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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  September 18, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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election. you can see the picture there of prime minister justin trudeau in brown face, again revealed by time magazine. this was taken at a party 18 years ago when trudeau was 29 years old and teaching at an elite private school. tonight, the prime minister is apologizing. >> in 2001, when i was a teacher up in vancouver, i attended a gala where the theme was arabian knights. i dressed up in an aladdin costume and put makeup on. i shouldn't have done that. i should have known better, but i didn't. and i'm really sorry. >> okay, so trudeau is saying he will not resign over this news, but this could have a significant impact on the election as he's in a very tight race with conservatives. at the live news desk, susie steimle, kpix 5. here's a look at our top
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stories at 5:30. a redwood city police officer struck a man on elcamino while responding to a call. seriously injuring a pedestrian. >> a father and daughter dead after a house fire in san francisco. mission terrace neighborhood, flames broke out shortly before 3:00 this morning. victims have been identified as ricardo ron and his 23 year old law school student -- his daughter camila ron. no word on how the fire got started. california leaders are fighting back after trump announces roll backs on california emission standards. attorney general says trump had no authority to revoke the waiver saying we'll see you in court if you stand in our way. a pennsylvania district be
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investigation into former raider antonio brown thanks to the statute of limitation. an allegheny district attorney says that's too long ago to open a criminal investigation. brown is denying the charges. a prominent political activist and democratic donor has been arrested after two men died in his apartment and a third barely made it out alive. ed buck is accused much being a violent sexual predator. two men died in his west hollywood apartment in 2017. investigators called them accidents and let it go, but the well-connected buck was arrested last night at his home after yet a third man barely survived an overdose and called police. neighbors and activists say that it took too long for act. >> i'm not okay with people
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dieing in his house and people not -- and people -- like coming over here and dying. >> reporter: this is not a . caused the death. this is a situation where mr. buck has had long time friends who unfortunately do not handle their life well. >> buck remains in jail tonight and the case remains under investigation. prosecutors have asked for buck's bail to be set at $4 million. we're learning new details on a former american airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging a miami plane. the plane had over 100 people on board. today a federal judge cited new evidence of potential terrorism ties. prosecutors say the suspect expressed he wanted to harm non- muslims. also that he has a brother in iraq who might be involved in isis. the suspect was denied bail today. the mechanic worked for american airlines since 1988.
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president trump going after iran's economy in retaliation for that strike on saudi arabian oil facilities. he says his administration will be announcing new sanctions and soon. he called the attacks an act of war. white house officials haven't ruled out further action by president including a military response. iran is denying the whole thing. they deny they had any role in this attack and warns it will retaliate if the u.s. takes any military action. the federal reserve is rate goes down t rates. to a range of 1.75 to 2%. low inflation as reasons for the cuts. u.s. stocks fell right after the cut was announced, but rebounded by the closing bell. dow up 36 points. nasdaq down 8 points.
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s&p fell 1. today, teen climate activist getta tune berg testified on capitol hill. the 16 year old and other youth are urging congress to step up and protect the planet. >> i don't want you to listen to me. i want you to listen to the scientists and then i want you to take action. we need to inform them and start treating this crisis like the emergency it is. then i think people will understand. >> after the hearing, members of let the youth be heard and some lawmakers gathered on the steps of the u.s. supreme court. on friday, young people around the world are planning a global climate strike and tuneberg will address the un climate action summit next week. some cafes in berkeley are trying to cut down on the of e
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away. a reusable cup program launched today. cafes lend reusable cups to their customers rather than have them use disposable cups. so far 11 cafes in berkeley are taking part. -- cooked up a food revolution. now, some are saying unlike fine cheese or wine, the name gourmet ghetto is not aging well. kpix 5's don ford says the name some find offensive is for others an acquired taste. >> reporter: now, some folks are saying it's offensive. the 1600 block of shaddic in north berkeley is lined with fine restaurants. caesars, dara's and of course the world famous -- the term gourmet ghetto was once whimsical, but not now.
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it's the word ghetto that some feel is so offensive, it has to go. >> in the past few decades, it's been a term that describes certain neighborhoods that primarily -- people, lower income, especially black people, african american people, have been living in. >> reporter: mean while, down the street at cheese born pizza, folks had a different thought about the name. >> sign of the times. people want to be more sensitive about the words. >> for a long time, i didn't know what ghetto meant. i checked it out. it means neighborhood. but i know it's got a negative connotation to it. but i never think of it as a negative thing. >> i understand the sensitivity on that. so we can come up with a better term, that would be fine with me. >> bistro boulevard. >> the gourmet ghetto? >> reporter: what do you think of that name? >> i think it sounds good.
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it rhymes and has two d's, so it's catchy. >> reporter: the neighborhood association will consider the matter at its next meeting. >> a restaurant owner has come out against the name. she says she never liked it or the idea of naming a neighborhood at all. you know that guy. former president barack obama appeared in san francisco today to speak at a tech conference. market watch reports obama stressed the importance of having a careful eye when sifting through the glut of information out there. and he made a jab at president trump by cautioning over- reliance on social media. his bay area visit comes while a south bay city moves to pay tribute to the former president in a more permanent way. last night, milpitas voted to rename a portion of dixon
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landing road after barack obama. but as kpix 5's wilson walker reports, an unsavory feature of that is causing the mayor to say pump the brakes. >> reporter: meet walnut grove some pretty empassioned resistance from the mayor. this more a question of perspective. so this is dixon landing road. it goes from the edge right there of 880 and dixon landing. it's going all the way down -- >> reporter: mayor rich tran was outvoted 3-2 last night, the milpitas council moving ahead with plans to make this barack obama boulevard despite what's at the end of this road. that would be the newbie island landfill.
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>> dixon landing road cannot be the barack obama boulevard or bo boulevard next to the landfill into silicon valley. absolutely not. >> reporter: those who voted for the change see this differently. they say drivers heading southbound on 880, the signs bearing barack obama's name would be an official gateway to the silicon valley. >> it is a good idea. >> reporter: the landfill part doesn't bother you? >> i don't think so. >> when you're going to rename a street, where's it going to lead to? of course it's going to lead to the land fall. that's going to be the butt of all jokes when you think about it. >> reporter: that's the mayor's concern as well, that the obama landfill road will become the source of national jokes. the mayor says this is a bad idea and he thinks his fellow citizens will come to that conclusion as well. >> i have great faith in the
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residents of milpitas. and here in milpitas, the residents will be heard. >> reporter: crews are out looking at what it will cost to makethe change. that means this will go back to the city council with the opportunity for public comment. wilson walker, kpix 5. it's been shut down for much of the last decade. now the washington monument is just hours away from reopening. and we are getting a sneak peek. >> coming up, all new at 6:00, new bad blood between santa clara and the 49ers. the city's fito take over control of non-football events at levi stadium. how the team is not backing down.
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f0 after the concord city council shut down any talks about establishing rent control, city wide tenants are now unionizing. they're called todos santos tenants union. their goal is to push for rent protections such as rent control. tonight at 11:00, we continue our project home series with a deeper dive into what creating affordable housing in the bay area really looks like. our susie steimle found one developer who is using public money for transforming -- into affordable housing. turns out they can convert
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complexes and raise rents, displacing tenants in the name of affordable housing. >> i had affordable housing. a lot of my neighbors had affordable housing and unfortunately a lot of my neighbors don't have anywhere to live right now. >> watching my little ones grow up and stuff, it's hard, more inconvenient, now that i have to move. >> low income tenants cannot afford to pay the rent hikes and middle income tenants are told they make too much money to stay. it's a story of mass displacement that's calling into question what is really affordable in the unaffordable bay area. we're getting our first looked it at the washington monument before it reopens to the public tomorrow. 100,000tons of pure marble was once the tallest structure in the world. it was closed for most of the last 10 years cause damage and repairs following a rare
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east coaeain 2011. this was the scene, rocks raining down on dozens of visitors who survived more than two terrifying minutes at the observation deck 500 feet up. >> when those doors open on thursday, you don't expect them to close again for a few years -- >> they will stay open. we look forward to probably 500,000 people or so a year. >> reopening the monument took one thing the park service didn't have. that was money. so a baltimore billionaire stepped in giving them more than 10 million bucks to do the job. >> nice. keeping an eye on the forecast. it's really starting to feel like fall out there. >> yeah, it is. >> little bit of rainfall. temperatures running below average. it will be a chilly night tonight. only about 2 to 4 degrees below average. but remember last friday, 100 inland, it's a lot cooler, isn't it.
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concord, santa rosa, san jose, fremont and san francisco, that's about everyone, almost, except the coast. just about everybody else had highs in the 70s. why? cloudy morning, scattered showers. after a not so warm day and clear skies in the evening, that will be the perfect -- fall-like. oakland down to 57. vallejo 54. napa, 50 and concord 56. we get deeper and deeper into our next season -- autumn begins monday morning. pollen count, low today, low tomorrow, climbing between 6 and 7 on the scale friday and saturday. we have to get more in accumulating rainfall. we got a glancing blow today. there's been a lot of rain and thunderstorms and flooding in far north california and southern oregon. the low itself is sitting over southern oregon and peeling off to the east. we will transition from an area of low pressure to this ridge,
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which is over my left shoulder here. it's going to get closer. it's not going to -- pacifica, you could hit 90 degrees, certainly not the case this time. the center -- we still get an on-shore flow, but it will be light, allowing temperatures to climb back to average as we head toward the weekend. everybody getting sunshine in the afternoon. on friday, we are sunny from start to finish everywhere. even half moon bay, bodega bay, inverness, you're going to be sunny all day friday. climate prediction center put these things out, a 6 to 10 day outlook. much of california predicted -- not a guarantee, but a prediction to be warmer than average, with a ghge at over t and you'll see that in the 7- day forecast. temperatures climbing early next week. partly cloudy tonight. tonight, a little fog along the
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coast. temperatures close to our seasonal averages on thursday and we begin the warm up into the weekend. nice day tomorrow, three to 4 degrees below average in san jose. palo alto 77. pacifica, 65. we'll see the low 80s in pittsburgh and walnut creek. 66 in daly city. 76 for mill valley. richmond, 68. napa 78 degrees and -- cloverdale 82. friday, couple of degrees warmer. 70s near the bay, 80s to near 90 inland and warming toward the middle of next week. whole lot of sunshine as we say it's a llo autumn. the oakland zoo. how a special elephant celebrated turning 50. menthol mint, ad flavors, addicting kids to nicotine.
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l this week's jefferson award winner volunteers where
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she works. >> rafael casali -- an unusual day job inspired her to serve others. >> san quentin state prison, warden's office. >> reporter: she has what many might see as an interesting and challenging day job. for 11 years, she's worked at san quentin prison. the last 10, as the warden's secretary. >> my job duties were great. i got to work in the warden's office, which i never thought i would. >> reporter: off the clock, rafa, as she's known, often stays within the walls volunteering, sometimes as a back up singer for one of the inmate's band rehearsals. >> it's a creative space. especially for people who are artists. it's a way that express themselves. >> reporter: she also volunteers for prison programs
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bike squares. san quentin utilization -- a juvenile justice diversion program that brings at-risk young people to the prison to meet with inmates who then share with them what it is really like to be locked up. and she encourages young incarcerated men like david to express themselves with music through san quentin's youth offender's program. >> it's meaningful to be able to work with music inside of prison and utilize the time to help others. it's the best gift i can have to help others. >> reporter: rafa's long term commitment to volunteerer innerspired -- >> i can't really describe it in words because she does so much. >> reporter: she says she's benefited too. >> to actually see people change their thinking so much so that they're going to actually be erperson leaving
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prison. i mean, how could you not support that? >> reporter: so for her commitment to helping those who were incarcerated see the most in themselves and turn their lives around, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to raffial casali. >> you can nominate your own local hero at it comes with a surprising twist. >> plus bay area cities seeing a shortage of cops. the new incentive police departments are offering to get new hires. >> and facebook launching a new video chat and streaming service. we'll give you a first look at portal tv.
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who doesn't love a good birthday party? oakland zoo threw a special bash today. >> the elephant turned 50 years
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old today. there were gifts, even a watermelon flavored cake. but the elephant was a little apprehensive and left to go eat some nearby hay. >> she came out and was suspicious about it. it's like a really big set up. it actually ended up scaring her a little bit. so we let her friendings how the and they've been enjoying the feast. >> her friends lisa and donna were there to celebrate the very special occasion. >> elephants never forget. she remembered the time someone blew birthday cake in her face. kpix 5 news at 6:00 begins right now. santa clara wants to sack the 49ers. the contract the city wants to terminate. plus the bad blood betwth e day0 police officer shortage. how agencies are trying to
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revladimir recruit cops with cash. >> the unique approach to cracking down on teen vaping. kpix news at 6:00 starts now with an all-out war between santa clara and the 49ers. >> the city is fighting to take overall concerts and entertainment events at levi stadium, but the niners are not backing down. >> kpix 5's len ramirez has more on the ongoing drama. >> reporter: well, this has been a shocking series of events. it's clear now there is no love lost between the san francisco 49ers and the city of santa clara. and certainly not how santa clara voters thought things would work out when they approved the stadium back in 2010. the mayor, city manager and labor leaders giving the 49ers an f grade for its


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