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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 26, 2019 2:07am-2:38am PDT

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to the mendocino and lake county line are all being told to get out now. the fire exploded in size again. it's footprint larger than manhattan. the eastern flank is the most active. cal fire has issued a new evacuation warning for six communities in lake county. gifford springs whistling pines anderson springs adams springs. just the warning that people might need to evacuate. the latest numbers right now. the fire has burned 24,000 acres. it is still just 5% contained. 600 structures are threatened. 49 have been destroyed. was in 1300 firefighters are on the front lines. live team coverage on the fire. what could be the biggest pg in the lack out yet. with the latest from the fire lines in geyserville.>> reporter: so little of the kincaid fire contained. bipartisan thankful for one thing. take a look at the grapevines behind me. there is very little wind
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tonight. it was just after 5 pm when came screaming up pine flat road. cal fire confirms there was an incident is the kincaid fire was blaring near hillsboro. cynic up a column of smoke. sonoma county sits under the smoky shroud of another devastating wildfire. those most affected are on the ground helping. like bernadette who lost her home. she is delivering meals to santa rosa restaurant. she wants to feed the firemen. i want to help. i love to help people. you help people and they are doing the best they can. that is what i wanted to do. keep my mind busy. >> reporter: 20 minutes after she left 1999 geiser road on wednesday night in her pajamas her home of four years was gone. my husband and my toy
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poodle.>> reporter: there are a few things she wishes she had time to grab. my dad's wedding ring. my husband's wedding ring.>> reporter: the good karma she is putting into the world helping others in her time of need are carrying her through. i know that god is good. i'm going to find my dad's ring. >> reporter: world central kitchen has also show set up shop in sonoma county. the disaster relief charity is just back from the bahamas. tonight they were passing out homemade chile to firefighters. we activated recently. we have 300 meals for first responders. we are coordinating with the red cross to take care of the shelters. >> reporter: cal fire still has not released information on what may have happened on pine flat road. earlier this afternoon. showing you the smoke from the kincaid fire. it is making for unhealthy air across the bay area tonight. take a look at that thick wall
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a bit over the east bay earlier this evening. looks like fog. that is smoke. the winds will pick up tomorrow night. all those red and orange dots indicate where the air quality is unhealthy in the bay area right now. betty with more on what you can expect this weekend. >> reporter: smoke from the kincaid fire has blanketed sonoma county and as you might expect it is raising pollution levels. the unhealthiest air is in the north bay. it is also filtering down into the bay area. in the past couple hours it has gotten bad in san francisco. along the peninsula and in oakland. the bay area air quality management district is urging people from the north bay down to santa clara valley to limit their exposure to the smoke. the hot weather expected this weekend may also complicate matters. one problem with the heat is that when we have poorer air quality we ask
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people to stay indoors with their windows and doors close. because of the heat we are telling people that he takes precedence over air quality. if their home is too hot they should instead seek relief at a cooling center or at a library. a mall or someone with filter air.>> reporter: spared the air alert is in effect for the entire bay area through at least tomorrow. like likely longer. in recent years the weather models we used have gotten pretty good at forecasting where the smoke is going to go. from these fires that have taken off. they are not perfect. take a look at the forecast for tomorrow. it is not something we show often. hopefully you can see the outlines. for the north bay. there is sonoma county. for the kincaid fire. this is taking us from 8 am until 1 pm. that is the frame i want you to see. the last one. 8 am going through 1 pm in the afternoon. the trend is even though we get
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a little bit of a break early. the smoke starts drifting back down and almost the same direction that it did today. this will be highly dependent on how fire behaves tomorrow. we saw thathappen today. the fire took off in ways that model would not and was not able to exactly predict last night. in general air quality is not good. those are unhealthy levels for sensitive groups wherever you go. unhealthy for many of the city of san francisco. vacaville getting off easy. with moderate levels. here is the next story. the forecast on this next wind event. i'm going to start this tomorrow afternoon. advance it overnight. by the time we've gotten to midnight sunday we are just now on the leading edge of the next wind event. a lot more details on that when i come back. here is the headline to take away. red flag warnings start saturday night at 8 am to 8 pm. it expires monday 11 am. midnight sunday morning he much
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to the afternoon will be the biggest concern. more on this in a few minutes. we will find out tomorrow morning at eight if pg&e is going forward with a third massive public safety power shut off this month. by this time tomorrow more than 1 million people in the bay area could be in the dark. we got new information on the timing. pg&e could cut power to the north bay by 5 pm tomorrow. in other parts of the bay area by seven. this is because of extreme fire conditions and what could be some of the strongest twins in years. the potential outage includes almost 200,000 customers in napa sonoma and marin counties. 54,000 san mateo counties. the 7000 alameda county. 48,000 in contra costa. 27,000 and santa clara county. at pg&e headcount doors where officials are saying they have learned from past shutoffs and plans to handle this one
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differently. >> reporter: this weekend shut off could impact as many as 850,000 pg&e customers spanning three dozen counties. becoming the largest and potentially the longest shut off since the outages began. we are preparing for what is likely going to be a widespread safety shut off across our service territory. to combat the risk of a catastrophic wildfire. >> reporter: nearly 1 million of pg&e's 5 million customers are expected to lose power starting tomorrow. but pg&e officials say they have learned from this week's outage after admitting they only shut off low voltage lines and not high-voltage transmission lines prior to the kincaid fire. because the winds were not strong enough. we adjusted some of our protocols determining when we will be energized high-voltage transmission lines.
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>> reporter: they will shut off power to high-voltage power lines and areas the sea higher winds and forecasted. because of topography. a transmission line at one of pg&e's power failed minutes before the kincaid fire began. last night pg&e did not have an answer as to why it took pg&e crews 10 hours to inspect the faulty line. i don't know the answer to that.>> reporter: today they had the answer. do you have a clearer picture today on why pg&e crews didn't patrol the area of the failed transmission line until the next morning after being made aware of it the night before? we do dispatch work as to the site. they were there within 90 minutes. at that time the fire was already ongoing. our people could not get to the structure. >> reporter: the outages might be widespread so is the anger and frustration among customers. today officials confirmed some are having their power shut off who don't necessarily need to. one of the things we are committed to do. as soon as we get through fire season. we can sit back and think about
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what additional we need to put in. how we might be able to reconfigure the system areas that will not the don't typically see the bad weather but somehow are connected through the system to it will not be impacted. crews say they will decide tomorrow at 8 am after looking at the forecast who in fact will lose power. live in the east san jose foothills. lights are on for now. this is expected to be one of the hardest hit areas as the region prepares for yet another massive power blackout tomorrow. there are a few places where power lines intersect with dry brown brush more than the east so san jose foothills. here residents live with the threat of fire it year-round. but blackouts are a new twist. last time we had the power outage at around 6 am.
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we were expecting that. i have the flashlight.>> reporter: he is prepared for fires and for the blackouts. as an alarm technician he has a solar and battery backup system installed in his backyard. it will power many of the key systems in his home if pg&e cuts service this weekend. when the power outage happens >> reporter: his home is right on the hillside. he has cut back the brush just in case anything is ignited behind him. rather to be safe than sorry.>> reporter: down the hill the powerline failure sparked a small fire. here residents are willing to put up with the power outages in the name of safety. >> reporter: managers at several local hardware stores say the run on generators
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remain strong. with some stores selling out and receiving emergency replenishment shipments. stephen is an electrician. his company has been getting calls about generators. back up the hill he appreciates all of his dad's backup power. >> reporter: the city of san jose has announced it will open for community sensors tomorrow. in the affected areas. the power outage is not expected to affect downtown san jose. pg and he is telling us the power could be off for 48 hours. or even longer. we have a complete survival guide on our website. fire coverage continues. a firefighter injured helping to civilians evacuate. in sonoma county.
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the extra help cal fire is flying in ready to go at a moments notice. a desperate housewife out of the some breaking news from sonoma county. cal fire releasing new details about an incident we told you about earlier. a firefighter was injured trying to help to civilians evacuate the kincaid fire today. the firefighters forced to
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deploy his fire shelter. all three were taken to the hospital. their injuries are not life- threatening. with the extreme fire danger in the forecast this weekend cal fire has flown in some big help. steve shows us the global supertanker. back in action in california. >> reporter: early arrival time in sacramento for the 747 global supertanker. the $16,000 an hour firefighting airplane touching down friday evening as part of california's massive effort to prevent an out-of-control mega fire in the forecasted high wind days ahead. the supertanker a fleet of firefighting aircraft fueling up some owned by the states. others least. all on the tarmac. all available and on-call for cal fire. this is an unprecedented place that we are in.
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as a state. as the governor said we will get past it. we will get through it together. both the supertanker's arrival signaling the seriousness of california's aggressive tactics trying to prevent another mega fire. the supertanker returning from its most recent firefight in bolivia. last week it dropped the miles of retarded on amazon rain forest that have been burning out of control. now back in sacramento the supertanker imposition for another california extreme fire season. starting at 8 am tomorrow all of the firefighting aircraft that cal fire has in northern california will be available for dispatch. one man living in the kincaid fire zone breathing a sigh of relief tonight. the flames surrounded his hilltop home near geyserville running through his landscaping.
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but leaving his home unscathed. looks like someone dropped a bomb in front of my pool. there is nothing left. unbelievably lucky. unbelievably lucky right now. homes all around him burned. property was saved because he maintained a defensible space around the house. it is not just the bay area. a wildfire raging in southern california as we speak. it is only 10% contained. the tick fire broke out in the santa clarita valley yesterday. north of los angeles. it has scorched over 4000 acres. around 20,000 people remain under evacuation orders anxious to know what is even left of their homes. i want to shower so bad. i want to sleep. i want to be with my animals. to see that everything is still standing. tonight roughly 600 firefighters are on the fire lines. monitoring for hotspots.
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smoke from the kincaid fire causing a spooky sunset tonight over the bay area. look at the sun going down over vacaville. disappearing behind all of that smoke. darren peck joins us now with the latest on all of this. far too often the october skies over northern california looking like that. we still have the most intense wind even of at least this period to go. let's talk about the red flag warning in place starting tomorrow night at 8 pm. staying until 11 am on monday. here are some things that are different. 80 mile-per-hour trust. that is stronger than the last event. i'm going to show you the specific on the wind speeds. but first i want to point out is not only the red flag warning. we will change colors. we will shade the map differently for a wind advisory. this applies to the communities where we live. it is not just in the mountains. anymore. this is a wind advisory showing
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us we can get wind gusts to 45 miles per hour. in the communities of the north bay valley. north bay valley's healdsburg santa rosa sonoma five miles per hour. enough to break a tree branch and send it debris scattered around. 45 miles per hour. unlike the last one where it did get windy in a lot of these east bay communities. this will be more impressive. impressive enough we have a wind advisory now. we did not have that for the last event. let's bring the timing forward. we was started out in the overnight hours and bring it at head to the leading edge edge of one the wind arrives. midnight saturday going into sunday. it keeps going from there throughout much of the day on sunday. we will come in for a closer look at the wins in one second. the other element of this first before we do that. the decreasing humidity levels. by sunday at 1 am we have seen the deeper shades of brown
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showing relative humidity levels into the teens. once you go past 1 am you can see the offshore winds taking the stuff over the water. which is a pretty visualization of how strong the winds are going to be. and how intense the scenario is. let's bring the winds ahead from midnight sunday getting us ahead to 7 am sunday. 45 miles per hour for santa rosa. 29 concorde. 39 napa. that is the peak. it is not the only time it will be windy. it is the worst of it. that gets us to the early morning sunrise timeframe on sunday. this is when we are likely going to experience occasional gusts hitting 80 in the mountains. as we advanced as the rest of the day. quite in the afternoon pick it picks back up sunday night. before turning off by the time we get to monday. the red flag warning goes until monday afternoon. the temperatures. we will be cooler tomorrow. no more heat advisory.
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we had a heat advisory for part of the day today. this will bring temperatures down by the time we get to tomorrow. it stays that way the rest of the seven day forecast. the headline is the wind. saturday night and sunday morning. that is what we will be tracking very closely here over the next two days. including all of these weekends. newscast. wake up tomorrow morning for the latest information. starting bright and early at 6 am. coming up california congresswoman caught in a tabloid scandal. why she thinks her husband is
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actress felicity huffman a free woman tonight. she was released from federal prison in dublin a few days early. she served 11 days for her role in the college admission scheme. she had been sentenced to 14 days. since her original release date was set for sunday the prison was allowed to release her the last week day before hand. still she has one year probation and 250 hours of community service. southern california congressman threatening legal action tonight after being sneered and a tabloid scandal. the daily mail published photos of freshman democrat katie hall in the nude. holding a long and kissing a female aide. he is going through divorce accuses her husband of leaking the photos. capitol police are investigating. pentagon delivered amazon a $10 billion punch to the gut.
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the defense department awarded a 10 year $10 billion deal to microsoft instead. that contract will transform and modernize the military's cloud computing system. amazon had been the front runner but that was before trump began criticizing amazon founder. he does have something to smile about tonight. he is the richest person in the world again. yesterday he fell behind a bit. microsoft founder bill gates after amazon's disappointing earnings report today the stock a bounce back. he is worth 111 billion dollars. bill gates is worth about $107 billion. you always see those guys smiling. when you get up in those numbers. who cares. coming up in sports returns to toronto to
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take his the nationals went into houston and surprised the astros. now they are back at home washington dc hosting its first world series game since 1933. sanchez on the mound trying to get the first game in washington dc in over 80 years. no score. josh reddick to left. nationals could catch up to it. carlos comes into score. houston is up to -1. michael brantley is a grounder off sanchez. one run score. moving onto the next inning. sanchez gives up a home run to
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robinson. the astros beat the nationals 4- 1. trail 2-1 in the world series. kevin the bank and the sharks were looking for their second straight victory as they faced the maple leaves in toronto. no score. the sharks on the attack. fires at the net. the bank he is there for the deflection. that is leblanc's first goal of the season. the maple leaves would battle back in this one. 3rd period game tied at one. the sharks on defense. morgan riley with the open shot here. he gets it past martin jones. the sharks give up three goals. in the third period as they lose 4-1. 49ers look to move on to 6- 0 on the season. they welcome the panthers to town. there is slim hope it is unlikely joe staley will return to the game. he is listed as doubtful.
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have been. they have a friendship that they all the way back to when they were in high school. in alabama. richard sherman said sometimes you can tell the duo has been together for a very long time. feel like an old married couple. you go into the huddles and they will be arguing about something. it is a very unique bond they have. i'm sure they can delve deeper on it. it makes for a great save the great connection.
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