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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 27, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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breaking news. a shooting du
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multiple shots fired during ari high school football game in contra costa county. and we are live at the scene. >> pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> also breaking tonight, a plane crash lands on a northern california highway, bursts into flames. what we're just learning about the pilot. >> tonight, now details emerging about the arson suspect who allegedly set fire before his high school reunion.
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>> it's manager bruce bochy's final farewell weekend here at oracle park. we bring you some emotional highlights from tonight's game. >> and good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm julie goodrich. breaking news. shots were fired during a high school football game in richmond. >> this comes days after another big bay area game had to be canceled because of a serious threat of violence. >> reporter: and a lot of police out here in richmond tonight. we're standing at the intersection of valley and morningview road. you can see how many officers are on-scene. we're getting some crews about that investigation from seeing some of the evidence markers here. there's also a pair of tennis shoes that you think you can see from there. we have been able to confirm that at least
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one person was shot when this shooting happened during this football game earlier today. and possibly more. i spoke to a witness a little bit earlier tonight who was at the game. he said there were actually two groups of gunfire. one of them happened during the game. the other happened about 20 minutes later. it sent people at the game running all over the place. he didn't actually see the shooting happen, just heard the gunfire. didn't see who was shooting. he said people started running, it was total chaos. and he was unable to see at the time whether someone was actually shot. >> all you heard was pop, pop, pop. and everybody everybody started running. it was crazy.
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>> reporter: some not wanting to talk after what happened earlier tonight. police aren't giving us a whole lot of information tonight. this is still under investigation. it's unclear whether they've made any arrests in this. there was at least one person shot. another football game had to be canceled earlier today between san leandro high and oakland high. unsure whether there was any connection between that threat and what happened here tonight. >> thank you for that report. more breaking news. in the central valley, a small plane burst into flames after crashing on highway 99 in modesto just before 8:00 tonight. incredibly, the chp says the pilot walked with only minor injuries. and the single-engine dakota didn't
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hit any cars or injure anyone else. a i a bizarre arson investigation. why would a suspect fly here from missouri and allegedly set fires a? >> one of the last people to see the suspect before his arrest. >> reporter: tonight we are learning the suspect, freddie graham, allegedly set nine fires before attending his 50-year high school reunion right here in mill petedis. >> while he was there, the fires were going on that he set. he literally could see the smoke from where he was at. >> reporter: as old friends gathered for the reunion last
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saturday, firefighters were battling several grass fires in the foothills. little did they know one of their classmates would be identified as the suspect. >> i talked to him several times. normal. no problem. >> nothing out of the or nor. >> absolutely nothing. >> reporter: he says freddie thanked him for tracking himoni omethick in miod about his wife. >> reporter: after finding him, richard says the 68-year-old told him about losing his wife last year. >> he shared with me that his wife had passed away, and he had dreams of driving in the hills and showing her where he grew up. >> reporter: those hills are where investigators say graham set 13 fire fires.
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>> he was distraught. and i continuing hit him. >> very lonely guy. >> reporter: this woman says she met graham on an online dating site last summer, and it was obvious he was still grieving over his wife. they exchanged text messages while he was here in california. >> just why, why would you do that? and why didn't you reach out for help? >> reporter: graham is no stranger to the law. he is accused of setting a tractor trailer on fire in missouri last august. >> obviously this man was distraught. and angry. >> reporter: richard plans to visit grahal tomorrow. he hopes he says yes. >> i'm telling him, what you did was wrong. >> you think he regret what is he did? >> yeah, i'm sure he >> reporter: grapsz faces two count was arson, and 15 counts of arson in a state of emergency.
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it's cooling down across the bay area. now the sierra is skipping fall all materialing because snow is on the way. >> paul is tracking snow in the sierra thiseeke >> y i september. winter is moredet righto winter. it's going to shower in the sierra all summer long. in the that big of a deal. but when we're talking snow showers, ears perk up. lake tahoe, light to moderate snow at times over the course of three days. only three to six inches of snow. but in september, that's noteworthy. a little drizzle around here this morning. the oakland hills, one tech of one inch of rainfall that. has moved out. after a chilly night tonight, even with full sunshine, no clouds tomorrow. well below average. oakland not hitting 70. 5 degrees below average. more cooling coming on sunday and monday. the seven-day coming up.
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>> thank you. taking a live look at oracle park where it is the end of an era in bay area sports this weekend.s retiring. >> fans are paying tribute betty yu is at oracle park. >> reporter: it's the start of an emotional farewell weekend for giants manager, bruce bochy. tonight was his final evening game here at oracle park. tonight manager bruce bochy escorted willy mccousins widow, esstella, out to the field. and brought the crowd to its feet. the willy mack award honored the most inspirational prayer on the team. it's the first since he passed away last fall. >> reporter: the award went to outfielder, kevin pilar.
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this game was extra special. >> i actually haven't been to a game this year. so i'm coming specifically to pay my respects to the greatest giants manager we've ever had. >> three world series. and a pretty good time. >> reporter: bochy reached 2,000 wins, a rare milestone. >> and the memories are amazing. and it's hard. it's a little bittersweet. but we're all -- our heart is filled with love and emotion for bruce. >> reporter: san francisco-born comedian, rob schneider tweeted a video to bochy. >> three world series championships. incredible. now all of united states giants fans can die happy. and truthfully, we should have all probably died after that third championship.
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you know what i'm talking about. how aboutll two thers weend ive toheity. fmer players and coaches are expected here at oracle park for the season finale. it's official, the a's are going to the playoffs for the second straight year, clinching a wildcard spot. vern will have the details coming up. luke walton speaking publicly for the first time about sexual assault allegations against him. walton, a former warrior assistant coach, became the sacramento kings head coach in april. days later, a former sports reporter filed a lawsuit against him. kelly tenant says that he kissed and groped her without her consent my players.
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we're together as a group. and what we have to focus on is what we have in front of us. this is my job. it's my job to be the best for my laser and that's what i plan to do. last month an independent investigation for the kings and the nba concluded insufficient evidence for those allegations. just in tonight, metalia says its front man has entered rehab. the band is canceling its upcoming tour in australia and new zealand. earlier this month, metallica performed at chase center for opening night along with the san francisco symphony. an update on that dive boat tragedy off the california coast. the atf has completed a two-week investigation. tonight the feds are saying they don't know what caused the fire. 34 people were killed on the conception. of s parhe v b to
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labs for additional testing. new details of a deadly skydiving accident. a woman was killed when she landed on the freeway and was hit by a big rig. the victim was skydiving with a group that took off from the lodi parachute center. the owner of the skydiving center says that despite windy conditions, she had the experience to make a safe landing. >> i would say her indiscretion was the factor that led to the incident. we've jumped in winds much higher than that. everybody else on the load landed in the right place. for whatever reason, she just went too far downwind is the expression. >> skydiving reg eulogists do not address wind conditions. authorities say they will investigate whether the parachute was properly packed. doctor jill biden's message to san francisco tonight and her first appearance here since the release of the whistleblower
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complaint. >> and why artificial intelligence is so scary. >> an update on our breaking news coming up.
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we have been following this breaking news at de anza high school in richmond. there was a shooting at a football game. one person was hit by gunfire. a witness tells us that he heard multiple shots during the game. and then 20 minutes later heard more. and this is new video that is just into the newsroom. a person who shot it, running away. a little shaky there. running away from the field as shots rang out. she tweeted
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"scariest moment of my life. and my own school gun control now". she is home safe tonight. we confirmed at least one person was hit by gunfire tonight. we're continuing to follow the story. a live look now at capitol hill where white house democrats have issued their first subpoena in the impeachment inquiry against president trump. the president maintains he did not pressure ukraine to investigate his political rival, joe biden. >> reporter: no mention of controversy rolling around her family because of a white house whistleblower's complaint. >> what are your thoughts on the whistleblower complaint? >> reporter: jill biden left the institution without a word about the controversy in the white house. earlier i the evening,
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she read a sion cameras were not allowed.neioning tionshat pntrump pressured ukraine's president to investigate a political boon, her hu. supporters say they didn't mind. >> i would say no. i don't think she needed to say anything. >> reporter: on the campaign trail today, joe biden himself had plenty to say. >> we have a president who's violated his oath of office, who used the power of his office and your tax dollars to try to persuade a foreign leader that once again interfered in the presidential campaign. >> reporter: the trump campaign hit back with a new ad, blasting biden for corruption. >> joe biden promised ukraine a billion dollars if they fired the prosecutor investigating his son's company. >> reporter: the impeachment investigation is ramping up.
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house democrats sent a subpoena to mike pompeo, demanding important documents by nek. and requested to depose five state department officials mentioned in the whistleblower complaint. one of them, special enjoy to t ukraine, resigned today. several democratic candidates hoping to cash in on the impeachment debate are holding bay area fundraisers this weekend. joe biden will be in the area next thursday. university of california fighting back against the trump administration for rescinding daca. the university filed a lawsuit with the u.s. supreme court today saying that the program's repeal is a violation of students' rights. daca protects thousands of undocumented immigrants who brought to the united states as children.
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this comes after a hearing where attorneys said that the rules would let the u.s. government detain immigrant children indefinitely. tonight pope francis has a warning for mill convalley. artificial intelligence could be dangerous. the pope believes if tech giants are not careful, they could create a, quote, "form of basharism." he says that ai has the potential to circulate biassed opinions and false information. manipulating millions of people. those comments came today during a three-day conference at the vatican. >> paul is here now. we went from summer to winter in one week we bypassed the season. it was 105 degrees two days ago. most of us didn't get above 65
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for much of the afternoon and still kinda windy tonight. as we head toward the weekend, look at these winds blowing in in san ramon. 17 miles per hour in cleveland. in clearfield. we're all in the 50s tonight. a couple nights ago, we were in the 80s at this time. san jose 59. 40s sonoma county. wouldn't be surprised monday, tuesday morning next week. 30s, overnight lows. you're gonna feel the change. pacific coast fog set. beautiful pacifica. no fog. chilly though. another weekend event for and you your family, the dragonboat festival. super fun. mild, sunny, upper 60s. sometimes we talk about the ocean breeze in the summertime, primarily. we're gonna be chilly. now we're just chilly because the air is coming down from canada, and it's almost
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october. lots of snow showers. cold in the middle of the atmosphere. we've boent have that inversion or marine layer. everybody is sunny throughout the day tomorrow. showers over the open ocean for us. nothing but sunshine. it's gonna be brisk and breezy this weekend. temperatures up to a dozen degrees cooler than that. mainly sunny for the weekend. it will be cool, breezy. we will see some mountain snow showers for the next three days. highs tomorrow, below average. san francisco, five degrees below average. full sunshine in danville, not even hitting 70. antioch 74. mill valley 70. novato 71. cloudier monday as well. sunshine next week. a little bit warmer. all in all, pleasantly chilly fall weather.
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>> all right, paul. thank you. it might be the most hated travel fee out there, the resort fee. the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using a sal ignoelaw th e-cigarettes. misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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congress taking action against hotels and their pricey hidden charges. >> new legislation takes on so-called resort fees. the legislation would require hotels to list all charges. not just the mandatory government taxes and fees. this comes after two
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suits alleging the fees violate consumer protection laws. hotels are projected to make $3 billion in hidden fees this year. >> oh. okay, mr. powers. we got a lot of stuff going on tonight. moment of truth for the 15th-ranked cal football program. and do the a's have reason to celebrate? sort of. it's complicated. from the couldn't be prouders
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basic up top, the al wildcard clinching oakland a's. guess what team is with them? the evening started for the washington nationals eliminating the cleveland indians. so this game, a postseason spot for the a's before they heat it up at the mariners. so it was up to mike fires here to help the a's win in seattle. the 3rd inning, mariners kept finding holes. austin nola broke a one-all tie. then in the 9th, tied at three, liam hendriks on the mound,
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that's the closer.of he's lost 4-3 but they're in the postseason for the fifth time in the last eight. and that's why they celebrate. they and tampa have identical 96 and 64 records with two games left. giants center fielder kevin pillar was given the 2019 inspirational team. the palo alto product went far in the 2nd off johnny cueto. switching to college football, that's the cal quarterback, 4.5 home point favorites to beat arizona state. but this saturday second quarter. chases out, scrambles, and slammed on his throwing shoulder. did not return. cal 15th ranked, unbeaten, couldn't get going without him.
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fourth quarter, benjamin punch today in for the sun devils. cal lost their first game of the year. 24-17. we got head coach brett brennan and the san jose state spartans. big wins in back-to-back weeks? spartans could not recover. they got rolled. 41-24. spartans' record, 2 and 2. tony romo fans, the napa bay silverado golf course. romo, follow-up thursday, 270 with at least the same score. former cowboys quarterback turned analyst would make the cut. looked good in the fourth. his short game failed him. romo shot 6 over 78. 4 over for the event. the cut line was 2 under. getting back to the a's, and
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tampa, the wyked game is next wednesday. it's either gonna be in oakland or tampa. >> two host. ure checked in for your flight? >> 6:30 am. >> okay, thank you. >> we'll be right back. this is the chevy silverado, with the world's first invisible trailer. invisible trailer? hop in. silverado offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different views- including one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible. wow. that's pretty sweet. that's cool. where'd the trailer go? or, get a total value of ninety seven sixty on this silverado all star without optional tech package or enhanced invisible view.
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quick update on our breaking news. richmond police now telling us that three people were shot off-campus during a football game at de anza high school tonight. police initially responded to a fight. then they heard gunshots ring out. no word on the condition of those victims. confirmed now three people hit by gunfire. >> we'll follow up this weekend for sure on our weekend newscast. i'll be there. you guys are off. you're off to the
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raiders. >> that's right. >> thank you for watching. >> have a great weekend. captioning sponsored by cbs >> in the release of today's complaint, the whistleblower also alleged a white house cover-up, that white house officials had intervened to lock down records of the phone call, and move those records to a different server. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ( laughter ) ♪ ♪ ( laughter ) ♪ ♪ ( laughter )


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