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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 25, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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♪ now at 11:00. breaking news, pg&e shut enough power to parts of the bay area. where? and how to prepare. plus, more heat all the way. spots that could top 100
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degrees again. and when the cool down will begin. it could be a bombshell day on capital hill tomorrow. house democrats are pushing forward on an impeachment inquiry. what it means and what is next. >> no one is above the law. >> you cannot unilaterally decide. good evening i am ken bastida. >> i am juliet goodrich. pg&e is getting ready to power down the grid because of fire danger. 5 1/2 hours from now, eugene a will shut power off for hundreds of customers. tens of thousands more will lose power in the sierra foothills. >> joe vasc is begins our team coverage in san jose -- santa rosa. >> reporter: they weather conditions have improved. pg&e has decided that they will cut some power, but is not as much as they could have.
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>> due to the windy weather, and a heightened fire risk, pg&e has decided to shut off power the northbay to 1400 customers. in napa county and sinnott sonoma counties. >> reporter: in sonoma county the shut off area is sneer forest porter creek road. they are preparing the exotic animal park for the power outage. >> this is the area where the fires blasted over the mountain ridge. it pretty much extinguish all of the homes up there. >> reporter: pg&e's decision was announced around 7:30 pm. the company says this is the new normal, following the huge wildfires in recent years. and the losses that have threatened to destroy the pgd, itself. it is doing preemptive like us. some local officials said that they needed to do a better job
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of making decisions. >> i am beyond frustration. we have had a couple hundred thousand people and multiple government agencies preparing for a potential setup. we are still in the same holding pattern, trying to be prepared. trying to be the gould soldiers and not knowing exactly what is going to happen and when. >> reporter: so the power is going to be shut off around 4:30 am. but officials say they are not sure when they will stop that process. they say that weather conditions will be ripe for fire until about noon. so tune in again tomorrow. we will have more information in the morning. >> all right joe, we will be looking for that. let's go over to our chief meteorologist training -- >> we're looking at wind gusts, 30 to 35 miles per hour.
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if we had a fire, it would be very hard to put out. this is where the red flag warning comes into play. because humidity is low and the wind gusts will be high. the wind gusts will relax tomorrow afternoon. pittsburgh, 102 degrees. fairfield, 101. most of the various under a heat advisory between 11 am and 7 pm tomorrow. how hot will we get? concord, 100. san jose, 95. oakland, 90. san francisco, 87. wait until you see the change that we have in store for thursday and the weekend. and other top story now. a foimpeachment inquiry. president trump a ekinhelp from ukraine for his reelection bid. it is all about how tomorrow's day will and for.
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the president is expected to release an on a and rejected transcript from this phone call. nicole killian is on capital hill with the latest. >> reporter: in a closed-door meeting in this evening, they said the investigation should be moved expeditiously and strike while the fire is hot. she ended months of caution by the democrats and announced that the house is moving ahead with an impeachment inquiry. >> no one is above the law. >> reporter: pelosi accused president trump, following a whistleblower report. >> if we allowed to shred the u.s. constitution,
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that will last forever. >> reporter: cbs news has learned that they were order to withhold nearly $400 million in military funding. president trump responded earlier in the day. >> this is a continuation of the which in. >> reporter: and later did tweeted calling the move, " presidential harassment!" >> reporter: house intelligence members want to meet with the whistleblower. there discussing ways to make it happen. late tuesday, the senate approved a bipartisan measure, calling the administration to turn over content of the whistleblowers complaint. the president said that he authorized the full unredacted transcript on wednesday. this is also when he is said to meet with ukraine's president, face-to-face.
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>> reporter: joeliett? >> the acting rector of national intelligence is expected to testify this week. what do we expect to come out of that appearance? >> reporter: speaker pelosi made clear that she wants the acting director of national intelligence to obey the law and turn over this whistleblower complaint. also to facilitate, to have this whistleblower speak to lawmakers. she warned that if he does not, that certainly they will look into, entering in a grave new chapter. he put out a statement today saying that he looks forward to working with the administration
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and congress on a resolution. >> thank you. are california lawmakers are reacting tonight. senator harris will leave the campaign trail and return to dc on thursday for a private senate intelligence committee. is >> the president, who believes that he is above the law and nobody in our system of democracy and system of justice is above the law. including the president. >> doing nothing would only bring worse behavior from the president. and this would reduce the standard of conduct for future presidents. is >> join our morning team for the latest on this developing story. starting at 4:30 am. also tonight, santa clara county is reporting two flu deaths. a child is believed to have contracted that flu while overseas. and the adult had other conditions that put them at risk. flu season usually starts in october.
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but the department of health is urging everybody six months and over to get a flu shot. santa clara county is also going after youth vaping. tonight the board of supervisors and e-cigarette sales to anybody under the age of 21. however, that only applies to the unincorporated areas of the county. one third of high schools to dense reported using e- cigarettes. the crackdown comes hours after massachusetts became the first date to issue a temporary sales ban. vaping also took center stage on capitol hill in a hearing to address the rising vaping related illnesses and deaths. >> if this was romaine lettuce, the shells would be empty. we desperately need our legislators to help us. >> e-cigarette giant juul is reportedly having a staff
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shakeup. and they are also bracing for a slowdown in sales. are hours ago, mountain view has voted to ban rv vehicles from city streets, despite a passionate plea not to do so. >> reporter: this is an issue that virtually every city in the bay area that is going through. as more and more people cannot afford their homes. many here in mountview say that they live in their vehicles because they have to. now they feel that they are being told to get off our streets. >> it is devastating. >> reporter: she moved into it rv nearly one year ago. she could no longer afford her rent. >> it is a life-changing thing. you remember what is important. >> reporter: she says that her struggles could get worse, as well as those who live in nearly 300 vehicles on mountain view streets. >> there is there were to go. >> reporter: city council members was injured not only jenna, but dozens of other
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residents. >> when you're saying that you don't want motorhomes, years in the only kind of certain people are allowed to use our parks? >> unless you have been homeless, you don't understand what we are facing. >> reporter: in the end, they voted to pass a ban on oversize vehicles on narrow streets. as well the streets with dedicated bike lanes. they say a concern is safety. for example, they say rv, campers, encroach on bike lanes. several dozen protesters gathered just before the city council meeting. saying that the band would only push them out of their rvs and onto the streets. making it, making them truly homeless. >> it would make it impossible to continue to live in mountview. she lives here, she has a job. i don't know where she would go. >> reporter: how close are you to living on the streets right
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now? >> i guess i will know tonight. >> reporter: it is important to note that the ban of oversize vehicles will not go and infect until next july. the city council will talk about expanding their safe parking program, which allows them to park in certain spots overnight. in mountain view, kpix5. >> city leaders defined narrow streets as being 40 feet wide or less. imagine coming home to your apartment, only to find out that it had been turned into a condominium. >> if you live in oakland, that means your landlord could legally raise your rent or even to. we introduce you to two housekeepers in this very situation. they said if the landlord successfully makes the switch, they will end out on the street. >> let's not kick out our current renters. throughout our city and push them away just because somebody wants to buy a building and
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flip it. that is not okay. >> our original series "project home"continues tomorrow night on the kpix5 news at 11:00. and netflix so is filming in the bay area. but tonight, it's location is a cause for concern.
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♪ pg&e will be shutting off powers to hundreds of customers in the north bay at 4:30 am.
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because of high fire danger. about 700 people in napa, calistoga and lake berryessa. meanwhile, in sonoma county, the shut off area is near porter creek road. thousands will lose power in the sierra foothills as well. tonight a popular coming of age series on netflix is stirring up a new controversy. this time the drama around 13 reasons why has nothing to reason do with supply. >> reporter: "13 reasons why" was shot in various areas in the bay area, 10 day they shot here. this is close to the public due to high fire danger. "13 reasons why" is a drama series is about teen suicide. its third season debuted on netflix in august. we saw crews presumably
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al saw fire crews. four. >> i am here focusing on any issues that may come up. >> re rtme said ththe city gave permission to them to be in the closed park. as long as they pay for a fire inspector. >> nobody should be here. >> reporter: some bicycle riders thought that they got preferential treatment. >> yeah, like i said i don't think. >> if there is actually fire teacher, people probably should not be here. i haven't noticed anything. as long as they are not on the trails, i am okay with it. >> reporter: a lot of park users that we ran into were not aware that it is close.
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the fire inspector sets the shooting locations are limited. they are not using any open flames. the red flag warning is expected to be lifted wednesday morning. >> we will be back here tomorrow morning, most likely. are they say that they will have another fire inspector here on duty. in oakland, kpix5. new details tonight. police are releasing images of a suspect. take a look. the suspect has distinct facial tattoos under his right i. police say the suspect is involved in one of four trespass in cases, where the intruders simply walked into the residents, using an unlocked door. so far, one arrest has been made. in san jose, the searches on. for a suspect that shot and killed a woman. police have not released any
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suspect information. this is san jose's 26 homicides in january. police are driving some slick new tesla cars. the patrol car ran out of juice in the middle of a pursuit. >> i have six miles left of battery here, i may lose it. if somebody's available, can they maneuver in the number one spot? is >> police say that the pursuit was called off when it became unsay. the car was later found abandoned in son is a. they say that the tesla was not fully charged in the beginning of the shift work this unfortunately happens from time to time. and to report says that the snort door bell ringer, ring, is considering using 911 calls.
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they said that they were mulling over such a feature last year. the report says that 911 calls, triggered doorbell cams in a particular area. this would help police investigate. however ring is reportedly not moving forward with that project. all right, moving on out to paul. the heat is still on and it is fall. >> the first day of fall, pretty warm. triple digits today, triple digits once again tomorrow. bay point, likely 100 degrees for a second consecutive day. bay point, you will not even hit 75 degrees by the weekend. the officer went certainly does not help either. 75 in and is a. down to 69
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degrees in san francisco. a pretty warm night. a warm morning. redwood city, only dropping to 64 degrees. any when that is not coming from the ocean will cause, heat. this increases the fire danger. we are seeing the all of that today. we are seeing all of that tomorrow. only one more day. our weather will change dramatically, simply by bringing back the onshore flow. watch the coast, see some cloud cover. by thursday afternoon, it pushes inland. it will continue cooling down thursday, friday and saturday and sunday.
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we are warm and windy in the hills tonight. we are hot again tomorrow. but much cooler weather moving in by thursday. 95 in vallejo. 90 again in oakland. san francisco, 87 degrees. we look at thursday, cooler, a cooler friday, cooler saturday, a cooler sunday. down your 60s near the water. we will have the latest on weather and traffic at 4:30 am tomorrow morning. a multi-million-dollar roadblock. how to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind fighting machine. from destructive waves and rising seas, california's coastline has seen dramatic shifts. how global warning is changing in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony.
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say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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if you ever wanted to own a robot, there is a really huge one for sale righ auctioning its $2.5 million fighting robot. it has a see inside for a person to control.
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it even has some battles under its spell. duking it out with a japanese robot back in 2017. megawatts is bankrupt and they are selling it on ebay. the bids have already sirs to $50,000. >> something for the man that has everything. >> he has time to learn how to use it. at times is winding down for the giants. we will explain. and honey, who shrunk the
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you might want to hold off on calling that wild-card ticket. they are trying to keep their lead. they have not lost a consecutive game since september 1. 23, ain't bad. homer bailey had not lost. but the angels beat the a's 3- 2, with a bunch of hits like that. oakland has lost two a street. tied it one with the yankees. it could be, it is. that is a walkoff. they are tampa bay rays are closer to oakland. the a's lead the temperatures raise. cleveland now sitting
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just a game back from green and gould. of bruise bocce's final week. he said that he plans to enjoy all of his games at oracle park. >> like no week that i have ever had. >> he was honored for his 2000s career win, which he picked up last week in boston. this is his first long bowl at oracle this year. he may be also starting his final week in the city. the giants led 3-1. drop to the bottom of the eighth. long goria, a solo home run. you are not going to believe this folks. burning the midnight oil.
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5-5, they are the top of the 14th colorado. the tight end is enjoying his time off. look at the announcer chugging a beer. embracing him, who is sitting right next to him. by the way, it is a good thing that the giants went to the 14th. so the fans at chase center could get out. a good plan. >> all right dennis, thank you. we will be right back. ♪ this is the chevy silverado,
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