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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  September 18, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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from the cvs bay area studios, this is kpix news. this is a live look from the exclusive sales force tower camera. look at that. beautiful. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, september 18. >> it is 4:31. let's get a check on the forecast. it was raining earlier this week and we have another chance today. >> we are tracking the next weather system, it is currently starting to push and across the north bay this morning. your weather headlines, if you're getting ready for work and school, to have out the door, the cold front pushes through and that will bring some showers to the bay area. we will have clearing through the afternoon. this front moves in pretty fast, bringing scattered showers and leading us. we will have afternoon sunshine with mild temperatures this
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time of year, warming backed average by the end of the week. here's high death doppler. you can see the tail end of the cold front pushing across the far northern part of the north bay. this is down through bodega bay. i will time it on our future cast, taking hour by hour and walking into the rest of the morning, coming up. let's check in with the traffic alert. we will start out on i 80, this is around seminary, this happened just after 2:00, the left lane is blocked. at one point, they had three shut down. one lane is still closed until further notice. you might see some delays, it is still very early, no need to give us an alternate. stick to the right if you plan on traveling. other than that, fairly quiet. we might be dealing with wet weather today. we are following breaking news right now for a fatal fire in san francisco. one person has died, another
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person was badly injured. this was the scene, a couple hours ago a fire broke out at two this morning. when firefighters got on scene, there were two people in critical condition. dated cpr. that is where one of them died. the two people badly injured was a 19 year old woman and a 50-year-old man. we do not know at this point which one of them passed away in this fire. the other one is still in the hospital right now. this is in the mission terrace neighborhood at the llano avenue, just south of 2-80. a dog also died in the fire. we have a crew on the way to try to find out more. back to you. >> santa clara's ongoing battle with the 49ers is battling over. we have learned the city's considering legal action to run non-nfl events like concerts. this comes days after another [indiscernible].
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manager said they may not come back to levis because of all the rules. during the meeting, the city loaded that they will need board approval for everyday operating expenses. the niners called the decision purely retaliatory and that the city manager has commenced another legal battle. she is abdicating her fiduciary duty by destroying a city app -- asset for petty political vendettas. they are expected to announce more information at a press conference later this morning. saudi arabia is expected to show evidence today that iran is responsible for the attack saudi oil refineries last weekend. >> laura reports this comes as america's top diplomat is traveling to the kingdom to discuss a possible response. the secretary of state is on his way to saudi arabia in the wake of the attack on the kingdom's oil industry. a senior diplomatic source tells cbs news that saudi arabia plans direct gesture directly blame iran.
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>> we are locked and loaded. >> the joint chiefs chairman senate president trump has not yet asked for any military options. he stressed economic, political , and economic responses are possible. >> u.s. officials say they may also want to avoid a military conflict after crews, missiles, and trends bypass air defenses. experts have examined the wreckage and determine the weapons were made in iran. >> if we give them a pass, it will escalate. >> lindsey graham said the u.s. needs to act swiftly. >> saudi arabia as an ally. we will supply their many national security reasons for the president to act. >> democrats argue president trump needs congressional approval to strike a run. >> he will bumble into war. they will fumble into. >> armed conflict against iran
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based on protecting saudi oil, that would be a disaster. >> half of the oil production has already been restored. saudi arabia expects to be back to full production by the end of the month, with than first expected, that is good news for drivers. analysts say prices at the pump will still increase but not by as much as previously thought. ridesharing company lift is hit with five new lawsuits from drivers/writers alleging they were sexually assaulted by drivers. one new suit alleges they held her at gunpoint and kidnapped her across state lines were she was . the accused driver was able to change his name and photo and app and continue driving. this comes two weeks after 14 unnamed women sued left with similar allegations and said the company limits investigation into assaults. in response, they released a statement saying we constantly
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work to improve the platform which is why we have invested in new features, protocols, and policies to protect riders and drivers. a man accused of attacking a woman outside her san francisco condo is facing a new church this morning. prosecutors are accusing austin of making terminal threats against the front desk clerk. he is already accused of battery, false imprisonment, and attempted burglary. his defense attorney says he was having a mental health crisis. he will be back in court october 1. housing crisis is having a big effect on teachers, it was evident at the town hall meeting last night at the santa clara county office of education. kevin says he moved to take a middle school music and choir position. his wife and two young kids did not come with him because they could not find an apartment he could afford. he moved into an rv and jumps from county park to county park where his family lives with
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relatives several hours away. other teachers have similar stories. >> we don't go on this for the money. we go into it because we love kids and we love the fact that we get to change every generation. >> we need to find properties, investors and projects, my hope is that when people listen to the individual stories of teachers, they will understand that this is real. the problem is widespread. >> the teacher spoke before panel. we continue our projects series with a deeper dive into what creating affordable housing in the bay area really looks like. susie found one developer who was using public money to convert apartment complexes into 100% affordable housing. it turns out, developers can use state money to convert complexes and raise rents, displacing tenants in the name
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of creating affordable housing. >> i had affordable housing. a lot of my neighbors had affordable housing. unfortunately, a lot of my neighbors don't have anywhere to live right now. >> watching my little ones grow up is hard. it's more of an inconvenience now that i have to move. >> low income tenants that properties cannot afford to pay the rent hikes and middle income tenants are told they make too much money to stay. it's story of mass displacement that's calling into question what is really affordable and unaffordable bay area. project home continues tonight at 11. let's take a live look at the city of san jose, it is officially the largest city in the u.s. to ban natural gas in most new customers new residential buildings. the vote was unanimous. it doesn't apply to existing homes or high-rises but it
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requires multi family buildings to include more charging spaces for electric vehicles. it provides incentives for commercial buildings go electric sunsets such as a free -- tax reduction. demonstrators shut down a health commission meeting to amending mental health meds be kept open. >> the city decided to suspend the program. >> he heard a thought and clear. if we wait for the meeting and wait for the hearing, these people will be displaced. nini has an opening date for the central subway, the summer of 2021. originally slated -- slated to last usher. this will run south of market.
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>> president trump made his first stop is commander-in- chief in the bay area. he kept it quick and quiet. he attended a luncheon fundraiser at this $96 million mansion. his itinerary was a closely kept secret until the very last minute. supporters and protesters tracked him down. >> i just came out to see one of the worst disasters we have ever had. >> there's a lot of trump supporters. a lot of people are free to say anything, afraid they might lose their job. >> the president was greeted by balloons, a baby trump, and his gold rimmed chicken. yesterday's fundraiser was expected to raise $3 million for the president's reelection parts of the gulf coast are preparing to get slammed with
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flooding despite a storm weakening. coming up, the threat from tropical impression imedla things are cooling down, we will get a look at the forecasts. so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪
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ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. we work has delayed its ipo after failing to drum up enthusiasm. we have that story and more in the money watch report.
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[music] >> stocks posted modest gains tuesday. investors are waiting for the federal reserve's decision on interest rate after its two day meeting wraps up today. president trump's trade war in china appears the global slowdown has begun to cut rates in hopes of sustaining economic expansion. >> we work delayed its ipo after failing to drum up enthusiasm. the startup was about to begin a roadshow before deciding to pull the plug. the parent company says it still plans to launch the initial public offering by the end of the year. >> new york is the first day to ban the sale of the flavored e cigarettes. the newark governor says the
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fruity and candflavored e6 need to be aimed at young people. vape shop owners say there considering legal action. that is your cbs money watch report. for more, had to the new york stock exchange. i am diane king hall. >> it is 4:45 always -- as we take a live look at galveston, texas. you could see the strong surf coming in, the white caps for waves. even lightning in this picture. folks along the gulf coast are feeling the impact from tropical storm imelda. the storm is bringing heavy rain and flooding throughout the region. >> 70 parts of the country have seen severe weather. it hasn't been too bad here. >> we're just looking at scattered showers possible with
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this week cold from pushing across the region. really we had the rain monday, now we are looking at the next weather system, not expecting a whole lot of rain but we are looking at the chance to see showers as he had the morning. you can see on high death doppler the showers pushing into the north bay this morning. that will continue to stay in the north bay as a go to the next couple hours. i will say on future cast with the scattered shower activity on future cast as we had to the rest of the morning. not expecting a lot. again, there is a chance, the tail end of this cold front. here's a live look at the tower camera, you can see the bay bridge and a cloudy start. temperatures are warmer and of her 50s to low to mid 60s. this cold front pushes through this morning bringing scattered showers, clearing as we had that afternoon.
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>> we typically see about a quarter inch of rain. october shun more than an inch. it's not unheard of showers in september. we are looking at the low pressure system dropping the cold front. this is our by our on what you can expect when you're getting ready for work and will, getting ready to head out the door. here we are at noon, it's starting to work its way to south bay. you can see it's body and scattered in nature. this is the cold front as it
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pushes through. a rainfall amounts are not a lot, it is almost a tent and i kia. not a lot expected. as we look ahead to the end of the week, high pressure builds in and we will be warming up. for today, pleasant temperatures, mild for sure. 77 and concord. 76 degrees in san jose. there we go with the 70 forecasts, temps will be warming up as we had to the work week, especially into the weekend. saturday looks to be the warmest day out of the extended forecast. we start off this time around with traffic as you make your way toward seminary. accident has been there since two this morning. it looks like this may have spun out and lanes, it was facing the wrong way.
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they had three lanes shut down, only the left lane is blocked, we are seeing some delays behind this crash. this is last 580 at seminary, the left lane is shut down. we are working on chokers to get out to the scene to get the fishing boat out as well. that may take us some time as well. you can happen 880 as well. if you plan on hitting the shore freeway, expect a lien block there for crash. this is heading toward the bay bridge. most are in the cash lanes. fast-track users are doing okay. extra volume, overall, no metering lights just yet. >> we had reports of construction. causing too much of a problem.
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things are moving nicely in both directions. same for the san mateo bridge. you're looking at a 14 minute drive time between 80 and 101. the devil wears prada announces details of the broadway premiere. tertainm e your eye on ask alex trebek says he is undergoing chemotherapy again for his stage iv pancreatic cancer. the jeopardy host stopped chemotherapy at the end of august. the 79-year-old said efforts to regain his strength have been dismal but he is not yet missed a show taping. >> the devil wears prada is heading to broadway. this is based onthe 2006 movie and will prep -- premier in chicago. the scores by elton john. >> there is a new fact often
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act as film. >> the film is a spinoff of the internet talkshow known for awkward interviews with celebrities. this time, he takes the show on the road. >> i hear this is great.? hoping that will open doors for other idiots? lexus premieres on netflix september 20. >> the cast of downtown abby was there for their premiere of their film. >> the king and queen are coming to downton. >> they are now on the big screen, following five seasons of the masterpiece classic show. hugh bonneville, who plays the patriarch, says a sequel is not beyond the realm of possibility. >> we all enjoyed getting the band back together. >> downton abbey's opens friday. that is your eye on entertainment. a monster homerun surprises
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his teammates. what it means for the race. that is coming up. >> very cool story. as we had to break, let's take a look at downtown san jose on this wednesday morning, 59 degrees and cool to start. will be right back.
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a cloudy and foggy start to the day, also tracking showers pushing into the bay area. there is high death doppler, this is because the tail end of a cold front is moving through. right now from the north bay, you can see from cloverdale, about to move it to santa rosa and down through bodega bay.
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this is the wet start to the day. will timeout the shower so the rest of the morning on future cast, coming up. nonsense carl played at fenway has a crowd scene this in left field. that change last night when his grandson played for the giants. >> the name of being an ounce for the first time since 83 is a great thrill for me. >> the left fielder, number five , mike yastrzemski. >> this is high in the center field. it is out of here. it is unbelievable. >> it's his 20th home run of the season. his grandfather played for 23 years. braden crawford goes off, kevin speeds home to score the had run. he was thrown out at third base. the giants took the lead at 6- 5. i'll try to close it out in
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the beginning. this ties the game at six. weo on to the 15th inning. alex dickerson just missed a home run. but it was deep enough to score , the giants went 7-6. the game lasted nearly 6 hours and ended after 1:00 eastern time. dave and the sacramento river gaps playing at the aaa championship. this is against columbus. the solo shot gave them 4-0 lead. that was the final score as they win their franchises third aaa title. all the giants were burning midnight well, the a's started the game three hours later. they finished before the game was over. the game at the coliseum was home before bedtime. the seventh inning, matt olson launched a 450 footer. his teammates couldn't believe it.
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it tied the game at one. downtown seth brown, he found the gaps. he scores all the way from first bay to have the lead. they when they came to-one. the a's open a two game lead over tampa for the top wild- card spot. they better start thinking about a playoff ticket. great memory for mike today. that is the latest in sports. see you tonight. >> first, president trump, now barack obama, with the former president is doing in the bay area today, coming up. >> we're live and mission terrace, where one person has died. another is in critical condition following an early- morning fire. firefighters remain unseen. from the couldn't be prouders
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>> breaking news this morning. one person is dead, another is fighting to stay alive after a bay area house fire. jackie has a life report. >> admissions showdown, california's fight against the trumpet ministration to set stricter air pollution standards. lexus is alive look outside, a chance of rain across the bay area. mary is in the weather center. >> a foggy start, good morning. it is wednesday, september 18. >> let's get right over to mary to talk about this rain. what's going on? looks we are watching the cold front push across the region. in the north bay, bringing scattered showers. you can see the activity is lighting up the radar screen for the north bay. from cloverdale just across healdsburg through santa rosa. this is bodega bay, about to move into inverness this morning. scattered showers this morning as the cold front pushes through. we are looking at


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