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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  September 10, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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eww altions surrounding wide receiver antonio brown. >> plus, right now, hundreds of fremont residents are voicing anger and support for proposed navigation center for the homeless. >> the city is proposing this. it is a waste of money. the travel misery at sfo, could it have been prevented, like it was in the past? make it is a pain in the butt. >> tonight we are going to try two, is this the traffic nightmare so many have feared? make the new plan that makes m.
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getting suspended a thing of the past. will it create chaos in the classroom? >> whatever you can get away with, you will. the brand-new kpix 5 news and 7:00 starts now. we have new surrounding antonio brown. good evening. the wide receiver is being accused of . the sports director joins us now with this. >> three days after being let go by the oakland raiders, and signed by new england, antonio brown is being accused of sexual assault. e-tailer filed a lawsuit in south florida, accusing him of sexually assaulting her twice in 2017, and her in 2018. taylor and brown attended central michigan together. brown hired taylor as his personal trainer. he denies the allegations, and the lawyer says any sexual interaction was consensual.
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two investigations will began, one of criminal, and the other by the nfl, with him taylor says she will cooperate. round has never played a single down for the oakland raiders. will he ever play for new england? the ball is in their court now. this is federal court. she has filed in federal court on these lawsuits. is to make that is true. it does depend on the evidence. remember, tyreek hill was accused of child abuse, and investigated federally, and the nfl. there was no evidence. he is back with the kansas city chiefs. where the evidence leads, depends on his future. right now, hundreds of people are waiting to hear the fate of a proposed homeless center in fremont. directed two sides are on capitol avenue near city hall, the other is a city surplus
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property on dakota road. this is a live look at the city council meeting. it is expected to last for hours tonight. julie goodrich is outside that building. she is in the pact overflow section. >> reporter: to give you an idea of how contentious this issue is, look how many people turned out this evening. this is the overflow section. there are three groups with three opinions about what to do about the navigation center, if at all. they have been standing in line, holding their places in sunrise, waiting to get inside the city council meeting at 5:30. there was the do not build the navigation center at all group. you have the maybe, but not in my backyard group. and in there was a yes, pick a place and build a group. >> i just want them to build a. take the money the state is giving us, chip in our own volunteers and support, passion, and love for the
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community, and build the center. >> reporter: and no group says doesn't mean they don't want to help the homeless. they said they have spent many hours volunteering, helping the homeless out. >> what the city is proposing is a big waste of money. not many resources can go to the underprivileged. >> reporter: the good cause bad location group is all for the navigation center built at city hall, just not at the dakota proposed site, which is y in their backyard. if it's built at city hall, you will be successful. >> reporter: they will take public comment, 45 seconds per person. they expect the meeting and a decision to go well into the night. in fremont, julia goodrich, kpix 5. problems continue at sfo. runway construction is causing cancellations and frustrations. this is where our reporter is tonight. andrea? >> reporter: more than 1200
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flights coming in and out of sfo. one third of those, with the construction project, are being affected, either delayed or canceled tonight. delays, cancellations, and air travel misery at sfo. >> we were supposed to get home tonight at midnight. they gave us a connecting flight, switch them around. supposedly we will be home tomorrow at 9:30, cleveland time. i'm not so sure that will happen. they did not seem confident when i rebooked it. >> reporter: if it seems like we've been here before with the repaving project, you are not wrong. the same type of project happened in 2017. >> in 2017, the airport did a major resurfacing project at sfo. they found out that the runway was in worse shape than they thought. >> reporter: that's when the large-scale repaving was scheduled for this month, all month long. in 2017, the work only happened
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on the weekends. now, it is going 24/7. chris mcginnis is the editor of travel skills. >> reporter: if they split this work into weekends, doing this every weekend would've been affected now until christmas. it is such a big project. >> reporter: they are confident that the hundreds of delays and cancellations per day will not last until september 27, as scheduled. >> they provided a big window. they will finish earlier than expected. then everybody is happy her.>> reporter: that means anxiety like this -- start a new job on thursday. i need to be home on thursday morning. that let me out of here get me home by thursday morning. >> reporter: she has an expiration date. samantha project was supposed to wrap up on september 27. it could and sooner. that is up in the air right now. travel experts say if you're concerned about your flight in or out of sfo, call the airline
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now and try to book it through another airport in the bay area. reporting for kpix 5. we appreciate it, thank you. tonight will be a major task for new neighborhood in san francisco as sports and music fans flow into mission bay. two big events are getting underway at two big venues. wilson walker is there. >> reporter: there is no typical situation in san francisco. dave matthews at chase center and the giants down the street at oracle park. we finally crash into the long feared traffic jam? i guess it wi i said before, pe not give up their cars to come to these events when we have public transportation. >> reporter: fresh traffic concerns, even though chase enters first concert, metallica, was not heavy on traffic complaints. :i took a train. it was not too bad. >> reporter: traffic was a piece a cake.
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>> reporter: the use of the ballpark and arena, this is a chief concern back when the chase location was announced. >> you can have people coming in for the giants game, and people coming in for a madonna concert. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. madonna and and here we are. we are bit removed from the height of giants demand. last night at the smallest crowds and 2010, with just under 27,000 people in the building that holds 42,000. like you don't have as many attendees. what will happen when we have the giants in full force, and the chase interval force? >> reporter: the tickets double as many passes. they start the season. police in san francisco say a boy is fighting for his life after he was struck by vehicle in the tenderloin. this happened before 5:00 at golden gate in leavenworth. we got a look at the scene wi
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clothing left in the street. one person was being interrogated at the scene, and was led away in handcuffs. uber is going through another round of layoffs. there are 435 people let go. workers across the engineering and product teams, mostly. the app laid off 400 marketing employees in july. they had a pretty chaotic public offering in may. they could be cutting costs, and looking to appease anxious investors. >> i think uber maybe giving a hardluck at how to better manage the company. this is in light of being a public company. to make the public statements that impart, our hope with the changes is to reset and improve how we work day today. we are prioritizing, and holding ourselves accountable to a high bar of performance and agility. >> school suspensions have been suspended thanks to a new law signed by the governor. the new law forbids public, private, charter schools from
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suspending students for defined the teacher from kindergarten through eighth grade. critics say suspension ke id >> we would rather have them learn from their mistakes, stay on campus, continuing their education, instead of sending them home. >> mother and father's art home. grandparents aren't home. nobody is home. what is that mean to suspend somebody? >> reporter: in recent years, california students have missed more than 150,000 days of school. that is due to suspensions. the new law takes effect july 1 of next year. >> up next, those living in rvs are battling to stay put. >> you don't have to be black and white. we don't have to be back out on the street. >> why officials in one town are saying, you will have to go.
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>> the oakland raiders are leaving next year. that does not mean that pro football is dead in oakland. >> we are starting with five open tryouts. we have 4 northern california, and one in >> fire watch, there were intense moments for a few hours, where homeowners in the north bay. the sunset is getting earlier and earlier. 725 with the official time for sunset. we get to show you colors in the sky during this broadcast. you won't see fog that much over the next few days. i will explain why, coming up.
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in the housing crisis, living in an rv is the only affordable option peer one city is selling a longtime rv park that it has to go. for years, and antioch man allowed rvs on his lot. the rent is low, and they have power, sewer, and water hookups. the city says the property is not zoned for rv dwelling, and fails to meet state regulations. all of the residents here must leave by october 1, or the owner will define $14,000 per week. i understand they wanted to be rv, stay certified, or
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whatever. that is understandable. it don't have to be black and white. we don't have to be back out on the street. select a homeless encampment task force will present ideas for how to fix the situation at tonight city council meeting. two professional teams are leaving oakland, beast mode is coming back. don ford on how marshawn lynch want to keep up a wall in town, long after the oakland raiders leave. >> it's called the indoor football league. oakland is getting an expansion team called the panthers. one of the new teams, owners is none other than marshawn lynch. >> this gives us something to rally around as a community. one thing i know about oakland, we are proud. give us the opportunity to keep that going.
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>> indoor football league is not the same as the arena football league from s ago. th nfl rules. it is on a tiny, 50 are playing surface. the games are played inside of the oakland arena. there are some wrinkles to iron out, like the roster. >> we will start with five open tryouts. we have 4 northern california, and one in texas. >> anybody can come down? >> if you think you are good enough, come on down? >> that's right. >> size matters of football. >> something smaller, and quicker. they are like vegetarians compared to the real linebackers. that is my opinion. iniquity read? >> i eat meat. >> they will feed and house the players in an undisclosed location in the east bay. in oakland, don ford, kpix 5. chopper 5 shows some
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returning getting dumped on this fire in the scary area in a residential spot. this area >> open. no homes were damaged. all of the evacuations have been lifted. you will get hot this weekend. >> fire danger elevates when we have increased temperatures. guess what is coming, we have elevated chapters coming up. we are nearly at 80 on the coast. that is on friday. i do show you this great picture. this is looking from oakland across the bay. this is the silhouette of the san francisco skyline. we are nine minutes before sunset. mother nature showing off with some gorgeous orange colors in the skies. san francisco did not get very warm. san jose was 77. santa rosa was 85. concord was at 83 degrees.
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tonight, it is chilly in the north bay. we had upper 40s in napa and sonoma counties. we have the great opportunities for upper 40s. concorde is at 48. the pollen count is high. we have a chance they could drop a bit with scattered showers in the north early next week. otherwise, through the weekend, the pollen count is between a 6 and 8. that is above average. it will stay that way for a while. we have really active weather for september. damage one inch of rainfall in september. the note for the rain in the fall, winter, spring. they're getting poured on. i'm talking about this, because it impacts our weather with the onshore flow. we have a good fetch from the ocean. that is why it has been breezy and chilly. but between this norm and the storm, there is a 48 hour opportunity for this ridge to build to the north.
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when it does, that is when we get hot. we will see widespread 70s at the coast, 80s near the bay, and 90s inland. that is on thursday and friday. we have a lot of afternoon sunshine, and less of a breeze meaning we warm-up. thursday we have zero cloud cover. we have zero cloud cover in the afternoon. is days of the ocean. we will see the 90s inland by thursday. as we go toward the weekend, this is the ridge of high pressure park to the west. friday into saturday, we are warm. the storm up in the gulf of alaska will dive all the way down to southern oregon and northern california. it will be that he here of a tiny chance of showers early next week. we have far too many of the coast. we warm-up to the middle the week. will be hot in light. campbell is 85. union city is 81. it is near 90 degrees in fairfield and walnut creek. you will get there thursday. is 84 in mill valley. it is 73 and berkeley and alameda. we have warm, but not hot conditions in clear lake.
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is hot on thursday. we have 90s inland, near 80 degrees in the bay. friday will be the hottest day. mid-eighties near the bay. we are at upper 70s of the coast. we are cooling on saturday. it is much cooler on sunday. we cloud up early next week. that is your forecast. up next, we have a shake up at the white house. who president trump just fired? getting focused on gun control, the action in congress today, and why republicans appear to be at odds? what is next for the capsized cargo ship? why is it still creating huge economic losses tonight? we have new technology toys from apple. netflix could end up with some serious competition. we have that announcement coming up next. all for just the change in your couch. i found the remote! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo.
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i am veronica de la cruz. congress is going full force, trying to get new gun safety laws ready for president trump to sign. the houses pushing the senate to take up the universal background check bill. senators have been working on their own version. is not clear whether the president will get behind a background check bill. republicans are divided. >> just because the president says we should or shouldn't do something, is a factor to be considered, but it's not all of it. >> i hope we will have a breakthrough. . the house judiciary committee is working on gun control
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legislation, including a bill to ban high-capacity magazines. president trump needs a new national security advisor. he fired the current one today. john bolton. the president tweeted that his services were no longer needed, and he disagreed with many of cargo , the coast guard is protecting the environment, while it is being removed. there's no word on what caused it to capsized. the busy shipping lane is closed on to other ships, causing economic losses. apple fans, the weight is him was over for the iphone 11. it comes out on friday, featuring new colors and better cameras. this was part of a bushel of new offerings that they laid out today at the annual product unveiling. the company is launching an apple arcade, and on november 1, their own streaming service to rival netflix and hulu. >> in two weeks, you will see
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barry castaway on the season premiere of survivor island of the idols. the sum around, the players will not see the host of the start of the show. two past winners will return as mentors peer 27-year-old man's of palo alto is among the new players going for the $1 million prize. he says he is overcome past challenges, and is ready for this one. growing up and asian american, for a long time, i struggled with perceptions of me. after that, i was free. on like this is who i am. take it or leave it. the season premieres wednesday, september 25 at 8:00 p.m., right here on kpix 5. coming up next, they might be small, but this is one huge hug. ♪
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we areis home. this isen gate sunset. what about sunrise? that is at 6:48 a.m. nearthe water. there's not much cloud cover.
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12 begins a warm-up. we will be in the 80s. we have your up-to-the-minute forecast starting tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> this might be the cutest thing you see all day. strike two toddler best friends , who are so excited to see each other, they run right up to each other and hug it out. this is maxwell and finn again. they live in new york. that is so cute. that hug is going viral. they are so adorable. >> that makes so much sense. thank you for watching a 7:00. we will see you at 11:00.
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