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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  October 22, 2019 6:30pm-6:59pm PDT

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te sstimony yet in the impeas.cs prtid tenru aidmp's to politicat ryhmpchment inquiynchin" une's seone who doesn't comparing what's happened to him with one of our darkest moments mecan history. >> o'donnell: a power shift in syria. vladimir putin negotiates a new cease-fire as the u.s. watches fromhe sideline. what happens nowomenri aca aughter's wasinghi ing d bucket list is now charged col
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micageus a hero's homecoming f django, the pologor r ic a cter, anotherbest fal fl, oualth urpdeat with norah o'donnell, reportig tonight from washington. joing us tonht.ood evening.u sor tand th the mostdamaging tesantimonyk tyooe against the president of the ntited stat. p es wa his specifityit a indorthij i we
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inll smearght wh ereg.y're tad campaign. but let's begin with congressional correspondent nancy cordes on capitol hill. nancy. >> reporter: norah, if it thisaa ident had been denying. what led youed aboubea roid pd cselo ambassador steve billiot taylor gresridebe. very troubling. >> reporter: taiferls a rvicthisme s encntedou uaine, engineered by president trump and involving the president's personal lawyer, rudy giuliani.o
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clearby my, to me that the trump was specifically, "e noistone untu" >> that is a very import frreett lirs himns. rost d>>efend putep"t mostentnn reaha"t >>ior
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i a ukrainian situation appropriately? >> we'veot had any conversations on that subject. >> reporter: so he was lying conveations t?hahe presidentbout ttabt ph tone call. >> o'donnell: natancy unfolding? in reporr: yte hee,s h norayah. t, f accable to the secretary oste,f rn to ukraine while it was rus" he neverot any r learn that the secrety took it witouimh ho laso h heren capitol hill. and tonight, norah, the white hoise quoesfainto dails.
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nancy, thank you.tiw onugton cs ynch today in ause tweet criticism from those whoacse dre triviali. givcoy ulnot cpare tstoen to a lynching. >> reporter: republican leader cld n inquiry to >> reporter: a spokesman for the presidentrtt todge he's m l he w b t fon aouednn post, whicw erlcet.
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. hlyr ppening in amera adtoeany remarks considerd racist by some. >> if you're not happy leave >> reporter: he told four col untries chlottesville, virginia. umposeutsilsde ngheou immigrants like this >> they're bringing crime. they're tis ally, senator lindsey graham said today the president's tweet was lsping, o n. every sense. this is un-american. westrisinr: senator g snesenre ctsou
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thfriday toin speakarol at benea done mo or president. >> o'donnell: all righnit,tyiawe nowijth, k of americans reallye saneiar ,way in asncng goi back m unstory in just aed moment.solv as the u.s. watched from the sidelines today russia' nt fowor putin emerged as theree a new six-day cease-fire with the president of tuey tonight andeports on what russia's new role means for the u.s. and the fight againstod e bsident putin hold off aill wf
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agreement. the russcan tsopavle russ. th're territeiesnceco taetronolng uki.sth aldrwiaw ofi rkey says are aro terriicerclstosest partners in the campaign against isis onhe in syria. they've been betraouyed by tndhe out of >>r:orte r it'theaems clocokeunh
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with american troo leaving eastern sya and kurdish foessidl ti conwi alral righnot, holly, s thank you.muri ranks at boeing. tomaer, mcstern lie mathinvice,. 73this follows the rela struggled with the plane's ig73ol ctrar sonx ooff ndioth e new bribery chges tonight ainsiat 11 parents i aronose e anwhllcoegulcod adnoma hartecesbd, mossimo giannulli, were deges.orteinlye aeduso edchn te
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t tatthfigh k,un pneditional charges o epare to face new briberyty od l ents did t.ur charge against 11 parents, p including laughlin and paying half a million dollars tc daughters are no longeris t anyi can workth out a deal. but if they think they can winls aa t don't.
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>> reporter: some of the accused coaches are now also facing that beefedy -uiber, brargechdan more years to any en >>ne: carter, thank now to that story we promised ngier abe justoulo ic political firestorm rages over the president's usethe o re lynching, unsolved after 73 alsrt heard arguments on whether grand jury records in the case should be unsealed. here's mark rannssma. >> reporter: infamy lingers 50 miles east of atlanta, whereo ts dory, aorld ii l atyh ogand,n, and his wife, may. der a r mndorothy >> sharecroppers, very active ging aican americans to votery e
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black folks a lesson." >> reporter: roy harrison was a th 1man.e drovesplou rdrom,adto, so they saw these klansmen.theypened the doors, ty and one of taiomenhed, swe " hae now. dragged outside, beaten, dragged t the woods and tiethto th e moopenedd t k. fsh 6ir0 sa 15 to 20 of the mob members are known name, but gjurynd aiy fis.
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>> reporter: why is that? >> they were elected officials. they were lat.rcemenfarmeren gd everybw ody knew their name. jthalnddeparartment of justice gppog ens , thininarem seand jury proceedings shod >> tell me what you're trying to >> rr:eporte assassination of four africanhis americans on that day? .e t heali> r hornti waru >> it's ry dcult. there's always room for onlyustice possible may be thecn
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salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. patch, roll-on or cream. so it never stops the heart of a family. at bayer, this is why we science. >> o'donnell: now to a shocking anug cs now charged wi mat hthderinger chinvestigilatord.s found. olia gant's ory was as people were told she wassu ffg iner tfrom a including "catch a bad guy with police.". d nvandeole >> do you know what? >> what? >> another princess is in trouble! it's belle.
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e str:ory.orteep he same time determined to do the task atat u hand, which taownking >>orr: ntutghhe vilin. she has been indicted by a colorado grand jury on two counts of murdering her daughter stealing half a million dollars from medicaid, as well as olivia. the red yearnvtion gancethcoesewere ti aimeclha nc.e ermacake-a-wish foundation, whh says it checks out all requests, deincl when aedwed bn diis case, and intend to folurle stgo venfin the hope o
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princess will now have a new cemete, and her story ispain or touching people all over again-- an innocent child alley wanted the attention and the neray. >> o'donnell: deeply disturbing, barry, thank you. hichle otuwod anthounds morea enwoshunded akand. thodsus mor shaken. some farms grow food. el. gae r biofuels.
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took a bullet.insu ag partn feln ltecook psst.ulr.a y r bittepeepr: human give him a chance t'jango underi two surgeries ubutt s v repor t but his ey te,es m d>> reporter: police departments from themi area ksae vigil for d'jango,ton already sep
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evrg is d'jan a hero?
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e-ga wci. ju is inl"re" ow we're still feeling the heat toni onnght.
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dtan i geotrtee a nnd power ht oy sh b when apa'rn ie senp,rted >> storeag


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