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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  November 4, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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fo 36 degrees right now for santa rosa. through the afternoon, highs at 80 for fairfield and concord. 79 in livermore as well as for san jose. 74 in oakland. 72 for san francisco. daytime highs running above average for this time of year. we'll talk about the rest of
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the week coming up. >> >> let's take a look at the roads. you're in luck. no major delays to report. 101, 880, 580 looking good. a little slow out of the all the month pass, but that is typical. we have reports of an accident as you work your way onto the parkway on the northbound side of 87 or southbound rather right at exit 1c which is santa teresa so a little sluggish there. traffic is fairly quiet out of the south bay. look at the drive times all in the green. northbound 87, 85 to 101, 8 minute drive. bay bridge a little slow. overall, fairly quiet. >> >> overnight apple made a big announcement it is committing $2.5 billion to help solve fund
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it would help first-time home buyers and give $300 million inland for affordable housing. tim cook sent out a statement with before the world knew the name silicon valley and long beforeway carried technology in our home, it is a vibrant place for people to live and affordable housing means stability and dignity, opportunity and pride. of course the tech industry has been blamed in recent years for this housing crisis bringing in a lot of people who have a lot of money and pricing out those who don't. this latest move is drawing applause. and you. developing this morning, a desperate search for two san
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francisco residents whose plane vanished. they are praying for them. surveillance video shows the two friends having dinner 11 days ago on october 24. this is the last time they were seen. they took off in the red and white piper arrow. arrow last tracked five miles off the coast. hells have scoured the rugged terrain, but still no sign of the pair this morning. if you knew these people, you knew if anybody was going to survive an ordeal it would be them so the family is full of faith and hope that we're going to bring them back home. kayla is a delivery nurse, just in a prominent member of the african-american community and just finished tobea > a growing memorial is lining a block following a deadly shooting at an airbnb party. we're hearing from one of the fathers demanding justice for his son. >> my sos a baby on the
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way. he is not going to be able to see his baby. i'm mad at airbnb for you allowing this party go down. >> friends and family lit candles and five people were killed when gunfire erupted inside a halloween party on thursday night. the father of the 23-year-old ramon hill jr. said several people are responsible for his son's death. the police was called at 9:00. that party should have been shutdown. if it was shut down, my son would have still been here. >> he said this is the third th he has lost this year. they are voting on a term rentals. it is to give the city time. they could ban houses and allow single bedroom rentals or ban them entirely. the vote happens tomorrow. >> i think it is not a bad
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idea. it doesn't necessarily solve the problem, but it doesn't necessarily hurt either, right? so i think that is probably appropriate. >> airbnb ceo announced the company will have screenings establish a party house response team with ten day development and im prep mentation. crews continue to make progress on the kincade fire burning in sonoma county. it is now 78% contained. full containment expected by thursday. it scorched 78,000 acres so far. all evacuation orders have been lifted. some sonoma county school districts are reopening today, as well. that includes bennett, valley, union, graven stein union, liberty school district, santa rosa city schools and two rock
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city skew districts. more to follow during the week. an assistance center will open. they will help fire victims navigate recovery experts and provide information people need to get back on their feet. the center will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and open until wednesday. the twitter feud is heating un. the president threatening to withdraw wildfire funding for the state. the governor quickly faring back. president trump jabbed at the governor yesterday saying the environmentalists were dictating the state wildfire policy. governor gavin newsom said it was "excused from the conversation. jessica levinson says the policies are not to blame for the wildfire problem. >> california was a red or purple state, we would not see these tweets so we're playing at a political roulette with the lives of our firefighters,
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with the people whose homes are at risk. about 57% of california forests are managed bay federal departments. now to some incred morn a moment right after a bart worker saved a man who fell on the train traps. it happened just after the raiders game ended yesterday. john o'connor, he was working crowd control when he saw a man fall on the track with a train coming. he lifted the man up on to the platform. no word if the man was hurt from that fall. this morning, two murder suspects are still on the run and we're learning more about their brazen escape. the 20-year-old and 21-year-old had been in custody at the county jail since last summer. they turned up missing during an inmate yesterday morning. they were both awaiting trial on murder charges. it is unclear if they worked together on the escape.
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pulled it off the high security facility is surrounded by a double layer of razor wire. >> during the search we found some of their inmate clothing outside of the perimeter so we know they did make it outside of the jail. >> this is not the first time that somebody escaped the county jail and just makes you wonder how it is possible. >> here is another look at them. both men are considered dangerous. if you see them call 9112 911 and do not approach them. >> a bay area teacher in front of a class range out in black face. >> millions of people not enough to eat microsoft technology is the fair. >> this happened back on halloween. the person that posted it said the educator teacher is white. the school and the district
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sent out a joint statement yesterday saying in a school community where we welcome learners and families it hurts to know this type of cultural insensitivity and lack of cultural awareness still hovers in the background. the school board president sent out a statement saying "as an african-american man the history of black face reminding me of the cruelty, hatred and fear my parents and people of african ancestry have dealt with in the past and still experience today. the actions were inappropriate, unprofessional and insensitive and i asked r an immediate investigation. >> a 4:40. the search is on for a 19-year- old from alabama missing for more than a week. they are suspecting foul play. >> reporter: it has been a week and a half since a nia plan charged was last seen by family
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and friends. at a vigil yesterday her father said they are getting through. >> everyday sales like it gets a little harder because she is not there. >> reporter: the last glimpse was on surveillance video walking into a store october 24th. police later found her damaged car at an apartment complex in montgomery 55 miles away. the front side of the vehicle was damaged but its the forensic evidence found inside the car that has investigators worried. >> evidence from within her vehicle is the reason we're aware that she was harmed. >> reporter: here mother said her daughter's last communication was via social media. her roommate was snapchating her and where are you? are you close to home? she said yes. and she said who are you with? she said a certain male's name. >> for her to go meet somebody on her own after that fact, i just don't think that knowing
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like i know her, that is not something she would have done. >> reporter: she is the stepdaughter of usc fighter walt harris. dana white is adding $25,000 to the $5,000 reward being offered for information by alabama's governor. that $35,000 plus other donations mean there is now a total of $105,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator. time now is 4:42. >> straight ahead this morning, this house will never have to worry about emergency power shut off. coming up, the price tag slapped on this home. >> before we head to break, let's look at
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welcome back. 4:44. mcdonald's ceo without a job this morning after accusations with a fellow employee relationship. here is diane king hall west the money watch report. >> reporter: we'll see if stocks build on friday's strong rally. the dow soars 301 points nasdaq rose 94 to an all time closing high. s&p 500 gained 29 also hitting a new record. mcdonald's says it fired chief
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executive steve easter brook because of a consensual relationship he had with an employee. he was ousted and rescinds saying to employees he broke company policy regarding personal conduct. the president there immediately took the top spot. and did under armour cook the backs? the sports maker is facing a federal crim flam investigation. they focus on the accounting practices including allegations if the shifted quarterly sales figures. the company said it a statement it is cooperating with the commission and the justice department and that it "believes it is accounting practices and disclosures were appropriate." that is your money watch report. for more, head to at the new york stock exchange
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i'm dwayne "the diane king hall. a >> rebuilding from the ashes of the tubs fire, win home has been designed to do just that. this home has been built to be net zero energy. the house is all electric with efficient appliances, high-tech say lights, superinsulated waltz. solar panels on the roof and a battery in the garage enable the home to operate without relying on pg&e for power. >> that is the security, right? that manies when you buy the house, you pay your utility bill in advance for the life of living in the house. >> the house is just shy of $800,000, one of the most expensive on the street but the realtor says there has been increased interest following last week's power outage. no electricity bill sounds pretty good. pretty cool concept house there. let's get a check of the
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forecast. sounds like it is going to be nice. it is going to be beautiful, not just today, but through the weak. that will be nice especially compared to last week and that long weak we had with the wind evens. we're looking at quiet, calm conditions. here is north. you can see the golden gate bridge and the fog. in concord and livermore, mid 40s. oakland and san francisco low 5os. upper 40s san jose. one of the chillier spots across the north bay santa rosa to the mid 30s. you can see on the visibility, along parts of the coes and through the golden gate gap this morning. others starting with clare skies. above average temperatures for the coast. upper 60s low 70s with that sunshine. for the bay low to mid 70s. so above average temperatures for this tame of year thanks to
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a strong ridge of gh building in for us. that will be the dominant weather feature not just today, but for the entire week. that sunshine with mild to warm temperatures, that will continue for the next several days. it looks dry even on those longer range weather models. hour by hour, on futurecast showing you all the sunshine through the afternoon, we are looking at at least through the day 80 for a high in concord and fairfield. 79 livermore and san jose. 74 oakland. 72 for a high in san francisco. so we are going to sea temperatures several degrees above average for this time of year. as we look ahead through the week, you can see all that sunshine. the ridge of high pressure in control. for tomorrow upper 70s inland. low 70s for the bay. mid-60s for the coast. upper 70s with the sunshine inland. that will continue wednesday, thursday, friday and into the
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weekend with temperatures for the bay in the low to mid 70s with the sunshine across the board along the coast in the upper 60s so mild to warm temperatures. that will continue over the next several days. now, let's look at traffic. it is foggy across the golden gate bridge. >> limited visibility on the golden gate bridge. a live look here. be careful if you head out the door. no delays or incidents. that is good news. a heads up if you go through there, slow down across the span into san francisco. 15 minutes is your drive time. southbound 101 from the rhythm manned p san rafael bridge into the city. the bay bridge, a few more cars filling in there at the toll plaza. no delays. just backed up in those cash lanes and looks like the metering lights will be turned on in the next half-hour or so. >> we have a couple of incidents to report.
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once you travel across the upper deck of the bay bridge into san francisco, a heads up. a trouble spot northbound. a broken down vehicle. coming off the sky way there blocking lanes of the ramp. it might be visible from the freeway there. another trouble spot, the right shoulder is blocked due to a vehicle fire on the eastbound side. you can see traffic is a little slow because of that. also getting word of a a water main break. just looks like that is on the surface streets, not the main roadways. a pretty well traveled roadway for the morning drive. you might see some delays because of not. 4:50. miranda lambert speaking out how she got through her >> eye
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tonight's episode of the neighborhood. >> romance, the flowers. >> as tina starts planning for a milestone anniversary she turns to her neighbor for inspiration. >> look at this reception. the cake. >> reporter: tonight on cbs, calvin and tina get the wedding they never had. >> ♪ just the two of us jso >> reporter: dr. seuss is coming to netflix. >> every moment i'm with you it is a disaster. >> reporter: green eggs and ham and learn ing about friendship and trying new things. >> you don't like green eggs and ham? >> reporter: season one arrives on friday. and miranda lambert says she has her fire back. >> ♪ >> reporter: she dropped her new album wildcard. she says the new songs helped her heal after her divorce from blake shelton. >> i was like i don't know, i feel like the color came back and so the imaging reflexes
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that and the song reflexes that and even the wardrobe. just a little bit brater. >> reporter: she said her message to fans, find the rainbow. cbs news, los angeles. >> there is only one undefeated team left in the national football league. he is excited to be back in the coliseum. coming up. let's take a live
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good monday morning. we're seeing a few brake
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lights. stop-and-go conditions. 31 minutes from 205 to 680. other than that quiet on the freeways. looking good. a quick look at the bay area bridges. gold medal is a little foggy. limited visibility as you head across the span and traffic stacking up at the bay bridge. no delays on 80 or 580. raiders lasted played the game on september 15th. they got a good heaping helping of home cooking yesterday. gruden p p thrilled to be back. lions up 14-10. looking for more, but incredible interception in the end zone. second take away for the raider defense. josh jacobs in for the short score and the rookie ran for 120 yards and two touchdowns.
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4th quarter. tied at 24. hunter renfroe for the go ahead score. six catches. lions drove it back to the 1 yard line, but broken up bay carl joseph in the end zone to steal the deal. raiders beat the lions 31-24. there is no place like home. thank the fans for coming out and thank the mayor and everybody for letting us play a home game again. >> we had a short week. i'm going to have dinner with my wife, go to bed and get ready for the chargers. >> bill belichick and the patriots were handed their first loss of the season. , h 9ers at the lone unbeaten team of the nfl. chapman and olson were named gold glove winners for the
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second time. warriors and the blazers tonight. remember when they met for the conference championship sometime last june n man, times have changed. warriors only looking for their second win of the year. i'll be there. see you tonight. >> 4:57. >> still to come this morning, going to the ballot box in the bay area. tomorrow's big vote for the new san francisco mayor. >>
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the fbi now in on the investigation. >> plus, apple setting unin a huge way to combat the housing
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crisis in the bay area. the company's 2 1/2 billion dollars pledge. >> and family and are refusing to give up in the search for the bay area's friends whose plane vanished. >> let's get to mary lee. you were hosting the bay area science festival this weekend. that is exciting. >> it was an amazing time on saturday. so many people came out. it was so much fun to see all the students and getting excited about science. so if you like the weekend like the weather over the weekend we'll continue that into a new workweek. here is a live look looking north with r g for parts of e


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