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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  September 27, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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on a busy freeway. how to get around the mess this he had a fusion between two morning. a deadly shooting. different genes. the investigation of the way this morning. the search is on for a these normally live on two separate chromosomes. inside of his leukemia cells, suspect accused of attacking these genes become fused the elderly man right in front together. >> it was feeling his cancer. of his wife's grave. the giants bidding farewell. the events and celebrations >> they had never seen it. >> there is a treatment option underway this weekend. good morning it is friday, for the fusion. targeted therapy that blocks it. september 27. the bad news they never used it let's check in with mary lee.>> on infant. they asked us to trust them. is a western to the day. it was a huge leap of faith. especially along the coast. >> the doctors made educated guess. the pills were cut into tiny pieces. >> all of this in his cost on a falling. was a grand slam. adt usually when she wipers. the runways are wet in some locations or because of that his cancer started to melt drizzle and sprinkle. that marine influence really away. >> the character was kicking in. it was a cold day yesterday. undetectable. we will continue to call it you would never know that he had became you if you had just done as we head through today. met him. you can see our wet camera but the work is published in a medical journal. >> this case highlights the need there looking is.
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temperatures in the low to mid to think outside of the box. 60s. >> teamwork makes the dream you will definitely feel that. work.>> we hit the geographical you may run into some drizzles as we start off our friday. jackpot by having them in our as we head through the backyard. >> he finally got his stem cell afternoon, much colder. temperatures topping out at 67. transplant and is in full mid 70s. remission. >> for more details on this looking at temperatures case, and the specifics of his anywhere from three through 9 degrees. cooler than average. treatment, head to our website. we will continue on that. want to get an update on he looked so good at the giants game. >> good for him and his family. traffic. and does doctors and scientists. south 680 is working way to let's get a check on the road. what is going on up there. treat boulevard. we will have more details on >> friday lights in some spots. what actually happened. we see things moving back up to speed. you can see traffic is in the there is always something that will look pretty good on the green which means we say things friday. went pretty well. always thought that was pretty it does not look like service bad unfortunately. there was no accident. treats were affected. if you typically supercomputer, south 680 moving much better. you expect us. elsewhere, we do have this 15 miles per hour is what we
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trouble spot. is a stubborn accident. sing. still that right lane is as you work your way was, it blocked due to this crash. does not look like any chp is on the scene. construction is happening. you can see was born 580 is our is god is moving pretty nicely. slowest spot. is like traffic is starting to what you through the interchange you will not see any delays. hopping onto highway 600 baby. 30 minute drive time. definitely variable. most of our freeways are in the green. highway four and one-on-one off that is where you will see those delays. to a great start. fast track users will be through with no problems. the golden gate bridge is doing the linkages. no delays across the span. a little foggy across highway we still have this trouble spot. soft 680. one. she was just talking it is still blocking only. it is not really causing any delays. you're still pretty safe taking 680. we did have a overnight fatal about this fatal accident that crash. everything is open.affic is bac did shut down the lanes. it was a very nasty crash as you can see from this video. you way north and south. it was a dump truck that hopping on 24, everything was. collided with a car. income of the weekend poses are that car ended up on its roof. still in effect. one person died. the accident happened at about you will see some activity 2 am. there. highway 24 that will affect the
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this was 680 seven. lanes throughout the i had a littledrzle away in. with all of the lanes shut down, >> a wet start to the day we eye t traffic back up. dragon drizzles and sprinkles. that is because of that entrepreneur. taking you out oracle park where it is was there as well. with that entrepreneur, we are looking at the drizzle and some sprinkles out. right now police are searching for the suspect accused in a census attack on elderly man at just be prepared that the a cemetery. the suspect from the widow at roadways are well. this is a very pretty view. the mission city memorial park. with our live look at oracle park this morning. the victim who is 91 years old was sitting in his chair. noninitial your life what with just like he does every day. our tower camera. you see the fog and our that is when the suspect used a temperatures are running in the low to mid 60s. large right to bash the victim behind the head that he robbed drizzles and sprinkles. it is also warm and muggy in them just before 11 am. spots. many people say this will not for today with below average keep them away. temperatures. just like the victim was seen beginning today and through the just days ago. likely for most of next week. >> he is a lovely gentleman. no longer thinking about the heat and the rehead for the nex he stays there for an hour or 2.
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days. how anyone could even think of there is the strong which of hurting him is just beyond me. high pressure. >> please call the robbery it was closer to us. now it is pushing off to the west and away from us. extremely unusual and likely an isolated incident. oakland police are investigating a homicide in the this low pressure system to our north will help usher in the strong onshore flow. parking lot of the shopping that is why we will continue on center. it happened shortly after 7 pm this pulldown. there was about 30 degrees last night. colder yesterday. we will continue to cut it down cameras, police still rubbing off the parking lot. through today and the weekend. as we take you through the morning, here we are at it eyewitness said that the officer tried to perform cpr on a man who had been shot with again. we will continue to see areas the victim who appeared to be of drizzles and sprinkles. in his 20s died at the scene. is a great start as well. environment is playing to some clearing as we head through the afternoon. stage a climate strike. temperatures much calling for today. there is potential for traffic looking ahead, we will see problems you may want to avoid snowfall levels drop. that area late morning. some seers snowfall by sunday the protest organized by a group and monday. dropping down to 4500 feet. is scheduled from 9 am until noon at the facility on canyon
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road. organizer said they were several kind of feeling more like to get off of fossil fuels by windsor. especially up in the mountains. across the bay area, south bay the year 2024. other events are scheduled today would go. 75 in santa clara. 76 in san jose. in santa cruz. a popular park and pizzeria 67 from san francisco. has closed its doors. 70 degrees in oakland. the owners of grain street pub looking at how temperatures made the announcement. topping on a 80. it gets even cooler for our weekend. due to unforeseen recent monday is the coolest day. events, they had to shut down. wednesday was the last day for customers to say goodbye. 5.1. the end to air at the sheriff's department. one of the highest ranking woman is retiring. stem cells from dozens of childhood cancer patients she is only the third african- destroyed. coming up the apology from a american woman to be named southern california hospital. looking live from our captain. she is wanted on a career that has come full circle from traffic camera. dispatching the captain. she remembers her experience from the first day on the job looks pretty good as people come in san francisco. we will be right back. during the earthquake to arise to lieutenant. then eventually captain.>> one coming up at 7 am, the hmen of the dispatcher said, you should be a deputy.
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and the 50th anniversary since >> this week's for retirement, the beatles released the iconic album. ( laughter ) meanwhile, in early christmas news, "meet the world's first kale-flavored candy canes," but th me the roads first came the she is maturing of the woman. she is encouraged to see the top cops in oakland and case. the makers one of the may not have the nutritional value of richmond are women. she hopes the stories will inspire more female law actual cal. enforcement officers. the oakland a's chase in this is the confectionery the playoffs are one spot closer number you have been waiting for her. the juul record. to clinching a postseason spot. that took your business last night topping the mariners in seattle. now was the green and gold on the verge of an american league west berth. they need a victory tonight or included in his loss. this week is portrayed in the spotlight. the san francisco giants are not getting any closer but they are celebrating something. the retirement of the longtime giants manager. our reporter is outside of or in part without the team is they took $12.8 billion from planning to say farewell.>>
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big tobacco. bruce posey has not only led us juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. to three championships but he is also just a really nice guy five million kids now using who we really miss around here. during his 13 seasons, he has a e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with record just over 500. of course misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, those victories include some really big games during the no to prop c. world series. the drivers championship in 2010 was the first in san francisco history since 1958. the first overall since the new york giants one in 1954. here is what he had to say going into the spinal we can.>> the emotions will be passing through me quite a bit. it is such a great time here. the 13 years. this wonderful city. the fans and everything. i'm going to enjoy this last week. >> he is the only manager in
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history to win 900+ games with multiple franchises. 951 with the san diego padres and 975 with san francisco. course the organization was to send him off road. to not the one will be headed out. it is given to a jazz player who typifies the character and leadership that he demonstrated. this will be the first time since his passing that the award will be presented by someone other than mccovey himself. instead he will have the honor. up next, the saturdays ceremony will honor the late former president and general manager with his bronze plaque being added to that famous giants wall. the services, will be joined by former city mayors to present him with a key to the city in a special presentation. on sunday, before his last game, the giants enlisted the support of his many foreign
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coins as possible. you name it. they want to create the loudest farquharson in san francisco has ever had. there is a lot planned for after the game on sunday. it is 5:25 am. if you plan on taking the if you're lucky enough to bridge, it is starting to get a bit busy. attend that, you deafly want to seen traffic backed up. a complete look at the roadways stick around is the owner to with a lot of things. coming up. a los angeles hospital insist the child's health is in maybe some fireworks are in store. danger after freezer malfunctioned destroyed blood >> i like that foghorn salute. you so much. the number 15 stem cells. the children's hospital los angeles misty doors release a statement of apology and says it has sent letters to instead of a phone line for all repeating pics of arizona state. fans driving to the game may affected family members. have to rethink the parking plan. the fine for parking without a never thou we would permit used to be around $50. have to worry about losing that not drivers will be slapped safety net. with a $225 ticket. >> stem
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the affected neighborhoods are south of the stadium but the city says there are plenty of garages the charge between 20 and $35. up next, our ored in freezer. then thought out to restock the patient blood. the water much m original report. story right after this bronchus. doctors refusing to give up on the child with a deadly cancer. coming up the miraculous results. after 13 seasons with the is a wet start to the day. symphysis the giants, we say goodbye to the manager. tracking some sprinkles this we would say morning. it gets even cooler for the weekend. details coming up. geico makes it easy to get help when i need it.
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every day in the united states, 42 families through these words. the child has cancer. here, a little boy got a miracle thanks to some pretty smart doctors. our reporter has two nights original report. here, and the team to out a mess of the roads this morning following a deadly crash hustle and outhit and never quit on a tiny kid named quincy. at oracle park in san francisco. this little giants got game.>> the investigation is good we at the baseball game. evidence that is the strategy dredging. good morning everyone. we're going to watch buster
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it is friday, september 27. posey. >> he just turned three years old. we're checking our forecast. most people are enjoying 's parents are thrilled to heat. bring him to his very first baseball game. >> we going to continue with it is america.>> you a special the clinical if you're getting little boy. he was diagnosed with a rare very aggressive type of blood cancer. >> my reaction, please do not ready for work and school, he will change in. is a western usually live look take my baby.>> it was a big shock to say the least. with those drops our life. >> it is called juvenile leukemia. temperatures rose& is below or gml. >> it is inventory is difficult cancer to treat. >> the doctor remembers the average temperatures for all of first time she met her little us. real estate in with june with a patient. >> he was a very sick young baby. >> he showed a rash on his face bridge check. >> is like the midianites may and elevated white blood cell have been turned on as you way count. is severely enlarged spleen. >> the
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he cannot even eat. they decided to move his plane. >> the only hope for a cure is was bound out of oakland into san francisco. a stem cell transplant there still holding steady with involving intense chemotherapy.>> that meant no no delays in about a 12 minute stem cell transplant frequency, time was running out. >> we had exhausted all drive thno ys conventional therapies. in the foster city. a live news does. it was gary. >> elsewhere, there were a few all aspects of his presentation. >> was all patients have been abc is talking about this known neurology in the cancer potential impeachment push. does this headset for our cells. >> we cannot find a mutation in country. the actions were both very his leukemia. >>'s team took a deep dive into offensive and consequential several level. the babies dna. the used a advanced molecular >> the national security of our test.>> we read all the letters country. of dna in 500 genes that, the president of united states because cancer. as being disloyal to his oath >> then it even more our surpr of office. jeopardizing our national security. jeopardizing the effects of our
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elections. so much. they have gone wrong to cover up the camera in the situation. the democrats will move forward expeditiously but not in any sort of rust. the facilitation the golf. trim door stranger to tragedy. the impact killed her. she had taken off with six others at the skydiving center. the facility says it is one the largest and oldest drive zones in the united states.
5:17 am
the faa says skydiving regulations do not address wind conditions. they will look at whether or not parishes will probably pack. a passenger threatened to kill the polyp. the alaska airlines was headed from new york to lax with 180 people aboard. it was forced to land yesterday. the leslie threatened to harm the criminal offense out of a cannot use a restroom in force close. there is nothing about the worship. >> i am launceston.
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it was horrible. >> the passenger was resident in kansas city. we're hearing from her driver the plot a busy street leaving 10 dead and 16 wounded. last april he was arrested at gunpoint after police say he drove the van down the sidewalk and slammed into pedestrians. he was charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder. vestorwithhim to find out what led to the rampage. the conversation went towards a fixation on women. >> to socialize with some girls. >> i felt it was time to take
5:19 am
action. >> he said he was inspired by california man who murdered six people. the trial is scheduled for february. the father caught up in the scandal is headed to jail for the 4 month. he admits paying $400,000. then helped his son get into georgetown university by creating fake credentials. one of the parents, but in the scandal is scheduled to be sentenced next week. 2 billionaires are pledging $750 million to help deal with climate change. they made their billions for fruits and nuts. now the philanthropists are planning the largest ever committed to research sustainability.
5:20 am
they will use the $750 million to study energy, water, and ecology. >> the athletics are one spot closer to clinching a postseason spot. went to the mariners in seattle. the post them on the verge of an american league wild-card berth. they need a victory tonight the cleveland indians loss to clint. bay area sports fans in the spotlight. the services the giants are not getting any closer to a postseason spot. they are celebrating something. the retirement of the longtime manager. our reporter is outside or in part without the team is planning to say goodbye this weekend.>> it is certainly the end of an error. he is been a fixture in san francisco since 2007. during his 13 seasons he has a lot to
5:21 am
be proud of. he has a record just about 500 with 975 victories. 969 loss. the of course include some big ones in the world series. the giants championship in 2010 was the first in san francisco history since 1958. the first overall since the new york giants one in 1954. he says he has a lot of feelings and emotions headed into this weekend.>> i will have some emotions running through me. there is no getting around that. i'm looking forward to one last time here at home. savoring this week. like no week i have ever had.>> is also the only manager in history to win 900+ games with multiple franchises.
5:22 am
of course the organization was to send him off right. tonight the award will be handed out. this is a award given to a player who best exemplifies the character and leadership that he demonstrated. this will be the first time since the award will be presented by someone other than mccovey himself. the hall of fame ceremonial saturday on in the late former president. when his bronze plaque is added to the giants wall of fame. the mayor will be joined to present him with a key to the city. in a special presentation. before his last game, the giants are enlisting the support of as many falcons as possible. from ferries to yacht clubs. kayaks are pretty much everything around in. they want to create the loudest fault assuming san francisco has ever had.
5:23 am
i just think that is so fitting and so iconic. i hope that i can hear from wherever i met when that happens on sunday. if you're here, they have a lot more surprises planned. make sure you stick around for those after the game. live in sepsis go. a michigan professor is studying how smart phones are affecting teenager. she recently published research spend on their smartphones to how they performed in the classroom.>> it is not whether or not someone has a smart phone but how the user. it the feel like it is getting in the way for adolescents. >> the doctor says that only a distraction could also affect teenagers work habits. there
5:24 am
is a new data breach warning. the join us with the story and more in today's money once report.>> we start with the recap of the stocks. wall street lost ground on thursday. the nasdaq dropped 46. door nash has confirmed a data breach that impacted nearly 5 million people. the services information of customers and workers and merchants were stolen by hackers. the company says customers who joined after l 18 are not affected by this bridge. new data shows slowing among lineal. younger residents losing thousands of residents last. they saw the largest loss. between the age of 25 and 39. it was the fourth-year in a row. young adults poured into city and helped boost. >> we hear hangover may be a
5:25 am
reason to call off more. i wish i would've known this.>> good news for fans. a judge ruled that a hangover is illness. the court ruled in favor. it made illegal health claims. they stated that food products cannot be credited with curing illnesses and ailments included temporary disruptions to the body including hangover symptoms. it is just in germany for now. >> it does not work here. >> have a great weekend. >> good to see there is accountability. 2 awards. coming up the bay area amusement park that wants to know if he can last getting this cozy. for more than 24 hours. you
5:26 am
saw in the live look at oracle park. she was wearing the rain fall jacket because it is a waste up to the day. we have sprinklers this morning. i will let you know what you can expect as we take you through the weekend coming up. we do have lights on at the bay bridge the new sporty glc.
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is a way start to the day. trucking sprinkles and drizzle. all because of onshore flow. i will let you know what you can expect taking it through the day and into the weekend with the court on the continues. in pittsburgh school is holding its third annual million for the march. this is video from last year. this year, the high school is joining schools across the country for a similar event. all father figures a welcome to our children to school. as part of a push to get fathers more involved. in about 2 hours, the discovery kingdom is taking off the various but the competition. or fanatics rejoice. is the 30 hour challenge. is coming back for another year after becoming a volunteer. this time
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>> a pair of season passes and vip maze wristbands. that freaks me out just looking at it. >> the bathroom breaks and the thing. >> will i have enough food. >> we are going to talk about it later on today. i'm going to tell you why officer would never do. >> i might consider it get there are things. not as a couple.>> we will discuss the. let's talk about our traffic. lots of people using their windshield wipers.>> if you're out and about, just a heads up. you may see some slick surfaces.
5:31 am
far as accidents go, we start off the morning with the major trouble spot. all lanes are reopen. that is the good news. for the most part we are like. because the traffic moving pretty nicely with no snacks. pretty clear as you had to resume his. self 880 not bad. at least this portion, we did have some late roller. update. 63 miles per hour. is that they have cleared everything out of the latest. 880 both directions not really a problem. san mateo bridge looking good. the trouble spots here. that will take you about 14 minutes. one-on-one is looking good in both directions. the debtor the lights on so traffic is a little slow almost to the maze at this point.
5:32 am
you will see some sluggish conditions as you get on the upper deck of the bay bridge. things are pretty clear heading into san francisco. the rest of and bridges are very quiet. no delays right now. if you're committing this morning, you're in luck. 15 minute drive and go from the republic down to services go. i did have to use militia wipers. >> what a difference today compared to earlier in the week. stronger onshore flow. is a way start to the day. you will definitely those wishing wipers. parts of the bay due to the drizzle and the sprinkles. you see it is when it's on our bay bridge camera. temperatures running in the low to mid 60s. it is a warm and muggy start. you will definitely feel that's warm and muggy condition out there. as we go through the day, we're
5:33 am
looking at drizzle and sprinkles. also breezy conditions in spots. cooler as we head through the afternoon. below average temperature for this time of the year. no return of the heat in sight. different feeling more like fall. the ridge of high pressure. the offshore flow. not pushing to the west. and low pressure system to our north is ushering in that influence. a quick change to autumn for sure. that will continue over the next several days. taking an hour by hour, to see the drizzle and the sprinkles. is a great start to the day. areas of fog as well. season clearing as we head through the afternoon. this is at 5 pm. tomorrow even cooler as well. we will see the stronger ocean
5:34 am
breeze kicked in. for sunday, because he sincere is no-fault. snow levels dropping down to about 4500 and 5500 feet. sunrises 701. for tomorrow, we are looking at temperatures that are going to be right around 67. 70 in oakland. 76 for high in san jose. if you're heading out to the giants game, breezy and cool. heading out to the safeway open this weekend, out in the upper 60s. we are going to continue to call it down through the weekend and even cooler by next monday. recovering from ptsd. coming up, the major milestones this vietnam vet. let's head outside. 62 degrees in
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what a difference as we start off today. see our camera. due to the strong onshore flow kicking in. cooler temperatures below average for today. i will let you know what you can expect through the weekend. the warm and muggy start. details on the weekend forecast
5:38 am
coming up. you can expect some conditions as you worked with along the south. a crushed northbound. looks like another accident. we are starting to see a bit of a back up. you may try to hundred 80 as alternate. we have you drug along westbound 580. a vietnam vet is making good on a 45-year-old pledge. took him one step at a time but now he is it that major boston. >> lots of people cheering him on. this is the moment he hit 100,000 miles on foot. is is running every day is help them recover from ptsd. he says when he was 32 years old, he started running about 4000 miles per year what he wanted to do more. he made the vow to reach 100,000 miles.
5:39 am
>> i have been doing it and keeping these logs diligently. diligently for the whole 100,000 miles. >> he runs everyday at a golf course in alaska. golf course employees greeted him with a surprise celebration. >> i wonder how many he has gone through. >> probably many. it is 555. here i am. one-on-one with the uber cl. the new safety features helping writers make sure they're getting into the right car. the san francisco giants are saying goodbye to the manager finally, some math you're really going to like.
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after one week, we are finally seeing apollo including summary. a crime. 91-year-old man attacked while visiting his wife's great. the sketch police want you to see this morning. white house response to the whistleblower complaint. the presidents addressed it could be treason. a finer farewell to the manager of the san francisco giants. the plan before he hangs up his hat. is friday, september 27. we're doing with somewhat was. the cold air continues as we say good morning. >> a big difference with our weather today and earlier in the week. that means a western. drizzles and sprinkles.
5:44 am
did you see that what life camera. temperatures running in the low to mid 60s. a great start as well. the drizzle and the sprinkles along the coast. those wishing wipers as you head out the door. we are looking at temperatures much colder. we will continue on that cool down today. temperature for today running up to 9 degrees colder. this check in with our re north reports of a crushed.
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