion for sidelining other digital advertisers. the google declined to comment beyond a blog post by their chief laurier. who said the company plans to work constructively with regulators. coming up we will talk with
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cnet editor about the crackdown on big tech and how it could change silicon valley. the vaccine debate heats up. hundreds of people flood to the capital to protest a crackdown on medical exemptions. why these protesters were willing to go to jail. dozens of hurricane survivors from the bahamas kicked off of fairy found for the u.s. the confusion and frustration over the government's response. dozens of new homes planned on once toxic lampert how the feds are fast tracking the cleanup of sites around the country. temperatures are running 5 to 7 degrees below average. that is not how the week will end. get ready for triple digits for some of you. your forecast is coming up next.
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hundreds of act anti- vaccination processes lock driveways into the state capital today. summit bill 276 which limits
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exemptions. the bill would allow public health officials to investigate doctors who grant more than five medical exemptions per year. in schools with vaccination rates of no less than 95%. several people were arrested at the chp ordered the protesters to leave and they did not comply. president trump is in north carolina right now ahead of a special election happening there. he is currently talking to republican supporters of the candidate in north carolina. dan bishop. let's listen live to his remarks.>> reporter: we had to rebuild our military was totally depleted. it was totally depleted. now we have beautiful new f 35. f-18's. new ships. new missiles.
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new rockets. we have new everything.>> we have covered a lot of ground and said in his remarks. he has been quick speaking for quite some time. ahead of the special election supporting the candidate dan bishop. it is a tight race. tomorrow's voters will go to the pole. a lot of folks are looking at this is a harbinger as what is to come in north carolina for the 2020 presidential election. which explains why he is talking about things other than this. including even california. you go to california which is so many sanctuary cities. they don't know what is happening out there. you have people that want to get rid of sanctuary cities. they just aren't able to do it with the people that get elected. a lot of illegal voting going on out there by the way. a lot of illegal voting. this is an interesting and
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ironic comment. he is there for the special election that is the result of suspicions of illegal voting on behalf of the republican candidate mark harris. they did not certify the results of that election. due to allegations of illegal ballot. we are looking at some live pictures the white house tonight were first responders of the mass shootings in dayton ohio were awarded the miller medal of valor by president trump. the honorees included six police officers from dayton whose quick response credited with preventing more death. today five civilians from el paso received heroic accommodations. they stared down death to protect the innocent. and stand tall they did. just for righteous and for good. dayton's democratic mayor nan whaley who was not invited to the ceremony joined a bipartisan group of mayors from across the country. who met with white house officials to push for universal
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background checks. a build a house has already passed. you've got to start with universal background checks. the american people agree with it. it is an action that will save lives. radio interview last week senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he would bring any gun safety bill to the senate floor as long as it has the president support. south korea's military said north korea has launched two projectiles. this is north korea said it is willing to restart nuclear negotiations with the u.s. late this month. the country's foreign minister warned potential deal would require washington to take a fresh approach. talks fell apart in february when president trump rejected his demand for sweeping sanctions relief. president trump said u.s. tele-been peace talks are now dead. earlier he announced on twitter that the secret meetings with the taliban in afghanistan's president were off.
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the announcement comes in the wake of a talib and suicide bombing that killed 12 people including a u.s. service member whose remains were returned saturday night. when i heard very simply that they killed one of our soldiers and 12 other innocent people i said there is no way i meeting on that basis. in a statement that tele-been set the cancel talks will damage america's reputation. unmask is anti-peace policy to the world even more. an increase its loss of life. federal judge in oakland has reinstated a nationwide hal planprevent most migrants from seeking asylum at the us- mexico border. the judge ruled an injunction blocking the policy from taking effect should apply across the country. he blocked the policy in july. after a lawsuit by groups that help asylum-seekers. including east bay sanctuary covenant. trump wants the prevent
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migrants from seeking asylum in the u.s. if they pass through another country first. hundreds of romanians were forced off a very heading to port everglades florida. evacuees were told they could travel to fort lauderdale with romanian passport and a copy of the criminal record. an announcement was made on the boat a u.s. visa was now required. very companies that the order came from the u.s. government. u.s. customs contradict that. by saying they would process the passengers a photo. the united nations said 70,000 people on the bahamas are in need of food. and shelter. government officials say about 35 people so far have been evacuated. the u.s. coast guard and customs and border protection are assisting and that recovery effort. local officials say the death toll now expected to increase significantly because a large number of people are still unaccounted for. is time for our local
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weather. it starts with the breeze. it has been significant today. it was yesterday and will be tomorrow. we lose it entirely by the end of the week. the wind speeds right now are above 20 miles per hour in oakland and pleasanton and san francisco. 15 mile-per-hour breeze in livermore. 21 miles per hour in fairfield. 24 miles per hour in san rafael. breezy outside through the entire bay area. oakland san francisco in the 60s. 70s livermore san jose in santa rosa. 82 concorde. football tonight the raiders home against the broncos. kickoff 7:20 pm. pleasant weather 67 your kickoff temperature. overnight lows in the 50s. oakland 58. napa 54. san francisco 57. interesting satellite and radar review. this is a pattern i would expect to talk to you about a week or two before thanksgiving. a strong area of low pressure. widespread thunderstorm activity in the pacific northwest. from portland where there was a tornado warning to 2000
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lightning strikes around seattle. it is rare for them. for the us there is an impact and that all the weather wrapping around this area is promoting the strong onshore breeze. it has been breezy and will be for another 24 hours. as the low moves out a big ridge of high pressure is going to build in. it will warm us up significantly for the second half of the week. tomorrow morning not an isolated shower especially down towards santa cruz and capitola. that boundary moves through. sunshine tomorrow afternoon. it will stay breezy and on wednesday we get back to the regular stuff. morning clouds near the water. temperatures begin to climb wednesday. they keep climbing thursday. they hit their peak on friday. pescadero microclimate forecast 65 tomorrow. 67 wednesday. one more breezy and cool day. the warm-up begins wednesday as soon as the ocean breeze relaxes. he will get hot and the hottest day will likely be friday.
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highs tomorrow low 80s. concorde fairfield napa and santa rosa. 77 fremont. 77 san jose. 67 san francisco. 76 mountain view. extended forecast notice the jump on wednesday. 5 to 7 degrees on thursday. near the bay we hit the 80s. friday the hapless spots 100. we might see 80 at the coast on friday. we will begin cooling down on saturday. back to average by sunday. how to weather coming later this week. a new list of america's 100 most innovative leaders. only one is female. forbes response to the backlash over leaving women off the list. the weather's perfect...
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nordstrom rack. what will you find? forbes list of the most innovative leaders in america sparking outrage tonight. out of the 100 names that were featured only one is a woman. the ceo of dublin-based ross stores barber rattler hold the 75th spot. the rankings were dominated by founders of major corporations. amazon ceo and tesla founder tied for the number one spot. today forbes address the lack of women explaining that the rankings are based on numbers driven methodology. they admit it is flawed. in a statement forbes said the problem with the methodology was that women are poorly represented at the top of the largest corporations.
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and thus never had much of a chance here. this used to be a toxic superfund site in mountain view. look at it now. developers are building more than two dozen homes. we will have the story coming up. our first look at pg&e's plan to get out of bankruptcy. the offer on the table and what it means for wildfire victims. electric bikes could be coming to the national parks. will it create more access or will it lead to more accidents -- the tough questions on the trails.
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now at 5:30, a turning point for a tic cleanup site. the epa says the land is in good condition for construction to begin on much needed housing. good evening. i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. kpix 5's kit do


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