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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 17, 2019 6:00pm-6:28pm PDT

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>> california getting ready to take legal action as the trump administration -- >> some bay of business. kpix 5 news at 6:00 starts right now with president trump's brief trip to the bay area. evening. >> the white house tried to keep details on the president's visit under wraps, but protestors were there waiting for him. ben carson was also in the bay area today. the main topic, the homeless epidemic. president trump says the people of san francisco are fed up. we'll have much more on that in a minute. first, kpix 5's len ramirez prs secret itinerary topped by kept everyone guessing. >> reporter: it was very secret. in fact, the people even attending the fundraiser didn't know where it was. they were told to meet at a
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parking lot where the shuttle bus would take them up to the event. then someone tipped off protestors about a large number of caterers in a neighborhood. finally gave the location away. as word of the location of president trump's fundraiser leaked out, protestors set up along alpine road, complete with a massive baby trump balloon, which organizers brought up from san diego. they were within shouting distance of the motorcade when huge moment at fenway park tonight where mike emsk it came the road. played left field,the same chopper 5 spotted the presumed place his legendary grandfather location of the president's carl played during his hall of fundraiser before the event got spotted, a mansion in the hills fame career. on the border of palo alto >> the name will be announced for the first time since 1983. it's a great deal for me. portola valley. it was recently listed for sale >> the left fielder, mike at $96 million. >> we believe in love, we don't yastrzemski. believe in hate. he does -- high into center he's a hate monger. >> reporter: as trump met with field! it is out of here!
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supporters raising an estimated unbelievable! >> yeah, that happened in his $15 million for his campaign -- third at-bat. a dream come true the grand kid. yes, hit his 20th home run of one local hair dresser said her the year. clients could not matheir what a year for the younger appointments. how many appointments have you yastrzemski. before the game, 23 missed? >> three. >> reporter: another hour and two appointments seasons. moffett field. >> it was awesome. a few protestors and supporters we got a chance to catch up. were on hand. i don't normally get to see him >> it's really nice -- it's not every day you get an during the season, so it's a opportunity to be that close to the president of the united states. >> i just came out to see one bonus. >> i think he played 700 games of the worst disasters we've ever had in the presidency. or something like that in the >> reporter: and as he boarded minor leagues and he always air force one, president trump stayed positive and kept saying waved to someone on the side, make it and he finally did. but literally didn't look back. >> carl didn't stay for his supporters here wish he tonight's game, but there were would visit more often. plenty of family and friends in >> there's a lot of trump supporters here. attendance tonight. mike left one of his cousins in job or something. of charge of tickets. >> he did a great job in organizing everything and >> reporter: just like that, making sure i wasn't the one the president was in and out of
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deal walnut ing with it. the bay area. he's headed to beverly hills, southern california tonight ano i would be whhave the to san diego tomorrow. reporting live in portola exce at wo . valley, len ramirez, kpix 5. a lot of g on and h.u.d. fenway right now. secretary ben carson dropped in on san francisco today to tour the giants led 5-1. that game is now tied. a new affordable housing royals by the way rallied in development. carson is now leading a federal the 9th inning last night. so oakland entered play tonight push to intervene in california's homeless crisis. one game ahead of tampa bay for but he says the solutions lie the top wild card spot. the a's are in l.a. in private-public partnerships, for a two-game set against the not more federal spending. dodgers. and our catch of the day >> phil, with the president and goes to 10 year old antonio who ben carson both in town, they're addressing one of the bay area's biggest problems. where were the city leaders caught the salmon on his first today? >> about as far away as they time fishing. his first time. beginner's luck? i don't know. could get. although the mayor in san francisco did lend a hand he was with his dad. behind ththe weekend that mayor breed first heard housing antonio caught these -- his smile tells you all you need to secretary ben carson was know. i've been out to that spot,
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planning on making a cameo 't g stinson, many times with my ofcialonfirmatiowe out the visit tting up the good buddy john. i've caught one fish. secretary's meeting with local antonio caught two in his first housing tenantace the bridge still haven't caught a fish. housing, carson never extended >> you need to go out with an invitation for mayor breed to join him. antonio. >> i know. he did stop and speak with obviously. >> and dad. reporters about the housing cbs evening news coming up crisis. >> well, there's no question next. >> norah o'donnell coming up that the local policies drive with the preview. >> building a case against iran these kind of issues. in san francisco, a single after the unprecedented attack on two saudi oil fields. individual can protest and stop new information on how the u.s. an affordable housing development. and its allies may respond. that's a big one. one of the big problems that >> tens of thousands go without nobody wants to talkabis he too whthe fbi ieand state's homeless epidemic as
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well saying, quote, we can't let los angeles and san francisco and numerous other cities destroy themselves by allowing what's happening and the female people of san francisco are fed up and the people of los angeles are fed up. the president's statements on homeless and housing crisis put state and local officials in a bit of a political bind. they do agree that they could use more federal assistance and one of the biggest obstacles to building more housing in san francisco and the entire bay area are local regulations and the politics that say that while we may agree with the need for new housing once you bring in a project, if you say it's too big, it doesn't belong here, it stops. >> this whole visit is kind of a sign of the times. we live in the most populous state. there's moren ty r state in the country and the president can't come here and
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sit down with local leaders and have some kind of a forum, discuss the issue, 'sgotta jump in, grab money, leave. there's no cohesiveness going on. it's really strange. >> low cohesion, even lower cooperation in many areas, but politics as usual. as you said, the locals don't want to talk to him and he scoops up the money and leaves. >> strange times we're in right now. live look right now outside from our exclusive camera. we have sunshine out there, but parts of the bay area could see another chance of rain for your morning commute. paul has been tracking that for us. >> scattered showers moving through, coming to rning. north bay, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00. we'll time it out for you in a second. it's september, so any rain is noteworthy. let me show you the radar which is active way here.
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that goes away by midnight tonight, clouds moving in from the north. we stop future cast at 7:00 ody with a sweet tooth. with scattered showers or rainfall in sonoma county. >> yeah, how about a kale flavored candy cane. likely enough to give us scattered showers, san francisco, oakland and points >> how about no. south. mostly a 10th of an inch of >> the seattle based candy rain or less. and some spots may not even get companies while sweets may not measurable rainfall. have the unusual value of kale, but there will be showers for the morning commute tomorrow. full 7-day forecast coming up it sure does share the flavor. in a few minutes. thanks for that. new at 6:00 today, some bay >> the delicious flavor of area truckers are at a loss over a new state law. kale? >> i don't know. kpix 5 spoke to drivers who say thanks for watching at 6:00. the legislation could drive rii see you at 7:00. >> rteos fopeople who similar jobs. it's also going to affect employees in a number of industries. talking to a number of the
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owner-operators worry the bill solves the problem for one group, but -- one out of every ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs 10 big rigs you see on the road >> o'donnell: tonight, breaking news: new evidence in the attack is privately owned by an owner- on saudi oil facilities. operator who is likely to see correspondent david martin has themselves like a small rive dailsut weapons used, where they came business owner. from, and how the u.s. could >> i would rather be an respond. and charlie d'agata is in afghanistan for an american soldier killed in combat has independent worker. been identified, and car bombs >> reporter: ab5 could force -- target the country's president. that would be a lot more expensive for the companies and only on cbs news, holly williams come at the expense of the reports from syria inside an freedom and flexibility that isis prison. many owner-operators say they she finds an isis fighter from now enjoy. >> it will probably put me out minneapolis who wants to come home to the u.s.e bforgiven. of business within 6 months of >> i would say that. >> o'donnell: also breaking >> pogr says his -- for a la tonight, a tropical storm surprise. imelda suddenly forms and could bring life-threatening floods to texas. construction job? e 25 ivers o ome payroll company executive after his own tens of thousands of people are their own trucks. left without a paycheck when his >> there's a lot of freedom the
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>> reporter: providing steady wages, benefits and other protections for people working for companies like uber and lyft. >> we as the state are acting as kind of the back drop for these workers when they don't make enough money. they have to rely on subsidized housing. >> reporter: but manyit's a one size fits all solution to a problem they don't necessarily have. >> we want to leave it the way it is. >> reporter: if the governor signs ab5, there is certain to be a court battle. in harold, devin fehely, kpix 5. no charges have been filed against the father whose 11 year old son killed in a boating mishap. he was on the boat sunday with
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his two sons. they were thrown into the water and struck by the vessel, killing his younger son. after an investigation police arrested him on suspicion of manslaughter. the father's attorney tells kpix 5 he does not expect any charges to be filed. an inmate who walked away from a monterey county prison was captured here in the bay area. adam beck -- officers found him hiding out at an apartment complex in san francisco yesterday. beck was arrested last year and is serving 4 years for evading concealed dagger. coming up, california could lose the power to set its own vehicle emission standards. >> and a northern california family in for a scare after finding a mountain lion inside
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♪ ♪ ♪ try my $3 steak and parm loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash. new at 6:00, president trump announced today the epa will revoke california's stringent emission standards for new cars. california is ready to go to court over this. right? >> reporter: that's right, veronica. while the location of the president's fundraiser was somewhat of a surprise today, this was less of a surprise with -- for the viro thed this
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moffett field, the president trump administration announced what has long been hinted at. >> the reason we have clean air here is because of these very standards we're talking about. so, you know, all the air pollution crisis we have in the 60s and 70s. >> reporter: simon is with the national resource defense council and has worked with the national environmental protection agency. he says the number of spare the air days that the bay area and l.a. sees are drastically reduced because of the california standards. >> most of that pollution comes from cars and trucks. this is what the trump administration is trying to prevent california from setting common sense standards on. >> reporter: california governor gavin newsom called the move a, quote, political vendetta saying it's a move that could have devastating consequences for our kids' health and the air athe if cora
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over. california attorney general -- went further in calling it monumentally stupid. we're ready to fight this senseless decision by the epa. simon says the decision, which could be finalized as soon as tomorrow, only has one benefactor. >> the ultimate winner of this action is actually the oil industry and that's because the oil industry will be able to sell more gas -- have more gas guzzling cars on the road. >> on the embarcadero, eearound more often. i think we're steering in a good direction. >> reporter: the only question that remains tonight is when the attorney general here in california will file suit against the trump administration for this action. it would not be the first time he has done so.
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we expect that action to come very soon. live in san francisco, kpix 5. kpix 5 is bringing you original stories about the housing affordability crisis here in the bay area. red what it's going to take to pull us out of this mess. seniors like linda owe ins fighting to stay in their homes. she lives on a fixed income. >> i know rents are rye out there. i can't afford to go out and pay 18, $1,900 a month for a one derm. >> we sat down with the mayors of the bay area's three largest cities. >> we've got to agree as a bay area community that our homeless are ours. they are part of our community. >> we've made a lot of mistakes and we waste a lot of time with bureaucracy. plbegito work. we've seen rents stabilize. they're not going up anymore. and we've seen evictions decrease by about a third. >> you can watch the full
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report as well as the mayor's entire interviews on our website. go to our website, click on the project home section. we also are asking to hear your housing stories as well as ideas and solutions to solving the problem. we'll talk about too close for comfort. how about a mountain lion who f taking a nap inside a home in the family's bathroom. it happened at a home near yosemite. home owners say they left the front door open. they came face-to-face with the big cat. the animal then tried to run and darted down a hallway into a bathroom. >> the size of his paws were terrifying. when i looked at it and realm zoomed in on the paws, it was terrifying. >> two months ago, we had two mountain lions on our property. >> can you imagine the phone
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call? fish and wildlife said they couldn't tranquilize it because of its ze. and nged on the door. it scared the lion and he jumped out the window and away he went. you can start to feel the chill in the air. >> in the evening too. >> nice and chilly out there. temperatures not that warm. it will be warmer tonight busy we have clouds and showers moving in. outside right now, temperatures mighty comfortable. what a beautiful evening in the trivalley. it is 72 degrees in livermore. concord 76. san francisco, 66. dennis will have more in sports coming up in a second. the a'bato thnning 67 degrees in oakland. 59 your low in oakland tonight. we lose a little bit of the chill because we're going to gain cloud cover. concord staying in the 60s. it's about the time of the year where the rain chances ramp up.
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we had some rain yesterday. we will have a few showers tomorrow morning. we average about a quarter of an inch of rainfall in the month of september. you can quadruple that for october. by november, we triple that number, more than three inches of rain is the average rainfall there could be showers tomorrow morning near martinez. thursday, sunshine. 78 degrees. we'll get milder. storms are migrating farther to the south. they usually drag a front on the southern edge. that's usually what hits us with a rain chance. that will. it's already crossing the north california. it's hitting eureka. it's not going to be as widespread as what we had yesterday, but it will be raining lightly in sonoma county. the front will fizzle out right over the bay area. that will give us a few light
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showers along the i80 corridor. morgan hill, a few drops of rainfall. gone by the afternoon. sunshine will be out by 1:00 or 2:00, if notationer. there are showers in our forecast tomorrow morning. somewhat uncommon for two times in a week for september, but we're going to do it. clearing skies by the afternoon, then we warm up and keep the sunshine around thursday, friday and into the weekend. highs tomorrow, 79 in fairfield, 73 in redwood city. santa rosa 75 degrees. everybody cooler than average again. couple morning showers tomorrow. thursday, the sunshine is back. milder, back to average on friday. above average on saturday. 60s at the beach, 70s near the bay, 80s inland into next week. the first day of fall is next monday. that's your forecast. grab dad out of the kitchen right now. wake up the dog. tell your kids to stop doing homework. i've got something you gotta
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see. grandson meets grandfather at fenway park. yastrzemski reunion. you can probably guess what happened next.
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