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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 14, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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we are getting our first look at the protester two afr dorian ing disruption. deva partsthe bahamas the island nation has a weeken visi relief from the heat is rolling in. thank you for joining us. many spots saw double-digit temperatures drop today. it was almost 30 degrees cooler. that is one of the extreme examples. take a look over my shoulder.
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inland locations did not experience anywhere near the improvement. that means we were back up right at the century mark. for san francisco temperatures in the mid and upper 60s and if we come in for a closer look oakland gets it as well. a 21degree drop into the upper 60s, low 70s. we will stay here with one exception for tomorrow and let locations will start cooling down because we have a noticeable fall like pattern on the way. we still have a small chance of rain to start off this workweek. we will have more on that coming up in the full forecast in a few minutes. in the atlantic where tropical storm humberto is turning away from the bahamas. relief for many, but as our reporter tells us rain is still
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injuring relief efforts from dorian. >> reporter: storm manistee bahamas less than two weeks after dorian struck as a category 5 hurricane.>> the storm is only predicted to be a tropical storm we want residents to take it seriously. >> reporter: he traveled to the bahamas to hear from victims and to see the widespread damage. >>- >> reporter: after dorian cheryl finding it hard living. >> no ship is coming to the island. >> reporter: they urged people to find te ey said aid efforts would be temporarily suspended. dorian claimed at least 55 and 1000 people are missing.
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some 70,000 are in need of shelter, food, water and medical aid. golden state warrior clay tropical strom harvey thompson sammy the trump administration because of their response to storm victims seeking shelter here. what he is proposing to do to help. a woman accused of causing a disgusting seen in the state senate chambers last night is free on bond this evening. witnesses say the 43-year-old shouted from the gallery that lawmakers have the blood of dead babies on their hands. then she tossed a feminine hygiene device appearing what appeared to be blood on the la dozen senators in looting steve glazier. is colleague scott told our partners that is the second time this week that anti- vaccine protesters have
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assaulted state senators. their actions are despicable. they are entitled to their opinion. i support the legislation we have to ensure children are vaccinated. people can disagree without. when that tips into harassing, intimidating and assaulting elected officials, that is an attack on democracy. >> it forced them out of their chamber as they rush to meet a deadline to pass legislation. they finished the session in a hearing room. she gave herself up immediately. she is facing many charges in assault and vandalism and is expected to face a judge in court wednesday. riders can expect delays. they are forcing trains to singletrack between walnut creek and orinda. >> reporter: they are halfway
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done with this project which that means they are ahead of schedule. the weekend construction is causing delays for people trying to get in and out of lafayette. it is not a construction project that is just affecting bart riders. cars are also coming to a crawl on highway 24 with two eastbound lanes closed to allow construction equipment to access the bart station. whitney and her family of five have felt the effects and highway traffic is slow, so is the traffic on city streets.>> it impacts some of the streets that get clogged up and we have to reroute and get back on the highway. it delays a lot of things for the weekend. >> reporter: riders say they
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are facing delays but it is a huge improvement compared to the previous shutdown. >> it is massively inconvenient but i would rather have a singletrack band bus bridge. trip she says she has faced delays and feels like it is a small price to pay. >> they have to fix it. it is important to have the tracks working it is important for safety and continued use of the system which is very important. >> we get business from the traffic. >> i understand they need to do routine maintenance. i think it is probably a good thing. >> because they are ahead of schedule they have canceled the closures for next saturday and
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the weekend of fleet week. that means there will be two weekends of foreclosures ahead where this station will be shut down. taking a live with, the airport reporting 168 delays and 19 cancellations today. the situation is improving. the runway repair were causing those problems if they turning point repaving work around the runway is now complete where it intersects with the runway. 1 right is open for business. it is 1000 feet longer allowing for more aircraft to use it. the work moves to the intersection of 28 left and one left. the whole project is expected to wrap up by september 25. we want to tell you about a new project. >> every monday and wednesday
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susie will investigate the troubled bay area housing market. we will look at what went wrong and hold the powerful accountable as we look for measures to come about change. on monday we will sit down with the three largest cities. starting next week we bring you project home all about the challenges that will happen monday and wednesday at 11:00. we have never seen a highway pursuit quite like this. we are sponsoring the pet food express bay area pet fair. we will take you there when we come back.
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the bay bridge escaped serious damage when a van burst into flames and a lower deck. it forced a shutdown of four of the five lanes backing up traffic for hours. fortunately, no one was hurt.
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mountain lion wandered onto a highway and ended up dead. that happened last night. they say a car hit the cat about 10:00 near highway 92. officers moved the carcass to the side of the freeway and workers took it away today. with more proof it is a jungle out there an unusual chase. they had to get a hold of a emu which was spotted yesterday alongside 99. officers job snares to capture the big bird. animal control officers arrived a short time later. and not ard. etody in other animal news it was a pleasure to serve as emcee mac and it is going on all weekend
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at the fairgrounds and devon spoke with fairgoers who are going home with a new four- legged friend. >> reporter: as many as 100,000 people are expected to come through the fairgrounds today and tomorrow. many of them looking for a four- legged friend to take home with them. >> we can understand how excited we were. >> it is very unique and has all these unique spots.>> reporter: the mixed breed is and they are a perfect pair.
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trip she said she lost her dog. the adoption fair continues tomorrow from 10 until 5:00 at
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the fairgrounds. we are a proud sponsor of the pet food express pet fair. they say they have adopted more than 1000 tests today. busy p. we get confused the law. let's talk about how dramatic this shift is. this is the multilayer coming in over the coast and the peninsula. that is jewish find the cooldown has begun. i can put some numbers on this and would you take a look at the drop, yesterday was 94, 96 in oakland. the unofficial high 27 degrees cooler today for san francisco.
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this is not equal. concord pretty much the same thing. 100 yesterday, 99 so far. the unofficial high those numbers are running i'm just waiting for the national weather service to finish some paperwork on that. that covers the change to today. tomorrow, here is the good news if you are in those inland locations and wondering why we can't get in on this but tomorrow will. is that is 99 i have you at 84. the drop that you did today it will stay and do the same thing. we will get a nice stretch and get everyone included by the time we get to tomorrow. it is not just the dropping temperatures that is making headline is the camps for the
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first bit of rain. it will not be an impressive rainmaker but there is a possibility monday morning we get some light rain way up here. that is what will drive it in. see the outline of green? i will stop this by the time you get to day. going into monday morning and we have this organized line of. watch what happens when i switch this into the high- resolution forecast model. we have a lot more detail and the outline does not hold together. here is the monday morning commute. starting at a.m. you can see some scattered showers. this pretty much brackets the most important part of monday morning and that is the timeframe we may be most likely to see this rain from 6 am to 9
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am and the morning and early afternoon. it won't be a lot. if you for totals on this is less than a 10th of an. we would laugh at that after the series of storms last week. that would be an issue at all. since it is the first one of the season and coming on a monday morning i don't want anyone to get taken off guard if the streets are slick or if you are show wipers are going. this will not have a significant impact on lesser happslick spot. first rain of the season. it is the first couple of rainmakers that instuff back up. fourth settling in and we
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have a for ballplay turned in by a local guy on a national stage you have to see and to the local pac-12 schools police officer directions. we have it all. we will set it up for you.
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it is saturday. let's run is down. central florida to be exact. the student body surrounding that trophy, tiger woods he was there. opening drive. 11-1 last season for a reason. williams opened the scoring. over 400 yards and erin robins came down.
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big arm put it right on the money to trade nixon. it was 21-0 not even seven minutes into the game. gabriel challenging another deep of all wide open. scoring 28 points in the first quarter held him down first- quarter 25-27. a record now of one and two. what is up with the calaveras? have we seen enough? the north texas mean green has. pick this one up late first- quarter. look at the nice move on the
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defender. that is 20-0 bears. they would battle back with less than two minutes left. have to make it happen. won it by 27. there is now 3-0. alabama at south carolina and on the attack. pride of antioch high school. through one and another one. 23 yard touchdown the second one is day and tied. they won it final of 47 to 23. someone go out and get the cowbells ready at mississippi state. harris against kansas state. running for 1st down and that
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happened. up, over, propelled and down finished a yard short of the first down and paid the price. k state also won the game final of 31 to 24. now to the nfl and the raiders. a home underdog to the kansas city chiefs. for nostalgia sake last trip ever for kansas city to oakland and the last came on in field hurt and the last time and asked to see the holocene and its amenities. >> the bathroom split last year so i will miss that. is hard concrete your readers won't feedback and call him again until the first week of november. we got mixed reviews this week on the dirt.
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and i think justin said it best. is like running at full speed and then hitting pavement. >> a lot of people like watching on the dirt. i used to like to play in the yard. it will be neat. soccer and yankee stadium. that's where they were against nyc and he extended it to go on the attack. they would battle back. we go to the 43rd minute. they the bagel three minutes prior and then he split the defense and got one past mario. they lost a 2-1 and lost five consecutive room games. that is what it looks like.
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giants and a's play later on.
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a golden toilet from winston churchill birthplace has been stolen. stuck a toilet is a piece of work by an italian artist and valued up $.25 million and had
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been installed for an exhibit. a group of thieves used two vehicle to pull off the heists. one man has been arrested. .>> ninan: tonight, drone strikes. a massive strike on the world's largest oil facility, explosion after explosion and toxic smoke billowing for miles. how the strike could impact consumers here in the u.s. gaining strength-- tropical storm humberto churning in the atlantic and getting stronger. we're tracking the storm's path. president trump set to roll out his gun-control plan. can both sides find common ground. >> hell, yes, we're going to take your ar-15, your ak-47. >> ninan: this as a gun club with a different agenda exercises their second amendment rights. >> yes, i want to be armed. i'm not going down without a fight. >> ninan: labor law-- a controversial bill that would give gigor


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