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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 20, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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♪ now at 11:00, the it is far from over. a look at the new lawsuit that the 49ers just filed against the city of santa clara. she is taking legal action after she was forced to remove that, before boarding a flight. do you know this man? police want to talk to him. the battle over control of bitter by the day. good evening i am veronica de la cruz. >> in i am ken bastida. the 49ers mean business. we are live and sandler with the latest. >> reporter: earlier this week, the 49ers accused the city of santa clara peddie of being
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peddie. tonight the hit back. the 49ers have filed a 14 page lawsuit. essentially asking a judge to determine the rights of each in this dispute. the city council, acting as the stadium authority, voted to terminate the agreement with the 49ers that allows them to manage the stadium. they gave the team an f for several categories. >> their performance off the field is terrible. >> reporter: they say that this is a complete misunderstanding of the management agreement, which has cause public confusion. the 49ers have posted high- profile events like the taylor swift concert. the u2 concert. and the super bowl, featuring coldplay.
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this is brought in $20 trillion in profits. and a boost to the local economy. by attempting to and the local, management agreement the city threatens to take away these economic opportunities. there mayor responded to the lawsuit. saying that we terminated the agreement because we discovered fraud and wage theft. and the cities rules, like a weekday curfew, have not changed one bit since they opened the stadium in 2014. >> reporter: so they have dubbed the 10 music curfew, they said that acts do not want to come here because of it. they say that this is curfew is retaliatory. recently, the rolling stones complained about the curfew and
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said they probably would not come back here ever again. live in santa clara, kpix 5. a live look at sfo, where a bay area teenager said that she was forced before she boarded if i. now she is fighting back and taking action. >> reporter: this 13-year-old passenger is from santa clara. she is also in the u.s. national squash team. she did clear tsa. this is when she said trouble began. >> the air canada agents that you need to take that off. i said i cannot, he said you have to. >> reporter: she said that she was forced to do so on the jetway at sfo, in front of other passengers. she says that air canada refused a request to remove in a private area. >> taking it off is not just taken off your sock or whatever. it is almost like, it is a big
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deal to me. it is part of my identity. as a person. so when somebody tells me to just casually take it off, it is degrading. >> reporter: this is why the san francisco bay area office of the council on american islamic relations has sent air canada this complaint letter. she is willing to negotiate a settlement, to avoid a legal fight. among the demands, monetary damages for emotional distress. and immediate policy changes to prohibit discrimination and harassment. >> our concern is, a lot of people will be's flying through air canada, and will face this treatment. an answer sincere apology has
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not been given. >> the family is looking for a sincere apology. tonight we have reached out to air canada for comment and have not yet heard back. back to you. tonight son is a police have a person in interest in that shooting yesterday at san jose state university. they need your help tracking this person down. police say that this man was spotted about 6:20 pm last night around martin luther king jr. library on campus red around the time that the shots were fired. hea white maleing a k hoodie and a blue surgical mask. police say it is unclear whether he was involved, but they would like to talk to him. several windows were shattered by gunfire. and neighborhood parking garage also damage. nobody was hurt, luckily. new video to show you now. this is of a train slamming
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into an suv. the drive was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. ironically, they tweeted out this video earlier as part of the real safety campaign. it shows dangerous situations of drivers and pedestrians getting hurts when they do not stop for train crossing gates. they say the suv driver ran a red light. the sun is setting on another beautiful day at ocean beach. tomorrow is expected to be a great day to hit the water. hjab 's emily turner joins us. >> yeah, it is going to be absolutely beautiful. it is always too cold in the water on those sunny warm days. it is a really nice night out there. taking a live look at the salesforce tower. where it is nice and clear over san francisco. 60 nights degrees in san francisco.
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69 in concord. 72 in oakland at this hour. our high temperatures tomorrow, there going to be warm. anywhere from 6 to 7 degrees above average. 76 in san francisco. concord, you guys are going to get into the 90s. mid to low 90s in those inland areas. certainly warm, but it is not going to stop there. this high pressure system is really going to build in to the beginning of next week. this is going to bring with it the threat of fire dangers as well as red flag warnings. it is going to be warm. today students across the bay area and the world walked out of class and into the streets. they said when it comes to climate change, time is running out. llousands march down san
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and, san jose a ound the bay area. green deal. they want to stop runaway climate change. they and their parents say that the climate emergency for them is happening now. it is putting their future in doubt. >> we miss school for that because we thought it was something important. but a lot of adults are not taking it seriously. >> we are about 10 years behind of where we should be. >> last year a un climate report warned that humanity has just 12 years left to stop global warming. today students said that they are ready to take action now. new tonight, san francisco's plan. it is on hold for now. as we saw on tuesday night, demonstrators shut down a meeting of the public health commission in san francisco. they are upset because they
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suspended the ntfaatpres dens ofs pa. tonight the health department says the plan to evict those residences on hold. >> now that we have gotten to this point where everybody's paying attention because we made a lot of noise. the residents are speaking out on their own behalf. saying, please do not put me on the street. now we would need from the city is due hold those beds. >> city supervisors in the mayor office are hashing out a new way to take care of the patients. many of whom are patients, who are homeless. new tonight, the alameda police are looking for someone who burglarized a home. this is the latest in a troubling trend in alameda. just in the last week alone, there have been several strange break-ins. when we mean? well, in four of the cases, the
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families actually came face-to- face with the intruders. the crimes are not even connected. police say that on all of these incidences, the burglars came in unlocked doors. so far there has been only one arrest. new surveillance video to show you tonight. it begs the question, who would want to steal a giant, inflatable water slide? this is what these two guys are accused of dragging away from an indoor adventures in stockton. the park says that it is worth about $1600. they may try to get rid of it by selling it on social media. controversial, former radar , antonio brown was released from the new england patriots. plus, big changes coming to you too. has a lot of social media stars upset tonight. and hurricane lorena , how is already impacting california. ♪
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♪ antonio brown is without a team tonight. he just got sacked again. the new allegations against him and the fallout. >> reporter: antonio brown no longer a new england patriot. he is facing new allegations of intimidation. fa at say odriddce. antonio brown's tenure as a
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player was short-lived. the team released him after new allegations that he tried to intimidate a woman after she accused him of harassment. this includes a woman and her kids and saying part let's look into her background. the patriots released a statement saying, that we feel that it is best to move in a different direction at this time. the announcement came days after brittany taylor, one of his former trainers, met with nfl officials for 10 hours to talk about her lawsuit. that claims that he assaulted her three times. including, a violent rape. >> i don't think that somebody who has harassed a woman or his going through any of these
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allegations should be in the nfl. >> good for the patriots. could call. >> reporter: vern glenn says that the allegations against brown, the time when the nfl is increasingly cracking down. >> we have seen this before. especially here in the bay area. where the 49ers, they bounced themselves right off that team. this violence against women, it is just too toxic an issue for any team to really want to take on. >> reporter: brown has denied the allegations. he announced that he was fired on twitter. and he thinks the patriots for the opportunity. hjab. cbs reported tonight, that brown was was to get a bonus on monday. the lawsuit, is a claim, he has not been charged with a crime. a lot of social media stars are upset tonight. some of them are going to lose
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their authentication badges. with more than $100,000 -- 100,000 followers, they can get a checkmark. this means that some youtube stars will no longer qualify for the verification. those who are eager for the latest version of the iphone lined up outside of the apple stores. this is the first day that they could pick up an iphone. in san francisco, this evening, a live look at the flagship store, the line stretched out the door all the way down the block. people who did not preorder the phone, said that they had to wait at least two hours. >> i like that it is like the x and x are mixed together. but with the price of the exar.
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which is nice. yeah, that kramer is also very nice. >> the 11 has a stronger battery and a faster processor. it started $699. noun to our storm watch. there is catastrophic flooding in southeast texas. from tropical storm imelda. a fourth victim was found inside of a car, as the water receded. almost 2000 people have been rescued or evacuated. as rainfall continues, flooding in south mexico as well. hurricane lorena remains a category 1 hurricane, prompting warnings and watches. air travel is also being impacted. more than a dozen lights
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flights have been canceled. emily turner with our local forecast. emily? >> so far it looks like it is still a category 1. it made landfall this morning as a category 1. you can see anywhere there is pink, this is a hurricane watch. a hurricane watch is in orange. take a look at this map. it has changed its track in just the 10 hours or so. ee originally was going out into the pacific and really losing steam. but instead it is tracking just right here, up through the golf and stay because of that warm water. potentially gaining a little bit more throughout the night and into the early morning hours. in the meantime, as it is moving at a pretty slow rate of speed, this is dumping a bunch of rain.
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in the meantime, back here. nice and clear, not a cloud in sight. it is absolutely beautiful and ocean beach. in san francisco, your current temperature is 66 degrees. 59 degrees in santa rosa. these temperatures are really not going to get a whole lot cooler. it is in the middle of a warm- up right now. 52 degrees in santa rosa. 59 in concord. 56 in pacifica. our satellite and radar shows this high pressure system is really big in building in now. as it starts to move in, our temperatures begin to climb. it is going to take a brief break on sunday and monday. then we will be back in full force next week. more on that in just a moment. but first, let's take a look at your we can. you can see a little bit of clouds, as far as the morning
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is concerned. this is going to burn off really quickly. as the temperatures start to rise into saturday afternoon and into the evening hours. look at this, this high pressure system backs off a moment. our temperatures cool back down by sunday, going into monday. so for tomorrow, it will be mainly clear, with warmer temperatures. we do have that break on sunday. and the middle of next week, it is back, it is going to be hotter and drier with increased risk of fire danger. temperatures, 90 degrees in santa rosa tomorrow. 94 in fairfield. 87 in and is a. this is an awfully warm day. saturday is very clearly your take to go to the beach. you can see that tomorrow is the warmest day of the weekend. we do have that break.
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it really starts to impact is on sunday monday. take a look at this. the numbers that you see on the top of your screen right there, those are conservative numbers. we may be flirting with triple digit numbers in those inland areas by mid week with this high pressure system building in. there will be some relief by the end of the week. in the meantime, this is just a taste of what is to come. do not forget to wake up with the latest forecast starting tomorrow at 6 am. >> thank you. bay area friends are celebrating the the weather's perfect...
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♪ nobody told you that life was going to be this way, or that friends would be such a popular show, 25 years after it first aired. >> if you're looking for a perfect way to celebrate the sitcom. they have transformed into a friends, fan experience. complete with the iconic orange couch. you can take plenty of pictures. and you can watch classic friends episodes. >> it is fascinating. the show has been off the air force quite some time. it is not just people that watched its original broadcast run. from grandparents, to grandkids, across the generations. is >> the experience runs until the end of the year.
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this series, by the way, will be leaving netflix at the end of the year. it will be available on hbo max. >> vern watched it all of the time. >> i did, i did. >> i think it was jennifer aniston's hair. do you remember the jennifer aniston haircut? is >> it looks kind of like this. >> do you remember when ross leeched his teeth? >> didn't he also do a fake tan thing? i have the last word in sports.pioh, man. in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony. for people with parkinson's,
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baseball up two. eight regular-season games left. they cannot fully relax. in the race for the postseason. man, they were banging the drums loudly. i am chad pender. they were not done. eight innings, a couple of hits, no runs and five strikeouts. a solid night. two on the bottom of the fifth. a berkeley bear, ripped a homer. 25 big flies. the athletics when it 8-0. they remain two games away from the wild card playoff race.
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in atlanta, no southern hospitality tonight. fifth inning, two run homer. his 41st. factored big in the race. a 6-0, shut out. this eliminated the giants. we have some college football. on the second play of the game against utah. the full body weight of his 6'5", 335 pound tackle. he came off of the bench. three touchdowns. he had 10 catches and 332 yards. he had the game of cal is at mississippi tomorrow. and coming very soon, october 9 that he center, the warriors.
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this is called warriors who utopia. it is a chance for anyone, i mean anyone to dunk. you go through the whole experience. drafted, press conferences, you can live like an actual nba player. wow. what a great time that i had. >> well-rounded they draft you in? >> i went undrafted. so there you go. >> a free agent. we will
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well, the late show with stephen colbert's up next. have a great weekend.
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we will ceo. ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ >> the name is mr. t. first name is mr. middle name is that period. last name is t. listen, and listen good. >> i'm very highly educated. i know words. i have the best words. >> please, don't brag. only fools brag. bragging just shows you can shoot off your big mouth. >> i know that alabama was in the original forecast. >> always shift the facts. then you decide. >> from the wright brothers to that beautiful orion space capsicle. >> if you have trouble reading, don't hide it like spike did.


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