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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  October 10, 2019 6:30pm-6:59pm PDT

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♪ >> o'donnell: tonight, rudy giuliani's ukraine connection. two men who helped the president's lawyer try to dig up dirt on the bidens are arrested for campaign finance violations. breaking news, homes are burning in california and close to a million are without power. also tonight, fears of a humanitarian crisis in syria, as civilians flee the attack by turkey. kurds tell us they feel betrayed by america. an october blizzard in the great plains. nearly two feet of snow onhe ground, as temperatures plummet. only on cbs, we speak with the mother of a nine-year-old charged with murder for setting a fire that killed five. >> he's a good boy. he just needs he voice, and emerged as chamons at harva.
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and, another drop-the-mic moment for simone biles. this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell. >> o'donnell: good evening. this is our western edition.inqs . we start with breaking news in california. fire is raging tonight throu a mobile home park in calimesa, that's about three hours east of los angeles. and as jonathan vigliotti reports, power companies are cutting the power to even more people, to try to prevent more fires. >> reporter: even with an historic effort to prevent them, at least three fires erupted in southern california in the late afternoon, fueled by strong winds and dry heat.
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>> i was coming down the street, and i saw a lot of smoke coming up. >> reporter: 50 miles east of los angeles, in fontana, homes began burning just as the power company wa reports say this fire was near downed power lines. >> be safe out there. >> reporter: in the hills south of san bernardino, another fire broke out. winds there were gusting up to 30mph, hampering firefighters trying to protect buildings. while 13,000 southern californians are without power, in the northern part of the state, hundreds of thousands have been living in the dark since wednesday, when pg&e orchestrated a rolling blackout in a desperate effort to prevent its equipment from igniting fires. southern california utilities have been hesitating to shut down electric grids on massive scale in an effort to stem a customer backlash.d whbeer .g&e actually left the power on in this san jose neigh aigh winds knocked down thed. nobower lirhnes. aney landed over here, starting a fire, and it was actually
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utighbors who came out, put iter on it, preventing it from spreading and most likely saving nosoeighelbol.rhood. jonathan, thank you. now to a dramatic turn in the ever-evoing impeachment inquiry. rekey twe fi bthbe hhiaparpen to bnde assy an giurusii, plire these men are charged with funnelin f50,0g rom 00a trump pac and then pushing to ukraine fired. and now they're at the center of the inquiry as cbs news has learned they helped giuliani asn hunter. paula reid sorts through all the players involved and reports on why this could hurt the president.dy by the f.b.i. as they tried to flee the country. >> parnas and fruman were arrested around 6:00 p.m. last night at dulles airport as they were about to board an international flight with one-
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way tickets. >> reporter: earlier in the day they had lunch with president trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, at the trump hotel in washington. the men are both naturalized u.s. citizens. one originally from ukraine, the other originally from belarus. prosecutors charged them with illegally funneling foreign donations to political campaigns, including $325,000 to a pro-trump super-pac in a scheme to buy potential influence. the pair is seen in pictures with president trump, donald trump jr., and the president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, who tweeted earlier this year, "lev parnas and igor fruman are my clients." >> i don't know those gentleman. now, it's possible i have a picture with them because i have a picture with everybody. >> reporter: the men were also subpoenaed by house democrats, as part of their impeachment inquiry to president trump. the original whistleblower complaint that launched the investigation apparently references parnas and fruman as associates of mr. giuliani who were trying to make contact with
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the ukrainian president. brendan fischer with the campaign legal center says the financial records suggest they are at the center of the president and giuliani's campaign, urging ukraine to open an investigation of former vice president joe biden and his son, hunter. >> these two were central in bringing the narrative about biden and ukraine to trump's inner circle. >> so you did ask ukraine to look into joe biden? >> of course i did >> reporter: cbs news has learned that parnas and fruman ytw key to setting up a meeting ulben gindee lutsenko, and reportedly also facilitated contact between giuliani and viktor shokin, a prosecutor biden pressured to idve fired because he was allegedly corrupt. >> o'donnell: paula joins us here because there are more developments. a house committee has now subpoenaed the energy secretary rick perry, and tomorrow they could hear from a central witness in the investigation, atrmer u.s. ambassador to kiev. what have we learned?
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>> reporter: exactly. we've learned that she would 'vke to testify. lw, she is still a state department employee, so the tmite house could try to block ehis, but she has a lot to tell swmakers, potentially. remember, she was recalled from her position in the spring, heter giuliani complained about our to the white house. and norah, today we learned that ays associates were donating money to a u.s. congressman while pushing to get her fired. e' we'll see, but right now we do expect her to testify tomorrow. >> o'donnell: whether she was aware of this effort. paula reid, thank you. and tonight, a catastrophe is looming in northern syria. civilians are frantically trying to escape turkish air strikes and artillery. terrorists. their assault came days after president trump pulled american troops from their positions near the turkey/syria border. charlie d'agata is on the ground in the war zone. >> reporter: thunderous explosions echoed across iorthern syria today as turkish artillery and air power paid the way for an all-out ground assault.
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the turkish military said they orruck more than 180 terrorist targets along a 150-mile path, 15d say ground troops have already crossed into the stretch of land between tal abyad and ras al-ayn, the two border towns where u.s. special forces vacated bases earlier this week. we found some of the tens of me osands of people who have teed the intense shelling, roalenecked on the main road leading out of the border city of qamishli. niroughout the day, and now into the night, there have been these try traffic jams, people trying to get out of the range of turkish weapons, air strikes, and artillery. the border is just a mile in that direction, and nobody here wants to risk another night. "we decided to leave now because we saw the situation gettingwoos " ere e,thusmo "kids are dying and nobody is doing anything about it." and where are you going to go? "we don't know," she said. ,"e left, but we don't know
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where we're going." 25-year-old medea ghanm blames the u.s. for putting her and her ngree young children in danger, and has a message for president trump. "why did you leave us alone?" she said. "we were your loyal allies, and you turned your back on us. you have given president erdogan a green light to attack civilians."rate riden here can do is get as far away as they can, and brace for the worst. kurdish forces here are no match for the might of the turkish military. they are outgunned and vastly outnumbered. yet the commander here has vowed, if the turks invade in arge numbers, they will be attacked. norah? >> o'donnell: all right, charlie in northern syria, thank you. president trump is suggesting tonight that his administration could somehow mediate a deal between turkey and the kurds. ey says he would prefer that to other options, like hitting kerkey with sanctions or sending in more american troops.
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i d't think the american people want to see us go back in rea ain. th won. we left the area. i don't think we want to go back in. >> o'donnell: i want to bring in margaret brennan, our chief foreign affairs correspondent and moderator of "face the nation." margaret, i know you've been talking to your sources. the president claims this is an effort to bring u.s. troops home, but in reality, the troops opre just moved south. and as we just heard, the kurds feel abandoned. how much concern are you hearing? >> reporter: well, norah, it was a significant acknowledgment tonight by senior state department officials, that they are confirming their concerns about ethnic cleansing being and acknowledge that is what the u.s. means when it calls for forane treatment, especially of the kurds. itd it is the abandonment of that u.s. ally that has really caused concern around the world, including in europe. ene western diplomat that i president trump's comment yesterday, that isht
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d justlee to europe, shows careless disregard for america's allies. and this diplomat said there sary well may be a terrorist attack in europe that could happen if these fighters are allowed to roam free. >> o'donnell: and as you've been talking to many of your sources, how unpopular is this decision by president trump, to allow the turks to go in? own administration, everyone mrom the pentagon through the state department all the way up to the secretary of state have really pushed president trump to take a stronger position to dissuade turkey from carryingoui h siwh, icr expected. but the president did not. the u.s. miscalculated in thinking that erdogan would back down. and for much of today the secretaries of state, defense, and the national security adviser have all been working we phones, basically trying to retro-fit a policy onto the president's decision to pull troops back from that border. >> o'donnell: really interesting. margaret, thank you very much.
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tonight, a potentially historic u owstorm is sweeping across the west and plains. it's dumped nearly two feet of snow in parts of montana. in colorado, it sent cars into a nain. in the dakotas, it could be an all-out blizzard. the storm has also sent temperatures nose-diving. denver was 83 degrees yesterday. nvnight, it will be in the teens. today marks one year since hurricane michael slammed the florida panhandle. the population of panama city beach is down 25%. itre than 8,000 people have not 00turned. in mexico beach, about 800 of the 1,200 residents no longer live there. manuel bojorquez now, on the wlow recovery. >> reporter: hurricane michael damaged more than 45,000 buildings in panama city, including krystal boone's home. onis has been home, for a year? t correct. >> reporter: boone has had to d sb.with her driveway with her thanan
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>>heot t n'sug eerh no and itwo jrkust feels like it's. taking forever. >> reporter: the biggest .bstacle to drawing workers and people back to the area, livable housing, is in short supply, sending rents soaring, often t uble what they were before. nowhere is the difference between supply and demand more stark than here, mexico beach, nefa. before michael, between apartments, houses, and cond, there were 2,700 units here. erw, barely 500 of those are livable. it's also a drag on the region's biggest industry, tourism. ♪ ♪ at this cajun restaurant in panama city beach, the crowds be back, but keeping workers at kewage owner trudy white can afford has been the.allee ng >> i mean, certain positions only pay so much money, and when you got mcdonald's offering $15, $18 an hour, i can't compete with that. >> reporter: in extreme cases, some restaurants have had to shorten hours or close on
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certain days. but despite the slow pace of recovery, there are signs of new life here. in mexico beach, dozens of new building permits have been itsued over the last several 'd scinatinmog to see thhsat, mann.y. thank you. the suspect accused of killing 22 people and wounding dozens more at a walmart in el paso, texas made his first court xapearance today. patrick crusius pleaded not guilty. when he was arrested in august, crusius told police he was targeting mexicans. eight people from mexico were among the victims. two victims are still in the hospital. there is still much more ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news." the family of a nine-year-old boy charged with multiple counts of murder speaks out in an exclusive interview. how the n.b.a.'s free speech dispute with china played out in the stands today. and later, the debate is over, and we have ourselves some winners. ourselves some winners.
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exclusive.ll: now, abs for the first time, we are rsaring from the mother and aunt ye a nine-year-old boy who was charged with five counts of first-degree murder. prosecutors say he would likely be put on probation if convicted. but errol barnett found the unmily is split on what punishment he should receive for setting a deadly fire. >> he shouldn't be thrown away like a piece of garbage. >> reporter: katie alwood admits her nine-year-old son kyle had a problem with starting fires, but she says he made a mistake when he set their home ablaze in april, killing five relatives. does he have a history with starting fires? h yes. yes. and i fire-proofed my entire iruse. >> reporter: prosecutors haven't said how kyl ce stfi hd imth warh fivee re. tahehiand murder and arson for grandmother, as well as hisother mother's fiancé and his two- year-old cousin. >> i stood at the window, and i told my kids i was sorry i couldn't save them, mommy was
6:47 pm
right here and i loved them.ort reyod t >> i don>>'t know orse,s w hearing him scream or when it stopped. >> she was amazing. he reporter: katie's sister samantha lost her daughter rose, and wants her nephew to be punished. >> at the end of the day, whether he meant to or not, he knew what fire did. ,e killed her. the only thing keeping me going. >> reporter: kyle is expected to face a judge inside this courthouse on october 21. his meal state is a crucial component of this case. >> he has schizophrenia. >> reporter: and when was he diagnosed with schizophrenia? >> not even a month before the fire. and he was on medication.soneedt >> he needs help. he really does. >> reporter: errol barnett, cbs news, goodfield, illinois. >> o'donnell: still ahead, two famous fes world mental health day. --
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>> o'donnell: there was no time out today in the n.b.a.'s free speech dispute with china. chinese tv refused to show a preseason game in shanghai between the los angeles lakers and brooklyn nets. fans were given flags to wave in support of the communist state. tensions started last week when the g.m. of the houston rockets tweeted support for anti-government protesters in hong kong. in germany, another gold medal performance for simone biles. se won her fifth title in the all-around. she now has 22 medals at the world championship, one behind men's gymnast vitaly scherbo for the all-time record. et was fitting that biles ended the floor routine by pretending to drop the mic. up today to bring awareness to an important cause, mental health day. in a new video, ed sheeran jokes he thought it was about their plight as britain's most famous redheads, but they also shared a serious message.
6:52 pm
ht guys, it's world mental health day. reach out and make sure your friends, strangers, look out for anybody who might be suffering in silence. we're all in this together. all right? >> thanks for watching. >> cheers. >> o'donnell: and "cbs this etrning" takes on this issue when it broadcastspe live audience event called astop the stigma. no more shame and blame. a conversation about mental health." entals coming up on october 23. er next, finding their voice. why no one underestimates the dieat debaters anymore. why no one underestimates the great debaters anymore. i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv. there's my career... my cause... and creating my dream home. i'm a work in progress. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. prescription dovato is for adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment and who aren't resistant to either of the medicines dolutegravir or lamivudine.
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new depend® fit-flex underwear offers your best comfort and protection guaranteed. because, perfect or not, life's better when you're in it. >> o'donnell: everybody knows teenagers love to talk back, but sometimes, it can get you to harvard. that's right. mark strassmann explains. >> you still have to actually destroy the environment. >> reporter: making a statement... >> the b.r.i. is going to enppen, either way. .i reporter: ...means first... >> the european union will help. >> reporter: ...finding your voice. >> when you debate, you outwit. ouu don't outfight. yo reporter: brandon fleming is helping these atlanta teens find reirs. >> your hands belong here. you are engaging your audience. r: harvard assistant debate coach will train them for ten months. >> i don't think that's the scenario. si reporter: he's introducing black voices to debate.
6:57 pm
>> was it unjust? and the worldf debate... >> universal health catere>>r: coverageor will rhappenep rega! to eporter: black voices. >> be intrusive in the spaces that are not inclusive. you know, is what i tell them. trailblazers don't wait for opportunities. s.ey create them. >> reporter: every year, the yrvard debate council hosts a tournament. osound 100 teams compete from 15 countries. fleming's atlanta team first showed up in 2017. they became the first all-black stam to win harvard's tournament. >> reporter: the group's statement is, you might have underestimated us, but we're here. >> i was here. you felt my presence, and you heard my voice. >> reporter: the next year, the same tournament proved it was no iuke. ask d.j. roman. >> then we got to the second debate, the third debate. the fourth debate. we were like, we haven't lost yet. >> reporter: the atlanta team tminated again. roman and his teammates went undefeated. >> we're like, wow, we did it. we did it. >> you must question everything.
6:58 pm
>> reporter: fleming teaches them to think first, and then esw to debate. >> you made a claim. you made a claim. you have to support that claim. >> reporter: he pushes a roomful of smart kids. sophomore ramaya thomas likes feeling uncomfortable. >> they don't want you to sit down and be like, oh, he just hot me down, i don't feel like speaking anymore. they want you to find your voice end find what you want to say, t d get back up and say it. >> if the e.u. we i serp,fto >> reporter: and there is no debate about that. str crkann,s,smbs new >> o'donnell: important to find your voice. llw about that? "be intrusive in places that are not inclusive." that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. i'm norah o'donnell in new york. thank you so mucfor watching. good night. cane ssgbor access groupt wgbh
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from ge story as much as a story about greed. and mismanagement. the governors heated comments during tonight's rush to restore power. what has occurred in the last 48 hours is unacceptable. we are extremely inconvenienced by the way by their strategy. new details about where and when the power is coming back. just moments ago. our website crashed several times. our maps cse calls. two fast-moving fires bay area neighborhoods. we started hearing the sirens. there are choprs going around. look


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