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announcement.>> reporter: president trump announcing an outright ban on all flavors mint menthol candy whatever. the feds say they want to clear the market of all flavored e- cigarettes. alan harrison had been vaping for months. on monday suddenly stopped. alan hadseen on twittethe a warrant e-cigarette maker about illegally marketing to kids. the 20-year-old junior at san jose state have been worried waking up coughing and congested. three days ago he decided to quit cold turkey. the first step is acknowledging the problems you end up getting from using these things. the fact this is even i'm here talking about this is a sign. there are changes coming. >> you have a problem in our country. it is a problem nobody really thought about too much a few years ago. it is called vaping. about trump announced a ban on flavored e-cigarettes are in the works. the cdc is investigating more
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than 450 cases of vaping related illnesses along with at least six deaths reported in recent weeks. we are getting some stories that we don't want to hear. and we may very well have to do something very strong about it. president trump thank you. >> reporter: staunch democrat david a san mateo county supervisor that this ban might be the beginning of the end for e-cigarettes. what you president trump did was put an industry on notice and probably shut it down. it might make you feel they are not so harmful. if something taste so good like juicy fruit or bubblegum will could be bad?>> reporter: director of the health department said they recently finished a comprehensive survey of 4600 middle and high school students. one in three students has tried e-cigarettes. 13% of students use them regularly. 80% of those regular vapors use flavored e-cigarettes. if you take the flavors out
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of e-cigarettes you may just sort of take the helium out of the balloon.>> reporter: the american vaping association released a statement in response to the band. saying in part prohibition has never worked didn't work with alcohol. it hasn't worked with marijuana. it won't work with e-cigarettes. the e-cigarette maker juul released a statement saying they strongly agree with the band and they will fully comply when it goes into effect in a couple weeks. california senator dianne feinstein has come out in support of the band tweeting any plan that fall short of an immediate and full ban on all flavored e- cigarettes will be inadequate. we want to get your thoughts on vaping. are the devs a deterrent to change your habits? weigh in on our facebook twitter and instagram. the supreme court has just
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handed the trump administration a major victory at the border. the court is now allowing a new rule that prevents most central american migrants from seeking asylum in the u.s. under the policy only those who have been denied asylum in another country can apply. victims of severe human trafficking. the overturned a lower court ruling to block the band nationwide. only two justices dissented. they said opening its doors to refugees. resident trump wasted no time celebrating. the united states supreme court victory for the border on assignment. one of the most prominent wide receivers in the nfl antonio brown defending himself after being accused of . some of the allegations against him are graphic. dennis o'donnell is joining us with the latest development of what has become a wildly tumultuous off-season for this pro football player and the team surrounding him.>>
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reporter: involving the oakland raiders recently. antonio brown is denying the allegations and said any sexual interactions he had with his accuser were consensual. he plans to countersuit. the nfl star is facing a civil case lawsuit for more than $75,000 in damages. nfl star antonio brown hit the practice field with his new team the new england patriots today. his agent said sexual assault out accusations against the 31- year-old are motivated by money. these allegations are false. he denies everyone of them. >> reporter: his former trainer britney taylor has filed a civil suit alleging the player sexually assaulted her three times over two years. in one alleging instant he claims she claims he forced her onto a bed pushed her face into the mattress and forcibly her. the league seems to be taking a little bit of a wait
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and see approach. >> reporr:rown is one of the league's most prolific light wide receivers. known for attracting attention on and off the field. in january police say he was involved in a domestic disturbance in florida unrelated to taylor but was not arrested. last weekend he was abruptly released by the raiders after clashing with the team during training camp. i can't deal with it anymore.>> reporter: hours later brown signed with the patriots. at a scheduled press conference today bill belichick did not elaborate on the charges. we looketothe situation. we are taking it seriously.>> reporter: patriots quarterback tom brady had no comment during a press conference after practice. things that don't involve me don't involve me. he is a great player over a long period of time> reporter: his accusers said she is traumatized and has even cut the plated suicide. his agent stresses he has not been charged with any crime.
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the nfl said it is investigating taylor's claims. ground first potential game with the patriots is sunday against miami. it is unclear whether brown will play in that game. the different scenario here is new territory for the nfl. there has never been a police report. police investigation. nfl investigation usually bases their initial investigation on that police action. there is no police action. shares of oracle fell on news that two top executives will take an unexpected leave of absence. the ceo mark hurd was hired back in 2010. hurd is now taking a break. due to unspecified health reasons. ellison will take over his duties. the software company released its earnings report a day early. shares of oracle fell 5% in after-hours trading but has
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since recovered. moments ago authorities down in santa barbara say divers have found the last missing victim from the dive boat fire. 34 people were killed on labor day. some of the victims many from the bay area. the coast guard issuing new emergency safety requirements in the wake of the fire including recommending boat operators review safety equipment and reduce potential fire hazards. santa rosa woman is heartbroken tonight. her puppy died after swimming in a pond that was apparently contaminated with toxic algae. emily turner is there with what authorities are doing to keep other dogs safe. >> reporter: not just authorities but just folks in general. take aook at these homemade signs. in addition to the ones the city posted good samaritans have been warning about the possibility of toxic algae to avoid another accident like this one. this is kona. on sunday she chased a ball
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into the pond at a community park. within 24 hours of entering the water 11 month old chocolate lab was dead. it was devastating. she was a great dog. really beautiful dog.>> reporter: danielle ruby took her to the bed. they told her the toxins were too strong. the family made the call to put her down rather than watch her suffer. the vet notified the city of santa rosa and now the city has posted signs all around the pond warning of algae. blue-green algae is present this time of year. we are seeing it a lot in sonoma county. it is not harmful unless there are toxins. we just want people to be aware.>> reporter: the pond is outside the dog . owners follow their lease rules until they are inside the fence avoiding contact with the potentially toxic water. it is posting signs at all other city ponds in the parks. the health department and conus owner say it is important to be aware of the symptoms.
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difficulty breathing. weakness and confusion as well as diarrhea and vomiting. at least other dogs can be spared. i just wish this never happened. i don't want this to happen to any other animal. it is heartbreaking. it is a really awful death. to watch them go through it.>> reporter: it hasn't been confirmed whether or not these algae is toxic. the sonoma county health department has been called in and has taken samples to test that. once they have the results they will make that information public to all of us. we will pass that along to you. a live look from our mount backup camera. today is the start of a warming trend. paul on how hot it is going to get.>> reporter: how does they will be friday. inland locations in the 90. 101 degrees but not as hot as earlier this summer. well above average. today the warm-up begins.
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70s and 80s outside. the one number san francisco. out of the 60s. you have been there for several days. 74 currently. oakland 77. concorde 88. we climbed back to her slightly above average. running warmer than yesterday by double digits in fairfield in livermore. 7 degrees warmer in hayward. a degrees warmer in san bruno. tomorrow temperatures continued to climb. the bay area running 10 to 15 degrees warmer than average. oakland you would jump up to 87. san francisco financial district and 80s. both middle 90s in san jose and concorde. 11 degrees above average. friday is the hottest day. we will talk about that. a rain chance showers in the forecast. find out when that will happen coming up. across the country americans are marking the 18th anniversary of the september 11 attacks. this take a live look at new york. today family members of those killed on 9/11 returned to the
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world trade center site.>> some people shared memories of their loved ones who were lost when hijackers crashed a plane into the north tower. others tend to honor relatives they never had a chance to meet. at the pentagon 184 people died president trump and the first lady joined the military in a moment of silence. he laid a wreath in honor of the victims. vice president pence travel to pennsylvania brave crew and passengers of flight 93. they help prevent more tragedy by confronting the hijackers and bringing the plane down. 911 ceremony help at all 47 san francisco fire stations. this morning the names of the 343 fdny men and women who died as heroes that they were read out loud. a bill running following a moment of silence. the flags in front a fire station five lowered to half staff. victor was one of 11 san francisco firefighters who were deployed to new york on
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9/11. of all the pictures i have seen none of them really capture the way it felt when you were there seeing the devastation. deputy chief said he is still close with the other 10 sf firefighters who were deployed. they contact each other on the anniversary every year. a live look at lafayette where the overpass memorial decorated in the american flags. me up at 5:30 pm more on how cities around the bay area are remembering 9/11. a woman with a rare disease fighting to stay in the country. her life could depend on it. her plea to congress to stop her deportation. a search for two e. bay thieves. how they work together to steal out open air delete woman's shopping cart. the rolling stones rocked levi stadium this summer. they might not ever be coming back. why the band is slamming santa
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a concorde woman testified in front of lawmakers in washington dc today at an emergency hearing. isabel pleaded her case to stay here in the bay area to receive life-saving medical treatment. live on capitol hill with more on that emotional testimony.>> reporter: democrats are outraged with the apparent secrecy over the decision and remain frustrated with the lack of answers from administration officials. now some arson testing a subpoena. young immigrants pleaded to a house oversight panel for their lives. maria isabel was seven years old when she came to the u.s. from guatemala. it was for a medical trial on her rear genetic disease. she has been receiving treatment for 16 years. this is not a partisan issue. this is a humanitarian issue. our lives depend on it. doctors told me if i stopped
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treatment my condition will decline quickly. i could die within months.>> reporter: mark was also at today's hearing to support her. she was joined by two others who are also receiving life- saving treatments and are fighting deportation. i don't want to die. if i go back to honduras i will die. >> reporter: 16-year-old jonathan sanchez suffers from cystic fibrosis. we profiled his daily life- saving treatments which require a vibrating vest. nebulizer and special medicines. immigration and customs officials based tough questions from democrats on the panel. they did not give specifics on why the policy changed. why did this happen? because of the ongoing litigation. we are not able to respond. what is the new policy? you cannot tell me why there is a new policy. you can't tell me what motivated the new policy. you can't tell me with the new policy is.>> reporter: u.s. cis said it would reconsider
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applications filed before august 7. u.s. citizenship and immigration services said it received about 1000 applications each year. the majority are denied. the makers of oxycontin were reportedly paid billions of dollars for their role in the opioid crisis. purdue pharma has reached a deal with thousands of state and local governments. the drugmaker is owned by the prominent secular family which will pay up to 4 1/2 billion dollars as part of the agreement. purdue would file for chapter 11 bankruptcy. in addition to paying billions the secular family could also have to give up control of the company but will not have to admit to any wrongdoing. new video to show you of a bold theft caught on camera. the victim an elderly shopper at walnut creek safeway. a female suspect waiting to reach into the victims purse
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her wallet. you see a second woman presumably a lookout walk away with the first woman. the crime happened monday evening around 5:30 pm. it is unclear whether the victim was targeted because of her age. i understand the public outrage for this client. anytime we have a victim there is obviously outrage. especially when the victim is one of our some senior members of our community. the older people are slower. they are trusting. . that is what happens. a better shot of the two suspects leaving the safeway. if you recognize them call the police. someone made off with an atm at the children's discovery museum in san jose i rolling it out the front door in broad daylight. it apparently happened on saturday with the suspects dressed as technicians walked into the front lobby and willed it out on a dolly. it took until yesterday for the museum to notice.
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this morning monterey police found the machine by the road in salas. the suspects are at large. they have yet to be identified. a live look at sfo where runway construction causing serious delays and cancellations of flights. more than 260 flights were delayed today. the 73 had to be canceled. the san francisco chronicle reporting dozens of flights are being rerouted to other bay area airports as a result of the construction project on runway 28l. giving you a live look in san francisco. another big night for the two arenas at oracle part. giants hitting the field at 6:45 pm. nearby at the chase center. eric clapton concert is set to begin at 7:30 pm. organizers are encouraging fans to take public transit. i think the outdoors might be the nicer place to be. today is the transition date. it is chilly before it gets hot
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after. the day in the middle is the best day if you will. i hope you enjoyed it. that was today. temperatures close to average. we will get warmer toward the weekend. wait until you see what happens next week. oakland 30 mile per hour winds. the breeze is not as strong as yesterday. check how many times we have a west northwest wind. the past several days it has been a southwest wind. the coldest flow of air. the northwest flow is warmer. we have that more often than not currently. that is why we are warmer. san francisco 69. the beach looks inviting. that will be the spot to be on friday and saturday. highs will be at the 70s at the coast. concorde 88. we will cool off this evening and overnight. overnight lows in the upper 50s. redwood city 59. you might have seen the boards. the information bores on the highways around here. tomorrow is a spare the air day. the east bay in santa clara
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valley the south bay will have unhealthy air quality. take mass transit tomorrow. combine your earrings is one trip. a couple things to do to minimize the amount of pollution your car and you create tomorrow. microclimate forecast castro valley 90s. 90 degrees tomorrow. 93 friday. temperatures begin to drop on saturday. for most of the bay area tomorrow and friday before we cool off on saturday. stormy pattern to the north. seattle with rain six of the next seven days. we have trained for one of those days. ridge of high pressure is now parked to the west. it will creep closer to us. it is not want to give us a true offshore wind. what it is going to do is park to our west cuts off any breeze from the ocean. we will get warm to hot. not as hot as we could be for this time of year. it will be above average. since the 15 degrees for the next couple days. no cloud cover tomorrow morning or tomorrow evening.
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friday the winds coming from the north. it is somewhat of an offshore breeze. it won't be very strong. three days in the 90s. or warmer. away from the water. it begins tomorrow. inland heat will last through saturday. the hottest day will be friday. we get cooling on saturday near the water. they will cool down. everybody is cooler on sunday. by up to 20 degrees on sunday. highs tomorrow will 90s including fremont vallejo in san rafael at 90. oakland 87. livermore 97. napa 93. fairfield 95. the beach 74 degrees. friday from 96 to 101 degrees. well into the 80s near the bay. 70s continue at the coast. notice the drop near the water is saturday. the big drop in linn is sunday. monday some rain falling from the clouds. some aniline showers are possible monday. with highs only in the 60s to low 70s. we have a taste of summer. the heat sooner than later.
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a taste of fall the showers early next week. incredible rescue stranded california hiker sending out an sos from a 40 foot waterfall. how a message in a bottle save their lives. it's on.
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councilmembers want to commit to providing 100% carbon free energy to san jose communities in the next two years. prohibit natural gas and new construction projects by 2023. and develop only all electric zero net carbon buildings. the mayor and council members joined 1000 local governments across 18 countries in their declaration. san francisco iconic cable cars will stop running starting friday. they undergo repairs. officials say this will take 10 days. repairs do include fixing the gearboxes that power the system. shuttle buses will run along three cable car routes during the shutdown. the scooter company line will be offering a low income plan for writers in the bay area. it will provide unlimited 30 minutes scooter rides for just over five dollars a year in oakland san jose and possibly san francisco. writers need to apply for line access on the company site to see if they qualify.
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the rolling stones say they can't get any satisfaction from the city of santa clara they play concerts at levi stadium. why tour managers told the 49ers that the thought of coming back makes them cringe. san francisco much- anticipated central subway hits a major delay. we just got an update on a new timeline for the project. around the bay area ceremonies on of the victims of 9/11. 18 years later some wonder are we starting to forget?
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we are at the live news desk. we have more bad news for the much delayed central project. it will be delayed again. $1.6 billion project is now not due to open until mid-2021. this thing was supposed to be rolling by 2018 an


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