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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 9, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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the other starting to sink. kpix 5 news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. we begin with the excitement leading up to the final raiders home opener in oakland. but it's not without it's drama. >> kpix 5's juliette goodrich joins us live from the oakland coliseum with fans ready to move past antonio brown. >> hi there, ken. they're ready to move past it but they still have big energy on it. we spotted this fan here from los angeles for the final game tonight, the final opener. he changed his jersey. you can read the back there. he went from brown to clown. these fans, they want to move past it but they say tonight is an indicator that they want to win. >> we're ready for monday
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night. let's go, baby. let's do it. >> reporter: it's the last home opener of the season for the raiders at the oakland coliseum. >> can't wait. i'm so excited. i feel like it's christmas day. finally opening day. >> reporter: beginning at 2:00 p.m., gates opened and the tailgating and barbecuing kicked into high gear. >> we always come big and get booed out, have a great time, try to get everybody in our area to kick in and have fun. >> reporter: win or lose, oakland or vegas -- >> they can go to egypt, i'm a diehard raider fan. >> reporter: but it is bittersweet for many fans. >> we're kind of sad. >> it's the city of oakland's fault. >> reporter: and some a little sour over the latest antonio brown drama. >> a.b. is a chicken head. could have been you, a.b.. but no. you're too chicken. you're no raider. never will be a raider. >> we don't need a.b. >> antonio brown is a distant
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memory. >> who? who's antonio brown? never heard of him. >> chicken head. >> i'm a collusion guy. >> reporter: for this fan who claims to be raider jesus -- >> tonight, no mercy on antonio brown. no forgiveness and no mercy for the denver broncos. >> you guys like it? i just wanted to tell you what i noticed, i think you need to take the tag off your shirt and he said no, what did you say? >> i'm going to return that jersey. >> good luck tonight. hope the raiders win. >> raiders nation. >> s, veronica, it's interesting because a lot of the fans aren't really talking about vegas and they haven't talking about the move. they're talking about antonio brown. >> so not one person mentioned going to the home opener next
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season in vegas. not one, is that what you're saying? >> no. they haven't. all the talk is about what happened over the weekend, especially with antonio brown. i did talk to two women who are seasoned ticket holders and one said i will definitely be in vegas next season and the other said i'll be watching it from my couch in oakland. so we'll see what happens. >> so there's one. we appreciate it. go have some fun. thanks. like you just saw, raiders fans now figuring out ways to salvage those antonio brown jerseys now that he's a new england patriot. they're using tape, black markers to change that jersey number from 84 to 81. and that happens to be the number worn by tim brown, the legendary receiver who played 16 seasons with the raiders. the team takes on the denver broncos of the coliseum with kickoff happening at 7:20 and for all your football season updates, make sure to head to
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our website at we're looking at sfo live tonight where flight delays and cancellations have been frustrating flyers since the weekend. runway 28 left, one of sfo's four runways closed saturday for a scheduled 20-day construction project. that project is expected to finish up on september 27th. here are the latest numbers. there have been 276 delays, 124 cancellations. 100 of those were canceled in advance due to notice of this construction. and three aircraft had to be diverted to oakland. wilson walker is at sfo with those updates. >> clearly this runway work did not come out of the clear y. we knew this was coming, so why all the delays and cancellations? >> we got the notice there was
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going to be changes with the runway. we didn't get any notice until we were on the plane. >> reporter: fernando and his family are pretty good examples of those snagged by the sfo runway improvements. they landed from a flight only to find the departure board looking like a winter storm. >> we're in the midst of a project to install the new base layer. we've gotten down to the base layer which is an area that hasn't been touched for 50 or 60 years. >> reporter: why the delays and cancellations when the runway work was planned well ahead of time? we put that question to airport spokesman. he says the flight scheduling is largely up to the airlines. they chose to cut back by about 13%. >> all of these reductions are voluntary. airports don't have the authority to tell airlines how many flights to operate so
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ultimately it comes down to an airline business decision in terms of reducing their flight schedules. >> reporter: if you have plans through sfo in the coming days, keep this all in mind and keep an eye on your flight. >> our goal is to have this run way reopened by friday, september 27th. >> we checked with some of the airlines to ask them how they were scheduling given that they knew there would be runway work going on. they didn't respond so specifically to that other than to say they were trying to help out the people who have been bumped off flights and get them where they're going with no additional cost but the good news is that the work is on schedule to get completed by september 27th and you get the feeling that the airlines and the airport really weren't quite sure what the run way work would mean so they took a stab at cutting flights back down by 13%, still wasn't quite enough as you mentioned. a couple flights sent over to oakland today. so you close a runway and you kind of have to figure out how
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everything works so if you're coming out here, keep that in mind. things not exactly business as usual right now at sfo. at san francisco international airport, wilson walker, kpix 5. campaign 2020. new poll numbers provide a sense of where the race stands for the democratic nomination for president. emily turner on the state of play between the two leading female candidates. >> another week closer to the democratic primary. another poll. and this one not turning out so well for one of the bay area candidates. >> reporter: crowds may be enthusiastic but when it comes to the most recent poll numbers, voters are showing a significant decline in support for kamala harris. >> this is a moment in time that is requiring us to fight for the best of who we are, and fight democrats we will. >> reporter: she's fallen into single digit numbers into
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undesirable fifth place. ed o'keefe says elizabeth warren has been gaining ground. >> we don't know specifically why they're levering harris but we do know people are taking a closer look at elizabeth warren. she's spent the summer releasing a series of policy proposals on all sorts of issues and gets a lot of credit for doing so and providing detail. >> reporter: elizabeth warren in the lead but barely. she's just one point ahead of joe biden and two ahead of bernie sanders. the data doesn't say who the harris deserters are but analysts do say they're twice as likely to pick warren over biden or sanders. harris will try to take her numbers back when she and nine other candidate take the stage for the debate. o'keefe says all eyes will be tuned in to the frontrunners. >> the big subdrama to watch thursday night will be the fact that former vice president joe biden and senator warren will be on the stage for the first time.
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they'll be standing next to each other by virtue of the fact that they're number 1 and 2 in most surveys. >> we did reach out to the kamala harris campaign to get a comment. they did not reach back with one. the top polling candidates in the democratic 2020 presidential primary will face each other this thursday. it will be the first time warren and harris will appear on the same stage. a man is under arrest this evening accused in a deadly shooting in san jose. this happened last friday on park moore avenue. officers responded to the scene, found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. the victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. also today, police announced they have arrested robert eugene steyer. he was taken into custody after a traffic stop in stanislaus county. meanwhile, uc berkeley police looking for two suspects in an armed robbery. it happened last night here a popular look-out point. the suspects armed with guns
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approached two victims, demanded their personal items. no one was injured. if you do have any information, police would like to hear from you. still ahead, are you prepared for wildfire season? if you thought the n95 mask you got last year is all you need, you might want to think again. plus, bay area schools cracking down on teenage vaping. the new way to detect those smoke breaks. and a new surcharge at a couple restaurants in santa cruz. why it can help its workers with living costs. low clouds returning tonight to sfo in the city and along the coastline but they will be a thing of the past before the week is finished. the beach might hit 80 degrees. what does that mean for inland highs? as we take another live look at the oakland coliseum, today we've been asking fans whether they thought antonio brown set this whole thing up just so he could sign with the patriots and this is what they had to say.
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>> antonio who? who's antonio brown? >> antonio brown and i don't know how to play football for a team. >> we want players that are going to embrace what the raiders mean. >> i'm glad he's gone. i think he purposely did it just so he can leave the team. sup. wh- whacha doing? i'm watching food. try my $3 cheddar bacon loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash.
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at the ross fall fashion event. ♪ ♪ try my $3 steak and parm loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash. the health department in the bay area urging the public to prepare for unhealthy air. >> devastating fires in southern california have created
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a public health crisis. kpix 5 len ramirez is in the south bay with a few dos and don'ts. >> health officials say preparing for air quality emergencies does not mean going out to the hardware store and buying paper masks like this. they say wearing one of these during an event like that could actually do more harm than good. >> reporter: a hazy day over san jose and you can still see the blue skies. but remember last year when all you could see was the gray soot from the campfire? >> it was terrible. you couldn't even see more than a half mile. i do a lot of hiking and it was hard to breathe. >> hard to breathe and it can happen again. >> unfortunately the wildfires and severity and cope of them have become something of a new normal for us in the bay area. >> reporter: bay area public health officials have come up with new guidelines for air quality emergencies. when smoke filled the bay, most people dawned masks or bandannas thinking they'd filter out the
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tiny smoke particles that can lodge deep into your lungs and lead to respiratory problems. the new thinking is that's wrong. >> they give people a false sense of security >> reporter: they have to be perfectly fit today fitted to your face to be effective. now health officials realize they could be bad for many people because they are so hard to breathe through. >> people who have respiratory problems from the smoke may not realize whether it's the mask or the air that's bothering them. >> reporter: the best advice is to stay indoors, change filters for your air conditioner or heating unit to one rated merv13 or higher and if you can afford it, get an air filtration system. >> the safest best way to protect your breathing is to stay indoors in a cleaner air space. >> reporter: there is one other obvious solution that seems to be tougher than other to solve in california. >> somehow stop the fires. >> reporter: len ramirez, kpix 5. >> a hepa air filter will be
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your best line of defense against unhealthy air but adding plants can also help purify your home of toxic chemicals. according to a nasa study, there are some of the best plants to detox indoor air. peace lilies, snake plant, boston fern, spider plant, and chinese evergreen. that's just to name a few that you can get at your local nursery. warning to people to avoid electronic cigarettes. as u.s. health officials are investigating a mystery lung illness, the california department of public health is now investigating 57 potential cases of acute lung disease among people with a recent history of vaping beginning in late june. some cases involved people who vape cannabis products purchased from unlicensed sources. on friday, health authorities in los angeles county announced the first known death in the state associated with vaping a marijuana product. meanwhile, bay area
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communities have recently stepped up efforts to combat the vaping crisis. local schools are now installing vapor sensors in bathrooms and are now requiring students to attend counseling sessions to help them quit. police are also performing sting operations at corner stores. expect an extra surcharge at restaurants in santa cruz county. it cites increasing operations and labor cost. county says it does not have any laws about the surcharge. it doesn't have a way to determine if the money is actually going to the workers. >> it's all about supply and demand. right now we're demanding a little more sunshine. >> are you getting onry?
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so ken wants it warm. maybe you do. maybe you're wondering it's september, it's supposed to be warm out there. it will be by the end of this week. let's take a look at the wind. 24 miles per hour in oakland. 18 miles per hour in pleasanton. beautiful evening in the south bay. 76 degrees. oakland, 74. san francisco, 68. concord, 79. football in a couple minutes. the raiders will host the broncos. beautiful night for football at the coliseum. 67 degrees. 59 in clear field. napa, 54. again, kind of chilly. wouldn't be surprised if in a week or two we see 40s overnight in the north bay. valleys including santa rosa. big broad area of low pressure.
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even had a tornado. just outside the city over the weekend. severe weather to our north. lots of lightning. we won't get that but a storm, 700 miles away will have a direct impact on our weather because the counterclockwise flow around this low is the reason why it's breezy here. with the low hanging pretty close tomorrow, we'll continue to see that onshore breeze and temperatures kept down. can't rule out drizzle or a shower or two along the coastline. mainly santa cruz county and points south. but it's there. sunshine tomorrow afternoon. with that breeze, it mixes out the marine layer. they'll be back wednesday morning with lots of sunshine wednesday afternoon. wednesday is our transition day. after wednesday it's going to be pretty hot out there with 90s inland, 70s and 80s near the water. pescadero the next couple days, 60s for highs. partly sunny skies both days. that's your microclimate forecast. one more breezy and cool day. that's tomorrow. warmup begins wednesday. as we lose the ocean breeze and the hottest day will be friday. couple inland spots may flirt with 100 degrees.
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san jose, 77 tomorrow. livermore, 79. vallejo, 78. pretty comfortable day if you don't mind the breeze. oakland, 74. san francisco, 67 degrees. warmer wednesday. we'll hop into the hot category on thursday. friday will be the hottest day. look at the coast. 78 degrees at the beach. close to 90 near the bay. but we begin getting relief on saturday and we're back to average by sunday so short-lived hot snap coming later this week. that's your forecast. hello, everybody. dennis o'donnell at the coliseum. monday night football. coming up, raiders and broncos at 7:00. all the talk tonight is about the guy not on the field. that story when we come back. in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony.
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for people with parkinson's, some neurons change their tune, causing uncontrollable tremors. now, abbott technology can target those exact neurons. restoring control and harmony, once thought to belost forever. the most personal technology is technology with the power to change your life.
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monday night football, the raiders and the broncos tonight. how about some power hour. guy fieri, the chef, the guy in the blue, that's john elway. and of course mark davis, the raiders owner. mark davis as you know always likes to say once a raider, always a raider. but i don't know if that applies to antonio brown who some feel never wanted to be in silver and black. can you believe he had no intention of ever playing a single snap for the raiders? >> look at all the fuss he does. who burns their feet? come on. >> we all know raider nation loves a good conspiracy theory. even hall of famer jerry rice
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agrees. he told 95.7 the game, his acting skills are almost as good as his football skills. >> we all got played, man. we did. he contacted me and he told me that he wanted to play ball here in the bay area. he was a denzel washington and he won the oscar. >> wow. >> one player who did benefit from brown's departure, the alameda native signed off the jags' practice squad for 795,000 dollars fully guaranteed. he's enacted tonight but jon gruden says the passing game still has plenty of weapons without a.b. >> never going to line up and throw the ball to one guy every play. it's not how we do business here. we've got a lot of weapons. we've got a lot of young guys at tight end and receiving core. they'll be fine. >> reporter: good start for the 49ers season yesterday. it came at a price though.
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running back tevin coleman is getting to miss multiple games. he has a high ankle sprain. he's going to be out quite a while. the 49ers defense picked off jameis winston three times, returned two of them for a touchdown, including one from richard sherman. his first in a 49er uniform. sherman putting everybody on notice. >> as you hear people writing you off, you hope they keep writing you off. the people that's writing me off, i hope they also writing they wills. i'm at everybody's neck this year. i hope you understand that. appreciate it. >> the 49ers off to a good start but you're looking at john elway and mark davis. these are two teams quite frankly in transition. mark davis, the fact of the matter is that jon gruden lost his best defensive player last year in khalil mack and this year he loses his best offensive
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player in antonio brown. raiders and broncos, monday night football tonight. we'll be here for the 10:00 and 11:00. back to you. >> we'll be watching, dennis. >> "cbs evening news" is coming up next. >> norah o'donnell is here with a preview. >> tonight on the "cbs evening news," the rescue of crew members trapped in the belly of a ship. we're at the scene. cbs news exclusive, we spoke with three former heads of homeland security. what the bipartisan group says about the biggest threats facing america. and this game show host returns to jeopardy following a battle with cancer. those stories and more tonight on the "cbs evening news."
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some whale watchers got a bit more than they expected during a tour today. >> oh, my gosh.
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>> the close encounter caused quite the fright. this happened in the san francisco bay and you see the humpback whale get very close to the sailboat. luckily it did not overturn the boat. the whale went on its way. no one was injured. nobody got hurt. good news there. thanks for watching the news at 6:00. the "cbs evening news" is up next. >> we'll be back here on the new kpix 5 news at 7:00 p.m. goodnight. this fall, book two, separate qualifying stays at ...and earn a free night. because when your business is rewarding yourself, our business is you. book direct at cracker barrel makes every meal one to remember. now available every day. and our new sweet n' smokey homestyle chicken blt for $8.99.
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come on home to scratch-made. come on home to cracker barrel captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight breaking news, trapped crew members are rescued from a capsized cargo ship. how they survived more than 30 hours inside. the f.d.a. warns juul, the nation's top e-cigarette company, to stop claiming its products are safer than cigarettes, and tonight the first lady weighs in. also we've been at war for 18 years in afghanistan. what's next now that secret talks with the taliban are off? what we're seeing on the ground inside afghanistan. only on cbs news, former homeland security secretaries from both parties sound the alarm as we approach the 9/11 anniversary. >> i think our agency has become overly politicized. >> o'donnell: did a member of the president's cabinet threaten employees at noaa over its hurricane forecast?


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