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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  September 9, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now 7:00. >> hi, i am antonio brown. >> the raiders bounced back after the antonio brown drama. the make a investigation tonight threatening google. the new claims of a monopoly. why both sides are declaring victory tonight and the battle over a homeless shelter along the san francisco waterfront. plus, what is causing huge travel problems tonight at sfo. asked to come up with them most innovative list. they came
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up with 99 women and one woman. >> it is simply wrong. the new kpix 5 at 7:00 starts right now. with the raiders about to kickoff. good evening everyone i am ken bastida. >> i am veronica de la cruz. >> reporter: here at the opener, a lot of fans are excited that they are here tonight and celebrating. there is one player in particular that is not going to be here tonight. you can read it for yourself. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> we are ready for monday night! let's go, baby! >> reporter: it is the last, first home opener at the oakland coliseum. >> i cannot way, i am so
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excited. it is finally open day. >> reporter: beginning at 2 pm, gates open and the tailgating and barbecuing kicked into high gear. >> we always come big. we have a good time. try to get everybody in the area to kick in and have some fun. >> reporter: win or lose, oakland or vegas. >> vegas could be in egypt, i am a die hard oakland fan. >> reporter: but, it is bittersweet for many fans. and some a little sour over the latest antonio brown drama. >> a chicken head. you are too chicken. never was a radar. never will be a radar. >> antonio brown is a distant memory. >> i have never heard of him.
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>> hi, i am antonio brown. >> reporter: and this fan who claims to be radar jesus. in oakland, juliet goodrich, kpix 5. the nra is suing san francisco. the nra says that the city is blocking its right to free speech. saying that they want to blacklist anybody that is associated with the gun lobby. district to supervisor who sponsored the resolution had this to say. the nra is a terrorist organization that is in succeeding that much of anything. saying this lawsuit is their latest unsuccessful effort. a homeless navigation and center the opponents are still
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hoping to stop it from opening even as it takes shape on the waterfront. a judge through the opponents a lifeline. >> reporter: take a look. this is the construction site behind the right here. there is still one more legal hurdle for the city of san francisco. an initial legal folly to stop the navigation center failed. >> what i propose to do today is to deny the request for a temporary restraining order. i will set this matter for a hearing for a future date. >> reporter: but they will get a never shot on september 23. >> this means that the city has to explain itself. and eenghow why it is
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at thecity ing the epr:y failedaltohestes lands commission to build here. the city attorney's office released a statement. "this project has gone through the required environmental real, and all of the appropriate use laws were followed." >> this is a low barriers shelter. for drug abusers and people with a history of sexual offenses, that type of thing. we don't think that that belongs in the neighborhood. 2000 people within three blocks. >> reporter: other neighbors were not happy with it either. >> it is a little scary. yeah. i feel sorry for them. we wish them the best. >> reporter: now this would be the second homeless navigation center here in the district,
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there is another one about one mile away. the city of san francisco says that they have plans to beef up policing in this area with his navigation center. they expect that this will be a few months before they go live. they say that this will cost them $100,000. the day to watch this is september 23, this is when the next hearing happens. >> all right, live at the waterfront, thank you. red and blue states are united on at least one issue tonight. going after google. top law enforcement officials from 48 states, plus washington, d.c. and puerto rico announced an investigation into google dominance into digital advertising. >> there's a fine line sometimes between aggressive business practices and illegal once. usually the line is very clear. our investigation will determine whether they have cross that line. >> reporter: google's home
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state of california staying out of this investigation along with alabama. google decline to comment. however, their lawyer says that they have cooperated with regulators. governor newsom signed into law. amid the largest measles outbreak in two decades. the bill drew force opposition from parents who want the state to stay out. a criminal investigation underway tonight into the dive boat tragedy off of the southern california coast. the fbi, coast guard and u.s. attorney in los angeles are looking into safety issues. including whether a night watchman was on duty when the fire broke out on board. before dawn on labor day, 34 people lost their lives. the majority from the bay area.
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yesterday, federal agents raided the office of the boat owner. a live look tonight at sfo, where runway closures have had a lot of travelers plans up in the air. one of the airports business busiest, so far 276 lights have been delayed. 124 flights out right canceled. about 100 of those were canceled in advance of the construction. the project is expected to finish up on september 27. >> i'm try to get my son to tucson. his flight was canceled. we didn't know anything until we arrived here. >> you need to book a flight, out of sfo and you want to avoid delays, sfo recommends taking a flight before 9 am, this is when construction begins. a former toxic site now all cleaned up in mountview.
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construction is underway at the site on fairchild drive. when it is and is going to have 26 homes. today the epa released a report on efforts of the last year to expedite the cleanup of the super fun sites around the country. the epa officials say that the key to attracting private investors is to have them sign agreements with the agency that protects the new owners. >> they have you paid sign-ups. they know that they are not going to become liable. beyond what they are already doing. is >> the lot at mountview has also been a testing group area for new technologies. a list of the most innovative business leaders, only one woman is on that list out of 100 people. the ceo of the clothing train chain ross stores. we look into the numbers. >> reporter: one woman, just one, joined 99 men as the most
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innovative business leaders. some people are calling this bias. other say that this a mirror that reflects larger problems in corporate america. some critics say both of those things are true. the list reads like a who's who of silicon valley's biggest names. jeff bezos, elon musk, mark zuckerberg. this focuses on who was excluded almost entirely. women. >> it is disappointing. that there is a list that comes out and only one woman out of 100. so it is a reflection of the fact that we do not have as many women in this as we should. >> reporter: the forbes list features 99 men and one woman. the ross ceo is included. she has a faceless silhouette and biographical information. >> there is something wrong to suggest that women are not
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innovative. that they are not achieving in the workforce. and in the halls of corporations. that would be factually incorrect. and it would be hurtful and damaging. >> reporter: forbes editor conceded an online post saying that the methodology was flawed. saying that they should use this moment to delve into the problem of women ascending to see you. >> women are discouraged not to go into the science field because it is really hard. >> reporter: the forbes list does point to a larger problem in corporate problem. currently there are 27 former female ceos. just 5.4%. critics say that this is disappointing. but they also cite motivation to prove them wrong. >> in my classes i have been told that we are going to break the glass ceiling.
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>> reporter: we resolve multiple times today to ross stores and it ceo. they did not return our calls for comment on the forbes list. in san jose, kpix 5. up next, this could be coming to national parks. >> what about safety on the trails? the concerns tonight over federal policy. plus, new poll numbers out tonight. they are not looking good for senator kamala harris. and the health department in the bay area are telling the public to prepare for unhealthy air. the next couple of days, the earth is going to be fine. it is coming in from the ocean. this means that it is going to be chilly at the coast. coming up, which one day will focus on temperatures at 80 degrees right there at the beach. that is next. ♪
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some will watchers got a bit more than they bargained for during a tour yesterday. in the san francisco bay. you can see the humpback whale got pretty close to the syllable. it did not bump into it at all. it went on his way, so did the skipper. the trump administration's new plan to allow electric bikes on trails at national parks is revving up mixed
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reaction. >> they classify them as regular bikes, rather than electric vehicles. this makes them eligible to be written anywhere in the national park. like here at the marin headlands and at the national seashore. >> in marin county, this is a way for people to continue the sport that they are passionate about into their older years. >> but nature advocates say that this poses a safety hazard and catherine to disrupt christine trails. with the number of wildfires burning in california right now, health officials are saying that preparing for fire season does include buying a safe mask. why? well, if health officials now realize that those masks are actually bad. because they are so hard to breeze through. >> people that have respiratory problems from the smoke, may not realize whether it is the mask that is bothering them.
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>> the best advice they say is just to stay indoors as much as you can. change the filters for your home, your condition, your heating unit 213 or higher rating. if you can afford it, get an air filtration system. beautiful weather right now. as we go towards the we, we are going to warm up every day from now. every day is going to be a little bit warmer. we're looking at temperatures right now below average. we stay below average tomorrow. we warm up starting wednesday. 77 degrees in oakland. concord, 84. san francisco summit 70. napa down to 54. the pollen count stays elevated for the next couple of days. we will be above average all the way through friday. we frankly need some rainfall with those allergens.
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this is not the time they we are going to get any rainfall. in fact, there is not much cloud cover today. the high-resolution radar shows a little bit of class. that is about it. the breeze actually makes up the atmosphere a little bit. a big strong low system, what we particularly see in november. they actually started the cal university washington football game because of lightning, they delayed the game. the ocean temperature right near us is about 58 degrees. so the breeze from and it actually has a chill to it. tomorrow morning, we will have morning clouds, lots of afternoon sunshine. a repeat on wednesday morning. the big changes, we lose the ocean breeze starting whenthat happens, we have a ridge of high pressure building in afterwards. we are going to get hot.
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it is that time of year, when we see an offshore wind. it will be warm to hot on thursday and friday. with coastal temperatures getting into the 70s. and it will likely be in the 90s for several inland places. it will be warmer by wednesday with a hot and of the week. tomorrow enjoy the cool weather. fremont, 77. oakland, 74. santa rosa, 82. but it gets warmer on wednesday. we add more degrees on wednesday, thursday and friday. 90s up to 100 degrees on friday. markedly cooler by sunday and monday. that is your forecast. coming up next, white senator kamala harris is seeing a drop in her poll numbers. plus, the daring rescue
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inside of a massive cargo ship. what witnesses say that they saw before the ship flipped over. the hurricane victims in the bahamas, who were kicked off of a ferry headed to florida. also, another bay area apple store gets hit again by brazen robbers. ♪ we live with at&t and we are well past the honeymoon phase. oooh lufa. ocupado tom. at&t, what's this i hear about you advertising a 100% fiber network? only like a fraction of my customers can get that. that's it?!? you have such a glass half-empty attitude. the glass is more than half-empty! you need to relax tom. oww! tom, you need a little tom time. a little tt. stop living with at&t. xfinity delivers gig speeds to more homes than anyone.
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♪ ♪am vee ru here's what you just if you're just getting him. rescuers rescued the final four crew members. they had
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been stuck off of the coast of georgia. 20 in people in all were rescued from the ship. they ran into trouble shortly after leaving the poor yesterday. they ended up on their side. the question is what went wrong? witnesses say that they saw the ship listing as it embarked. some new poll numbers for the democratic race for president, shows that kamala harris has fallen to single digit numbers and is in fifth place. the data indicates that elizabeth warren is gaining ground because of it. >> we don't know specifically why they are leading. people are taking a closer look at elizabeth warren. she has spent the summer releasing a series of policy proposals on several issues. she gets a lot of credit for doing so in providing detail. tonight the president says that the u.s.-a towel then peace talks are dead.
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this comes in the wake of a suicide bombing that killed 12 people, including aus servicemember. tonight north korea says that they are going to resume nuclear meetings with the u.s. talks fell apart back in february with president trump rejected his demand for relief of some sections. this will prevent most migrants from seeking asylum at the uso border. this has been blog. he blocks the policy back in july, after a lawsuit from a group that helped migrants. the president wants to prevent most migrants from seeking asylum if they have passed through
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another country first. they were forced off of a ferry headed to florida. the company says the government told them that the evacuees needed travel documentation. but custom said that they would have processed them in florida. another brazen robbery. this time in san jose. four men wearing dark hoodies went into the store just before closing on saturday night. the suspects grabbed the merchandise and escaped in a getaway car. so far there have been no arrests. coming up next, how this nine-year-old girl is making history tonight at new york fashion week. ♪ ♪ ♪
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old, a double amputee, she's making history at the new york fashion week. is >> she chose to walk the runway, after its founders, she was bored with a condition that required both of her legs to be amputated. this time she is going to be at the paris fashion week. where she will be motherly at the top of the eiffel tower. >> it doesn't seem to be slowing her down. >> i know, inspiration. thank you so much. >> meantime you can head to tonight. from the couldn't be prouders
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheers and applause] steve: hey. how are y'all? i appreciate that. thank y'all. i appreciate it, folks. yeah, i do. thank y'all. i appreciate that. thank you now. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheers and applause] this is going to be a good one today, folks. returning for their fifth and final day with a total, $41,110, from cypress, california, it's the champs, it's the thompson family.
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