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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  September 11, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5. >> now at noon former raider and
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patriots player taking practice reps i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. new developments in the antonio brown story today. anne makovec is following the drama. >> this is a civil case against him for $75,000 in damages and he is vowing to defend himself. we have new video here of brown practicing with the patriots today. and earlier this morning we heard from the patriots head coach, brown's new boss. bill belichick says they're taking it a day at a time. >> we've looked into the situation. we're taking it very seriously all the way through the organization. i'm sure there are questions but i'm not going to be entering into a discussion about that today. >> brown's legal team is planning a counter suit to the civil suit filed this week. antonio brown is gone. touchdown. >> just one day after former steeler then raiders wide
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receiver antonio brown signed a multimillion dollars contract with the new england patriots. his former trainer britney taylor ss brown sexually assaulteded her three times in 2017 and 2018. taylor claims brown once forced her down onto a bed pushed her face into the mattress and forcibly raped her. claims this suit is motivated by money. >> he's misunderstood by a lot of people. >> and last weekend brown was abruptly released by the oakland raiders. the nfl is now launching its own investigation. kpix 5's sports director dennis o'donnell. >> they have a personal conduct policy. antonio brown doesn't have to be charged or convicted of a crime
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but could still face punishment by the nfl. >> and brown could find himself on the commissioner's exempt list while that investigation occurs. kenny. >> anne thank you. we'll have more on this developing story coming up at 5:00 and of course online at new at noon, president trump making an unexpected call to ban flavored vaping products. the fda is finalizing guidelines to clear them from the market. mr. trump first made the announcement during a meeting on ecigarettes. he said his administration will propose the ban amid an outbreak and breathing products tied to death. >> we can't have our youth be so affected and i'm hearing it and that's how the first lady got involved and she's got a son she feels very strongly about it. she's seen it, we're both
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reading it. a lot of people are reading it but people are dying. >> early this week, the first lady suggested the trump administration might be pursuing something on vaping. we need to do all we can to protect the public from tobacco related disease and prevent ecigarettes from becoming an onramp to each generation. lawmakers have passed a landmark bill that will require companies like uber and lyft. the measure will reclassify economy workers as employees instead of contractors . to the weather right now and the start of a warm up around the bay area this afternoon. you are taking a live look from our mount vaca camera. meteorologist mary lee has your wednesday forecast. how's it looking out there mary? >> we are watching our temperatures rise this afternoon and this is just the start of a warming trend for us. as we sgo through the next few days temps will continue to rise as a ridge of high pressure
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builds in. here is a live look with our treasure island camera. you can see blue skies out there. now let's show you our 24-hour temperature change and many locations warmer than yesterday at this te. running anywhere from 1 to 5 degrees warmer compared to yesterday at this time. so your weather headlines widespread warming begins today. 90s return inland tomorrow. the hottest temps near 100 degrees inland. we'll talk about those temps in more detail as we go through the next several days coming up back to you. new at noon, a concord woman testified today to stay in the bay area to receive life-saving medical treatment. >> i'm asking congress and the administration to come together to right a wrong. this is not a partisan issue this is a humanitarian issue and our lives depend on it. >> she met with lawmakers on the
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house and oversight. the 24 from guatemala suffers from an extremely rare disorder. she was invited to the u.s. under the deferred action when she was just 7 years old to participate in a clinical trial and receive treatment. but the trump administration ended the program last month. congressman mark desania was there to join. 80 teen years ago today, the worst terror attack in the u.s. claimed the lives of 3000 americans. vowing to never forget that day. thousands are paying their respects across the country. in new york city a memorial at ground zero and in san francisco a remembrance ceremony to honor first responders who paid the ultimate sacrifice today. >> remembrance ceremonies were held at all 47 san francisco
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fire stations today for those who were sent to manhattan from san francisco this is truly a day they will never forget. >> of all the pictures i've seen none of them really capture the way it felt when you're actually there seeing the devastation. >> 18 years ago deputy chief victor wersh was one of 11 san francisco firefighters deployed to new york to try to rescue those in and near the world trade center. he says he's still close with the other 10 san francisco firefighters. >> 11 of us still text each other. called each other last night. texted each other this morning to check in. it's an emotional time for us. >> william e. grepowski. the men and women who died as heroes that day were each read out loud. the flag flying in front of fire station 5 was lowered to half
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staff. on every 9/11 in the future san francisco will always remember what happened no matter how many years passed. and that service before self is what each firefighter signs up to fulfill. >> that's our mission to save lives. it's our number one mission and we all understand that very well and like i said, on 9/11 we understood it 343 times greater. >> the deputy chief tells me that so far his health is fine. the world trade center conducts annual check ups for those sent to manhattan every year. in san francisco jackie ward kpix 5. and people also observing 9/11 with a day of service in san francisco today. right now a number of volunteers with the marin food bank are packing 275,000 meals for people in need. >> be part of the community and try to give back today and just do something positive and
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uplifting. you know, it's shocking how quickly the time has gone by and someone who might have been in kindergarten now is probably maybe here today volunteering. >> more than 1000 volunteers are taking part today. >> tributes are also happening across the country from new york to washington d.c. to shanksville, pennsylvania. cbs reporter wendy gillette is in manhattan. >> it's a heart wrenching ritual repeated every year. family members and first responders returned to ground zero to remember loved ones lost on september 11th, 2001. bells mark when the planes hit the twin towers and when the buildings fell as the names of the fallen are read. >> timothy sean hascall. >> many speak about parents they never met or got to know. >> andrew, mom and i miss you every day and we know you're watching over us. >> new this year at ground zero
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a 9/11 memorial grade featuring stacks of granite and tribute to the first responders who became ill or died after being exposed to toxins. >> i pray for all those first responders who haver will become ill as a result of their dedication and sacrifice. >> nearly 3,000 people died on this day 18 years ago and while it's changed so much since then, the love and sense of loss remain the same. >> so many milestones that he's missed, this one is kind of hard. >> in washington d.c. president trump attended a ceremony to remember the people who died when a jet slammed into the pentagon. >> the first lady and i are united with you in grief. >> near shanksville, pennsylvania vice president mike pence paid tribute to the passengers on board united flight 93.
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pennsylvania to washington to new york the refrain is the same. never forget. wendy jillette cbs news new york. a victim's compensation fund for people with september 11th related health problems has awarded $5.5 billion so far. more than 51,000 people have applied. it appeared to be smoke atop san francisco's sales force tower this morning also caused a stir on social media this morning. after an investigation, san francisco fire department confirming that it was only steam from a vent and not a fire. >> in fremont a large pothole is causing some delays in the area. chp tweeted a picture out that we're going to see in just a bit. crews shut down the left lane on 680 north to patch up the hole. no word on when it will re-open and there is a look at that pothole. it's a pretty big one. an update now on a
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controversial navigation center in fremont. fremont city council members last night unanimously voted to open it near city hall. the center will have three years of funding. taking a live look at san francisco right now. we're going to take a look at oracle park where the san francisco giants will play tonight at 6:45 and nearby at the chase center the eric clapton concert is set to start at 7:30 tonight. still ahead... a new development in the trade war with china. the country's latest move that could show signs of easing tensions. >> plus how a common birth control device may reduce a woman's risk for a certain type of cancer.
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firefighters in new zealand performing a traditional haca to honor first responders who lost their lives. you can see an american flag hanging out in the background. this video was posted on social media and is going viral. a more somber 9/11 remembrance at the new york police departments took part in a moment of silence. they are honoring the hundreds of first responders who died
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responding to the world trade center and from 9/11 related illnesses. taking a look at the big board right now let's see how the stock market is doing. the dow is up about 140 points. this afternoon easing trade wars with china. china has announced it is waiving import tariffs on some american goods. 16 types of u.s. products will be exempt from chinese tariffs including lubricating oil and grease for cars, pesticides and some animal feeds. still the chinese government is set to impose tariffs of up to 25% in retaliation of president trump's hikes on chinese imports. new research finds using an iud may help lower risk for women's ovarian cancer. >> for 5 years amy dixon flaky has bravely battled ovarian cancer with chemo therapy,
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radiation. >> i won't be cured but i'll live with this as a chronic disease just as someone who had diabetes or arthritis. >> amy has an inherited genetic mutation. tests show so does her daughter, abby. >> it was shocking and obviously scary. there's so many unknowns with cancer. >> but unbenunsed to the flakies an iud may reduce the risk. the plaquey's oncologist is dr. zucapoly at uc health. who anldzs 11 international studies. we found that the risk of ovarian cancer was decreased the
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belief is it may be tied to the hormones in some iuds or the increase in immune cells could play a role. for the plaqueys it's a win. >> it's just terrific. >> i do genuinely feel like it's a big step in the right direction. >> doctors suggest talking with your obgyn. cbs news denver. >> according to the american cancer society ovarian cancer mainly develops in older women with about half of women diagnosed at age 63 or older. >> that's right. a beautiful afternoon across the bay area you can see that sunshine on our sales force tower camera looking east. blue skies as we look at the bay bridge right now. i do want to show you really quickly here and i'll show you
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our cliff house camera. there we go and i want to show you what you can expect along the coast. you can see the foggy conditions there. so still dealing with cooler temperatures along the coast but temperatures running in the 70s and the 80s as we continue to climb in the afternoon. concord 83. livermore 78. 71 san francisco and low 80s for santa rosa. and the reason why we're going to continue to warm up over the next few days there's a strong ridge of high pressure building in for us. you can see all of that sunshine for tomorrow morning starting off the day with clear skies and especially by friday. friday will be the hottest day of the week because that ridge of high pressure moves even closer to us. so definitely warm to hot friday. our next low pressure system up to our north is going to usher
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in cooler temperatures for next week. so heating up and cooling back down for next week. our sunrise at 6:48 for tomorrow morning. daytime highs for today average for this time of year. 82 in fremont. mid 70s for oakland and san francisco. so here is the 7-day forecast and what you can expect and you can see those temperatures climbing. tomorrow upper 70s for the coast. upper 90s to triple digit heat inland. still warm saturday. cooler on sunday into next week and we'll be right back.
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welcome back. a new movement is bubbling up at some bars across the country. >> thirsty patrons are asking for 0 proof cocktails and welcome to the booze-free bar. all of the craft cocktails are alcohol-free. listen bar in new york city also serves non alcoholic ipa beer and a dry sparkling rose. the growing sober curious movement has more people taking a break from drinking all together. >> it made me realize alcohol
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just became the feel that all these things are running on and i don't think it's always to everyone's benefit. >> booze-free bar owners say their mission so to rewrite night life and everyone is invited sober or not. >> cheers to that maybe. >> all right we have a reminder before we go to break if you have a consumer problem or question you can e-mail us at we'll be right back.
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a north bay woman is heart broken after her dog is killed and toxic algae is the prime suspect. what the city is doing to protect pets we'll have that story and much more coming up at 5ening. >> tune in for that. that's going to do it for us. hope to see you tomorrow at 4:30. >> and don't forget allen and verdict ron can they're going to see you back here at 5:00. have a great day everyone.
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♪ [ door opens ] >> oh. >> hey. >> hi. how's thomas? >> he's good. he's being released today. hi. >> oh. well, wow. that's great. you must be so relieved. thomas is gonna be okay. >> yeah. >> ridge, despite my feelings for him, i never wanted him to suffer that fall. >> uh, this--i'm not, um... i talked to detective sanchez. >> i'm assuming he wants to know more about thomas' involvement


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