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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  November 1, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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♪force this is kpix5 news. now at 4:30. looking live from our sales force tower camera as we look east at the sparkling bay bridge. it is friday, thank goodness. november 1st, 2019. we have been waiting for this day. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. i hope you had a wonderful halloween last night. let's see how friday is shaping up. >> good friday morning to you. happy first day of november. we made it to the end of the work weak and it has been a long week for sure. we're looking at cold conditions as we start off the day. definitely bundle up, put on that jacket or coat as you head out the dar. santa rosa down to 35. 37 in napa. 39 in livermore.
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mid-30s for fairfield, moundview. upper 40s in oakland. 53 for san francisco. as we go through the day, we'll see seasonal daytime highs and a little warmer than average this time of year with plenty of sun. 70 for a high in san francisco. 71 oakland. san jose at 75. 74 for concord. highs from 1 to 4 degrees above average. i'll have your weekend forecast coming up. >> a we're off to a pretty good start on this dry day. no delays right now as you work your way across the east shore freeway, quiet out of the south bay. we have a minor hot spot on 880 southbound. they are clearing an accident not too far from broadway. at one point all lanes were blocked, but i checked in and everything is getting pushed over to the shoulder so that should be clear in the next couple of minutes. bay bridge lacking good. no delays here.
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jours a couple cars back to the no cash lanes but easy ride out of emoryville into san francisco. >> let's go to orinda where there was a shooting overnight at a halloween party. i want to show you some video taken not long after the shooting that happened at around 11:00 at a home in a residence shul neighborhood near lucille way and nick kerr bach kerr in orinda. it was a large halloween party and police had to call in help from outside agencies because they were dealing with so many people. the sheriff's office is dealing with the information at this point whichway don't have a lot of. they are not confirming how many people were injured but in the video we could see several people limping away from the scene. several people may have been hit bay gunfire. no information on a suspect right now. a lot of questions. we mav jackie ward on her way
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to the sown to find out more information. we'll keep you posted all morning long. thank you. 4:33. woe take a live look in southern california. these are live pictures where crews are battling yet another big wildfire. you can sea the flames on the left side of the screen. some smoke raising from the hillside. the maria fire began yesterday evening in ventura county. winds are supposed to weaken this weekend it started and quickly grew to more than 8,000 acres. ventura county fire officials say it should be limited because of a lack of come bussible fuel and not as strong as earlier this week. there is 0% containment and some evacuations of the a some fires are devastating southern california, but in san bernardino, they have been
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lifted. the hillside fire was stomped out yesterday and residents are getting a first-hand look at the damage. a few people came back last night ready to fight the fire themselves. in sonoma county, crews are making some progress in the kincade fire. it scorched 77,000 acres and there were 350 structures and 165 homes damaged. another 155 are considered threatened. containment is at 65% and projecting full containment bay thursday of next week. there is a bit of good news for a woman who lost her home to the kincade fire. >> she was in her pajamas when she had to evacuate last week. she regretted not taking two valuable belongings, her fathers and husband's wedding rings.
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she found her husband's ring and sentimental items. >> i didn't thinkway would find it. that is my whole life here, 58 years an what i had was here or the ground, so to have something is better than nothing. meanwhile more than 1,000 others hit hard by the fire and the power outage went tonight finley senior center in santa rosa. the city and catholic charity team helped put food on their tables. >> pg&e says about 1400 customers are without power. additionally 1200 people in the footprint of the kincade fire remain in the dark. this morning, the biggest number ware dealing with, more than 21,000 customers are without gasser vis. police are investigating a massive sideshow involving hundreds of people and it attorney general a parking lot into a private car show. more than 400 cars for an
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organized event. officers are cracking down showing video and security video from the store. they started impounding the cars involved. the department says it has numerous court orders to seize vehicles. people in the neighbor say they have had enough. >> might be at night, there could be people walking or bicyclists or even homeless right here on the freeway, . >> people are reckless driving everyday and it is something needs to happen. >> the police say this investigation is not yet over and more impound warrants are yet to be served. >> a san jose neighborhood over taken bay police cars and crime scene tape after police shot a victim. it happened yesterday afternoon. following reports of an armed
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man, he was apparently walking near a shopping center. >> i heard all of the helicopters going over and i got nervous and i started having a panic attack. >> investigators say at least one officer opened fire and hit the suspect and later dade at the hospital. the man has yet to be identified. this is the city athird police shooting this year. >> a hit-and-run accident in union city. this is the truck police suspect was involved, it is a gray toyota tacoma with a black lumber rack. the victim suffered major injuries to his head and legs. he was rushed to the hospital. the incident is now under investigation. a >> a developing story nis morning. we're getting a first look at the man suspected of fatally stabbing his mother inside the home. police stormed into the house yesterday following a disturbing 911 call. a woman could be heard
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screaming in the backyard. the 21-year-old shane reilley was the only one there when it all went down. police say they have responded to reports of fights at that same home in the past. this lawsuit was filed in san francisco that says ads for loans, bank accounts and investments are targeted to exclude women and people 40 and older. claims that facebook has not acted to prevent this type of discrimination. the plaintiff, a 54-year-old woman is seeking class action status for her lawsuit. we reached out to facebook but haven't heard back. >> the house has officially formalized the impeachment inquiry into president trump. an historic vote went down almost entirely on party lines and this paves the way for public testimony which could take place in the next few
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weeks. >> reporter: ail but wo house democrats voted for a rules package guiding the next steps in the impeachment inquiry. the investigation hearings will go public possibly beginning this month and documents gathered over weeks of closed door depositions led by three bar rest pain house committees could be made public as early as next week. >> i think they will see facts that cause them great concern about the president abusing the power of his office. >> reporter: democratic lawmakers accused president trump of asking ukraine's president to investigation the biden family in exchange for military aid during a july phone call. the president has said many times the call was perfect. in a british radio interview he bragged about his strong republican support. >> i didn't have one negative republican vote which is a very unusual thing. >> but you have been through -- not one negative republican
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vote. >> on the late show, nancy pelosi questioned why, considering that for weeks the republicans have been demanding the process be made public. >> you would think the republicans were for it. >> republicans will now have the right to request their own witnesses. democrats can override those proposals. mr.trump's lawyers will get to cross examine witnesses. the white house is calling the entire process a "blatantly partisan attempt to destroy the president." an assistant to the president and acting chief of staff mick mulvaney is scheduled for a deposition. >> tame is 4:41. >> a dangerous commute for drivers on a busy highway. the question, what keeps hitting cars and where is it's
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coming from? >> we'll have that coming up
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the october jobs report is out today and new trouble this morning for the ousted ceo. diane king hall has those stories and more in today's money watch report.
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>> reporter: wall street lost ground on thursday. the dow dropped 140 points. the nasdaq gave back about 12 and the s&p 500 slipped 9 points after hitting record highs twice this week. the october jobs report is expected to be weaker than normal. the slowing economy and trade war with china are partially to blame. the biggest hits though expected to come from the nearly month and a half general motors strike. that alone is expected to have taken more than 50,000 workers off the payroll. there is more trouble for we works ousted ceo adam newman. his former chief of staff filed a federal discrimination complaint against him and the company that she was demoted for be coming pregnant and ultimately fired. they said they will vigorously de fend itself against the claim. >> mcdonald's is going old school and celebrating the happy meal's 40th birthday from
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november 7 through 11 limited surprise happy meals will be offered with retro toys inside. 17 most popular from the hamburglar to mcfur by. go to i'm diane king hall from the new york stock exchange. >> 4:45. dealing with a dangerous situation on here commute. cars speeding down highway 101 are being hit by unknown projectiles and police don't know where they are coming from. this driver's window was blown out and he wasn't the only one. chp says there were as many as nine incidents like this within 30 minutes on wednesday night. authorities don't know what is being thrown or who is involved. >> very stressed crying. couldn't believe they were still alive and then the cops came and then a thoughts car pulled in, because it happened
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right after it. i cleaned up the glass. a >> one woman was cut by shattered glass. chp is asking people to stay on alert in that area and asking anyone with information to call authorities. 4:45. let's get another check on weather. anyone on a candy hangover? >> i could use some more. >> i have some for you. >> okay. great. >> i'll eat it all. >> we know you will. >> oh, you. boy, so happy it is friday. it has been along weak for sure. glad to say good-bye to the week and hello also to a new month. we're looking at pleasant weather. it is a chilly start, but through the afternoon we'll have that sunshine. looking great for the weekend ahead. here is a beautiful look taking you out to embark darrow and the clear skies. if you're heading out maybe for a morning jog or for work and school, grab that jacket or coat this morning. let's talk about our
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temperatures as we start the day. once, again, we're looking for the north bay. the cold temperatures, looking at mid-40s in concord. oakland in the upper 40s. livermore down to 39 degrees. 59 downtown san francisco. mid-40s san jose. mid-30s for santa rosa. other locations this morning. down to 37 in napa. 35 in fairfield. looking at 47 in valeo. 41 in red wad city. 37 right now for moundview. a closer look at the north bay under a freeze warning from the north bay's valleys down to freezing in sonoma right now. so your weather headlines, clear skies. especially cold in the north bay valleys. we'll see the sun. seasonal temperatures through
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the afternoon. sunshine for all of us and it was no big changes as we look ahead to the weekend, temperatures are warmer for our weekend. that ridge of high pressure is going to continue to dominate our weather so block any storms from coming our way, you can see those clouds moving up and over that strong ridge of high pressure. if you go through the day, taking you hour by hour. you can sea plenty of sun. our daytime highs around where we should be for this time of year. if not, a few degrees above average. 74 in concord. 75 for a high in san jose. 70 in san francisco. if you're heading out to the science festival for tomorrow looking great with temperatures ishes upper 60s to low 70s. that extended forecast, the temperatures warming up through the weekend and looking great into next week. how are they doing? >> pretty good. they are in luck.
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if you make that trek daily right now, we're doing pretty good. no delays as you work your way westbound. there are a few pockets of slowing but drive times are not showing any major delays. a clear ride along the east shore freeway, highway 4 and 101. closer look at that drive altamonte pass. , you can see a little yellow and a bit of red westbound. not 38 miles per hour. a little sluggish. whence you're partly cloudy that, you're good to go. taking a look at traffic along 24, we have reports of a possible trouble spot so far. not seeing any delays, accidents or incident. . all the way to 580. that earlier trouble spot on 880 near broadway has been cleared. we're in the green with no delays on the nimitz freeway this morning.
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a couple things to look out for. there is a crash eastbound 4 at royal road and there is a crash in the center divide there. there. a nice ride so far. ment long awaited morning show officially don's on apple tv. plus, a next level glimpse inside the latest jumanji offering. >> your eye on entertainment. >> this time not all of you will leave the game. >> the jumanji game is back in the game. the final trailer for the next level. the sequel is the third installment in the popular franchise and lands in theaters december 13th. >> beginning today you can take a bait out of the apple series morning show. the first three episodes are now available for streaming.
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jennifer aniston and reese wint there spoon had a heart to heart with gayle king about women changing roles in the industry. >> i say are there any women at this company because i don't want to work here if there is not another woman in the room. >> i am going to lose the job? screw it. if i lose the job, then i didn't want to work there anyway. i went back and they brought a bunch of women into the room. >> see, that is amazing. >> new episodes of the morning show will continue to roll out weekly every friday. jamie lee curtis' instagram giving horror fans a sneak peek slated to hit theaters next october. >> happy halloween. cbs news, los angeles. so what did steph curry do for halloween? >> and we'll have that. a perfect record. >> it is want to jimmy g next. let's head outs
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and welcome back. it is 4:54 as you head out the dar. we're getting reports of a crash through 680. looks like four cars involved in this accident. win lane possibly blocked. chp is still headed out to the scene. we'll get more as it comes in. we're not seeing a lot of delays. it is still very early. we'll keep a close eye on 680. not a bad ride. easy ride in the city as well. here is dennis with a look at sports. >> 49ers, lars night he played
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his best game as a 49er as the offense said hey don't forget about us. jimmy g jack under out of his mind before facing the cardinals. >> late first quarter, arizona up 7-0. he finds him. looks like a human bulldozer. 30-yard touchdown. ties the game. then kyle going for it from the one. the coach called the time out. 49ers get a redo. they don't fail. 21-7. sanders 7 catches, 112 yards, his second game with the 49ers. down 7. career-high fourth touchdown pass of the night. breaks into his michael jackson thriller dance but arizona
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would not go away. five minutes left. murray to the fellow rack ky. out raced them. cardinals have a two point conversion just lake that. it is a 3 point game. it came down to this. two minutes left. 49ers facing him. he finds him for a first down and san francisco wins 28-25. he throws for 317 yards, four touchdowns. the 49ers are 8-0. most of the people saying this stuff are just people so it is their opinion. i don't know. you can't think too much about that stuff, but it is not going to change who i am, who i am as a quarterback. >> jimmy played a held of a game, probably his best game yet. >> jimmy still has his eastern illinois backpack. you have to love the guy. very humble guy. very hard working guy. you know, he is young but at the same time, you know the sky is the limit. >> a steph curry's hand must
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have felt well enough he went trick-or-treating with his family dressed as buzz lightyear. they will know today if their star will require surgery. basically you could be looking at a few wakes or a couple months depending on the outcome today. vern will have that on the 6:00 news. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. 4:57. straight ahead in the next half- hour, annuities pence ry making history in san francisco. what is making the location so special, coming up. >> ware live in or
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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. >> a now at 5:00, at least four people dead. several hurt as chaos breaks
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out as a contra costa halloween party. we're live at the scene of the mass shooting. >> looking live in southern california where a new fire is forcing thousands out of their homes. what slowed down efforts while flames grew out of control. >> the new images police hope will help lead to an arrest. >> i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. it is 5:00. we want to check in with mary lee with the weekend forecast. we're looking at a cold start and as we head through the afternoon, plenty of sunshine and a ball day ahead. that will be the case for the weekend as well. and i think we are already for that. here is a live look with our camera. temperatures in the mid-40s for you in san jose. concord


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