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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 20, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PST

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a good samaritan ends up murdered on a bart train. plus police promise an increased presence, but what our cameras caught instead.
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>> we are hours away from lights out in the north bay. why pg&e says they took most of the bay area off the shut off list today. >> change is coming tonight in short term rental laws in orinda following a halloween shooting that left 5 dead. now at 11:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, breaking news in the deadly stabbing on bart. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm veronica de la cruz. there's new information about the victim, the suspect, and the emergency new safety measures to keep you safe. >> reporter: late tonight we confirmed the victim was trying to be a good samaritan in an attempted theft. it started at the bay fair bart station and here at the south hayward station where the victim died. but the suspect didn't stop here. he's then accused of running a half mile away to a car dealership where he tried to steel a vehicle from the wrong
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person. steve castro never saw it coming. >> opened up this day, tried to get in the car, i was like no. he had no shirt on, so i was grabbing whatever i could. he got out, hit me in the face, i hit him back. >> reporter: the car salesman at elisa motors says the man was determined, but so was he. >> i go give me the keys back, he said no, no. so i hit him one more time. >> reporter: steve says the fight spilled out onto the busy street where the man tried to get into not 1, but 2 other cars stopped in front of them. >> he was trying to get away for sure. >> reporter: steve had no idea the man had allegedly stabbed a bart passenger to death just minutes before and that hayward and bart police were on a manhunt. tonight the interim bart police chief called the killing tragic and rare. >> bart is safe, and we're continuing to reassure them by providing presence in our system. >> reporter: the general
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manager released a statement saying they'd increase officers and fare inspectors throughout the system, but our cameras caught this. no one from bart on the platforms with several trains just before 8:00 p.m. steve says he's grateful the customer he was helping was not hurt. >> i'm okay. >> reporter: and because of steve, according to what police told him, a murder suspect is now behind bars. >> he said you did a good job with the suspect. >> reporter: and bart police say their platforms and stations have surveillance cameras. they're reviewing what may have been recorded in the case. maria medina, kpix 5. just in tonight, a call for action from bart director deborah allen. quote, how much more of this will occur before our board takes swift action to secure our entrances and greatly expand or police force. new tonight, 2 people had to be rescued from this
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roaring house fire in san francisco's sunset. the flames broke out along noriega street about 6:30 this evening and it took firefighters about an hour to put it out. tonight 3 people and a dog were misplaced. and 50,000 pg&e customers in the north bay could be without power by the time this sun comes up because of high fire danger. >> power cuts are scheduled to start early tomorrow in parts of sonoma, solano, and napa counties. 2 engine crews from alameda county headed north to napa as part of the oes team ahead of the red flag conditions. >> joe vazquez is there, and he becomes our coverage with a dramatic down shift in the initial outage projections from pg&e. what's changed? >> reporter: yes, right now the winds are calm here in napa, but over the next 12 hours they are expected to whip up meaning a threat of
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wildfire and also thousands will be left without power. pg&e officials say they'll begin shutting off power to parts of the north bay beginning around 6:00 in the morning. the strong winds are expected in the 10:00 hour. 6 other counties will not be blocked off. pg&e has taken them off the shut off list because weather conditions have quote trended favorably.. our meteorologist say there's only been a slight change in the forecast, so what else goes into this? >> what we're seeing in the santa cruz mountains and east bay is actually relative humidities trending higher, so that has the effect of not only decreasing the fire potential index, it's also increasing the amount of recovery in the dead fuels and
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those are the fuels that could ignite and carry the fire. so you have to consider the state of the fuels as well. >> obviously we're glad that there's no power shut off, but it's really not cause for celebration because we live under this continual threat of power outages that disrupt business and government and schools. it's costly. >> reporter: people are relieved, but still not thrilled. in some cases businesses are out of a lot of money, to buy generators. >> it's unacceptable to have the fifth largest economy in the world to go through continual threats of power outages during this time of year. >> reporter: pg&e says weather conditions could change again meaning the shut off plan could change again, so stay tuned. joe vazquez, kpix 5. joe, thanks for the clarification on that from the pg&e meteorologist. here's the red flag warning issued from the national weather service. this has not changed from yesterday's forecast. so you get messages from a
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couple of different organizations here. this is the one from the national weather service starting at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow through 7:00 a.m. on thursday. there's a concern for elevated fire weather. not only in the north bay hills, but also in the east bay and south bay hills. but it will be the north bay where you see the most concern. look at the bright colors. coming in for a closer view. you can see the outline of the mountains here showing you where the strongest winds will be. 60 miles per hour gusts by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning in the mountains. you'll notice it's a breezy day in santa rosa and sonoma, but not too terribly windy. the focus in the mountains. high definition doppler, there's actually a good cell of rain about to move into the south bay. that's just about to work out over milpitas. i'll get out of the way. we'll put a forecast cone on that. from milpitas to sunnyvale. sunnyvale, it's coming for you. there in about 35 minutes. it's not like it's lightning and thunder, but it moved
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through marin about 2 hours ago, and there's decent rain. all right, darren, thank you. kpix 5 is your survival guide to the power shut offs. we have a list of school closures and other resources at developing news out of orinda in the past 90 minutes. big changes imposed for those short term rentals. in the wake of deadly house party shooting. andria borba was there for tonight's vote. >> reporter: just weeks after a halloween shooting that left 5 dead in orinda, changes are coming to short term rental rules in the small contra costa county city. the city mandated a 2 night minimum for hosted rentals. >> they won't forgive their representatives for failing to take a stand when so many other cities are enforcing the law. the risk here is not doing too much, it's doing too little. the temporary ban on short
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term rentals appears based on the logic that if we can prohibit persons that don't live here from throwing parties here, we can avoid horrible tragedies in the future. >> reporter: this is less than 24 hours after 4 of the 5 suspects in the shooting apprehended in massive raids on friday were not formally challenged by the da's office and released from jail. >> ethically we're bound by strict standards that we'll not file charges unless we can prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt, so it's not fair to the public if we don't hold that high standard. >> reporter: this is an urgency ordinance meaning it will only be in place for 45 days. it can be renewed for up to 2 years, but the goal is putting temporary rules in place while the orinda city council decides on more permanent rules about short term rentals in the city. in orinda, andria borba, kpix 5. a san francisco supervisor who led a profanity-laced chant against the police union is facing a recall petition
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tonight. that was supervisor sandra lee fewer at an election night n residents strict attorney signed the recall petition so far. to move forward it needs 8400 signatures. fewer has a week to respond. she did not respond to our calls tonight. the stage is set in atlanta for the fifth democratic presidential debate tomorrow night. 10 candidates made the cut including senator kamala harris who's been struggling in the polls. she's even trailing in her home state by double digits. in a new poll she's way behind former vice president joe biden and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. and a live look at capitol hill right now. tomorrow's impeachment hearing will feature highly anticipated testimony. our reporter with what you can
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expect. >> reporter: all eyes will be on ambassador to the european union gordon sondland wednesday whose name has come up repeatedly in the hearings. >> welcome to impeachment-palooza 2019. >> reporter: tuesday's impeachment hearings took the public inside the white house for the first time with witnesses who listened in on president trump's phone call with ukrainian president zelensky. >> i found the july 25th phone call unusual. >> reporter: vice presidentable aid jennifer williams and the white house's own ukraine expert lieutenant colonel vindman both said the call raised concerns. vindman testified it was improper for president trump to demand ukraine investigate a citizen and political opponent joe biden. tuesday's testimony also called into question the white
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house's explanation that the reason president trump withheld aid to ukraine because he was worried about corruption, not because he was trying to bribe them to investigate his political rivals. kurt volker testified he should have been the connection between the ukrainian energy company and the president's wish to investigate the bidens. >> i've known former vice president biden for a long time. i know how he respects his duties of higher office, and it's not credible to me. >> reporter: did white house claims democrats' allegations of bribery or a quid pro quo were completely debunked and dismissed the hearings as a charade. >> cbs news will have special live coverage of tomorrow's hearings right here on kpix 5 beginning at 6:00 a.m. we could be hours away from another free speech showdown of shorts at uc
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berkeley. conservative ann coulter bringing her adios america tour to cal tomorrow as she calls it. the school canceled her last visit in 2017 citing safety concerns. with a snowstorm on the way, how people in the sierra are preparing for tomorrow's pg&e blackout. >> and holiday travel season kicking into high gear already. you might be surprised to learn which day will be the busiest at sfo. >> and the zip codes that top the list of the most luxurious properties. >> and find us on,
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milpitas, that's not your imagination san jose, that is rain falling down right now. darren was telling us about it. here it is. the live picture coming in from our photographer jim flannigan tonight in san jose. more in the forecast in just a bit. nearly 70,000 pg&e customers in the north bay and beyond are set to lose power a little less than 7 hours from now. and for many others impacted in the east, there might be another problem tonight. >> reporter steve large is in the sierra where winter is coming fast. >> reporter: traffic had no trouble heading over the mountain on highway 50 ahead of this forecasted snowstorm. for bob salvo, his home is on the 50 corridor. his family lives in echo summit, and he's been on snow watch from his home in his robe. >> i've been waiting all summer long. i try to stay up all year.
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normally the snow gets up to the top of the window. >> reporter: this snow event comes at the same time that those that live and work in el dorado county are bracing for another pg&e power shutdown. 30,000 customers and businesses could be impacted across the country including joe johnson. he showed me his last pg&e bill. >> the one, no payment was due. >> reporter: the utility company did not charge him after his power was shut off 6 days in his last billing cycle. he's taking wednesday's planned shutdown in stride. >> you have to. if you're going to live here, you don't have a choice. >> that was steve large reporting there. tonight, did door dash gobble up millions in dollars of tips meant for its drivers? that's the claim of a new lawsuit brought by the attorney general of washington dc. it seeks to reclaim the cash and slap the san francisco bay
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food delivery service with a civil penalty. door dash called the claims without merit and added quote we've worked with an independent third party to verify we've always paid 100 percent of tips to dashers. get ready to shell out more cash for your next coffee in santa cruz county. today the board of supervisors approved a 25-cent fee for disposable cups applying to all businesses in the unincorporated county. the board says roughly 50 million disposable cups are used in the country each year. and sfo right now, get ready for the holiday travel season kicking into high gear, and this might surprise you, but friday is expected to be the busiest travel day of all. more than 171,000 of you are expected to arrive and depart from sfo that day alone. just under 7 million travelers are expected between
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november 15th and january 1st. and if you're willing to pay extra this holiday season, you'll be able to use curb side uber pick up. uber comfort, select, and xl rides can go right up to the curb. until now only uber black was allowed to do that. all right, this next story will be news to no one. of the 125 priciest zip codes in the country, neely half are right here in the bay area. property shark crunched the numbers and put atherton at the top of the list with a $7 million median home sale price. palo alto also made the top list.
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and are in san francisco alone. after our project home report about hundreds of thousands of people in california losing home insurance in fire zone, the state insurance commissioner is demanding change. >> he wants permission to mandate that insurance companies work with the people of california. 350,000 people received nonrenewals last year. >> unless you force them to come to the table, they're not going to come to the table. >> we talk about solutions to help homeowners keep their coverage. that's tomorrow night at 11:00. keep sending your stories and ideas to project home and you'll see all the reporting on the website as well. the headline of this forecast is no doubt the wind event overnight, but look what's happening in the south bay right now. there are exciting things happening for isolated parts of santa clara county. in fact let me show you what it looks like. from the camera we just had
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out in the south bay to capture the rain coming down in san jose, this is a good example of the intensity of the rain. i want to spotlight where high definition doppler is. we watched this come out of the mountains and keep out over the east side of the valley. and come not guilty for a closer look, santa clara, this is coming in pretty must have right now for is, and santa clara just up to the top right-hand corner of the heaviest rain, and coming in for a closer look, watch the stretch as you start to work out towards new hall street, just south of 82. and putting a forecast cone on this, even though it's where the rain is now, cupertino heads up, it will probably be theres faster than the 40 minutes that the forecast cone has now. it's fairly isolated. that was just something to point out for those of us in the south bay experiencing the rain. let's talk about the main event. keep your a up here in the
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north bay hills. we'll spotlight the time here. that's now. and into the overnight hours, the weekend starts to pick up. hasn't really started yet, but into the early morning hours of tomorrow, it will. and really the peak is between 9:00 and 11:00 in the morning. and we're seeing the sustained winds in town near 30, look at the red bands up here in the mountains. that's where we'll have the 60 miles per hour gusts and why we have the red flag warnings and fire weather concerns because the humidity will be low enough in the north bay hills. that's the issue. as far as tomorrow, you'll notice it's a bit breezy with daytime highs much like they were today and that's where they stay for the most part for the next 7 days. it's really just the next 24 hours of winds and the rest of the seven-day pretty quiet. back to you. the sharks go for lucky number 7 in a row, but a legend in the making stood in the way. it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the
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remember how we used to
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talk about how long the warriors played since their last loss? now it's since their last win. and this guy tonight, driving the lane like kyle busch. he had 29. draymond playing the point to the tune of 11 assists. but then he hits the deck. you're figuring another warrior in the mash unit? what's the cliche? no pain, no gain? he's back. the warriors end the 7 game losing streak, 114-95. they next face the jazz. it's just their third win of the season, tied with the wizards for fewest in the league. to the ice, connor mcdavid is being called a generational talent, and the sharks don't disagree. 3 more points for him tonight.
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james neil, power play, give edmonton the 4-1 lead. the sharks were never in the game. mcdavid beat jones on the rebound. edmonton snaps the sharks' 6-game winning streak. we have the top 5 after the break. gronk finds a new gig in basketball
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a local volleyball team had a chance to go to the state game. hoping for an upset, but i don't think so. tan goes down in straight sets. cam moving out. carmelo back in the nba with portland, but i have not since my junior program. hayes in melo's grill. when you're a photographer, sometimes better to run than get the shot. smith was nothinged out. she'll be okay. she posted the shot he took right before getting drilled. and gronk says he's not coming back to the nfl, and i can guarantee he won't be dancing in his next career. >> it's been a year since alex smith had that horrible leg injuries. the final video his wife took shows him running on a
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treadmill, and says he's coming back to the national football league.
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the late show with stephen colbert is up next. >> thanks for watching. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. have a good night. >> good night. (upbeat music)
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