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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  November 30, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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place. and if you are in the sierra, stay there. if you are not, boy, do you need extra time to go up. the dangerous driving conditions will only get worse as we head into the weekend. >> and we have team coverage with meteorologist darren peck. he has been tracking the latest from our weather center. >> the kind of snow piling up on donnor pass is the kind that can shut it down. i want to show you the rain using high-def doppler over the bay area. we have another good cell of heavier rain just about to come into the north bay. you see that band of yellow and orange. it is right on top of bodega bay and working up toward monte rio. it will work over santa rosa and petaluma before too long. if we switch to high-def doppler and put it in the futurecast, it picks up on the bulls eye of heavier rain. so let's see what will happen the next few hours. there will be a pattern on here
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i want you to pick out with me. that's tonight at 9:00. there's a t lot of red and orange here. this red line is the atmospheric river, the fire hose pointed right in the middle of the bay. now, it might be tough to pick it out, but that will be a near constant feature with us. there we are at 2:00 a.m. we have at least a branch of it up here, but there is a theme going into tomorrow which is very important. look at sunday morning. still pretty stationary for the bay area. the majority of the rain that will come in at a steady, pounding rate will be toward monterrey and santa cruz. doesn't mean we won't get rain up here sunday.
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there is still good rain here. but if you want to focus on the most relentless, you follow the line an it will be a little to the south sunday. that is somewhat good news for the bay area getting more manageable rain amounts. i don't want to down play this. this will be a good rainmaker for us. it can lead to some minor localized street flooding. maybe some of the washes that tend to rise quickly if you know where those are. this might be the storm that does that. that's your headline. i'll be back with the other details in the complete forecast. and katie nielsen continues our coverage. she is at a tree village in dublin. >> reporter: we are here at morning glory christmas trees right off of the 580, 608 interchange in the target parking lot here in dublin. where it has been raining on and off throughout the
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afternoon, definitely slowing down sales. >> merry christmas. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: it's a family owned small business out of oregon. when it is raining, they see a big drop in the number of people coming out to the lot. they say most people don't want to shop in the rain or deal with that wet christmas tree when they get home. but, some brave shoppers just threw on their raincoats and took advantage of the fact there were significantly fewer shoppers than normal. >> we were excited. yeah. there are so many people and you feel you are fighting over trees. everyone was super nice. we were asked five times if we could be helped before picking a tree. >> and you have the christmas tree warriors that come out. we still sell plenty even in the rain. >> reporter: owners say they sold at least 300 trees at this
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lot yesterday. another 200 at their lot in black hawk. last night, they unloaded an entire semitruck full of christmas trees in anticipation of all the shoppers this week. so, they say most of the time, when it is raining, people are staying away. but during the breaks in the rain, the lot just gets absolutely crazy. but they want to make sure they have enough trees on hand for everyone. live in dublin, katie nielsen, kpix5. >> we see some people behind you meandering around looking for their tree. hopefully there's a little break. >> reporter: well, right now, not raining so we definitely have seen a lot more shoppers. but, as the rain comes in late tore night, the lot says people don't want to be out here when it is pouring down rain. can't understand why. >> thanks katie. let's head north to da lin in san rafael where the weather has been a problem for the drivers all day. >> trying to stop a flooding problem in the house. >> reporter: the problem started two years ago for
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reverend john. water from the outside would creek in from the cracks in the foundation and flood the house. it has happened twice in two years. he says one time he had three feet of water in the lowest part of the house. >> mostly frustration. >> reporter: he bought a pump at the marin ace hardware to get the standing water out hoping to avoid another flood. >> not only inconvenient, but, could be costly if i have service people come in. >> reporter: he wasn't alone. a lot of homeowners stopped by the hardware store to get emergency supplies. in fact, they sold out of sandbags. >> the sandbags are the kind of thing people only think of during emergencies. >> reporter: aside from causing problems for homeowners, the steady rain made driving more dangerous. some parts of highway 101 in marin county were covered in water. drivers called 911 and reported spots where they were hydro planing. right before the exit on
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northbound 101, nissan titan lost control and rolled down the embankment. speed and weather likely played a factor. the driver suffered from a broken arm. back at the reverend's house, he is hoping the pump will keep his house dry. >> i think i got it done. to the south caltrans is getting ahead of the storm in the problem spots near big sur. another stretch at mud creek will close by 9:00 tomorrow morning. onof thgrddades of muthem all, a massive mud slide shut down the highway a little south of gorda on highway 1 in 2017. in sonoma county, there are big concerns abe burnson.thpent the week laying
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straw to stem the flow of med and other debris from the barren hillsides. stay with kpix5 for continuing storm coverage throughout the weekend. darren will be back in ten minutes with your full region by region forecast. the fire department is investigating a small fire that put up a big cloud of smoke near baker beach this morning. it burned three cypress threes. a half an acre of land. you can imagine it didn't have much of a chance. firefighters had it under control in about 20 minutes. now onto fremont where the search is on for the driver in a heartless hit and run. a 72-year-old woman was walking her dog across niles boulevard when both were hit and killed. kpix5's devin fehely tells us the driver did stop. but not for long. >> reporter: fremont police are looking for the driver who struck the woman in the crosswalk. stopped his car, got out to check, but then left the scene.
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police say the victim identified as 72-year-old suzanne beck oakey was walking her dog across this busy and neighbors say dangerous stretch of niles boulevard around 8:30 friday night. >> they don't see the person a lot of times. that is in the crosswalk. >> reporter: witnesses however say the driver stopped his car. a light color four door sedan. got out, checked on the victim. and left before police or paramedics arrived. the victim and her dog both died. from the force of the impact. >> i mean, i don't know what would go through a person's mind that quickly to not have human emotion of, you know, you just hit somebody. let alone, not knowing if they died or not. you left them there. >> it does boggle the mind. i agree with you. there is no sane reason for that to happen. >> reporter: fremont police said the area was fairly crowded with people attending the festival of lights. the suspect's car likely has front end damage. and neighbors say more need to
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be done to find that driver. and find a way to tame this deadly stretch of road. >> this section of niles belled is a four-lane freeway. speed limit is 40 miles an hour. and, unfortunately, a lot of people commute through here and think the right hand lane is for passing at 50 and 60 miles an hour. >> reporter: neighbors said there was supposed to be a lighted crosswalk at this dangerous intersection but it was never installed and they now hope this tragedy will spur the city to do that. in fremont, devin fehely, kpix5. >> reporter: meanwhile, the driver who hit and killed a pedestrian in south san jose is still on the run tonight. 40-year-old hugh den was struck early this morning. the driver department stop or call for help. and, no one has come forward with a vehicle description. anyone with information is urged to call san jose police or crime stoppers. you could be eligible with a
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cash reward for information leading to an arrest. a $4,000 reward is offered for information leading to whoever has been firing projectiles at passing cars in monterrey county. somebody keeps throwing things a at vehicles in the prunedale neighborhood. it happened on highway 101 and 156. luckily, nobody has been seriously hurt. but last week, a projectile shattered a window on a school bus carrying students and a football player got cut with broken glass. tonight, plans to mark a bay area milestone are awash. because of the weather. >> plus, a battle to dump a million tons of coal. the storage showdown about to come to a head in the east bay. >> and a high school football program rises from the ashes of the worst wild fire california has ever seen. and tonight, paradise high could complete the unlikeliest
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of comebacks.
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city leaders in richmond are about to take up a measure to block the storage of coal. a million tons a year. residents say coal dust accumulates on their homes and streets creating a health hazard. now, a proposed ordinance would effectively stop coal shipments to a waterfront terminal on their way to japan. it gives the levine richmond terminal three years to phase it out and store other materials instead. terminal officials have threatened legal action. a city council vote is set tuesday. the wet windy weather has forced the national park service to cancel celebrations at the point reyes white house. the public had been invited out to mark the 149th anniversary
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of the initial lighting of the lighthouse. and, the recent completion of a multimillion dollars restoration, it was supposed to include interpretive chants and live music. now, the stairs leading down to it are closed because of high winds. there is no word on whether the event will be rescheduled. meanwhile, in los altos, the rain forced organizers to cancel the festival of lights parade. they are disappointed to call off the event, but excite today show off the floats. volunteers have been working on around the clock to build next year. and the oakland zoo lions are getting their manes soaked today. the zoo closed early because of the rainaldatoow . cthey loluckily the rainy weat didn't get in the way of this tradition. these tap dancing christmas trees, they didn't miss a beat this morning. at the opening of piedmont's christmas tree lot, it is the
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busiest time of the year for the piedmont scouts. this year marks its 50th anniversary. >> this is one of the few times that a scout can actually interact with the community. both in serving them. in sales. and, tying them down on the roofs. and, helping off load the trucks. some good manual labor. service to all. >> there are more than 1500 trees to choose from. the piedmont boy scout christmas tree lot is open through december 22. the headline news today and the rest of the week is this relentless rain. >> certainly into tuesday, brian. but the highlights will come tonight into tomorrow. i tried to get real specific shows you where the best of the rain will be. but to get a good idea of it, i want to show you on the wide view. to go into more detail on why it matters. it is not just a fun word to
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throw around, it is an important feature of the storm which helps us to forecast it and raise awareness that this storm is not like the majority of storms we get. if we look at tonight, that's 10:30. equal opportunity rainmaker. it is just raining across much of northern california. seemingly centered on the bay area. as we plan this through, you will notice a pattern. look at the fire hose here. heaviest rain and the biggest ban band coming in south of the bay area. we have rain well into tomorrow morning but you clearly see where the focus of this storm is pointed. from santa cruz to big sr. it is important to track these th can. now, a what th anfor re home, gerain. t we are doe wot of this by far. the scattered showers stay over the bay area and the whole
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storm will get pushed on shore. we will see a little bit of an up tick in widespread showers and we get a bit of a break before the next storm gets here friday. there's the center of the storm driving all of this. this is what atmospheric rivers look like. this shows you where the higher concentration of water vapor in the atmosphere are. that is a narrow ribbon of higher concentrations of water vapor headed our way. a dramatic view like this drives the point home on why this is different. we have gotten much better at recognizing these things. they are now officially rated on a scale. the scripps institute started rating it 1-5. this one is moderate. and, the thing about a moderate atmospheric river, it can actually have some benefits. the thing about these storms is
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we get the majority of our rain over the course of our winter from three or four of these on average. they make up the lion's' share of how california gets the rainfall. san jose san jose, close to an inch. you go up north, there is heelsburg, with two and a quarter. if you saw ben in the santa cruz mountains, three to four inches. and they come with wind. we are under a wind advisory now that doesn't expire until 3:00 a.m. monday everywhere in blue meaning where you live. take a look at the bay area. gusts until 45 miles an hour speeds are possible, but if you blue, it is shaded in red. where it is not a wind advisory. it is the next level up. that's a high wind warning because the gusts will hit 65 miles an hour along the coast. and yes, there is snow coming
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to the sierra. winter storm warning stays in effect until 6:00 at night monday. read the yellow fine print. travel will be difficult to impossible. those are the words put out by the national weather service. atmospheric rivers usually raise the snow level. the snow will be falling up at the passes and the ski resorts. but, it will be raining across the bulk of the mountains from 6,000 feet and down. we will rain on a lot of that snow we put on the sierra with that last one. did you see the break in the seven day forecast? wednesday and thursday, that's good. friday is the next storm. friday into saturday, we are tracking the next one. looks like a colder storm. more on that one as we get closer to it. guys, back to you. >> coming up in sports, vern glenn joins us from kansas city as derek carr looks for his first win in kc. and stanford gave for e firsme in up ax thea decade week trying to at least end the season at home with a win. we'll be right back. beyond bla, when you can get $100 back with the package that's right for you.
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stanford football wrapped up its worst season since 2007. davis mills starting at quarterback again. the cardinal up three. mills is under pressure. he gets rid of it just in time. michael wilson with a 27-yard touchdown to give stanford a 10- point lead. they were in complete control until a block pump by notre dame. the irish recovered it inside the five. it leads to a short touchdown pass. and a huge swing in momentum here. 127 left in the half. notre dame down three. ian goes deep to chase claypool. the irish win 45-24. their first win at stanford since 2007. auburn down by five. shawn shivers takes the handoff and bulldozes his way to the end zone. on the ensuing drive for alabama.
6:23 pm
they would have a chance to tie the game with this field goal. and this one? it bounces off the upright. 48-45. ending alabama's chances of getting into the playoffs. and former raider charles woodson picking his alma mater michigan on the fox pregame show. taking on top ranked ohio state. the wolverines went 75 yards on the opening drive to jump out to an early lead. this has jim harbaugh all fired up. the enthusiasm known to mankind wouldn't ask. jk dobbins ran for a career high. the buckeyes win 56-27. to remain unbeaten. harbaugh is now 0-5 all time against ohio state. >> is this a talent gap? a preparation gap? >> i'll answer your questions. not your insults. >> that wasn't an insult. >> they played really good.
6:24 pm
they played good. >> that's what i'm asking. what's the biggest difference in the gap? >> we played better today. >> the 49ers won't be back in the bay area ten days but they did not escape the bad weather. there is is a 99% chance of rain at kickoff in baltimore in the 40s . they face the chiefs tomorrow. you can see it on kpix5 followed by the fifth quarter. oakland can grab a share of the division lead with the win. vern glenn arrived in kansas think this afternoon. >> reporter: the lighting is a little hot but that's how it is when you are dealing with an airport. there is no way we will miss coverage on the raiders at the chiefs. for success here, it is list fo carr to check off. >> the last couple of times it's like we are facing the chiefs again. >> reporter: temperatures expected to be in the 30s
6:25 pm
tomorrow. that could be an issue for derek carr. raider head coach jack del rio now working for espn was critical of the play in cold weather. >> jack was with me a couple of times. i used to think this was a team game. but yes. it is all my fault. and, i take full responsibility. >> reporter: coach, any ideas to help your quarterback prepare this week? >> i'm not a genius. i'm not thomas edison. i don't know how to do that. you know. we are just trying to show pictures of people that are cold. that deal with cold. i don't know. >> reporter: as for the chief s? the teams are 17-3 after the bye week. >> they are coming off a bye week. they will be fresh as daisies. >> reporter: the raider defense is faced with a difficult task of keeping patrick mahomes from heating up. >> it was jaw dropping the
6:26 pm
display he made in about six en you. >> reporter: to win here, josh jacobs has to effectively run the football and for once, derek carr has to perform. in 3-degree weather. his record at harrowhead stadium, 0-5. in games with temperatures 50 degrees and below, 2-9. in kansas city, vern glenn, kpix5. >> i have a plane to catch. >> why is he talking about football in an airport? >> made the deadline. weather was a factor i think. >> all right. thanks. are you ready for a little bit of rain? actually, scratch that. are you ready for a lot of rain? it has started and it is not going to stop any time soon. >> what juliette was going to say, we have storm coverage the next half hour. and a violent dispute lands a former oakland raider in the
6:27 pm
hospital. and, under arrest. >> also, new details on that stabbing attack on london bridge. we have learned it would never have happened if the convicted terrorist behind it hadn't been released early from prison.
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you're watching kpix5 news. >> just got back from cancun, mexico. sunshine, blue skies. pure brilliance. >> welcome to the bay area. a soaker drenching the area
6:30 pm
thanksgiving weekend. heavy downpours, just getting started. wilson walker continues our team coverage with the conditions in san francisco. >> reporter: as we have been telling you, the rain that is arriving in full tonight is just the beginning and it is very good news. >> yeah, big storm coming. >> reporter: as the rain and wind build today, you could start to sense the scale of what is arriving in northern california. city crews were out early checking on the storm drains that were no match for tuesday night's rainfall. this intersection became a small pond in that downpour. same goes for the city's more notorious flooding spots. flood barriers will hopefully prevent a repeat of tuesday night. all over town, people were scrambling to get out of the rain or get ready for it but remember, this is some rain we need badly. >> for the first time in a couple of years. the state strong gusts moving back into drought. >> reporter: just two weeks ago, we were talking about the
6:31 pm
possible emergence of drought with dr. peter glick more than 90% of the state is now considered abnormally dry. our rain got off to a nearly record dry start. but, as we said two weeks ago, things can change quickly. >> if the door opens off the pacific and the storms come in, we could have a normal year, or a wet year. >> reporter: so, here we are, the door is open. and, it is going to stay open for a couple of days. >> i'm excited for it because the city and state need it but i'm not ready to walk this guy in the rain for a week. >> reporter: so what might rainfall totals look like at the end of all this? how might it affect that drought monitor map? certainly things to follow the next week, wilson walker, kpix5. that's what storms that are driven in by atmospheric rivers are for. they help us get our rainfall totals. north bay, you are getthigh-def
6:32 pm
look at the red splotch on the top of the screen. we will take the 101 corridor. we are starting in heelsburg where we are shaded in yellow and orange. that line there is 101. orange is rain coming down at a good clip. yellow is okay, it's raining. let's follow this. next community is windsor. good rain here but think back to windsor and heelsburg. this is all down slope from the burn scar of the kincade fire. we are looking at the orange and the red up there. so, if there is one concern that sits on the top of the list for this particular storm, it is how much rain will drop on the burn scar, how long will the bands of rain sit there? that's why there is a flood watch downstream of there for any runoff that comes off of that burn scar. there is santa rosa.
6:33 pm
we will work our way further south, rohnert park and petaluma. it hasn't quite gotten to you yet. it will. as we get to the wide view, that is just one band coming in. we will come to the futurecast which picked up on the band beautifully. there is 9:00 and have a well organized line of heavy rain coming weinto the bay area that is prime time. the best that this storm has to throw our way. in terms of the heaviest most sustained rain is comes through tonight. that's a good representation of what it will look like by the time we get there. ly be back with more on the rest of this forecast coming up in a few minutes. for now guys, back to you. >> it is a heart-breaking development in the desperate search for three children swept away by flood waters in arizona. reporter john lawrence has the latest. >> reporter: caught in the flood waters. authoritying in arizona say a vehicle with nine people inside was crossing a creek when it was swept up by rushing water.
6:34 pm
it happened friday on tonto creek near the new mexico border. >> on arrival, found a military style vehicle actually almost completely submerged. >> reporter: four children and an adult got out of the vehicle and became stranded on a sand bar in the middle of the creek. a rescue helicopter picked them up. a woman on the shore was also rescued. tragically, on saturday, authorities confirmed they had found the bodies of two young children. a third child is still missing. >> we have a lot of good training and a lot of great people assisting. expert knowledge and experience out looking. >> reporter: meanwhile, severe weather is threatening to hamper rescue efforts. crews desperately searching for the child are also dealing with flood warnings and dangerous weather conditions. >> there's a lot of trees. a lot of brush that makes it almost impossible in some areas to traverse. we have a very cold condition right now. the water is very cold.
6:35 pm
it is very slippery. muddy. >> reporter: john lawrence, kpix5. well, a much better outcome for a group of six who got stuck in a flooded mini van in san diego. they were rescued from fast moving flood waters last night after the driver tried to forge through a flooded road that was already closed. the van started filling with water but luckily, there was a river rescue crew close by. they used rafts to get everyone out safely. we are learning more about a violent dispute involving former oakland raider tarrel pryor. he is under arrest and facing charges of assault. police say the altercation happened at this apartment complex in pittsburgh. he got into a fight with his girlfriend. it got physical and that's when pryor was stabbed. briston is charged with attempted homicide and aggravated assault. pryor is expected to make a full recovery. tmz says before the stabbing, he knocked down a second woman.
6:36 pm
pryor played his first three nfl seasons with the raiders and went onto play with a few other teams. we are learning more about the man accused of stabbing two people to death in a rampage on london bridge. police later killed the 28-year- old. but cbs reporter tom hanson said he wouldn't have been on the streets in the first place had he not been released early in a previous terror conviction. >> reporter: usman khan has been identified as the attacker. the islamic state identified him as an isis fighter. >> at this time, we found no evidence, no evidence to suggest anybody else was involved. >> reporter: police say he was wearing a fake suicide vest during friday's rampage. good samaritans quickly tackled him to the ground. thomas gray says he was one of those who stepped in. >> he was wielding two knives. one duct taped to his hand. >> reporter: a bystander ran from the scene with a large
6:37 pm
blade. apparently taken from the perpetrator. police shot the suspect dead at close range. authorities say khan had been convicted in 2012 in an al- qaeda-inspired plot to blow up the london stock exchange. he was released early last december on condition he wear an electronic ankle bracelet. >> it doesn't make sense for us to put back in society, people who committed serious violence offenses out on early release. >> reporter: in taught, khan spoke to the bbc after police raided his home. >> i'm no terrorist. >> reporter: the london bridge attack comes days before the city is set to host a nato summit with president trump and tonight. it has until tomorrow to decide whether or not to send legal representation to the house judiciary committee's first impeachment hearing. that administraon has ay, though, to decide whether to participate in the next round of impeachment
6:38 pm
proceedings at all. and that would include things like suggesting witnesses or presenting evidence. the white house press secretary stephanie grisham says the offer is being reviewed but added the president has done nothing wrong and the democrats know it. >> when you complain and complain. then you have an opportunity to put your story to the american public and don't want to do it and don't want to be subject to cross-examination yourself, you don't have a good story or defense. >> this will be the first partisan impeachment in the first history of our country. i think share man schiff and speaker pelosi knew from the beginning what they were going to try and prove. >> the house intelligence committee is expected to submit its findings this coming week. the judiciary committee will use it as a guide alonthat the pressured ukraine for dirt on trump's political rivals in exchange for a white house meeting and military aid.
6:39 pm
democrats are also thinking about adding more articles including obstruction of justice based on a mueller probe. black friday shoppers set a record. but get this, the total would just be pocket change to jeff bezos. a town nearly wiped out by wild fire has a reason to cheer tonight. in a few hours, the paradise high school football team could move a step closer to a state title. he could've just been the middle class kid who made good. but mike bloomberg became the guy who did good.
6:40 pm
after building a business that created thousands of jobs he took charge of a city still reeling from 9/11 a three-term mayor who helped bring it back from the ashes bringing jobs and thousands of affordable housing units with it. after witnessing the terrible toll of gun violence... he helped create a movement to protect families across america. and stood up to the coal lobby and this administration to protect this planet from climate change. and now, he's taking on... him. to rebuild a country and restore faith in the dream that defines us. where the wealthy will pay more in taxes and the middle class get their fair share. everyone without health insurance can get it and everyone who likes theirs keep it. and where jobs won't just help you get by, but get ahead. and on all those things mike blomberg intends to make good. jobs creator. leader. problem solver. mike bloomberg for president. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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holiday shoppers spent a record $7.4 billion on black friday. 11.6billion if you add in sales on thanksgiving day. if you want to talk mind boggling figures, amazon founder jeff bezos is worth nearly 10 times that much. he is worth $112 billion and he is sure to pad his pockets more on cyber monday. the annual online shopping spree is set to generate another $9.4 billion. today, many bay area residents ditched big box stores. mom and pop stores pumped out deals for small business saturday. the richmond main street initiative used the day to drum up interest in the local vendors. they pass out a local shopping guide. gave out free treats from a local bakery and promoted deals in places like rich city rides
6:43 pm
bike shop and gratitude gift shop. >> one challenge we have is people don't associate the area with shopping. we are always hearing from our community they want more local shops in the areas, we are trying to make that a reality. and in san francisco, the mayor's office is challenging everyone to dine and shop in the 49 square miles of the city. the paradise high school football team will take to the field to try to complete one of the unlikeliest comeback stories of a year. a year ago, the most destructive wild fire in california history leveled most of paradise and many of the school's football players lost everything. they had to move away. that did not stop them from coming back for football practice. the practice paid off in an unbeaten regular season this year. and tonight, at 7:00, paradise will battle sutter high school for the northern section division 3 championship. >> to see them play with the heart they are playing with, it is fantastic. >> it is incredible how many people have been coming out to the games. we show up to games and hour,
6:44 pm
two hours, three hours away. and we bring more people in the home team sometimes. >> paradise wins tonight. they could go onto compete for the state title. the paradise players are not the only ones in the new to night. still to come, cal's star linebacker backs up his big talk. >> i think he likes being that wwe villain. >> i write checks with my mouth. i cash 99% of them. try driving a semi through these storms.
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there is new video tonight in colorado, winds so powerful they toppled that huge semitruck. it happened last night on i-25 in colorado springs. that part of the country saw a 30 to 40 miles an hour winds but gusts were up to 85 miles an hour. no word on whether the driver of the truck was hurt, though. and back to the storm watch here in the bay area. strong winds delayed hundreds of flights at sfo by an average of three hours. so far, the airport is reporting more than 500 delays. and, 77 outright cancellations. and, a number of airlines are giving out travel wavers as
6:48 pm
the holiday travel rush comes to a crawl. the rain and snow sweeping through the midwest today is expected to hit the east coast tomorrow to help ease the chaos. airlines are offering wavers to customer cans change their flights without spending extra money. jet blue, american, united, and delta. in squaw valley, there was plenty of fresh snow. the storm moving into northern california is sure to bring a lot more. the weekend at squaw valley has several lifts open. and meteorologist darren peck is tracking conditions into the week. >> this is a very good time to look at high-def doppler. we are seeing the more impressive bands of rain into the north bay. i want to get straight to that. look for the bright orange and yellow across the screen. if you come in for a closer look, we can show you the places experiencing the best rain. the last three hours shows you the waves coming on shore from the southwest.
6:49 pm
i want to come down to the highway 101 corridor. you can see the city grid there, yellow tells you it is moderate rain. orange tells you it is heavy rain. if it turns red, it is a downpour, so, we noticed the up tick of the rain here, let's follow 101 down to windsor. red, a nice little downpour through the center of town. if you hear heelsburg and windsor, the last time these two communities were making headlines in the news is because the kincade fire was burning in the hills above them. if we leek up slope, we are seeing a lot of yellow an orange on the burn scar of the kincade fire. this is it here. so, if there is a concern for the flash flood watch in this area, that's it. and the question is, how long does the heavy rain stay focused up here? we will take a look at that in a second. because that is probably for the meantime anyway, priority concern number one is what's the runoff going to look like from the kincade fire? meanwhile, santa rosa, good rain coming down for you.
6:50 pm
101 south, we get toward rohnert park. petaluma, that band is fairly stationary right up there. so let's switch from high-def doppler. put it into the futurecast. which does a really good job of picking up where the heavier band is now. that is really a good sign if you will use this as a forecast model. garbage in, garbage out. if it was wrong, we wouldn't want to trust this too much. but it is right on the mark. once we get to 9:00 p.m., we are still seeing that heavy band that is coming into the north bay. only it is shifted to the south. it is pretty much right over the major population centers of the bay. that's why keeping with the forecast, it's the evening tonight. it is a snapshot of wind and how that will look. once we have gotten to 2:00 a.m., it's still raining but we are seeing the worst ofthe rain shift to the south. let's get us through saturday
6:51 pm
night. and, by the time we have gotten tomorrow, we have taken the heaviest rain off of that burn scar for the kincade fire. the question is how much do we get the next few hours? if you are immediately down slope and know the drainages, the next six hours, you should pay close attention to what streams are doing and any drainages that could be an issue there. here's the big picture of the storm. looking a it, pulling back a little bit will give us some much needed perspective. tonight. it is just widespread rain. by tomorrow, there's a pattern. that gets us into sunday morning. early. 3:00 a.m. that's where the fire hose is. to our south: yeah, we still have rain up here. we are getting good rain in the bay area. but most of it is going to big sur. from monterrey to the south. we are not getting the brunt of the storm. that's the atmospheric river and the focus is down toward monterrey and the coastline of
6:52 pm
big sur throughout the day sunday. we will still get rain. you can still see, we will have showers. i played us all the way into monday and we still have rain and scattered showers in the forecast. we are not out of this one until probably wednesday. the most impressive time is tonight. when we are seeing some of the steadier waves wash overhead. if we look at the rainfall totals for the weekend, this just takes saturday and sunday into account. on the low side, there is san jose, less than an inch. on the high side, santa rosa with half an inch, maybe more. if we look at more of the specific numbers there, we are not all at san jose's number in the south bay. near sixer inches in the santa cruz mountains. we will pick up close to two inches of rain in redwood city. you can see a few more details there in the north and-a-half inches for novato. by the way, wind advisory until 3:00 monday. and as you take a look at the coast, it's a wind wargus to near 60 miles an hour out here. it is a winter storm warning in
6:53 pm
the sierra until 6:00 p.m. on monday. up the two feet of snow at donner pass. the next storm is friday. good news is for wednesday and thursday, we get a break. and then, friday into saturday, it starts raining again. more on that as we get closer to it. the van gogh.
6:54 pm
to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
6:55 pm
cal football plays at ucla. the bears are going for their seventh win. >> evan weaver will have plenty to say. vern glenn has more on cal's intense captain. >> perfectly happy with being the villain playing defense. you know. you have to be angry. you have to be mean and be able to take people's souls away from them when you hit them. >> reporter: i think hi leeks being the wwe villain. >> i cash about 99% of as i'm h
6:56 pm
clip, i am doing all right. >> reporter: he epitomizes swagger and why not? he is setting the program record for a single season. >> 167. >> that was set by. >> hardy nickerson. >> is that a goal of yours? >> yeah. i want to break that. but i want to smash it though. >> he doesn't look for confidence. he's a guy that really sees himself being an elite football player. >> reporter: elite was never the word they used when he was deciding on colleges four years ago. most in the northwest figured he would stay in the northwest. >> no one really respects football up there. being able to play my brand, and, still be able to play it in college now is something that carried along with me. >> what is your brand? >> physical, mean, and tough. >> reporter: and that brand rubbed off in berkeley. cal was home to one of the
6:57 pm
worst head coaches. has been a staggering turn around since. >> he does a great job being an eraser. you draw things up. you anticipate things happening. when it doesn't happen as planned, he still finds a way to erase things. >> reporter: and credit the cal coaching staff. for tapping waivers full potential. shifting him from defensive end to linebacker helped produce the eye popping 20 tackle games which some have suggested is the product of cal's system. it is certainly not weaver's favorite topic. >> i hate it when people say that. it is a bunch of bs because we are out there, we are playing. you can throw anybody else in here and let's say you get 20 tackles a game. it's not going to happen. >> reporter: his intensity is a product of his nay sayers. in fact, he has a running log of all the shots ever taken at him and it is in an unusual place. >> i have a rock i write on.
6:58 pm
it's getting full. it is about this big. and, i just kind of write down stupid stuff that people like to say and cross them off when i prove them wrong. >> reporter: these days, weaver is no longer between his rock and a hard place. he is expected to become cal's first all american player since 2006. and he has become an influencer of sorts of social media. tweeting that he would tackle students that didn't show up to games. >> i'm not making good on that. i'm not really sure if the berkeley police department would be too happy with that one. >> that's what i'm talking about. that's what i'm talking about. >> so he writes down all the bad things people say about him on a rock? >> and then he crosses it off. >> i would need a county. [ laughter ] >> a big glacier. all right, thanks for watchingful we'll see you back here at 11:00 with more storm
6:59 pm
watch coverage. >> see you then. - [female announcer] the american health front
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