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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  September 25, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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now at noon, new insight into what was said in a phone call achmenir into the president gets under way. first, a power shut off in the north bay thanks to high fire danger all stemming from dangerous heat in the bay area today. good afternoon, thanks for joining us. i'm kenny choi.
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>> i'm michelle griego. we begin with the hot conditions with meteorologist mary lee. >> we are watching the winds decrease which is why the red flag warning has expired. we're also talking about the heat. a heat advisory in effect for today. the second day in a row. we are looking at dangerously hot conditions. let's get right to it. the heat advisory in effect for most of the bay area. temperatures, very similar to yesterday, if not in some spots even warmer than yesterday. likely record breaking highs, again, for today. for the second day in a row as well, we have a spare the air alert in effect. air quality unhealthy for sensitive groups. here is a live look with the south bay san jose camera with mostly sunny skies. 24-hour temperature change and many locations are warmer compared to yesterday at this time, running one to two degrees warmer, although half moon bay, 13 degrees warmer. you can see oakland and novado a little cooler. we'll talk about a big cool down
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as we head through tomorrow and the rest of the week with temperatures dropping to below average for this time of the year. we're talking 25 to 30 degrees cooler by the end of the week. details coming up. >> we'll be ready for the cool down, mary, thank you. kpix 5's jackie ward continues the coverage as crews are inspecting power lines thanks to the power danger. >> reporter: 1,400 people across napa and sonoma counties woke up to no power. it wasn't a surprise to them but it was one to a lot of other people. this gas station where petrified forest road and 128 meet is in the dark during what is typically the busiest time of the day. >> we lose business. but i guess it is better. >> reporter: better than a massive fire tearing through the bay again. for the hundreds who rely on this spot to fill on fire
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prevention. that is our livelihood. >> our power is out. we needed gas for the generator, came down and there is no gas. >> reporter: pg&e says the main areas affected by the public safety power shut off were from the western part of calistoga to the eastern part of santa rosa the windy conditions were expected to peak by noon today which is why the inspections can now begin to get the power back on as soon as possible. that is on foot and in the sky with helicopters, and then we can look to see any damage that was done and so we need to make the repairs, correct the damage, remove any trees and then start reenergizing the customers. >> in the meantime, pg&e has opened this community resource center on the napa fair grounds which is a cool option for people to escape the heat. the section of calistoga affected by this power shut off today is the same section shut off during last october. jackie ward, kpix 5. >> it takes 24 to 48 hours for
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the power to be fully restored. crews are watching for hot spots at scene of a wildfire in vallejo. as kpix 5's anne makovec they believe it was started by lines that were cut on purpose. >> reporter: the cause of this fire is now the subject of a criminal investigation. the fire broke out just after 3:00 a.m. and burned seven acres of the nature preserve. they believe it started when someone used a saw to cut into several power poles, causing live lines to go down. >> reporter: dry brush. firefighters took this picture near the ignition point, evidence they say that someone may have been trying to harvest copper wires. it is a crime that the energy company says has been attempted before. >> it has been cutoff, sawed-off. >> reporter: this video was taken by a woman who lives near the preserve of a prior pole
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sawing incident. she heard the fire trucks this morning. >> i heard how far away they were going and in my heart, i was so afraid. >> reporter: the fire was burning along a steep ridge of the preserve, presenting real challenges for firefighters on the ground. >> very steep terrain and slopes that made it difficult for the firefighters to access parts of the fire. >> reporter: the fact that it may have been criminally sparked is a real frustration. >> that draws away the resources from any other fires that may happen in the region. >> reporter: this preserve volunteer has some words for the copper thieves. >> you're a punk, you know? if that is who it was. >> reporter: and she is afraid it will happen again. >> it destroyed part of our preserve and used up precious resources. >> reporter: firefighters will stay on the scene the rest of the day. i'm anne makovec, kpix 5. and we'll continue to have you covered on the fire watch on-air and of course, online, new video now of pdent uk-atal
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thacir i leaders. >> we had, i phone call. it was normal, i think, you read that nobody pushed me. >> in other words, no pressure. >> and earlier today, the white house released a transcript of the phone call in question. cbs reporter nikole killion is at the white house with the latest. >> reporter: michelle, president trump is meeting face to face with ukraine's leader today. he insists he did nothing wrong in that phone call over the summer and calls democrats impeachment inquiry against him a disgraceful thing. president trump continued to defend his call with ukrainian leader zalinski after releasing a partial transcript. >> we released something that was fantastic. >> reporter: president trump says there is a lot of talk
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about biden's son, that biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great. he said he would look into it i willonavfor more imatinf e wto mr. guiliani give you a call and i am also going to have attorney general barr call and we'll get to the bottom of it. >> there was no pressure. the way you had that built up, that call it would be the call from it turned out to be a nothing call. >> reporter: it came days after president trump made a hold on millions of military aid to the ukraine. the call notes prove there was no quid pro quo. >> like any mafia boss, the president didn't need to say that is a nice country you have. it would be a shame if something happened to it because that was clear from the conversation. >> reporter: cbs news learned the white house is also working with intelligence officials to release a redacted version of the whistleblower complaint which was filed after the president's call. >> we have heard from the
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whistleblower's counsel. our counsel will have the we're trying to take this step by step. i think it is critically important to get all of the facts. >> republicans say the democrats are trying to drive the president out of office. >> reporter: unfortunately, we have seen this drum beat toward impeachment since the day president trump got elected. >> the judiciary committee will eventually decide whether to bring impeachment charges against the president, which will then be voted on by the full house. today the house is voting on a resolution disapproving of the administration for blocking the whistleblower complaint. tomorrow we expect to learn more when the acting director of national intelligence is expected to testify. at the white house, nikole killion, kpix 5. we'll have much more on this developing story coming up on the kpix 5 news at 5:00 and online at happening right now as we take a live look outside, climate activists are taking over the streets of san
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francisco's financial district. as we take a closer look, chopper 5 zooming in on a significant number of demonstrators there. the mural inteeals saying greenw deal. they're circling around, making their voices heard. earlier the activists blocked entrances to banks, some getting arrested. they're targeting companies like chase and wells fargo, demanding they divest from the fossil fuel industry, some linking themselves together in a human chain. protests shut down several blocks of montgomery street and we're hearing that they plan to be out there until 5:00. the demonstration comes on the heels of a massive student led march last friday. new climate change report from the united nations is grim. more than 100 scientists concluded the planet can't keep up with global warming. oceans, which act as a sponge for co2 emissions are at capacity threatening to swallow up islands in coastal cities. the report says failure to act soon will lead to a steady stream of catastrophes.
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drought and famine are forecasted along with more frequent and destructive storms. to the campaign trail, democratic presidentialju castr. he is set to tour the transit village and visit a homeless encampment. one priority is to increase access to affordable access and community services and has a fund raising reception scheduled for this afternoon in oakland. new at noon, with an october strike looming, kaiser reached a tentative settlement with a coalition of unions representing 80,000 workers. the terms provide 130 million in funding toward free employee education. it also proceeds annual 3% raises for workers in california, oregon, and washington. if ratified in the coming weeks, the four year agreement would avert a nationwide strike that was scheduled to begin on october 14th. on the heels of a mass
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shooting that left nine dead and 27 injured, the mayor of daytono tighten up gun legislation. she was back on capitol hill this morning testifying in front of the committee about regulating assault weapons. >> and those 32 seconds, the shooter's weapon did exactly what it was designed to do. kill or injure as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. >> also today, protesters will gather on the capitol lawn for a rally to end gun violence to mark national remembrance day for murdered victims. still ahead, a big shake up for bay area e-cigarette company juul. changes in leadership and the way it does some of the business. the way the ceo of ebay is now leaving his post
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new at noon, oakland police have arrested a man who was armed with a machete. they say the suspect attacked a citizen this morning, injuring him near the area of west macarthur and broadway. the ceo of juul is out. the san francisco based e-cigarette company made the announcement this morning. it comes as cases of vaping related deaths and illnesses across the country climb. it is just part of a bigger shake up. >> reporter: juul's ceo kevin burns is stepping down effective immediately. in a statement, burns says he believes the company's mission of eliminating combustible cigarettes is vitally important and juul products are intended for adult smokers only. burns had faced a storm of
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controversy over the company's popular vaping products. he denied that juul targets teens during an august interview on "cbs this morning." >> i don't think our campaign was ever targeted to kids. we don't need to target youth to grow our business to be successful and fulfill a mission. parents, lawmakers and public health advocates blame juul and other companies for the explosive growth in the number of teens vaping. >> these are dangerous products for youth. gernment health officials say more than one in four studentssed e-cigarettes in the last month. >> juuling has u become a verb n high schools. the calls for tighter regulation are growing louder. some states and cities have outlawed the sale of all vaping products. others are pulling flavored e-cigarettes from the market. here in california, health officials issued a dire warning on tuesday, urging people to stop vaping immediately. across the country, public health officials are investigating more than 500 cases of vaping related lung
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illness and at least nine deaths. >> i expect this week's numbers to be hundreds higher than what we reported last week. >> juul also announced it is shutting down the broadcast, print, and digital advertising. michelle medina, cbs news. >> juul also ended its lobbying bids in washington. ebay's ceo announcing he is stepping down from the san jose based company. he is leaving after four years in the position. scott shankle will replace him in the meantime. ebay is attempting to spin-off some of the major assets. let's take a look at the big board right now and see how the stock market is doing. stocks are higher an president trump indicated a trade deal with china could happen soon. you can see the dow is up about 170s.magine comdi out it had been turned into a condo. >> if you live in oakland, that would m your hent or evict you. tonight at 11:00, we introduce
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you to two housekeepers in this very same situation. if the landlord successfully makes this switch, they will end up on the streets. one city council member says this loophole has to be closed. >> let's not kick out our current renters in our older buildings throughout our city and push them away just because somebody wants to buy a building, flip it, and make a quick buck. that is not okay. >> our original series, project home, continues tonight at 11:00 with susie stein reporting right here on kpix 5. let's check back in with mary lee with a look at our forecast and we're waiting for a cool off, mary. >> yes, michelle. it is coming. you just have to get through todayfftor today for most of the bay area and you can see why. temperatures already are in the 80s and in the 90s across the region so our sales force tower camera with mostly sunny skies looking at the bay bridge, and at the east bay, mount diablo, 92 right now in concord.
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temperatures will only rise as we head through the afternoon, 94 for santa rosa. 94 livermore. 83 in oakland. 84 in san francisco and 88 for san jose. the good news, we're watching the winds start to relax, especially up across the north bay mountains, east bay hills and diablo range which is why the red flag warning has expired. you can see 18 miles an hour winds out of the northeast and pleasant. 14 in livermore, 12 in concord. 16 miles an hour winds out of the northeast and fairfield and that is that off shore flow. a strong ridge of high pressure in place. one more day of off shore winds and that is the hot and dry air out of the our temperatures are heating up. so as we go through the day, the winds will relax. that is a good thing. wind gusts. as we head through the afternoon, plenty of sunshine. above average temperatures running from 15 to 20 degrees above average, and likely some record breaking highs once again
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this afternoon. tomorrow we'll start to see some changes. things will cool down for us as on show flow starts to kick. in a low pressure system to our north is going to usher in the stronger marine influence so by friday, up to 25 degrees cooler and by the end of the weekend and into next week, likely 30 degrees cooler so a big difference and a big cool down on the way. our sunset at 7:02 and our sunrise at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. temperatures, triple digit heat from concord, fairfield, livermore, mid-90s in san jose. low 90s oakland and san francisco and there we go with the 7-day forecast as we're looking at temperatures that are going to be cooler, starting tomorrow, much cooler friday and into the weekends, we're talking below average temperatures friday into the weekend and into early next week. >> all right. hang in there. it is coming. we promise. >> all right, mary, thank you the emmy award winning reality series survivor returns tonight with some new and old
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faces. on the 39th edition themes island of the idols, former contestants boston rob mariano and sandra diaz return to serve as mentors and a bay area man is one of the new contestants, 27-year-old vince mahwah is an admissions counselor. he is ready for the challenge. >> growing up gay and asian american, for a long time i just struggled with perceptions of me. after that i was free and just, like, this is who i am. take it or leave it. >> tonight's 90-minute survivor premiere starts at 8:00 right here on kpix 5. still ahead, motivation to work out? the new fragrances meant to help you get up and exercise.
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look, reverse mortgages aren't for everyone but i think i've been 'round long enough to know what's what. i'm proud to be a part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. so you can... retire better. a rare public appearance from the royal baby today. baby archie was with his parents, prince harry and meghan on a visit with south african archbishop. this is the first official family trip. royal watchers say the visit was more than a photo op with the first bi- racial royal meeting a south african icon. his striped blue over alls are already sold out online in the
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u.k.. trend setting already. if you need motivation to exercise, you can apparently buy it in a bottle. >> i need to get this. adidas launched a new fragrance design aimed to increase your want to work out. they each allegedly activate an emotional center of the brain and nervous system to enhance performance. a past study suggests fragrances can impact mood, stress and working capacity and aroma therapy can help trigger memory. >> are you going to buy a bottle? >> yeah. if anything, can motivate me to exercise, i'll try it. it makes sense, though, we're triggered -- our memories are triggered by sense, right? >> try it out. a reminder before we go to break, if you have a consumer problem or question, e-mail us at consumerwatch or call 888-5-helps-u. we'll be right back.
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the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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welcome back. we have to say bye. stay cool out there. >> have a good one!
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♪ >> dr. armstrong: pupils equal, reactive to light. >> nurse: doctor, the path lab and radiology reports. >> dr. armstrong: okay. let's see. >> donna: kidney failure? it doesn't sound like something that just happens overnight. >> bill: well, it did, donna. >> brooke: you said that katie mentioned not feeling well? for how long? >> ridge: sometimes people don't listen. >> brooke: ridge. >> donna: i'm sorry i brought it up. >> bill: you got to be kidding me. like i need listening lessons from the man who ignored every single warning sign from his psycho criminal son? >> brooke: okay. can we


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