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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 18, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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breaking news. san francisco put on notice. our original series. >> i feel like we were sucker punched. >> watching my the ones grow up, it is more of an inconvenience. now that i have to move.
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we have the presidents unusual threat against the city of san francisco. >> reporter: the president said he would sick the environmental protection agency against san francisco. the president wrapped up his california tour today taking a shot at san francisco. >> if you look at san francisco, it is a total disaster. they will ruin their cities. we will get involve soon on a federal basis. >> reporter: tonight as he was leaving he made more remarks on air force one regarding san francisco's harmless crisis. the president claimed, quote from the president, we
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will give san francisco a notice very soon. epa will be putting out a notice. they are in serious violation. >> it sounds completely ridiculous to me. i don't know why we believe a word that comes out of his mouth at this point. >> reporter: this san francisco supervisors said the president is taking a political shot at the city. as for the city's water system, most of the greats you see on street corners are catch basins . what is collected goes to a treatment plant, not the ocean. the only places where some storm drains go directly to the ocean with minimal treatment are on the outskirts of the city, such as trojan beach. >> there is no epa violations. there is someone who does not believe in environmental protection. it sounds like nonsense. it is unfortunate that the president of the united states is coming to san francisco choosing to
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attack our city. rather than trying to assist us with more funding. >> reporter: the san francisco mayor issued her own statement. we are focused on advancing solutions to meet the challenges on our streets. if the president wants to talk about homelessness, we are committed to working with the state in federal partners on an actual solution. while the trump administration has promised to intervene, the housing secretary ben carson yesterday toward housing in san francisco has officially rejected the governor's request for any more federal funding. >> they say they are unused the reason why is because the cost in california. we are asking them to address that issue. i suspect that was not his
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intention. his intention was to take a cheap shot, and use this to demagogue a progressive state. >> secretary carson blames regulations for the states problems and said solutions can be found in private public partnerships. beto o'rourke is in the bay area. he raised campaign cash tonight. he spent part of the day speaking with prisoners at san quentin. he has made can control his signature issue, said it is important to focus on a person's ability to change and learn from their mistakes. he said that perspective comes in part from his own run-ins with the law. >> in my own life, an arrest from driving under the influence , an arrest for attempted trespass, neither of those defined me or determine my options in my. >> you noted his race and
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privilege were a big reason why. he prays the bay area volunteers who donated their time to teach kids in classes. tonight we learned that a pedestrian hit by a redwood city police officer is in critical condition. and nearby surveillance camera caught it all when a man jaywalking across el camino riau was hit by a patrol car. el camino had to be close. tonight the victim is out of surgery and in icu. the officer has been treated and released and at least on it was in the vehicle is also an injured. tonight a peninsula high school is remembering an alumnus who died in a house fire. flames broke out early this morning at a home in san francisco mission terrace neighborhood.
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it is unclear if the home had working smoke detectors. camila ron graduated in 2014. tonight the school said she cared so deeply for others and never put yourself first. she valued her friendships and her family was her whole world. you use your phone to check out a cup like a library book. when you are done you return it in one of these kiosks. this is one of a dozen copy shops in berkeley that launched the program today. a stack of stainless steel reusable cups that you can scan on your phone, take with you and keep for five days.
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they are made by vessel, a boulder, colorado company working to fight throwaway culture. >> you look at the trash cans on the street. the majority of what you see is disposable cups. >> reporter: cups they cannot be recycled because of a layer of plastic inside them. the founder said, these to go cups can solve that problem. >> people can tangibly take part in this movement to create a better more sustainable future. >> it is not saying compressible or recyclable. >> reporter: it is part of a larger shift in berkeley. come january the city will require businesses to offer compostable food where and customers will have to pay $.25 for >> it is a nice way to save. >> reporter: perhaps out of habit she still went plastic today. worried about the program and
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it could take time to spread. >> reporter: berkeley restaurants will have to stop offering disposable food where to customers dining in. our original series. >> i had affordable housing. a lot of my neighbors had affordable housing. unfortunately, a lot of my neighbors do not have anywhere to live right now. why is being called to d.c. again.
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the military confirms they have footage of unidentified aerial phenomenon.
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now to our original series. project home. >> affordable housing is paramount to solving the housing crisis. one developer is using public
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it is actually leading to higher rent. >> these were posted to my door. >> reporter: she has lived at these apartments for eight years . she is moving because an affordable housing developer has made this place unaffordable . her rent is going up. she will have to move which means less time with her grandkids. >> watching my little ones grow up, it is hard. it is an inconvenience that i have to move. >> reporter: in february the affordable housing developer purchase her apartment complex is part of a seven property package deal for $116 million. the plan is to turn each building into 100% affordable housing and use public bond money and tax credits to convert each complex. but it came at a cost. mass displacement of nearly existitenants. >> ofwhat an affordable
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housing program should be doing . >> reporter: she is a staff attorney with the national housing law project who specializes in low income housing tax credit properties. >> the property at the time it was acquired was actually what you would find naturally occurring affordable housing. >> reporter: the tenants were paying around $900 a month for a one-bedroom $1200 a month for a two bedroom. the rent is higher than that now. the rent is going up from about $900 a month for a one-bedroom up to $1300. and $1200 for a two bedroom, $2100. to qualify to live in a property in antioch you have to make less than $49,000 a year. sandy does but she cannot afford the $400 rent hike. other tenants were told they make too much money. she works at whole foods.
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>> there were plans for a wedding and our future. >> reporter: she lived at the heyward property with her fianci. she is not putting her wedding on hold because they cannot afford it. every single tenant you see here is at risk of losing their home or already have. >> i feel like we were sucker punched. and the rug pulled out . >> reporter: the state has safeguards in place to prevent this type of displacement. reliant was supposed to go door to door in this property and verify everybody's income. if you make too much money they were supposed to offer you relocation. reliant said to try to do that but the process is messy. often times tenants would bring incomplete information and they could not figure out their income so they would not be allowed to stay. if you ask tenants, they would say reliant made them feel harassed, confused and most left out of fear. >> i had affordable housing. a lot of my neighbors had affordable housing. unfortunately, a lot of my neighbors do not have anywhere to live right now.
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>> reporter: he is a veteran working a temporary job making $21 an hour. he was told he made too much money and was threatened with eviction so he moved. >> i feel like there was misinformation. >> nobody wants to see anybody displaced. >> reporter: he is the president of reliant. he said this was all a miscommunication. >> someone came and said there would not be mass displacement. but there was. >> nobody came from reliant and said there would not be mass displacement. >> reporter: here is jason snyder from reliant injuring city leaders that mass displacement will not happen. >> we are not in the business of displacing residents. but we are not in the business of putting people out in the street. >> reporter: the state have the same impression. internal email said the treasurer's office believed most of all existing tenants will be staying at the project after the project has become affordable. do you think the communication could have been more clear to ensure that may be some of the tenants could stay?
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rather than leaving on their own ? >> no question. communication could have been better. >> reporter: he is reevaluating the way reliant goes about the conversions. unfortunately for most tenants, it is too late. but reliant has another chance. several in fact. at his other properties. were tenant trust is at an all- time low. >> clearly based on the level of miscommunication and misunderstanding that was evidenced tonight, we can do better. >> paying attention is important because it is a way we can create affordable housing in california. cities are looking for ways to extend affordable housing projects.
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>> we were talking off the air about how this sounds really good. it looks good on paper. the bar so high in the bay area. even subsidize housing is not affordable. >> they cannot afford to stay here and they cannot afford to double the rent. >> for a lot of the tenants it meant displacement. we want to hear your story as your ideas and solutions to solving the problem. you can send your suggestions to
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us. let's take a live look at capitol hill. facebook founder mark zuckerberg will talk with lawmakers intent on holding his company accountable. it is his first trip to capitol hill since his testimony during the cambridge analytical scandal last year. he is slated to meet with top senate and house officials who are expected to pressure them on facebook's problems with privacy. as well as the massive size and influence. facebook said it is taking a big step to rain in plastic by removing disposable water bottles from its new employee cafeterias, including the new mega campus. employees will be offered water filling stations instead. tonight, the military is
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finally admitting they have no idea what this is. what this could actually be. >> reporter: astronomers have watch the sky every night. they discover new planets all the time. the question is, have they ever spotted a ufo similar to the ones in the u.s. navy footage? they are the u.s. navy videos that have made the rounds on the internet. and had the world speculating on what the military had captured. the owner todd flying objects have a navy pilot wondering what they were looking up. a couple years after the videos release, the navy is finally admitting the existence of the ufos.
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calling them, unidentified aerial phenomenon. >> at the top of mount hamilton , i have not seen anything i could not explain. >> reporter: he believes whatever is in the navy's video is not likely from outer space but rather right here from earth. >> i think it's a step too far. >> reporter: he said it could be another government agencies aircraft i can drone. but the navy has never seen it before. he said that has happened in the past. >> many other observatories and scientists spend time looking at the night sky. >> reporter: he said there were so many discoveries to make through a telescope. he has seen some fascinating things. but never extraterrestrial life. yet. >> i subscribe to the fact that i need evidence.
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and maybe in our lifetimes we will have that evidence. >> reporter: the navy said the videos are a fraction of what they see in the sky. scattered showers throughout the bay area. radar is dry. clear skies over san francisco. it is 63 in the city. 50s tonight. oakland 57. no me ms stream. titng out e ar high pressure will build in but it will not sit over us. it will stay off to the west. we have clouds tomorrow morning.
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sunshine for the afternoon. climate prediction center addicting what they think 6-10 days in the future. california's back to warmer. concord 81. san jose 76. danville 68 in san francisco. extended forecast, we warm up gradually. hitting 90 inland. sunshine near the bay and 70s across the board.
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san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. in vallejo these rascals made their debut at six flags they are three months old. you can visit them now at the parks nursery. >> they are cute.
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the raiders have a 48 the road trip. jon gruden's reaction. that is coming up. tonight's game in boston cooper!
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♪ help! not just anybody ♪ help! you know i need someone tonight he had a chance to join them on the list. eventually, in cooperstown. a cool moment before the game. red sox hall of famer throwing out the first pitch to his grandson. he did not seem to tired tonight. the giants had a 3-0 lead. he had a single and it brings home garcia. the giants win 11-3. with the victory, he becomes the 11th manager in baseball history to reach 2000 career wins. an all-star in 2018 will
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miss the rest of reasonth bk in he is hoping to return for the playoffs. a little work to do after the rain. the game was delayed 30 minutes. he thought he would drive that. he makes a diving catch. the game stayed scoreless until the 11th. this is down the right field line. that is the game-winning run. they take two out of three in the series. the magic number to clinch a playoff spot is eight games. the raiders said goodbye to the coliseum dirt for the last time. that is because the long and winding road is underway. starting this weekend in minnesota, oakland will not play in the bay area until
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november 3. with their only home game being in london. the coach tried his best to put a good face on the schedule. >> we will have to deal with it. we have to showcase our mental toughness and deal with it. it is uncommon. maybe unprecedented. may be unrealistic that it should happen in pro football. i am not excited about it. we will do the best we can. >> even the audio is that on the road. >> there is too much construction. >>
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