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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 11, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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center hosted events but at what cost? the resources that were diverted by nearby residents. kpix starts now. >> good evening. i'm veronica de la cruz we begin with the legislation that happened at the state assembly and state senate and has to go now to governor newsom's desk. >> we are live with more on what this means for thousands of workers. >> we are here in san francisco where people are leaving work and heading home and chances are that some of these people are independent contractors. there are a lot more independent contractors than you might think and it goes far beyond the economy. if the governor does sign this, the impacts could be widespread. >> it is probably one of the biggest laws to pass this year. >> has the potential to shake
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up california's economy and while we usually think of in terms of uber and lift drivers, other industries will be affected. >> although a lot of the attention has been onworkers, it is to make sure that all workers know and the misclassification stops. >> truckers and musicians and genders they all have to be reclassified as employees under the new law. >> if you are a truck driver , a janitor and you are working for the company, you are doing the basic work for that company, you are there employee and you deserve anything that any of us at any other job gets. >> if this becomes law, employers will have a lot of work to do. >> making sure to get the infrastructure in place to create workers compensation and make sure the taxes are correct
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and all that is work that employers need to do between now and 2020. the walk will take first legitimate first, 2020 but uber says they will not have to make any changes. the chief legal officer said that the drivers will remain independent contractors and several previous rulings found that drivers work is outside the usual course of the business which is serving as a technology platform for several different types of digital marketplaces. gentry says that argument is a longshot. >> it looks to me like employing drivers is part of the core business of the rights your company and to look at that test and suggest otherwise , i think that is a hard argument to make. >> assemblywoman gonzales was outraged when she heard about the plans. she says it is outrageous that they can pay millions of dollars for lawsuits and political campaigns while maintaining that they don't
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have the money to pay drivers. melissa kane, kpix 5. who was impacted by this bill and who is not? there are exemptions to this thing. >> this is much bigger than a mac or even tech but the big question is who got an exemption and who didn't and why? independent truckers that own their own rigs do not get an exemption while truckers a holder in and out of a construction site get a pass. doctors and specialists that work in hospitals were given a pass but physical therapist and other lower paid workers are expected to become hospital employees. the fact is there is no hard criteria for who got the exemption and he would be affected by the new law. instead, you have to fill out this form stating why you are to be exempt and then you submit it to gonzales is office
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because she is running the bill. in other words, it was a subjective decision and in some case, politics is in play as well with unions that are hoping to have new employees and call the shots on some businesses that got the thumbs- up and some the got the thumbs down. me, as a compromise got an extra year to work things out. governor gavin newsom says he will sign the law and he needs support if he ever runs for president. there is already support and he will likely sign it in the next couple of weeks. what effect the new law has on the economy remains to be seen but lawmakers told me today that they will likely have to be reworked for years to come whether it is at the ballot box or behind closed doors in sacramento which is the way things get done or in some cases, undone. >> so, this thing as you
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mentioned, you can have a situation where two people working next to each other in a hospital setting, what is a full-time employee and what is a worker. >> right. we will keep you posted. >> that is so interesting. here is a timeline of the proposed law. the bill is now on the way to the governor's desk and he is expected to sign it. the law will take effect in january but if uber and lyft gather enough signatures, they can either reverse or change the law. they have finally picked a location for the homeless navigation center. julia goodrich joins us live from the site with how the city will move forward.
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>> you know the saying, build it and they will come but they have already arrived and we are talking about the homeless population so that is why the need was so great. directly behind me is where the navigation center will go. behind city hall in this parking lot. they have the approval and now they have to get it up and running which is the next big hurdle. for now, this is jason's home. jason joins a growing number of homeless in fremont. a homeless population that has gone up more than 20% over the past two years and according to the city leaders, something had to be done. >> in about one year from now we will be breaking ground. >> breaking ground on the first navigation center modeled after berkeley's stair center and it will have sleeping units and community units , showers, laundry and resources. >> whether it is mental health
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or substance abuse, helping get a job and disability benefits and get them into permanent housing. >> after hours of public comments, the city council made unanimous decision last night to build the first navigation center behind city hall. this following months of research and deliberations and emotional debate from the community. according to the mayor -- >> it is not a single bullet or shot. we have had many efforts that we have tried to work on to address the homelessness from warming shelters and a mobile hygiene unit which will be taking off in the next couple of weeks. >> what is the biggest hurdle? >> electricity. we have notified it them and we want them to expedite it. >> for jason, it is the next step that he needs to get his life back on track. >> if i can find a job , of course i will. who wouldn't? i don't like this. i hate this, really. it sucks. >> how many people can house
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or can they house? they can take up to 45 people temporarily and up to six months. people can stay up to six months and they will be decided with working with nonprofit groups and the police department. they have a list of residents that are currently homeless and the list continues to grow. a surprising move from the white house. president trump is calling for a ban on e cigarettes. federal figures so a certificate spike of 78% among high schoolers. there are more than 450 cases of vaping related illnesses along with at least six deaths in recent weeks. >> we have a problem in our country. it is a problem that nobody thought about too much a few
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years ago and it is called vaping. >> i think if you take the flavors out, you may take the helium out of the balloon. >> the american vaping association criticizing this move saying that prohibition has never worked and did not work with alcohol or marijuana and will not work with e cigarettes. what appeared to be smoke coming from the top of the san francisco tower, this prompted a number of calls to firefighters and it also caused a stir on social media but after an the station, the fire fighters confirmed that it was only steam from a vent and not fire. let's take a live look where construction is causing serious delays and cancellations. more than 265 flights were delayed and the chronicle is reporting that fights were diverted. they have received 5 to 10
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diversions a day and said hosea minetta has received 16 incoming flights from saturday until yesterday originally all scheduled to land at sfo. the runway is being reconstructed and this is a deep part of the runway system that has not been touched in 50 or 60 years and it will happen and last until the 27th. is their main transportation. >> frustration on how we are handling the buses. the resources diverted away from local residents, coming up. 18 years later and there are memorials around the bay area promising that we will never forget but why that is easier said than done. it will not cost you to experience a must see landmark in san francisco.
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you can see the traffic wasn't too heavy and take a look at traffic in the area right now. you can see it is green and yellow and a little bit of orange but fairly clear right now is moving along that part of mission bay. a lot of concern over the potential traffic mess when major events take over both venues on the same night. last night it was the first stress test and it went off rather smoothly. no major grid locks. people did what they were supposed to. it was at the expense of some nearby residents though, apparently. >> reporter: we are talking about buses that service all of san francisco and some of which were here. >> fans hopped on this bus to get in and out of mission bay. those buses were not extra.
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they were diverted from regular runs and the eight ones that run through visitation valley and sunningdale. >> we will have increased route service during chase center events and the chase center. we rerouted and the service to accommodate the chase center, i want to make sure that we take care of that right away. >> it had to do was sick calls. >> i think it is important to point out that we have been doing with an operator shortage and this is something we have been transparent about. we are making sure that we provide the necessary service to make sure we don't have extra cars on the road. >> they have a mounting and aggressive pr campaign to get them to avoid the tightly
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packed mission bay neighborhood five by oracle and ucsf. >> it is kind of frustrating waiting for the bus and the main transportation and just for an event, that is not right. a lot of people have places to go and they have to be there on time. >> reporter: they have hired 160 operators already this year and on friday, another class of 40 operators will graduate and hit the streets here in san francisco but whether or not that will help, that remains to be seen. tonight, we have another event here at chase. >> people are paying tribute today. remembering those that lost their lives 18 years ago on the 9/11 terrorist attacks. each year, a dedicated group of
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volunteers sets flags to the overpass but organizers say things are beginning to change. volunteers have thinned out and the flag display has been simplified. >> someone said one of the fines for? some people have forgotten. >> what is the purpose of doing that? we should have respect. we should remember them. >> union city announced that it was abandoning the early ceremony and instead of holding it every five years. officials have signed off on a one year pilot program to charge a reservation fee to drive down lombard street. governor newsom will have the final say this. the program is to see if reservations can help reduce
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some of the traffic. reservations will be required from 9 am to 9 pm and cost five dollars on weekdays, $10 on the weekends and holidays. residents and delivery people will be exempt. governor newsom hasn't talked over 13th to make a decision. taking a like a look at some of our bay area bridges. we have an uptake in the community. in an analysis, the commanders said they grew by 126% from 2009 the 20 17th in san francisco county was up one 10%. it went up 102% in copper costa and is in a clear, 84% and san mateo county was at 52%. people are switching to finish the commutes and making those trips even longer. >> people will be sitting in their cars with the ac on.
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>> even the city will get warmer but we will get hotter so just enjoy the ride and you will get there eventually. let's take a look at the wind. this is the west northwest wind and it doesn't sound like a son of change but they go southwest and northwest normally we warm- up and that happened today. the winds are not as strong. the beach looks inviting and you will really want to get to the beach on friday because temperatures will climb. currently 83 in livermore and 50's tonight. tomorrow morning 57 and livermore 55 degrees. the air quality is taking a turn for the worst. on healthy air quality in the south bay tomorrow and there is no reason
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why friday will not be one either. getting hot as well. the valley is 70s tomorrow and you will struggle to hit 75 degrees by the end of next week. we have a ridge of high pressure getting closer and the ocean influence will be minimal. you will feel none of it inland as that layer gets compressed. no clouds in the coaster anywhere throughout the day. minimal cloud cover and otherwise we are sunny for the next couple of days. three days to the 90s or hotter and that starts tomorrow. the hottest day will likely be friday and a little cooler on saturday and much cooler on sunday and some scattered showers on monday. vallejo is 90 degrees tomorrow and said is a 92. oakland 87 in san francisco 84 and the coast will be cool. fairfield is 95.
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we began cooling down on saturday and notice the fall near the bay. inland, your big cooldown day is sunday but my eye is drawn to monday. it will be breezy and much cooler with scattered showers mainly inland. that is your forecast. we have some dirt on the raiders with the game against kansas city and antonio brown his the field. will the coach say something meaningful at the press conference, next.
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antonio brown's career as a patriot is already off to a better start than his tenure as a raider.
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he actually showed up to practice. yesterday, pretty taylor filed a civil lawsuit against brown alleging three sexual assault incidents and one of which was rape allegations. he says it is false and he had a consensual relationship with r. he plans to meet about it and the patrons have said very little about the situation. >> there are questions but we will not enter any discussion about that. anything else on miami? any other questions? >> we just want to find out if he said anything about the allegations? >> i answered that question. >> actually, you did not. >> actually, i did. >> he is the patrons problem now. jonathan abrams was injured and
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will now have plenty of time to eat all of the same and he wants . >> how do you say salmon? >> salmon. >> that became his 15 minutes of fame and the even made shirts because of a and. it turns out the first round pick will miss the rest of the season after he suffered an injury. >> to continue to play, he said he had to start hitting people with his other shoulder and that just shows what kind of man he is. >>sunday's game against the chief will be historical. it will be the final time that the nfl game is placed on the
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dirt because of the baseball infield. the raiders don't return until november 3 which is four days after the world series and it will be a bittersweet game. >> i like the old elements of football and i have been accused of being old-school. i know a lot of friends at like watching the football game on dirt. i used to like to play in the yard but it will be pretty neat . one more time. >> you can join us on sunday at 1:05 right here and we will have the fifth quarter following that came. the basketball team was ousted out of the tournament by for hints of the quarterfinals. they had a 58 game win streak and it is the first time since 2006 that they won't take a gold medal. the best they can do is fifth- place.
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the u. s. had not lost in the world cup since 2006 and the silver lining is they had already qualified for the olympics in japan next year. we will be right back.
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you want to pursue your dream job but don't have the financial means to risk it. >> there is now a dream job promotion. applicants must have a short video introducing their passion. >> the winner will get $100,000 to pursue their dream but they must quit their current day job. >> thank you for joining us and we will see you at 7.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the president moves the ban the sale t favored e-cigarettes with new numbers showing a spike in use among high school students. also two wisconsin brothers arrested with thousands of counterfeit vaping cartridges loaded with t.h.c. also tonight, 18 years of 9/11, e warning to tens of thousands of people who may not realize they're getting sick from exposure to ground zero. a cbs news exclusive. charlie d'agata's on the ground in afghanistan with the special forces fighting to stop another 9/11 from happening. >> okay. if you say that you're not part of isis, have you spoken to any members of isis? >> o'donnell: in an emotional interview, combat veterans and families who have lost loved ones reflect on service and sacrifice.


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