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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  November 20, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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fo live from the cbs bay area
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studios, this is kpix5 news. now at 4:30 and streaming on cbs and bay area. looking live from our tower camera as we're looking south at the embarcadero center there. it is wednesday, november 20th, 2019. >> we wake up and dangerous fire conditions on tap. >> tracking those offshore winds especially in the higher elevations and that high fire danger. let's first show you a live look with our treasure island camera. a little cooler compared to yesterday at this time. weather headlines. tracking gusty winds in the hills and mountains. gusts earlier this morning up to 67 miles per hour up in the north bay mountains. breezy for the rest of us to start off the day and very dry air because of the northerly to north easterly winds this
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afternoon. another burst of strong winds this evening in the mountains. low 70s in concord, upper 60s san jose, oakland and san francisco. good morning. take a look at the roadways right now. if you plan to take the san mateo bridge, traffic is very late. a live look, no delays. everything clear between 880 and 101. fairly quiet on 101 and an easy ride which is the commute direction with no delays into san francisco. there is a crash on 680 as you work northbound past 101. it is very early, not a lot of cars on the roadway so even that one lane is blocked but no delays through there. most of our south bay travel times, all of them in the green. not seeing any delays as of yet. so far, so good on the nimitz freeway in both directions. good samaritan who tried to
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stop an attempted theft murdered on a bart train. other suspected killer tryicarj it started at the bart station where the suspect and victim began fighting. the suspect allegedly stabbed and killed the victim and ran to a nearby car dealership and tried to steal a van. >> somebody grabbed my and the i thought it was a customer. tried to get in the car. i said get out of the car. i had no shirt on so i was grabbing on to whatever i could. he mitt me in the face. i'm like i hit him back. steve says the fight filled out onto the busy street where the man tried to get into two other cars. he had no idea he was a murder suspect. they said they increased officers and inspectors throughout the system, but the
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cameras caught this. no one from bart on the platforms or several trains just before 8:00 p.m. at the south hayward station. the bart director took to twitter saying how much more will occur before our board takes swift action to secure and expand our police force. no ambassadors, real cops. we take a live look at capitol hill. today the impeachment inquiry into president trump continues with testimony from three more witnesses including gordon sondland who spoke directly to the president, but the president says he hardly knows him. army lieutenant kernel >> reporter: you heard him raise that subject again that ambassador sondland raised before. >> i didn't. >> when you heard him say what
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that was the first thought that went through your mind? >> i couldn't believe what i was hearing. >> mike pence's aid gin fur williams was also listening. >> i had observed it involved discussion of what ra... to be a domestic political matter. >> two witnesses that they also wanted testified they discussed concerns. >> they are several serving a n't not credible. >> neither said it was an impeachable offense. >> it appeared howdies closure would play in the political climate. >> sondland revised his original closed door testimony with a quid pro quo after other witnesses contradicted him. >> you testified sondland told you on another occasion he could call the president whenever he wanted, is that right? >> yes. >> former national security
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council aide tim morrison said u.s. aid would be released only after ukraine announced the investigations. skyler henry, cbs news, capitol hill. >> congress will hear from pentagon official laura cooper and david hale. stay with us on the impeachment inquiry. cbs news will bring complete coverage of the impeachment hearings and a special report starts in about 90 minutes. you can download the cbs news app or go to to watch. another day, another shut off. in a little over an hour, pg&e will cut power to 150,000 customers. the shut offs will be confined to sa low na, sa llano and napa counties starting as early as 6:00 a.m..
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some alameda county fire crews deployed these to prepare for the red flag warning conditions. the utility tack contra costa, santa clara and san mateo counties off the shut off list because weather has trended favorable bly. >> we're glad but it is not cause for celebration because we're living under this continual threat of power out tams which disrupt business and government and schools. it is costly. >> contra costa supervisor said folks in his county are relieved but still not thrilled. kpix 5 is your survival gade to the power shutoffs. developing news, new rules for short-term rentals in the wake of that deadly halloween party shooting. the city council abolished nonshort term rentals yesterday and a hostedtals.
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this comes after four of the five suspects were not formally charged inn and already leased from jail. >> so many other cities are enforcing the law. the risk here is not doing too much. it is doing too little. the temporary ban appears to me to be based on the logic that if we can prohibit persons who don't live here from throwing parties here, we can avoid these horrible tragedies in the future. >> this is aner jen sy ordinance so it will only be in place for 45 days. it can be renewed for up to two years. and san francisco, two people had to be rescued from this roaring house fire. the flames broke out last night. it took firefighters about an hour to put it out. this morning, three people and a dog are well out a home. one person is in the hospital with burns. also in san francisco, hundreds of police officers and their families are suing over exposure to radiation and
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chemicals at the former hunters point naval shipyard. the site. that area turned into a police aining center. the plaintiffs claim there has been health problems and death. the work there was done properly and to the standards of the contracts with the navy they said. a supervisor is face ag recall petition this morning. bleep >> that was supervisor sandra lee future at an election night party. the chronicle reports two dozen residents signed the recall so far. it needs 8400 signatures to move forward. fure rep. supervisors the district and she has a week to respond. she has not responded to our
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calls yet. i'm anne makovec live at the muse desk. the since up and the democratic debate is going on tonight. ten leading contenders are going to be squaring off and that is when we have less than 11 weeks until the iowa caucus. finally, getting down to the first deadline at least. now, this is going to be pete buttigieg's turn in the spotlight after he has been surging in some of the latest polls. we'll see california senator kamala harris looking for a way out of the woods struggling in the polls. this is out of california from the public policy institute. it shows joe biden in the lead, elizabeth warren behind him and then bernie sanders. harris with 8% of the vote. it will start at 6:00 our time and last about wo hours. >> happening today, firebrand and coulter is bringing her audio's america tour.
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they will be waiting. the school cancelled her last visit in 2017 crating safety concerns. she said they supressed her rights to free speech. the ring doorbell cameras, that story and more in the money watch report. >> reporter: stocks finished mixed on tuesday. the dow tumble 102 points and the nasdaq added to the high gaining 20. the s&p 500 shed a point. president trump said he may keep raising tariffs on chinese imports if they can't reach a trade deal. he said china is going to have to make a deal that he likes. amazon may add facial recognition to its ring doorbell cameras. the company wrote to massachusetts senator about this technology calling it a "contemplated but unreleased
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feature." he has raised privacy concerns with police departments to share video. amazon says facial-recognition software can help law enforcement. more than 600 police departments are able to request footage from ring users to help fight crime. >> the consumer advocacy group has the worst toys for the holidays. slime and a plastic power rangers claw are some of the toys the group said could be dangerous for children. that is your cbs money watch report. for more go to at the new york stock exchange, i'm dana king. >> straight ahead, folks in the sierra have much more than a power shut off to worry about. they are preparing for a snowstorm. let's take a live look where it is 54 degrees in sfo. you may not have to walk to the
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welcome back. 4:44. power shout offs are not the only problem. winter is coming and the snow promises more danger for communities ins dark. 37,000 customers in el dorado county bracing themselves for today's power shutoffs. the strong weather means power coverage has been in concen stent for a lot of customers and some are taking the outages in supplied.
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>> i have been waiting all summer long. i am going to try and stay up here all year. normally, the snow gets to the top of the window here. if you live here, you have to, you don't have a choice whether a tree shuts it off or pg&e shuts it off. >> a winter weather advisory there until noon today. >> a look at sfo. holiday season kick into high gear. friday is supposed to be the busiest travel day. they will arrive and depart from sfo that day alone. just under 7 million are expected november 15th and january 1st. if you're willing to pay extra, you'll be able to use curbside uber pickup at sfo starting today. uber comfort, uber select and uber xl can go up to the curb. only uber plaque was allowed to d that. if that goes well, the pilot program could continue past
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january. 4:45 after check of the forecast. things are a little call out there. >> that is right. you felt the calldown yesterday. still on the caller side for sure. we'll start to warm it up today with the sunshine and tracking the winds this morning. we have seen strong wind gusts in the north bay mountains and unfortunately that does mean that high fire danger. here is a live look. this is lacking south this morning with partly cloudy skies. temperatures are cooler compared to yesterday at this time. a few degrees caller compared to yesterday morning. 48 in concord. oakland you're coming in at 54. livermore 47. 53 in downtown san francisco. low 50s for san jose as well as for santa rosa. the winds this morning, breezy conditions for many locations look at west northwesterly winds at 13 in downtown san francisco. looking at 9 in berkeley. 18 san rafael.
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23-mile-an-hour winds out of the north in fairfield. you can see those yellow and orange colors in the north bay mountains. that is where we are noticing those very gusty conditions. we have seen gusts to 67 miles per hour earlier this morning in the north bay mountains. as we go through the day we're looking at plenty of sunshine, breezy, mid-60s for the coast, the bay and mid town per 60s and low 70s inland. let's talk about the high fire danger. red flag warning in affect until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow for the north bay mountains, east bay hills and diablo range because of those gusty offshore winds, low humidity values and everything is so dry out there. critical fire conditions. here is the satellite and radar view ch the reason we're watching the strong winds, a low treasure system to the east and high pressure to the west. when they are so close together you get that strong tight pressure gradient and strong
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winds and that is what we're watching right now. as as we go through the day, we'll see a lot of sunshine through the bay area. let's check the winds and wind gusts for the north bay. we'll see the strong winds and another bursting forth north bay mountains for this evening. and, of course low relative humidity values. very high fire danger. speaking of the sierra and the west folks of the sierra and tahoe area under the winter weather advisory, snowing curesly there, snowfall 2 to 4 inches. daytime high inches bay area low 70s concourse. mid-60s in san francisco. upper 60s in san jose. we'll cool it down, thursday, friday and into the weekend. there because be another offshore wind event early next week a >> take a look at the roadways right now. if you're headed out in the south bay, so far, so good as far as 101. 680 a mine more snag.
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it is on that northbound side of 680. one lane was blocked but they moved everything to the right shoulder. we're seeing a lot of green which means traffic for the most part is moving town speed with no delays along 680. >> a over to 101, so far, so good both directions clear. if you're headed to sfo, no delays on the freeway right now. traffic is clear. if you have an early flight to airport. traffic is quiet. later on that convention is still under way. it is closures in affect until november 24th. howard street is closed between 3rd and 4th. use mass transit if you're headed near the mass scone ney center tis morning. >> the maps off the eastshore freeway, so far fairly quiet. eastshore freeway commute to the maze, clear right now. we're starting to see a few cars in those cash lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza but so
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far quiet from here into san francisco. the san mateo bridge no delays. clear between 880 and towards 101. 880 itself the nimitz freeway, both directions, northbound delays no problem, southbound looking good as well. >> >> the actors behind frozen are honored with hollywood stars and netflix is getting in to the holiday spirit. >> those stories and more in today's eye on entertainment. >> reporter: you know nem as sisters in frozen. they were honored this week with stars on the hollywood walk of fame. both women thanked their families for their love and support. >> joining on the crosswalk, the stars of frozen. the cast gets in costume to surprise california drivers and crosswalk the musical, frozen. ♪ >> the stars pe form musical numbers from the beloved film
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tonight on the late, late show right here on cbs. frozen ii hits these ters friday. >> the night before christmas will get yeah in the holiday spirit. >> we all grow up fan fa sizing about finding true love with a knight in shining armor and living happily ever after but that is all it is, fantasy. >> she is a teacher that helps a knight navigate the modern world. it comes out on netflix this thursday. the sharks go for lucky number 7 in a row, but a legend in the making stood in their way. groundhog day for the warriors. he goes down in pain. did he get back up? we'll tip it off coming up. stay with. in about 15 minutes the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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%fo tracking gusty conditions especially off the north bay mountains and gusts as high as 67 miles per hour earlier this month in the north bay mountains. breezier for the rest of us. daytime highs warmer compared to yesterday here. looking at temperatures that are going to be right around mid-60s in san francisco. low 70s in concord. upper 60s san jose and oakland. >> remember how we used to talk about how long the warriors played since the last loss? now, it is since the last win. steve kerr said he has a little iverson im him. he is pretty good. but, yeah know who was better last might? alex burke driving the lane
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like kyle busch. he had 29 points. playing the points to the tune of 11 says marquise on the receiving end of that. but he hit the deck. you're fingering another warrior in the mass unit. what is a cliche, no pain no game? >> 10 rebounds, 8 points. they get it 114-95, the third win on the season now tied with it wizards for fewest in the leak but golden state has 12 losses. mick david being called a generationnal talent. the sharks won't disagree. he picked up three more points last night and served up the powerplay goal. edmonton 4-1. sharks were never in the game. he beat hem him on the rebound. edwards mon ton wins 5-2 and snaps the six game winning streak. they had a chance to go to
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the state title game. he said i don't think so. he goes down in straight sets. carmelo back in the mba with portland. i haven't seen a rejects shon like that since jr. prom. >> sometimes it is better to run than get the shot. she will be okay. she posted the shot she took right before she got grilled. rob gronkowski says he is the coming back to the nfl. this ain't going to be his new career. he cannot dance. it has been a year since alex smith suffered that horrible leg injury and his wife actually documented his progress after 17 surgeries. the final video we're going to show you it shows smith running on a treadmill. check it out. alex smith plans to return to
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the nfl. he has more come backs than rocky. >> that is the latest in sports. i'm dennis o'donnell. see yeah tonight. time right now 4:57. >> strait ahead in the next half-hour, police speaking out about what went down the night an off duty officer shot a driver. what prompted the cops to fire back. >> bart riders are on high alert after someone is stabbed to death on a train. and right now police are looking for the driver in a fatal just because we're super hungry...
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...doesn't mean you got to spend a lot! because denny's brought back the super slam™. with eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage and pancakes. all for just $6.99. the $6.99 super slam™ is back! see you at denny's! live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. breaking news overnight. at least one man is dead after a nasty crash in san jose. right now the search is on for the driver who took off. plus, taking a live lock at capitol hill where we will be hearing from the man with the
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direct line to president trump. we're live with today's impeachment hearing. >> plus, a good samaritan stabbed to death on bart. this morning the transit agency is calling on its own board of directors to take action. this latest power shut off seeing a down shift. why pg&e is changing in thes mind. it is wednesday, november 20th, 2019. i'm ken ky. >> i'm michelle griego. let's get right over to mary lee. >> we're tracking that for you. the strong offshore winds. i'll show you the strongest wind gusts that we have been clocking this morning. mount selena 67 miles per hour. mount tam 41. the berkeley hills at 30. your weather head lynns windy up in the hills


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