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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  November 27, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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.. tomorrow will be quiet scattered shower or two possible but it will be a six is right if you in the north bay easy on the roads. i will talk to yo eeze coming our way tomorrow morning as well. you don't see this every day. big rig jackknifed, crashed
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cars and cows on the run. this was a mess on the highway 50 in placid though. westbound lanes still shut down . that crash happening before 5 pm in one of the tractor- trailers carrying nearly 80 cows. police officers had to roundup the cattle. on interstate 80 and has been bumper-to-bumper all night long. rob malcolm and colfax tonight. >> reporter: on the other side of the hill this traffic gridlock on i-80 because the multiple crashes and the clock was ticking for samantha's thanksgiving guest. >> they have been stuck in traffic for 2 1/2 hours. they are not moving anywhere, just sitting. >> reporter: the only thing moving is clouds. with traffic being turned around because of the notes, every route >> we were thinking this is easier but i don't know. >> reporter: some drivers were
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turning around to avoid teaching control. >> the passes closed down there. at least this was open. try to make it tonight so we can be there tomorrow. >> reporter: chase and jesse lee had to give some travelers bad news. >> we did not have the particular chains. tomorrow morning we might. we might be too late for some motorists force to wait it out. will it would be nice to come over the hill. >> reporter: i-80 eastbound has been reopened. it is still closed to trucks which are being turned around applegate. if you have to, by those chains and get them early as some retailers are running out or running low. rob malcolm, kpix 5. flooding at the warriors new billion-dollar arena. tonight the chronicle reporting that during yesterday's heavy rain water seeped into a few rooms including an office and server room because of a broken
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pipe. the photos show fans were rotten to dry the floors and electronic equipment piled up in bags in a chase center hallway. a spokesperson said the pipe was quickly repaired. the mercury news is reporting that month after cutting the ribbon at the new facility, workers will spend thanksgiving day and weekend repairing and replacing the hardwood in the warriors practice civility below the arena court. that would was warping. the teams would not speculate what caused the damage. a live look at oakland airport where the lights are back on after yesterday's power outage disrupting the holiday travel rush. no word on what was behind the blackout that left hundreds of people stranded for hours. we spoke with travelers were glad they booked a later flight and avoided that ms. period >> i was busy last night so i didn't notice that there was a power outage and that would
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have been a nightmare. i'm glad that is not tonight. >> normally i plan two hours to get here and here i was here an hour and 15. >> airport officials say they are waiting for drier weather to complete testing to find out the cause of the outage. police across the bay area are on the lookout for missing grandmother and her two grandkids. they were last seen by family in fairfield on sunday and this morning their car was spotted in alamo. >> reporter: this photo shows 75-year-old sandra young and her two grandchildren nine-year- old jaden and seven-year-old natalia. the search is on to bring them back to their fairfield home safely. >> distraught and looking for there. >> reporter: keep us in your prayers. if you see anything call the police. flag them down whenever you need to do and our family
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appreciates it. fairfield police say the vehicle is a green 2004 acura tl license plate it was last seen in alamo at 1050. they cannot tell who was driving. lynn johnson lives downstairs from the family and said young had planned to make a thanksgiving dinner at home. the mechanist she was cooking. she had her ham the other day over the weekend. >> reporter: the family said young became guardian of her two grandchildren when their own parents were killed in the highway 12 crash several years ago. will we are strong faith family. a lot of praying and believing in god that she will come home safe. >> reporter: an unusual disappearance and a desperate search leaving a family praying.
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in fairfield, steve large, kpix 5. if you see this car, and acura tl with california plates 5hlm541 police would like to hear from you. neighbors into contra costa suburbs are shaken up after a spike in violent crimes. joe vazquez with how the sheriff's department is responding tonight. >> reporter: violent crimes are rare around here which is why folks are shocked they keep happening. the contra costa county sheriff's department said it is patrolled in lafayette and orinda after a span of recent crimes. a home invasion in upper happy valley. >> in lafayette? that is not good. >> reporter: three armed robbers look into this house on crestmont around 7:30 pm walked
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right through an open garage door tied up the occupants of the house, assaulted them, ransacked the place and took off with valuables and personal items. >> it is scary. i think people need to be more careful about locking the doors. >> that is surprising to me. people are out of control these days. >> reporter: police asked people to look through surveillance video for clues. some are rattled because of the similarities to another home invasion on halloween night. it was that first crime scene that delayed the orinda police response to a halloween party that ended in gunfire where five people were killed. >> from what i understand they were home. it is upsetting that someone would break into a home knowing that people were home, it is really upsetting. >> reporter: so far no arrests in either home invasion robberies. live in lafayette, joe vazquez. sacramento police made a break in a two decade old cold case involving a missing woman from san francisco.
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the victim known for 18 years as jane doe was burned alive before she was found in a dumpster. since 2001 investigators try to identify the body. now a new clue. dna submitted to a genealogy lab led to this woman, arianne gray was reported missing in san fran is go. will there have been so many cases that have been made through dna technology and hopefully this will be one and we can make it a success story and we can bring someone to justice. >> reporter: anyone with information might be eligible for a reward up to $1000. china taking steps to condemn president trump signing of two bills on hong kong's human rights. the country has some to protest mr. trump's action. the bill would mandate sanctions on chinese and hong kong officials who carry out and rights abuses. a group of thieves find the perfect place to swipe nearly a dozen bicycles.
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what police have that they hope will help track down the thieves. where is your holidays here it? the search for a couple of thieves who targeted solvation army bellringer's in contra costa county. if your holiday tradition includes a live christmas tree, prices are going up this year. we are streaming now on cbsn bay area. you can find us on cbs news app or your say yes for less to gifts storewide... 20 to 60% off department store prices. most stores are open thanksgiving, 6pm to midnight. reopening friday at 7am. ...with extended hours saturday and sunday. yes for less.
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a group of both thieves made off with thousands of dollars worth of bikes. ray medina is in campbell tonight with affected bike bandit caught on camera. this apartment complex in campbell has a locked storage unit for bicycles and police say several thieves work hand- in-hand to swipe several of them. the thing is they were caught on surveillance camera. >> when you see videos like this of thieves stealing bikes, how does that make you feel? will it makes me mad. >> reporter: she knows what it feels like to have your bikes:, he has been victimized three times. one of the bikes worth nearly $1000. just around the corner from where he locks up his bicycle every day for work, campbell police say three thieves stole eight bikes in a matter of minutes last month at the railway apartment. surveillance video shows one suspect walk in followed by
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another man. both accused of stealing for bikes that morning. nearly one week later one of the suspects comes back this time with a woman who casually eat a bag of chips. the pair allegedly steals for more bikes. anthony who bikes to work in campbell not only locks up his icicle, he parks it feet from his job and has a friend who also keep watch. >> i lookout every day. they let me know if there are any issues. >> how do you feel about the fact that you have to keep an eye on it? >> it is a nightmare. every five minutes you are looking over and making sure it is all there. >> reporter: the suspects proved even secure the locked areas won't keep away the key fingers. >> people are losing thousands of dollars and there are a lot of people having to and more money in order to get to work. >> reporter: campbell police hope someone recognizes this thief. they shared the
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surveillance video on several social media platforms to get it out to the community. in san jose tonight, police are searching for the driver struck and killed a pedestrian and then please give away. san jose police say they found you face down on the curb near foxworthy avenue and trevino drive about 4 am this morning and investigators have very few leads tonight. last week a 71-year-old cyclist was killed while trying to cross the street. surveillance video from last thursday shows the moment he was struck. tonight police releasing their video of that truck. a reward offered for information leading to an arrest. disbelief from the salvation army after not one but two cattle thefts in less than a week. the first one happened on saturday outside a lucky supermarket in martinez. the man tricked the bellringer into heading over the red
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kettle with hundreds of dollars of cash inside. in mac you should know the guy came to get the cattle and then we realized that wasn't our guy. sadly he was duped and he took the kettle. >> it happened yesterday outside hobby lobby in concord when a man rode by on a bicycle , sprayed the bellringer in the face and stole the cattle. so far no arrests have been made. if you are hoping to fill your home with the smell of fresh pine or maybe cedar this year that real christmas tree is going to cost you more. >> reporter: we visited a family-owned farm in costa mesa to find out why. >> we have seen an increase in prices. >> reporter: for market family farms in san juan capistrano -- >> it is first come first serve. feel matt tonya runs one of the last farms that grow their own christmas trees. for 10 years they have raised
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thousands of trees and had thousands more shipped in from oregon. >> this year you will see a couple dollars difference. feels the average cost per christmas tree last year was $78. the year before 75. this year could creep up to 81. the trees shipped in from oregon are marks as of this year because of the good economy. tree farms are having a hard time finding workers for only three weeks because many have full-time job. >> as a result of that they have increased salaries for those seasonal employees and that trickles down to us. >> reporter: some owners say they are having a difficult time finding 10-year-old trees in the 8-10 foot range because many tree growers held back from planting christmas trees during the great recession. home depot reports some of their christmas trees are five dollars more this year that they say supply is not a problem. they expect a shipment of 10,000 trees. according to the national christmas tree association, americans bent $2 billion on
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christmas trees last year. 5 million more trees than the year before. this year they predict the price increase won't keep the crowds away. >> it will be very busy for those three weeks. we are getting ready. it may be ready muddy during the rain. >> reporter: the christmas tree farmers that survived the great recession and they said last year they started to make a good profit in this year they expected to be even better. in costa mesa, casey butler kpix 5. tomorrow night at 7 pm what is going on in the central valley? take a look at a staggering amount of perfectly edible food being left behind on farms. >> we were astounded. it is devastating for us as farmers. >> reporter: a groundbreaking look at what is unharvested and left to rot on california farms. that is tomorrow night on the news at 7 pm.
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in the forecast i would love to start right out of the gate talking about the next storm which will get rebudo that because there has been a persist and sell of heavy rain parked right over the east bay for the last 45 minutes. that red swatch there, let's come in for a close. just across alameda south of emeryville it has been raining for a while. this is the kind of stationary cell that could cause minor ponding of water on the roadway. if you are out in the east bay be aware of that. as we take a look west there are more right out here about to come across the golden gate bridge. most of us are not getting rained on right now. the places that are are really impressive and that is an example of how the system works. that is what it looks like on the big picture. one other item to discuss, fog. g llava rd time seeing on roways so be at will stay with us overnight.
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it will be cold in the north bay. it will be 30 tonight. some places in the upper 20s. over the next morning these numbers will drop about another three degrees from here. the next couple of mornings, on the left. as far as leftover showers from the system most of the day tomorrow we are in the clear with blue skies and maybe a stray shower. friday a possibility for a stray shower but nothing is widespread or terribly impressive. daytime highs in the low 50s. now let's talk about that next storm. this gets us ahead into saturday. look at the trailing dance of green. that is an atmospheric river and those storms bring us some better rainfall totals. they are not good snow makers because they are relatively warm and they can make things wet. too early to get specific on this one. atmospheric rivers, the location matters. you shifted 20 or 30 miles to the north or south in the forecast becomes completely different. we are going to be very general.
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watch the accumulated rainfall totals from saturday to monday. numbers will be impressive. let's not go to the bank just yet but i want you to see starting saturday and well into early next week we have a busy raining. coming our way. mary talk about that tomorrow morning from 430-7 pm and she will be on again at noon. the way the sharks are playing, they deserve the lead over the warriors. the sharks have been red-hot. winnipeg has been hotter. who cooled off tonight? and meet the nba's version of edward l murray. how did it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the sleep number 360 smart bed.
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klay thompson made his debut as the warriors sideline tonight. they needed. in the second quarter warriors upset, aaron pascoe to glen robson finished with a dunk.
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clay called that dunk move. how about draymond green. warriors go on a 16-to run and calls it out this time. 104-90. here he is edward r. murrow after the game. >> how many blocks? four? >> that was pressure, keep doing it. >> how are you going to keep this going? >> play hard every night. >> i thought we won? >> back to you. the maquis has a future. i am feeling it. defensive help on this breakaway. jack got a pass and the sharks lose 5-1. they were 0-7 on the power play. that snapped their three-game win streak. folks around the league believe sunday's matchup against the 49ers and the ravens could be the super bowl preview. the 49ers and ravens have a
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combined 19-3 record. you can understand the hype although one 49er isn't buying it. will this is the season, not playoff. whether you win or lose the game no one gets to go home. you have another game after this. i hope to take it a game at a time and we will see what happens. the niners have the nfl's best defense. the ravens scoring 35 point in the nfl. who is h
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tomorrow you get the turkey and tonight you get the appetizer. here are the top five plays of the night. blues and lightning after sunset on the breakaway making the defender ms.. it gets past the goalie. look at the need for speed on this play. how do you like it? number 4 kings and sixers off
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the steel. monster dunk and sixers win 97 points. the rangers shoot at the net. henry lundquist reaches. i'm calling this the save of the year. number 2, i have not seen a rejection like this since my junior prom. her name was jenny ling and this is russell west meet kendrick nunn. the number 1 play of the night, knights and predators final second of the game. max patch ready finds the back of the net as timex buyers and the nights when the game in overtime 4-3. how do you get back all he could've just been the middle class kid who made good.
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the late show with stephen colbert is up next. thanks for watching. new continue streaming on cbsn
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bay area. have a wonderful, safe and happy things. captioning sponsored by cbs >> hi, i'm fox news anchor chris wallace. you may know me from your parents' tv when you go home to do laundry. i'm used to moderating presidential debates and political roundtables, but there is nothing more combative than the thanksgiving dinner table. so i'm here to share my thanksgiving dinner moderating tips to keep things from get too rowdy at this year's family gathering. the loudist person in the family should be seated next to the quietest person in the family, and that's the garden gnome in the backyard. ( laughter ) if your family is fighting about whether to serve roasted turkey or fried turkey, just go ahead and serve them "wild turkey." do not let family leave the table without saying, "excuse


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