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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  November 11, 2019 5:30pm-5:59pm PST

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now at 5:30 on this veteran's day, honoring the men and women who have served their country, a parade for a place to call him. i'm veronica de la cruz. >> and i'm allen martin. devin fehely has more on a south bay program to help vets. it's been a tremendous success. >> reporter: more than 1600 veterans have been housed by the program over the past 4 years. men and women who whom the country still owes a debt of service. they serve our country. >> the it wasn't for me, the planes wouldn't have got off the deck. >> reporter: back at home though too many veterans for too many reasons ended up without a home of their own.
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michael landed on the street homeless for the first time in his life. >> couldn't take a shower or anything. >> reporter: after living first in his car and then on the street after 2 years, a program for homeless vets was able to find him a place to stay. >> it's easier to get employed and live when you have a place to lay your head. >> reporter: the program has been so successful that for the past year, it's housed more veterans each month than the number of new applications they've received for help, meaning they're finally making a dent in the problem. >> homelessness is a source of moral shame for our community already, but the fact that men and women who served this country have to come home and
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not le tofind a safe place to live, it's a moral atrocity. >> reporter: they say one of the keys to their success is convincing landlords to participate, and they'll need to do the same for non-veteran homeless as well to help the homeless problem. >> there's currently a backlog of roughly 650 veterans waiting for housing. some bay area veterans are finding government resources and putting together ceremonies like this one at the marin veteran's memorial. the hard work is to keep their comradery alive. >> being a veteran is unique because you take a part of your life and give it to the country. >> today's event kicked off with live music and military exercises, then continued to the avenue of the flags. here's a look at our top
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stories at at 5:30. a hunt for a car show crook. >> 3 cars were stolen from the good guys show in alameda on saturday. one was a 1960s porsche roadster parked outside the lot and worth over $150,000. 2 other cars, a mustang and impala convertible were also stolen. >> and there's an investigation into a shooting involving an off duty officer. we've learned his name is virgil thomas. he was questioned about the incident, but not arrested. some are questioning whether he got special treatment because of his position. >> plus a fuel spill along southbound 101 still creating a traffic nightmare for commuters. a tanker truck flipped hours ago prompting a hazmat response. all lanes could remain closed
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into the evening. a landmark intended to boost safety has been labeled unsafe itself. the lookout tower has cracks in the support beams. ablerc for years, volunteers use it to spot dozens of wildfires before they get out of control. the lookout is on the highest peak of the volcano on the south shore of crater lake. now the main priority is getting the tower back open in time for the 2020 fire season. as fire ravages the state each year, more homeowners are at risk of losing their insurance. that's the subject of tonight's project home. we found 350,000 people in california lost their home insurance in recent years. the majority of the 15 largest insurance insurance companies have lost money in the past few years, paying out $18 billion in claims of 2017
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and 2018. policy experts worry it could impact home prices in certain zip codes and prevent some from getting coverage at all. >> people will find a way to just not have insurance, and that's not healthy for anybody. >> insurance companies should not be allowed to do business in california if they can't afford coverage to everyone. >> for some new homeowners, it's a catch 22. they can't buy a home without a loan and they can't qualify for the loan without insurance. susie steimle talks to homeowners about the struggle to find insurance tonight at 11:00. uber's ceo in hot water madeabout the the murder of saudi journalist jamal kashoggi. he called the killing a
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mistake, and said quote we've made mistakes too. but a large part of uber's financing comes from the saudi government. today he apologizing saying there's no forgetting what happened, and i was wrong to call it a mistake. he said i said something in the moment that i don't believe. our investors have long known my views here. tensions rising in hong violence. one person shot and another set on fire. the video shows the moment a confrontation with police takes a violent turn. the officer walks towards the protester, they get in a scuffle. a second masked man approaches, then the officer shoots point blank. second later a man was caught on camera arguing with somebody who's off camera. he's doused in fuel and then set on fire. both men in the hospital in critical condition. tomorrow the supreme court
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will hear arguments on whether program known as daca. the area policy protects young immigrants from deportation. president trump wants to end the program, calling it illegal. 3 judges, including one in san francisco issued injunctions blocking the administration's plan. the court is expected to make a decision by june. former governor of massachusetts considering entering the crowded field in the democratic presidential race. deval patrick initially ruled out a run, but now is talking about starting a campaign. he faces looming deadlines to get on the ballot in key states. several 2020 presidential hopefuls spent veteran's day unveiling their proposals to help the millions of veterans including training and changes in leadership. >> reporter: pete buttigieg campaigned in new hampshire
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laying out his plans for america's veterans on the day that honors their service. >> every veteran who serves in whatever capacity and with whatever experience they had should be able to expect a level of support in exchange for what they offered this country. >> reporter: a veteran himself, buttigieg noted a lack of women in leadership positions, and said if elected he could name the country's first female va secretary. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren who's also in new hampshire says she wants to cut the suicide rate for veterans in half in 4 years and provide annual mental health checks for service members. >> it's a reminder how much we owe our veterans. how they're part of our families, our friends, our communit >> reporter: and bernie sanders has called for extensive access to mental health services. he highlighted plans to fill
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nearly 50,000 slots for medical officials at va facilities. there's a tight four way race in iowa between warren, sanders, buttigieg, and former vice president joe biden. the state's caucuses are less than 3 months away. >> a number of democratic candidates are pushing more investment in veteran suicide prevention. president trump also asked a task force to deliver a strategy by next spring. one of president trump's attempts to stop the release of his tax returns has been shut down. today a federal judge ruled the president can't sue new york state officials in a d.c. court at this time. he had sued to stop congress from requesting his tax returns under a new york state law. but it's possible he could file a similar lawsuit with another court or try again later. can a credit card be sexist? apple is facing charges of possible gender discrimination. >> and instagram tests taking away likes in the u.s., and
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it's already getting an earful from big celebrities and influencers. >> coming up new at 6:00, caught on camera, 3 men viciously attacked in san francisco's china town in front of a crowd. we learned this type of assault is on the rise. it takes a village to raise a child.
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i'm ken bastida at the live news desk. we have new polling numbers for kamala harris' campaign, anthey are not good.
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a new hampshire poll shows harris polling at her all time worst right now. just 1 percent. this is after the california senator closed her offices in new hampshire and fired a bunch of staff. the campaign made the move to focus on iowa. that same poll shows former vice president joe biden leading at 20 percent right now followed by elizabeth warren at 16 percent. harris' poll numbers have even tumbled here in her home state of california. a public policy institute of california poll from september originally put her at 8 percent, but the news tonight is she's at just 1 percent polling right now. i'm ken bastida, bato you. all right, ken, thanks. a texas smash and grab all caught on camera. first you see the suspects break into the store, and then break the cases and storm out.
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>> i stood up and when they started busting the cases, i started shooting at them. one got shot in the butt. >> another was hit in the hand. the one item they took, a ring, is now back at the jewelry store. and back in the bay area, an arrest made after police say this man tried to a pair of earrings from a jewelry store saturday on broadway. police caught the suspect a couple of miles from the scene. the earrings were worth over a thousand dollars. and complaints of sexism related to apple's digital credit card, and one of the people sounding the alarm is the company's co-founder. steve wozniak said he got 10 times the credit limit as his wife, even though they have no separate accounts. the company tells cbs news its
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credit decisions are not ndrac age, or sexual orientation. instagram changing the way millions of people interact with that app. starting this week it is hiding likes for u.s. users. friends can still press that little heart, but only the user that posted the picture will be able to feel the love. instagram tried out the hidden likes feature for months in canada, new zealand, japan and more, and now it's hitting state side. >> we don't want it to be such a competition. we want people to spend energy connecting with the people they love and things they care about. >> this is healthy for users because it does eliminate some of that tension around sharing and measuring your self-worth by how many likes you get. >> kim kardashian west agrees the problem, it's al health,
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the comments. and the wall street journal is reporting that google's project nightingale is set to collect health data across the united states. this is just weeks after they announced they're buying fit bit. we have yet to hear back from google after reaching out. and word today of a possible buy out for walgreens. the company reportedly wants to go private, and a buy out firm approached them about a deal. they're valued at more than $55 billion. if it happens it would likely be the largest private takeover in history. so far no official comment from walgreens or the company that wants to buy them, kkr. and the world's biggest online shopping day just broke its own record. alibaba just raked in a billion dollars in just over a
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1 on single's day. it was created in the 90s, like an anti-valentine's day. alibaba adopted it a decade ago. and dozens of florida residents were forced out of their homes on the second time. this is no sinking ship, it's an apartment building. the residents are dealing with heavy flooding after their roof top pool sprung a link. it send water pouring down the walls, pooling in the hallways and getting inside at co e ceiling thexact me issue6 weeks water poured from the roof top pool, forcing 250 residents to
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evacuate. residents were assured the pool was patched. to the right person. the bay area dispatcher who knew exactly how to help.
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>> 3, 2, 1, 0, lift off with gratitude to our veterans today and always, go usa! another spacex falcon 9 launch lifted 60 satellites into orbit today. it's the second batch that
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will eventually put thousands of linked satellites and service. this is the fourth falcon 9 launch. spacex is planning as many as 24 more next year with the goal of providing greater global coverage of the internet. let's go a little farther out in space. a different celestial show. the planet mercury passing across the face of the sun. only happens about 13 times a century. tiny mercury about 3,000 miles in diameter takes more than 5 hours to transit the sun. and we want see it again in north america until 2049. but don't look directly at the sun, so you'll never see it. you shouldn't anyway. and darren peck is back on terra firma. >> meanwhile back here on a
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lot of bad air quality and improve the view. and looking outside from the top of the sales force tower, couple of things here. a lot of inthe sky, and one bri light sitting right there that's not moving. that's venus. always appears like a plane just sitting stationary either at sunset or sunrise. it has to be close to the sun, just like mercury. pretty view out there. let me show you the numbers. we made it into the low 80s, and not just in one spot, but a lot of inland locations. santa rosa 81, concord 80, san francisco 76. we had an offshore wind event last night, not strong enough to create fire weather, but it it was strong enough to blow out the bad quality.
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now let's look ahead to tuesday. here's everybody. morgan hill 81, looking off towards the east bay, e low 80s tomorrow. livermore that's you at 82. concord 78, walnut creek 77. bay side for alameda county, oakland 73, same in san rafael, and low 80s as well. so still in this exaggerated pattern from last week. looking at the clockwise spinning bus prsu o the coast. everybody going up and over us, but what goes up must come down, and the mid section of the country is where all the
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cold and storms are. we showede midwest part of country. now we take it forward and we look at the map in a weird way. this just shows where the high pressure is and the low pressure is. you can see the dips. there's the trough, here's the ridge. now wednesday, a ridge here and a trough there. the 16th, saturday, a ridge here. still looking at a trough there. let's play us ahead now into the middle of next week, and things start to change. there's a trough, but that's not where we want it. but looking at next wednesday, if we get the weak trough to the east, that's how we get offshore wind events. and looking ahead, the date is next tuesday and the bright colors show another offshore wind event is possible. not definite. it's too far out to go to the
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bank on a forecast like that, but it fits with the theme i've been stressing. if we don't get rain, we're just sitting here waiting for the next offshore wind event, so let's hope the rain gets hear is first, but right now i don't have any next 7 days. all right, thank you. coming up at 6:00, among the oldest veterans are those that served in world war ii, and sadly many are fading away. how people are trying to keep their stories alive. plus harsh words from an artist after his mural was vandalized in san francisco, and a deadly hit and run near a school in oakland prompting new charges to the intersection. what the city put in to help with pedestrian safety. ♪ ♪
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a sticky situation in alameda county. this stray gray and white cat somehow got stuck in a rodent glue trap. the emergency dispatcher knew
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exactly how to free the cat by applying vegetable oil to its fur, and lo and behold it worked. the cat will eventually be up for adoption. that's it for the news at 5:00, kpix news at 6:00 starts now with ken bastida and veronica de la cruz. now at 6:00, 3 men viciously attacked in san francisco. the search for the suspects and now a possible connection to a similar crime. >> reporter: to the person who vandalized this mural in san francisco, the artist has some not so nice words for you. >> they're cowards. they do it at night when no one is around. >> and an this veteran's day, the effort to make sure their stories of service are preserved. the news at 6:00 starts now with violent attacks in san francisco's chinatown. >> the weekend beat down injured 3 men.
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it's just one of several attacks within miles of each other. andria borba is live with more on the disturbing acts of violence against asian-americans. >> reporter: ken, veronica, it has the community here in chinatown scared. behind me is what's called the living room in this community. the supervisor says he wants to make sure the people that live around here feel safe to get out of their homes. this is another video of a terrible robbery and assault saturday night near the square that sent 2 elderly men to the hospital. the man on the ground appears to be th >> ve


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