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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 13, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> the warm up is just about over in san francisco. we had 94 degrees. this is 20 degrees above average. the ocean breeze has returned. we are now at 84 degrees. it is still 94 in oakland. san jose, 92. many locations got close to 100 degrees inland. the hottest day in the city, june 10. this is also the fourth time that the city has hit 94 degrees this time this year. the heat advisory will not be extended into tomorrow. here's why. the ocean breeze is coming back. look at the change for your saturday. the high tomorrow, 72 degrees in san francisco. oakland, you will be down, only a high of 82. concord, a high of 94 degrees.
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it is going to be chilly in the 7-day-forecast. i will let you know when we will get some rainfall. that is coming up. good evening. i am in concord. pasta showed you the numbers. but i want to show you the reaction to those numbers. this is how a lot of people feel today. it is burning hot today. we are live over at the greek festival. they just opened the gates an hour ago. this is a live look at this stage. for the first time in its 41 history, there are emts standing by just in case. >> reporter: it is a tough day. for those working outside. >> that is rough work. >> reporter: he has pulling fiber optic wire underground.
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he takes lots of breaks and water. >> the street is hotter. we have to go into these boxes. there's not enough air. >> reporter: just look at that's why. >> salt in your eyes, it hurts. >> reporter: the heat and kept a lot of people away from parks and playgrounds. at this pleasant hill park, not a soul in sight. across the bay in san francisco, numerous people are not used to the low 90s. >> it is really hides. people don't know what to do it themselves. the city of san francisco waived admission fees to all city- day. >> we are having a good time. >> reporter: high temperatures brought this family to the hamilton pool for the first time.
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>> it is really hard. having a chance to refresh a little bit. >> reporter: many members says they they will be okay. >> we and never hold us back. we have had it all. >> reporter: what are you doing to stay cool? >> drinking beer. >> reporter: everybody has their own method. experts say water, water is still the most effective way of keeping you hydrated. a lot of water on a day like today. you can expect to see about 8000 people at this three-day greek festival. everything from music, arts and crafts to food. live in concord, kpix is >> it sounds real good. make sure the stay cool out there. and you drink plenty of water. all right.
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we appreciate it, thank you. it is just a couple of degrees cooler in and is a. people of all ages took advantage of the city's free cooling centers. they enjoyed the air conditioning. for those who could not be indoors the city also set up these misting devices. >> if you don't have air conditioning home, it is nice to come here. and though they give you lunch and you have a cool water. is >> it is just nice to be in here. stay inside. >> for a list of cooling centers across the bay area go to our website at new at 6:00, the weather is not the only thing that is heating up. so is the bay area job market. with the unemployment rate. not everybody is benefiting from all of that growth. kpix 5's melissa, where there
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is a center to help locals find work. >> reporter: yes, this area has an unemployment rate 40% higher that the rest of the city by average. so city leaders have decided that at this time to connect this community with job opportunities. >> there are so many job opportunities in san francisco. you could drive muni, you could be a police officer, you can run for mayor. but after i am done. >> reporter: but not everybody's able to take advantage of those opportunities. the oceanview, merced heights, and ingleside neighborhoods, they have a higher rate of unemployment than the rest of the city. >> while we enjoyed this tremendous economic boom for san francisco, too many residents in this community are left behind. >> reporter: today the mayor and other city leaders kicked off the new job center.
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>> said today we are opening this incredible place where you can come and you can help and get the support that you need. to either build a resume. to talk about job interviewing skills, to do mock interviews. to do do whatever it takes. >> this is called the hub. welcome to the hub. >> reporter: she is a single mom and is also in the school, and also does not have the time to do the legwork that a job search requires. >> it is hard to get to and from inside of the city. >> reporter: she is eager to take advantage of the new one- stop shop. >> i could look for a job, as well as know what is going on in the community. >> reporter: she's hoping that she might get an inside track on a job opening. >> sometimes you're able to be one of the first people to know about a job. one of the first people to know about opportunities because, you know, it is the hub.
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is >> this community is also going to get a long-awaited grocery store here soon. that is going to create about 150 new local jobs. today the mayor said that this job center is going to be ground zero for making sure that people who live in this community have the first chance to work here. live in san francisco, kpix 5. san francisco's beloved cable cars will be replaced by muni shuttles, starting today. while it is temporary, we spoke to tourists that are disappointed about the timing. >> reporter: this guy is waiting for a cable car. but he is out of luck. he is one of many that will have to wait a long time for the opportunity. the world-famous cable cars will be out of service for 10 days. this couple visiting from germany lucked out. >> we went yesterday. yeah. >> reporter: this person from chile was not so lucky. >> today does not work.
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>> reporter: they are refurbishing the cable propelling the line, that is the master cable for all cable cars. is >> we have been trying to put the word out for months now. again, this project has been in the work for years. >> reporter: there picking up passengers in curbside cable cars stops. there will be bus stops located nearby. at the california and drum turn normal, and the california and venice terminal and powell and market terminal. >> reporter: as an alternative to try to make up for the lack of cable cars, they are reminding people that those antique streetcars are still operating on the f market and lines. >> regular cable car service is
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expected to resume on monday, september 23. they are warning that they could be potentially deadly, this is because some have doors on one end that can only be opened by the operators. if they end up in the middle of a train, passengers cannot get through. they say that can be dangerous. a bart spokesperson told the examiner that officials believe that the current practice is safe. a live look from our salesforce camera where sir elton john is going to be playing tonight at the brand-new chase center. the giants are also playing. we're giving you a live look at traffic. it is still early out there. it is nice and green on the map. more than two dozen flights came close to catastrophe. this is thanks to a typo.
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the faa is saying that 25 times pilots punched in the wrong numbers. their planes took off with almost no runway left. as a vote says the issue has since been resolved. meanwhile, the airport says that repairs on the runway are going faster than expected. but it is no comfort for those left in the lurch. so far today 306 flights were delayed. 39 were flat-out canceled. this is on top of the hundreds of flights impacted over the last week. a bay area rock legend, eddie money, has died after esophageal cancer. >> ♪ take me home tonight. i don't want to let you go until you see the light. ♪ >> he was known for his his,
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including take me home tonight and two tickets to paradise. he grew up in new york city. he became a nypd police officer. but after two years, he moved to berkeley, changed his name and eventually lost his singing career. just last year, he starred any reality tv show called real money. this field the daily lives of the musician and his family. he said doing the show was for them. >> you know, i'm to submit regular american dad. >> while he lived in the bay area, he performed at popular venues. eddie money was 70 years old. these are the front lines. you can see that we are here wasting water. >> it is nothing short of an invasion. there is just only a matter of time to stop it.
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we are going to take you inside of california's effort to eradicate the nutria. one of the top places to be a business owner as a woman, right here in the bay area. we are going to tell you why. how residents can help with the pay raise.
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santa rosa is apparently a good place to be a woman in business. santa rosa is ranked number six in the country. from more than 4000 businesses are owned by women. the female business owner in santa rosa earn a median income
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is about half of what men work there. fayetteville north carolina ranked the highest. the berkeley district may be turning to voters to help with raises. there considered putting a special tax measure to raise the funds. supporters would help the district be competitive during hiring season. the teachers union contract expired last spring. they say that they need higher wages than what is being offered. new at 6:00, an invasion of a non-native wrote it. the nutria population has been spreading rapidly. residents say that they have been destroying roads, other construction projects. the urgent and difficult task to eradicate the past before it is too late. >> there are wetlands scattered throughout the state.
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people have no idea. this is exactly where they thrive. >> reporter: you will find nutria ground zero. >> this is where they taken more nutria. >> reporter: you quickly realize what a challenge eradication will be. >> there is nothing quick about eradicating nutria. nothing easy about it. checking traps. >> last year we pulled almost 90 out. we have returned with traps. >> the traps often trap the native inhabitants and they are left free. the nutria's ability to reproduce makes it very difficult. >> 13 months, one pair can result in up to 200 individuals.
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>> we have nothing here in california to limit their numbers. >> reporter: so california is mobilizing to stop the spread with nearly a $2 million effort. >> the yellows are where we have or have had cameras. the pink dots are where we have detections. >> reporter: while they pose a huge threat to central valleys agriculture. the real damage is if they could spread in large numbers. >> our goal is to keep them out of the delta. >> we are compromising our cities. compromising the seat stability to move water. for agriculture, for drinking water. >> reporter: how confident are you? >> well, there is only one chance to eradicate. if you wait too long then our chance will disappear. we will have to live with them forever.
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>> reporter: so what is with the sweet potato? there are plenty of them laying around. farmers actually have donated them to the cause. they are nocturnal and they are burrowing. let me tell you, they are hard to find. california is going to be looking for them for a long time to come. in san joaquin county, kpix 5. tomorrow, cooler. yes it is hot today. i kn h 94egrees. mother nature ysright, an h let's look at the air quality tomorrow. not that good. and lend, one more day of poor air quality.
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some unofficial highs for today. pittsburgh, one-to-one. san martin, 100. ukiah, 100. all three of those locations will not hit the triple digits tomorrow. it is still 94 degrees in oakland. santa rosa, 96. san francisco, could we be done with the 90s for the year? there is a chance. we will look at the microclimate forecast for pleasant pleasanton. look at the change on sunday down to 81 degrees. only the mid-70s for the highs on monday. the photo ball football right here on kpix 5. 72 degrees. a big ridge of high pressure with no ocean breeze until now. it is just beginning to return. it will return along the coast tonight.
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it will kick this ridge out of here and bring back the onshore flow. how strong is a breeze from the ocean? is it there? it is coming back tomorrow and this will make all of the difference for us. noticed the front coming in from the north on monday. there it is. watch for a widespread shower chance. we begin the week with scattered showers. up to 20 degrees cooler on the water tomorrow. big cool down on sunday. monday, scattered showers. temperatures, 80s. san jose, 88. san francisco, 72 degrees. pacifica, 67. we are all much cooler on sunday. it is still sunny and breezy. monday, scattered showers, 60s and 70s for your highs.
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that is your kpix 5 forecast. all right, sports settling in on a friday. we have another player that has moved on. and we will be showing you a broken golf club. stick around. see the guy who did it, too. kpix 5 weather is sponsored by mancini sleep world. my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, comes with... 100% beef and hickory smoked bacon, plus fries and a drink all for just the change in your couch. i found the remote! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo.
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♪ ♪ ♪ if you're living with a condition, kaiser permanente's integrated care team will help you get through life without missing a beat. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, deal talk! comes with fries and a drink. all for just the change in your couch. what... mr. wigglesworth? i thought we lost you. kevin?! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. the nba of top. believe it or not, training camp is around the corner. it is going to go on without sean livingston. he announced his retirement after 15 nba seasons. we are going to miss exchanges like this. >> reporter: we start off with. >> i like clippers.
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>> reporter: and then we went to? >> miami heat. >> reporter: and after miami was? >> oklahoma city. >> reporter: oklahoma city and then we go to? >> the wizards. >> reporter: after the wizards? >> charlotte. >> reporter: after charlotte? >> milwaukee. >> reporter: after milwaukee? houston. >> back to the wizards. finished cleveland. three teams and one year. >> reporter: after that, brooklyn? >> finally the warriors. he spent the last five seasons with the golden state. he was a key part of all three championship teams. always one of the go to guys in the locker room for interviews. he is still dealing with an ankle injury.
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this will be a game time decision sunday in cincinnati. keep oakland home dog. if they get production from him like they did monday night. seven catches. just like his great-grandfather once did. >> ♪ >> reporter: your one of the first players that is directly related to one of the old time jazz composers. right there. how about that. from that to ask about. you're going to get the idea from the former duke sky, zion williamson. apparently the nba's number one draft can be
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tough with golf clubs. 6'7", 284 pounds. his club on a tee shots, after he hit it, they actually found the head of the golf club. there it is right there. zion williamson tough on golf clubs. we have the a's and giants in action. coming up on the late show. the cbs2 news is coming up next. >> nora o'donnell is here with a preview. the bahamas are facing another tropical storm. plus, new research provides some answers on why vaping can be so dangerous. and steve hartman on a call to police that led to a remarkable journey. this is all tonight on the cbs evening news.
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the golden state star steph
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curry and his wife are reportedly moving away. >> to one of the most exclusive zip codes. they reportedly purchased a home in atherton. the median home value in atherton is about $6 million. they have long resided in the east bay. now with the warriors are playing at chase. see you 7:00.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, prison time for actress felicity huffman. the first parent sentenced in the college admissions scandal. what that means for the 33 other parents charged. also tonight, the new threat to the bahamas. tropical storm warnings are up in areas devastated by dorian. we're with u.s. navy veterans bringing supplies to villages that waited more than a week for help. cbs news goes inside research labs trying to find out why vaping is so dangerous. >> vaping is not safe. >> o'donnell: how google earth helped solve a missing persons case from two decades ago. cbs' steve hartman on the call to police that kicked off a oamarkable road trip. and a medical breakthrough that could provide treatment for one of the deadliest food allergies in american children.


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