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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 12, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> this is where it all started . roberts graduated from the high school 20 years ago. in 1999 and a talented player on the football team. highly recruited by many universities. today's family friend and neighbor say he was a good man. they have the same question, why? what was the motive? >> a constant flow of family and friends stopped by this richmond house to offer comfort and support to terrel roberts grandmother and twin brother. >> i want to bring rises to his grandmother and give her a hug. i have known her for a long time. >> the close friend questions why anyone would kill the defensive back. >> like another brother to me and it is terrible. a sad loss. >> terrel was respected and a strong family man. >> an excellent father, a great
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guy. loving grandson, loving son. >> he played for oregon state university. this is him picking up a loose ball and scoring a touchdown against notre dame. the bengals signed him in 2003 after he went undrafted. the cornerback plate 22 games and two seasons. the bengals released him in 2005 after he injured his name. the college teammate is now the football head coach beckett oregon state. >> devastated. you talk about a guy who is fun to be around. on the field and off the field. a good friend to so many. special memories with them. >> a black man between 25 and 35 years old. roughly 250 pounds. bald with a beard. wearing a black shirt and detectives say the man shot him once in the chest. >> there was a disturbance in
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the garage. it occurred in the garage and he stumbled to the backyard. >> the neighborhood where everybody knows everybody. for the neighbors who watched him grow up, they wonder was it robbery or was he targeted? a very nice guy. >> it is unnerving right now. >> police have not released a motive but they say it is not a case of mistaken identity. i talked to the twin brother. he was broken up and too emional to do an interview but he wants the gunmen arrested and justice for his family. we understand terrel harris been survived by a son. he was 38 years old. kpix 5 . shock and grief poured out on twitter. the bengals teammate wrote, i am tired of waking up every day to bad news. another teammate was shot and killed. rest easy, terrel roberts.
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one of the strongest defensive backs to play the game. >> i saw that terrel roberts was shot and killed last night. i knew him at osu and he would bum rides from me when i was heading home. he was a great guy and will be missed. rest in peace. the top story tonight. the heat. temperatures are warming so much that we have a heat advisory today. most areas in the 80s to 90s right now. how long the high temperatures are going to hang around. >> reporter: a big rise and more warming before we get to the cooling. anywhere from 6 to 13 warmer to half moon bay is 13 degrees cooler. napa is eight degrees warmer. in the 90s midland and 90s in
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oakland and 84 in san francisco. the wide temperature spread is not there. it warmed up a wh heat advisory lasts for one more hour. he goes away tonight but back tomorrow during the warm part of the day from 11 am to 7 pm. the temperatures will climb. not in san francisco. 70 degrees above average. just as warm in oakland. in lynn temperatures will climb by another 5 and 9 degrees. the majority of the forecast is cooler. i will show you when we get chilly in a few minutes. the trial of a woman planning to have her ex husband murdered. opening statements were postponed. it was one of the rare times since the murder that the defendant was allowed to leave her home.
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>> tiffany lee was surrounded by her lawyers as she entered the courthouse. >> can we get a word with you? >> one of the rare times she has been allowed outside her mentioned where she has been allowed to stay instead of jail after posting that $66 million bond. >> she has been on house arrest for over two years. any time she has come out she is agoraphobic being in there for so long. she is more comfortable indoors. >> accused of plotting to her ex-boyfriend in a custody dispute over there two children. the prosecutor say she conspired with her new boyfriend to shoot him while he sat in her mercedes in her driveway after a meeting with her at a pancake house. they turned to a friend to get rid of the evidence. phund in golden gate park and his body turned up on the dirt road in sonoma county.
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they are being tried together and both pled not guilty and both accuse her of kidnap and murder. >> we are happy to have our day in court but being charged with murder and going to the trial, i have been through it many times. it is nerve-racking for everybody. >> they turned the accomplice into their star witness against the defendants after he pled no contest to the lesser charge of accessory to murder. the jury is seated but opening statements were abruptly postponed minutes before the start. >> it is a little secret. >> kpix 5 . opening statements next tuesday . it is drawing international attention from china where many of the close family members reside. a package of bills sent to the governor's desk in response to the college admission scandals. aimed to adjust help wealthy families gain in the system.
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one would prevent parents from writing off bribes on income taxes and another would track special exemptions giving to the applicant's we do not meet minimum test scores and could fill out the sat and act altogether. we want to make sure there was adequate data regarding donors and what kind of preferential treatment donors received. >> that is disheartening because it takes spots away from people who deserve it and worked hard. they are not riding on the coat tails of the parents. >> they have passed the assembly and state and they wait the approval but the governor has not said whether he will sign them. the ntsb released a report on a dive boat disaster on the coast. the report revealed all six members were asleep in the fire broke out in the middle of the night killing 34 passengers. it does not talk about the cost but there is more details about how the crew desperately tried
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to save the 34 people trapped. according to the report the members were unable to use the latter which was on fire. the members jumped down to the main deck and one member broke his leg in the process. he tried to access the salon in the galley compartment which was fully engulfed by fire and thick smoke. unable to working the window and the crew jumped over bird. this is new video at the accident site. they raised the boat. the officers have been working to stabilize and bring the boat out of the water since it sank on labor day. the final body was finally retrieved. this is the preliminary report. the final assessment could take more than one year to complete. a beloved pet store set on fire. it was set on fire on purpose.
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pets and more where loyal customers are coming forward with generous donations. >> reporter: it has been a week since the fire shut down pets and more here in campbell. they say they have enough to keep them afloat for a while longer but the clock is ticking. >> the gaping burned-out hole in the ceiling is still there. the power is knocked out. the owner is still hanging on. >> how long can you keep on going without opening the store? >> that is a good question. right now we are in week 2. we are hoping if we can get it open within the next month we will be okay. >> a homeless woman stuffed paper inside a crack in the exterior wall and lit it on fire. it was before sunrise and no one was around as it crept into the attic. on monday the detectives tracked down the 35-year-old and charged her with arson. police say she confessed to
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starting the place but gave no motive. >> i don't think anger but disappointment inside. really sad. >> frustrated at the pace. >> frustrated. we would love to be open right now. we can't let anybody in the store until we know what is going on. >> we saw customer after customer get turned away. some started a gofundme page that has raised more than $2000. >> i was touched. you don't realize how you touch people into something like this happened. i get teary eyed. >> octavius has been there for 10 years. the staff know the pets by names. he did not hesitate to donate. >> for the small business and keep businesses like this longer. >> it is nice to be loved. >> we are not getting rich by this but because we love doing it. >> kpix 5 .
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a instagram celebrity is back home after being stolen from a san francisco apartment. otis the pug was missing yesterday afternoon. is owner said someone entered the apartment and took only the dog. she put up flyers offering a $15,000 reward and this morning a man called saying he had seen her beloved dog at a homeless encampment. a woman told the owner another woman offered her the dog on the street. otis is back home again and getting lots and lots of love. kpix 5 is a proud sponsor of this year's pet fair this weekend at the alameda county fairgrounds. to learn more how you can find your new four-legged best friend, head to our website, reporting from the north studio here at kpix, the festival has begun. we will tell you more about the hispanic heritage that is
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coming up in a few minutes. no more camping under the stars on santa cruz main beach. the new rules keeping everyone off the sand at night. a new campaign that is in- your-face at the bart station. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ if you're living with a condition, kaiser permanente's integrated care team will help you get through life without missing a beat. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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national hispanic heritage month about to kick off in three days. >> here at kpix 5 we are getting the party started early. joe vasquez joining us from down the hall right here at the kpix 5 studios . he is holding down the fort.
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he has the best assignment today. >> let's hold it down, veronica. we are here in the north studio and surrounded by a few hundred of my best friends. folks from the latino community throughout the bay area. elected officials and community leaders and dancers. these folks are members of the carnaval which we are proud to air. it is an excellent opportunity to build the bridge between the community and our editorial staff so right now folks are having something to eat and maybe a little something to drink. talking a month? ourselves about stories important to the community. something we take seriously is making sure the voices are heard and especially in underserved communities. right now the celebration has
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become. we are a little ahead of the curve but that is how we like it. >> of course. there is dancing going on. what about the food? you mentioned some food. >> i can show you some right here. it is gone. we are not saving any for you. that is how good it is. >> leaf that catered food from some of the best restaurants. mexican food at its finest. if you can sneak away, get over here. >> it is all gone. they didn't save any for us. >> be there in 15 minutes. >> at least they are still standing. >> a live look right now at sfo were construction on one of the roadways has reached the halfway point. 48 hours ahead of schedule. that is good news because the flyers are experiencing travel headaches through 294 flights that have been delayed just today. 85 flights were canceled. twitters new ad campaign at
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the bart station has been turning heads. not everyone is liking what they say. they campaign uses actual tweets from users who are invited to say what twitter is or means to them. the results range from ernest to creepy. twitter is my escape route from real life to reality. others compared to road rage and a heartbeat. even the director said they had made her feel uncomfortable. she said that in a tweet. nights of camping under the stars the sand will no longer be under the beach on santa cruz beach. and a curfew set for midnight and according to the mercury news, visitors will not be able to return till an hour before sunrise. this is a response to growing citations related to the more than 40 tenths housing the homeless.
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dozens of un-housed individuals were forced to find a new place to stay when the gateway plaza and the encampment was closed. it is going to be cooler than what we have had today and tomorrow. a pretty significant change. hot today and hot tomorrow. by the time we hit sunday, temperatures below average and monday it is going to rain. i haven't said that since the middle of may. four months ago. warm in san carlos and close to 90 degrees. tomorrow is the peaked 94. more comfortable this weekend. 86 on saturday. the high is 79 on sunday and a beautiful view from the camera. 94 in concord. oakland is as warm or as hot as and livermore. oakland is three degrees warmer than san jose. how does that happen? when you the breeze,
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forget about the chilly air because it is not coming here. oakland is 61. napa is 61, concord is 63. a look back at the past septembers in the city and what is the hottest day of the month? last year only made it up to 83. 2017 we had the all-time record of 106 in september back in 2016, 92 degrees. today is 87 and as warm as it was and not above average for the hottest september day. 87 in san francisco tomorrow because we have a rich to the south and west and south and east. the ocean breeze will not be here tomorrow. inland will be another five degrees. the storming this is up north and by monday it will enter northern california. great news for fire danger. rain aluminized is eliminates the fire. saturday the ocean breeze will
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get cloud coverwhere it will be cooler everywhere and then monday. futurecast has not look like that and four months. scattered showers on monday. highs getting there. tomorrow. the breeze returns on saturday and cooler on sunday. showers in the forecast for monday. it will be warm. concord is 100 and livermore 103. freeman and santa rosa will the 87 for the second straight day. 91 and oakland. the extended forecast is calling down. will do a lot the water and inland on sunday and monday will be chilly and breezy with scattered showers and below average next tuesday and wednesday and thursday. hot weather for one more day. that is your forecast. wilbur's bucci make it to to doesn't wins for his great career? whether the 49ers brought in
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extra security detail for the road.
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he is going to have to sweat it out. the giants have been battling up strain. only four wins in september. shut up again today. pounds went to the top. look at their. look at that. 3-2, parents. jeff samardzija give it back. the solo shot in the pirates backup by 2. everybody was on their feet and the hot weather. the timing runners were on the
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base but buster posey drops a. they take three out of four. the raiders lost 18 and no way could they afford to lose the quarterback as well. amazingly some really good news to report. connolly was declared good to go for sunday's game against the kansas city chiefs. after he was structured off the field monday with a neck injury. it was a burn who hit him on the top of his head when they both were trying to make a tackle. that is good news. they will need all the help they get. the airshow coming to town. we will break it down after the game. there is a chance the rookie pass rusher nick bosa will not play because he has been absent for practice with an injured ankle. the team has been saying paradise.
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>> it is fun for me because i am back in the midwest and you have every chain restaurant. i have a panda and i am not saying i could eat it them all but i love it. >> what is cains? the 49ers visited local schools and hospitals where the family is from. they have been practicing from the soccer field and guarded very well at the request of kyle shanahan who is not taking any chances with the nfl spies. >> i have done it long enough to realize that you should have some paranoia. everyone is like that but some people are. >> have you seen some people? >> i think so. we did not arrest and interrogate them. >> you don't need to interrogate rob gronkowski to find out how hard football was on him. check them out this morning on cbs news.
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>> i had nine surgeries in 20 concussions of my life. i remember five blackout ones. >> 20 concussions and 5 blackouts. time to go. >> it is a fried chicken place. >> chicken fingers. >> i am going back east to youngstown. >> we will be right back.
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it is a good idea to be careful in the woods. >> a dear found himself in a tangle. rescuers say that this young buck was likely tied up for
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days. the antlers were tangled and a rope left near a picnic table and the rope was caught on the table and a tree. they tranquilized the deer before setting it free and they said had he not been found, he would have surely starved. he walked away unharmed to taken a long, cold drink of water. thanks so much for watching the news at 6:00, the cbs evening news is next. >> we will be back here on the new kpix 5 at 7 pm. have a good night.
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captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, spy games in washington, multiple surveillance devices are found near the white house. why some are pointing fingers at israel, and what information could have been stolen. breaking news on a deadly dive boat fire in california. the boats' been raised, and federal investigators are now raising serious questions about the crew. new tonight: several states are on high alert after new deaths from a virus carried by mosquitoes. ui "justify" is the 13th triple crown winner! >> o'donnell: there's heavy push-back after a report a triple crown winner failed a drug test. what we have learned about the investigation. only on cbs news, holly williams ooes undercover to expose human smuggling networks sneaking isis fighters into europe. parents speak out for the first time about a fertility clinic mix-up.


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