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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  September 14, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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after today's a scorching heat changes are on the way. the alarm is sounded for the fleet of the future. why they think passengers could retract during an emergency. a disturbing disruption on the floor the california senate. is just about 6 am and good morning to all of your. let's get started with your forecast. >> a lot of us are going to see a big drop in this temperatures today. is 94 degrees yesterday in the city. 100 in concord. today it will be in the low 70s. as dramatic as that sounds is not to be that bad.
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here's the camera from treasure island coming through. numbers right now do not seem out of the ordinary right now. everyone is in the low to mid 60s here except santa rosa which is about 10 degrees cooler up in the north bay which is pretty typical this year. here's a change, 72 degrees is the official high for safe scope. we look across the rest of the bay area even though mid 70s sounds great for the bay proper in it would be nice once you get inland it is still in the mid-90s for many look nations. it was 100 yesterday you to the mid-90s today. everyone cools down on sunday. but yes there still chance for light rain for the first part of monday. for now back to you guys.
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people of all ages to give an inch of the frequently centers today to play games and enjoy the air conditioning at roosevelt center. for those that couldn't be indoors they said it misting devices to help people stay cool. >> they don't have air conditioning homes with nice and be able to come here they have cool water and it's a nice place to be. >> it's nice to be in here instead of out there. stay inside. mick for list of centers with visits here's a live look at the bridge after all is back to normal when a shutdown cause major problems for those getting out of san francisco. orleans were briefly close after a van burst into flames. the gridlock continued well after the lanes reopen. traffic was backed up into the downtown san francisco. the owners set up flares and
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the flares ignited fuel that had leaked from the vehicle. no injuries were reported. or to cause it the fleet of the future. but the new train cars are potentially dangerous. passengers could get trapped inside during emergencies. the concern is with how the cars are configured. critics say that is passengers only one unlocked exit door. >> there's a glaring safety issue involved so it's hard to be at ease when you are operating the cars. >> they say passengers could get confused during emergencies or get stuck on a car when getting away from an unruly passenger. the cars are safe and current emergency procedures are safe. it is inaccurate to say that they could be trapped or will
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not be able to exit the car as there are many points of exit. health lawmakers are demanding documents from four big tech firms as antitrust investigation. they want to see emails or other communications from top executives like amazon apple facebook and google. they have a deadline of october o tprovide these documents. a letter yesterday says they are looking at competition problems individual markets whether dominant firms are engaging in anticompetitive conduct and whether not existing laws and policies are consistent. twitter is getting heat for new ad campaign on san francisco sidelines. sidewalks. sidewalk stencils appeared by twitter headquarters on market street. they say they are part of a campaign to promote healthy conversations on twitter. the city says it's vandalism. sims us was public works said the department may have to clean up the graffiti and if that happens twitter will be fined. also this week they put up signs
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in the bart station featuring user tweets part of an ad campaign. the final day of the legislative session took an unhealthy turn after an anti- vax activists hurled red liquid from the gallery above yelling that's for the dead babies. six lawmakers were struck by what appears to be blood. senators were outraged calling it a criminal act and more peaceful protesters also condemned it. >> it is despicable. no one will condone an action like that. we are not about violence. if you see the arrest the happened earlier in the week that was all peaceful. >> scott weiner said the anti- vax nadirs are engaging in criminal behavior and are engaging in harassing and intimidating behavior every day.
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they are a cancer on the body the politics and attacking democracy. alyssa geraldo who was also struck by the liquid that today's event was an unacceptable example of the challenges that we face and as always we will rise above. they are now testing whether not the liquid was real blood. the senate will be reconvened in the committee room upstairs. a parent has now been sentenced in that college scandal. felicity huffman was sentenced to 14 days in prison paying a $14,000 fine performing 240 hours a committee service and be on probation for one year. secures argue that she should spend 30 days for paying $15,000 to have her daughters as itchy answers corrected. she was sentenced to have for that after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud. she must report to prison by october 25. her chinese us that she serve her time in all-female federal prison in dublin, anya a low
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security facility. with the u.s. bureau of prisons will make the final decision. >> is not surrounded by razor wire or anything like that. it is a place where minimum- security prisoners enjoy the luxury of being minimum- security prisoners. they don't predict a high risk of escape. >> patty hearst and hollywood madam hollywood fleiss are also there. as for the scandal 14 of people have pled guilty but have yet to be sentenced. they were indicted for fraud and money laundering with a maximum potential sentence of 20 years in prison. she and her husband are charged with paying $500,000 to a college admission scandal. the
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sap center was open for the first time in downtown san jose. a celebration is going on all weekend. hunter hayes, devon dawson and blake shelton performed last night. tonight scheduled performers include ice cube and new dog. free concerts and other events outside the arena today and tomorrow security details of the 25 festival for months in planning. >> in gilroy we had a meeting and we wanted to take extra precautions. >> they prove this 1988. soon after an expansion hockey team came on board. it's been the go to spot for major events ever sent. sent jose could be the next place to ban the cigarettes.
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they are especially concerned about children he is the device is. they have a ban on the sale of all of them within 1000 of schools. they also want a ban on flavored tobacco as well. they say there now 380 confirmed vaping related illnesses across 36 states and the u.s. virgin islands. six people have died. researchers at yale say flavoring three cigarettes make them more attractive to young people. they also found that ads activate the reward center of teenagers brains. >> it also makes it easier for them to use. and therefore that can lead to an addiction. >> it can cause quite an issue. it's different than what cigarette smoke does. >> detract the effects on live
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my lab mice. they say solvents used to make vaping products can damage the lungs.'s emphasis go and richmond have already passed bans on e-cigarette and under both ordinances all sales are suspended on whether not vaping is safe. juul is going google. e-cigarette maker has entered china by selling on e-commerce sites like ali baba and it is an effort to tap into the world largest market of's workers. as reported yesterday president trump is vowing to abandon flavored e cigarettes in the u.s. to deter youth vaping. those driving south lake tahoe will not have to deal with a major closure at least until next year. they say they are putting off the bridge for address restoration project will shut down the highway next month. that is because the girders will not be ready in time to get things done before winter.
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a popular semper cisco tourist attraction is out of commission this weekend. the iconic cable cars are out of service for the next nine days. this is to give crews time to repair the gearboxes. many shuttles are replacing those until the gears are done. >> today it didn't work. with@. >> we've been trying to put the word out for month now. this project has been the work for years. >> regular cable car service is expected to resume on monday, september 24. it is 6:12 am. still ahead the displays are from a galaxy far, far away. but it will not be too far from the bay area. coming up woman who shamed the mayor into tearing up her parking tickets. kpix five is a proud sponsor of the bay area pet fair and alameda county fairgrounds.
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pg and he has reached an $11 million agreement to settle claims of massive wildfires in the bay area and across northern california. the money will resolve insurance claim from the wine country wildfires are 2018 camp fire in butte county. a tentative agreement was
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reached for the group that holds 85% of claims from those fires. they say that today's settlement is another step in the doing right for what -- in the direction of doing right for those affected by the wildfires. the agreement still has to be approved by bankruptcy court. happening today the end of movie pass. that is the service that one allowed members to watch unlimited films in theaters for on $9.95 a month. this is the last of operations for the company that couldn't find a way to make money on the business model. the parent company left open the possibility that the service could eventually return but that is considered unlikely. movie pass was founded in 2011 with much fanfare and once claimed 3 million subscribers. if a small competition recently is some theater chains again to offer their own membership programs. the force is strong with
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the construction of a new museum in los angeles. that is because it has the backing of george lucas itself. the museum is starting to take shape in exposition park. it will resemble a spaceship. visitors with the exhibitions featuring illustrations, paintings and photography the star wars universe. wall seven in-depth looking they should look at filmmaking. can you imagine a place like this march and that first movie and having him explain what it took to change the world and create the sauers legacy? >> is a scheduled to open in 2021. one woman in los angeles to do twitter over frustration about a parking ticket and she one. dana schwartz got $53 parking ticket that was called out of line. she showed how close it was to limit and then it went viral even the mayor solid and told her the city would take care of
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it. >> i definitely do not tweeted hoping to get a reaction. i was like pay your find that your frustrations and move on. but you know it's super relatable. who hasn't been frustrated by a parking ticket? >> shorts the publish author and it's a sign of the times that these 280 characters got more than the three books she has written. people the bahamas are bracing for more severe weather. a tropical depression near the island chain has strengthened into tropical storm humberto. the death toll from dorian his risen the 52 with 1300 people still unaccounted for. we will start off story on today's weather by showing you how much cooler some of us are going to be today. at least take a person's yesterday and you will see that this is not a level playing field. look at the map over my shoulder. semper cisco in particular, where it says minus 22? 22 degrees cooler today than we
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were yesterday? that is because he made it up to 94 in the city yesterday. and we will only go to 72 today. only for or 6 degrees cooler than yesterday. that is an improvement. we were 100 degrees yesterday in both locations. we will get you to the mid-90s today. yesterday's daytime high was 99. today we reached on the 92 to 7 degree dropped. we come in for a closer look at the bay the numbers here are still more impressive than if you are on the other side. like if you're really far in. we are not all dropping as much a san francisco 22 degrees but it will be 15 degrees cooler than yesterday in oakland. redwood city will be 11 degrees cooler. oakland you're going to 79. san jose is can a hit 89. we are still going to 92 in santa rosa. don't get me wrong this is still a warm to hot's day depending on how you process these kinds of things.
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but it is definitely better than we were yesterday. 100 yesterday. so it's going to get a little bit of an improvement but is not can be too drastic. the start of your day has a preview out there with the early morning light laying the sky in the just ends. sunrise not coming up until 6:50 am. santa rosa is looking at a cool mid-50s. 54 degrees for you guys at the moment. if we look at the bigger picture now that we get the cooldown going tomorrow is actually where everyone will get that cool down. here are your numbers for everyone comes down and we get the benefit. by monday restarts watch the approach of the first chance of rain. that is where the system is now but if we put in the future cast watch the leading edge. the leading edge of rain will hold together pretty well organized line until we get to hear. that is monday at 2 am. just as this comes on sure a lot of it will break up and fall apart.
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but enough of it will hold together that we do have a chance for rain on monday morning. maybe a 10th of an inch total for most locations. enough that if you're up early you probably had to be up for 11:00 in the morning on monday to notice it. but the timing could change a bit. light rain on monday morning. the real impact is the big cooldown. daytime high 79. a huge improvement and we will keep you in the mid 80s for the rest of the forecast. back over to you guys. guess what? 15 regular-season games left for the giants and the a's. in the case of the a's, they are planning on playing a lot more than that. especially the really played last night. look at that long ball. housecall. deep in the heart of texas.
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this fall, book two, separate qualifying stays at ...and earn a free night. because when your business is rewarding yourself, our business is you. book direct at for a slider bag that's easy to open and close ♪ and stays closed, try hefty slider bags. the expandable bottom makes it easy to stand, fill and store, while its easy-to-use slider clicks closed so you know it's closed. try hefty slider bags. morning everyone. i'm here to talk about the
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oakland a's. they are in pole position for the post season. to get there they had to keep rolling opponents. checked the harvest moon in arlington last night. why not looking at the rangers here? chris david has already open once. this is a three run job. the eighth give a 6-for lead. for three run homer's in the game. danny santana has put the rangers up 7-6. in a 7-7 game in the six he tied it with a three-run blast of his own. there's hit five home runs in the game and wanted 14-9. the meantime donnie baseball was here. if you like small ball this one was it. we show you stephen boat, six thinning place to the wall. good for six thinning double. two batters later moves over to
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third base. buster posey found the whole. he taps the plate. only one of the game giant 1 marlins zero. levinson retired after 15 seasons in the nba. the last five with a golden the warriors. i think we know what happened there three nba titles. later on today we have college wall. but the first edition of inside the fine with uncle martin after cbs and the alabama crimson tide game is over this afternoon. have a great saturday. we will see you later. as you just mentioned shaun livingston is calling it a career. he did announces at retirement in emotional and grandpa's yesterday. back in 2006 he suffered a career threatening knee injury. it took him about two years to return to the game. he is the second player in nba
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history to play five seasons with one team and make it to the nba vinyls in every season. on social media he wrote his injury gave him time to find and proved himself and the world that he went be defined by circuit dances. but what i will be most proud of is the fact that my character, values and faith were tested and i persevered. the raiders game at the coliseum likely marks the end of an era in american sports. it is less time nfl players have to deal with the infield dirt. with the torn jerseys and bedford in the go with it. the raiders are the only team left that share a home of the baseball team. next or they moved to las vegas. tomorrow the raiders and the kansas city chiefs will be hitting the dirt for the final time. coming up in the next half- hour president trump gives an unusual x nation on why his skin looks orange. berkeley's train make the hers happy.
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how residents can help give them a pay raise.
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face buried in your phone. stop! look up. look both ways. let's start looking out for each other again. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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welcome back. it is just about 6:30 am. good morning. let's start off this half hour with a check of your forecast. >> we all agree one of the best parts about getting up early to the show besides the fact that we all get to hang out, is that we are here to watch the sunrise play out every day. we are just looking at the camera here over my shoulder and this is the one that sits
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on treasure island looking back toward the bay bridge. sunrise doesn't even happen until 650. there still 20 minutes left to go before the sun can officially come up. it's usually those 20 to 30 minutes before sunrise when you get the prettiest colors. without uncomfortable heat here for the last few days. for many of us that does and today. mid 60s for most spots with the exception santa rosa. but it's this number that makes the headline right off the bat. 72 degrees for the daytime high and separate scope. under ordinary circumstances that would not be a big deal. however since it was 94 degrees in the city yesterday, several cisco hit 94. at 22 degrees drop is not a big -- is a big deal. we are not all the cooldown that much. 96 degrees for inland locations. about 100 yesterday. livermore hit 100 yesterday. cooling down and 96 today is
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not going to be that big of an improvement. but at least it's a start of a move in the right direction. the last thing here on the headlines, light rain is possible on monday. more on that coming up in a few minutes. more classes today between supporters of democratic reforms in hong kong and supporters of chinese central government. this time the location is a shopping mall in hong kong. at some point some people were trading blows and even use umbrellas to hit their opponents. there were people detained outside of the mall under the protests. this came after several nights of peaceful rallies. in the meantime in pleasant hill the search is on for this man caught on surveillance video suspected trying to rob the bank. this happen thursday before 1 pm at the chase bank on costa boulevard. the suspect into the bank and passed a note demanding cash. when he didn't get what he
6:32 am
wanted he ran off. here's a live look were federal regulators say a simple typo put more than two dozen flags the potential danger. runways 10 l and 01l could be easily mixed up. the administration says 25 times of the last three years pilots punched the wrong one in. the wrong one issues that one is much shorter than the other. they took off with almost no runway left. airport official say the issue has since been resolved. as for another ongoing problem more flight cancellations and delays are here because of repair work on another runway. here are the numbers from yesterday. this has been going on for several days now. the airport does say that the repairs are going faster than expected. investigators are examining the remains of the burned-out concession dive boat. it was transported to the southern california naval base by tug boat. the fire broke out september 2
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trapping all the passengers below deck. 34 victims have now been recovered and focus is now turning to how the fire started. ntsb report says there were no nightwatchman as required. they are looking at whether not lithium-ion batteries used to charge phones and cameras may have overheated during the night. one of san francisco's most dangerous intersections was locked saying they want to stop traffic from claiming another big them. last night they made their point with a leavenworth and golden gate. where a 12-year-old boy nearly died this week when he was hit by a car. the active essay the city should make changes now before someone else can get hit. and that means speed bumps and longer crosswalk times. maybe even a ban on cars in the tenderloin. >> i have to watch when i cross. because it's gone so many times it was definitely coming through for car. >> where we waiting until
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someone dies at the intersection? why does that we talk line before we make changes? >> they want the s ap did step up traffic enforcement. 27 people including 15 pedestrians have been struck and killed by cars this year. the trump ministration officials including housing terry and carson are headed west to intervene on california's homeless crisis. there considering drastic action to clean up skidrow another homeless encampments. it is unclear if urban california also retired targeted. this is the presence first time since it his election to attend a high dollar fundraiser. a live look in washington dc where there is a different scene after hundreds of young demonstrators marched to the white house demanding action on climate change. joining them was greta thunberg. in the first high-profile event during her six-day visit to
6:35 am
washington. the activists arrived in the u.s. two weeks ago after sailing on is your mission's yacht from europe. this comes as multiple polls show the majority of americans disapprove of the handling of climate change. >> it's very important we take action right now. the government is not doing enough for a future. to merck have been invited to testify before house panel on capitol hill. later this month she will speak at the climate summit in york. in a speech to house republicans doesn't trump is revealed one of the big reasons why is rolling back requirements for energy saving lightbulbs. >> people say what's with the lightbulb? and i say here's the story. i looked at in the bold that we are being forced to use, to me most importantly, light is no good. i was like orange. >> is believed he was talking
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about l.e.d. bulbs. traditional incandescent bulb several warm amber glow. healthcare and guns were among the topics this week at the third democratic residential primary debate in houston. we asked former several cisco mayor willie brown if anything was different in this there debate >> clearly a few things. beto o'rourke's comments about going after automatic weapons and how they ought to be taken away, that was a new movement. when amy reminded everyone that he wrote the bill and she read it? >> yes. >> that was dramatically new and believe me i think that may have been it. >> will have more on that at 6:00 here on kpix 5. >> happening today the downtown library in hayward is set to open to the public. the community learning center at
6:37 am
the street and heritage plaza is on the side of the old main library. construction was financed and the city voters watch here. a committee open house is planned. there is a consideration up at a special tax measure on the march 20 20 ballot to raise funds. supporter say the money would help the district the competitive when it comes to hiring. educators say they need higher wages than what is currently being offered. a good place to be a woman in business. the business rain to santa rosa 16th in country owned by women. there's a huge but to the story. the female business owners earn an annual median income of about 46,000 earn an annual median income of about $46,000 which is about half of what they make your.
6:38 am
fayetteville and north carolina range the highest female business owners. eddie money has now died after a battle with esophageal cancer. he was known for big hits like that one. take me home tonight. and two tickets to paradise. he grew up in new york city and became an nypd officer. but he eventually launched his singing career. just last year he starred in reality tv show called real money to follow the daily lives of a musician and his family. beside joking about his kids he said the show was about them. >> i'm an american dad. i'm doing everything help my kids out. >> you lived in the bay area and performed at places like longbranch and keystone in burke the. he was 70 years old.
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coming up we have these critters that may look harmless. there's a big push to eradicate them or face dire consequences. peanut allergies taking a major step here. how the experimental treatment could help prevent life- threatening reactions.
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invasion of a non-native rodent is raising alarms. the nutria population is spread rapidly. and they say they've been looking at other construction projects. they are looking at the urgent and difficult tasks of eradicating these past before it is too late. >> their amazing wetlands got her throughout this date that the people have no idea are going be present. and that is exactly where they thrive. >> you will find ground zero here. >> this is where we have taken more than any other county california. >> did you quickly realize what this challenge will be? >> there's nothing quick about eradicating it. you can see that first hand washing through the the march.
6:43 am
they got detection recently with a return to this area. which is why they returned with traps and the remaining ones. >> they often catch the native inhabitants like this muskrat they got free. they are just too hard to find here. with their ability to reproduce makes a very hard to get rid of. >> one pair can result in up to 200 individuals. nothing here in california to limit the numbers in any fashion. >> there stopping the spread of its own with a $10 million effort that now comes through to stockton. >> the yellows are where we have had or currently have cameras placed. the pink dots is when we have current detections. a pose a huge threat to agriculture and wildlife habitat. the real damage will come if
6:44 am
they can spread in large numbers north of interstate north of interstate 580. >> compromising levees in the cities behind us. compromising the state's ability to move water around for agriculture and drinking water in southern california. >> how confident are you the consultant? >> usually one chance that we will get. if we wait too long than the chance will disappear. and we will have to live with him forever. >> so what is with the sweet potatoes? this is the sweet potato capital of the valley. plenty are laying around. farmers have donated them but they are nocturnal and they are hurling. let me tell you, they are hard to find. and california is going to be looking for them for a long time to come. wilson walker, kpix five. the debate over emotional
6:45 am
support animals is now taking on any usual turn in missouri. they are now defending the three pet monkeys saying that she needs them to help her deal with posttraumatic stress disorder. >> they're not dangerous animals. they are trained and they assist me. i have ptsd because of something that happened to me a long time ago. >> some of her neighbors beg to differ. they say the animals are dangerous and therefore illegal to keep in her home. >> i believe in the rule of law, it's considered a dangerous animal that can carry things like hepatitis and they should be here. >> a court hearing is scheduled for november. a judge six acted to decide what will happen to the monkeys. the first drug to treat life-threatening a peanut allergies. under au are 101, patients are
6:46 am
exposed to small escalating doses of peanut protein. 67% of children and teenagers treating it were able to target the peanut allergy. however because of side effects. >> allergic reactions are possible. which is why it is something that needs to be done under close medical supervision. >> the fda will make the final decision in the coming month. the company that makes it is also working on therapy for those with egg allergies. this morning it appears that we had an interstellar visitor. scientist and nasa believe that a newly discovered common in our soul is the originated outside of our solar system. official confirmation that is interstellar has not yet been made. it has astronomers over the moon with happiness. because it would be only the second detect interstellar objects.
6:47 am
the first was observed and confirmed in october 2017. scientist say eventually the visitor will end up back outside of our solar system. the back here on planet earth, this period of time from friday to monday is a perfect racket of what falcon be like around here. the heat on friday and monday we get high rain. before i can talk to you about saturday i need to tell you what we did on friday in case you missed these numbers. 94 for the daytime high in san francisco. 96 in oakland. 96 in san jose's hot enough 99 in santa rosa and concord. then we look at the actual daytime highs for today, and i think doing arithmetic and showing you how much cooler we will be today then these numbers is really where the story will appear. we are going to be 15 degrees
6:48 am
cooler today in oakland. but if you look at the inland locations and i'm sorry about this you're only getting a 4 degree improvement. 100 yesterday and going to 96 today. by tomorrow we are going to get everyone to start the process today here. san francisco was so out of whack yesterday and is on the front lines when the on shorefront comes back through. being on the other side of the hill you're not going be able to feel the influence of the subtle return and the onshore flow just yet. by monday the attention is going to turn to the possibility of light rain coming up next. 89 for san jose. what it will be 83 in mountain view. san rafael with about 86. and there is little more on the left. let's talk about that clear sky out here. numbers in the midst xts of
6:49 am
start of your saturday. take a look out here, it's pretty far away. but that is the change for us. here's your leading edge. it looks so good as we approach monday that he holds together as an organized line that by the time we get to monday and midnight here as often happens with the cyst especially the first year the season it doesn't necessarily hold that as we sweep across the bay area. there is a chance of rain but it will not be widespread if we look at the totals and the time frame on this this is how much we could get. all less than a 10th of an inch of rain. you're not really going to get a lot and you're going to have to get up early on monday to notice it. the time there says noon. by the time we get to noon that entire line of rain is back to the bay area. the timing on this will change a bit. we are a few days out.
6:50 am
it is monday morning and it is barely enough to say that it rained officially. it will get things and it's the first rain of the season and that's a big deal. there's rest your seven-day forecast. mid 80s after that going into the middle of next week. we wanted to tell you about a new project coming to kpix 5. each week we will investigate the trouble bay area housing problem. >> we will uncover what is going wrong and how we got to this point. and we will hold the powerful accountable as we look at measures to bring back change. we sit down with mayors of the three largest cities to see what exactly they are doing. >> i cannot continue to the same thing the city from going to change the conditions of the city. a lot of communities are more focused on preserving existing character than recognizing that we all are being harmed by the
6:51 am
shortage of housing. >> a generation or two from now they will be asking what did you do about it? and if we can't answer that question, in a way that satisfies our own conscience and the conscious of the next generation then history will not regard as well. >> so starting next week kpix 5 will bring your project home. worries about you, me and all of the housing challenges. that's every monday and wednesday at 11:00. still ahead helping students become the makers of tomorrow. a high school interesting others to engineering we want to remind to the kpix is a proud sponsor the pet food? breast pet fair. that is at the alameda county fairgrounds. to learn more about how you can find your new furry family member, visit
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as an eighth grader she created a device to stroke and dehydration. today she is teaching others the joy of innovation. she introduces us to this week's bay area jefferson. >> they attached markers and a battery operated robot. schrader teaches an afterschool program each week this fall at sunrise middle school in san jose. the concepts stick with second graders mia mcauley. >> in my eyes any to be a scientist or an inventor. to make they came up with the idea while volunteering among elementary school students who didn't know much about engineering. >> and many feel kind of confused and angry. because i was being taught programming here. >> the notre dame high school senior found her own program
6:54 am
because of tomorrow to expose underserved units to her own passion. i really wanted to make an impact on the students. >> she developed her own curriculum here. so it's no accident that all these activities are hands-on. sunrise middle school administrator reseller procedures is impressed. >> it's amazing. it takes a long time to come up with lesson plans, especially those that are engaging is this. >> last volunteers have taught more than hundred 50s unit at about a dozen south bay schools and libraries. they help pay for materials here. the projects from circuitry decoding teach perseverance through trial and error. to the students it is definitely a role model. the mac she is smart and has the brains. i like that too. >> for introducing underserved
6:55 am
students to engineering this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to schrader, kpix five.
6:56 am
it is 6:36 am. we have a look at your top stories now. thousands of people are expected in and around san jose's sap center this weekend. as the arena is celebrating 25 years operations. concert tonight and tomorrow night will feature popular artist like ice cube and snoop dogg.
6:57 am
today and tomorrow between 2 pm and 7 pm there will be free concerts and other entertainment available outside of the arena. the pre-season begins next week. smooth sailing after shutdown with major problems trying to get out of semper cisco. a van burst into flames. there were no injuries to report however. twitters new ad campaign is illegal. sidewalk stencils appeared by twitter had orders on market street this week. they say this part of a campaign to promote healthy conversations on the site. but the city says it is vandalism and has threatened to find the company. there are major closure see on highway 50. at least not until next year. at caltrans has announced they are putting off a bridge restoration project and will have shut down the area next month. macklemore dave hot weather before things cool off a bit. bay area cities are setting off
6:58 am
cooling centers for those that don't have air conditioning. so many of us will feel an improvement today. it will be right in the immediate bay if you're inland is almost as hot as yesterday was. we had you had 100 yesterday. as we look across the rest of the seven day the real, it becomes rain. it will not have a major impact on your life. we are definitely starting a conversation. thank you for watching it is time for us to call it a morning. it's on. the ross fall fashion event has all the looks for way less...
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narrator: today on "lucky dog," a labrador is in need of a forever home, and a teenager with a degenerative joint disorder is hoping for a service dog. braidy: i dislocate most of my joints once or twice a week. there's a lot that you can't do, and being a teenager in a world of "can't" is really, really hard. narrator: these two could be destined for each other, but for it to be a match, dahlia will have to go above and beyond the call of duty. brandon: pick it up! good girl! and give it here, nice!


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