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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  December 4, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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now at 6:00, streaming on cbs met the area as we take a live look outside grab the raincoat and don't forget it is a wet wednesday across the region. get ready, it's about to impact the morning commute. >> plus more trouble for lyft. the new action against the company. here we go again. capitol hill where we are less than an hour away from the next phase in the impeachment and cues. we are live with the preview. good morning. it is wednesday, december 4. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. we are on storm watch all morning long. nielsen is life with a firsthand look at what drivers are seeing but first let's start with mary and when we will catch a break. >> it looks like tonight we will catch that break but in the meantime it is a wet start to the day. tracking the heaviest rain, pushing across the east bay, tri-valley and south bay.
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on hi-def doppler, zooming in to the light rain coming down across san francisco. light rain for the east bay. heavy rain across tr vall the ultimate pastor livermore and across 580, light rain coming down for fremont and heavy rain for the southbay right over san jose. -- as we head through the afternoon, we will see that rain tapered to scattered showers and we will see the scattered activity in the afternoon and for that evening commute. mid 50s for the coast and upper 50s for daytime highs or the bay. upper 50s in land so seasonable tense. we will still have that unsettled weather as we head to the day but the south bay is
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pouring right now. >> that is where we find a very serious accident. they just issued a traffic alert. it's onto 80 northbound right as you approach 87. that is not a b parkway. i will zoom in and show you how bad the traffic is. it is really backed up via bond 101. alternates as well -- six to seven vehicles reported in this accident. we heard from chp that one person was trapped and there is a lot of activity on scene. three left lanes are blocked until further notice. a big delay as you head through their. six to seven cars involved and that will take time to clear out. crews are also arriving on the scene and in the meantime santa clara avenue might be an option. we are dealing with a lot of wet weather around the bay area.
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it will affect your drive. in south san francisco, we have nielsen. >> reporter: right now, highway 101 right near the airport is still moving smoothly. light rain has started falling here and we are seeing a lot of water on the roads. all the cars going by have their windshield wipers on. you can see the spray from the tires coming up as the cars are going by. now, another issue that's being caused by the storms, water main breaks. in san francisco the department of public works says all this rain and cold weather has led to the pipes shifting which causes them to rupture. it is exactly what happened yesterday morning where an eight inch line broke sending water rushing down the street and even into people's houses. >> when we have these breaks, our object is to preserve the public health and safety, and may attain water service or
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return service as soon as possible. >> reporter: earlier this week we also saw flooding along highway 101 that closed lanes and also near the highway 92 interchange. we did see some localized flooding earlier this morning on highway 101 at chp called out the department of transportation and they were able to clear out the storm drains and deal with all of that flooding so the only place on highway 101 where we are seeing flooding right now is localized on the on ramps and off ramps but for the time being all of the lanes are clear but again with rain continued to fall this morning that could change as the morning goes on. live in south san francisco, nielsen, kpix 5. stay with us as we monitor the active weather throughout the week that you can always find updated forecast on our website that and her streaming on cbsn bay area. a man -- we are going life
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to capitol hill where a new phase of the impeachment hearings begins. the judiciary committee is taking the baton this morning. lawmakers are continuing to react to a 300 page summary from the house intelligence committee. today we will not hear from any witnesses it's more intellectual if you will and i reporter is joining us live right now from capitol hill. he has more on what we can expect from today's hearings. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, the house judiciary committee will hear from four congressional law experts who will examine that new report from house democrats. the 300 that mr. trump use the power of his office to apply increasing pressure on his ukrainian counterpart to investigate vice president joe biden. the second section lays out his obstruction of the
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investigation stating that the president try to conceal his conduct from the public defying subpoenas and intimidating witnesses. >> the democrats have gone crazy. i did nothing wrong. >> this is about whether the american people have a right to expect that they will act in their interest. >> reporter: professor from stanford university will be question today on the historical precedent for impeachment. the interesting thing is that of the four people who are going to be brought in today, three of them were invited by democrats to be here and one person will be against the that is the lone republican witness. is jonathan turley. it will be interesting to see how it shakes out today. >> we know the house judiciary committee is controlled by the democrats. they could approve the articles of impeachment within a few days.
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how is the president reacting to that? >> as you can imagine he has been anti-impeachment inquiry this entire time. yesterday he was -- he's in london right now and yesterday he referred to it as a hoax condemning the democrats saying that they should be ashamed of themselves for the report that was put out. and if you remember earlier this week the white house was offered an invitation to actually come and sit in on these hearings today but they declined and it will be interesting to see what they say as the hearing moves slower. >> of course the president has his hands full at the nato summit. we will keep an eye on it all. skyler henley live in capitol hill. thank you. kamala harris dropped a bombshell by dropping out of the presidential race. harris announced yesterday she has run out of money and she's also running low on support.
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after an initial search she has dropped to single digits in the polls. resident from tweedy, too bad, we will miss you kamala. a reply was fast and hearsay, quote, don't worry mr. president i will see you at your trial. happy today a law firm says it will announce another lawsuit against lyft print. the law firm says the suit involves 21 plaintiffs who say they were victims of sexual assault the firm says many of the cases happened after lyft was to back in september. back in lyft was hit with several losses by women who alleged that they were sexually assaulted orby drivers on the platform. in those cases lyft was accused of failing to take adequate sex protect passenger comes after they announced in september and called for drivers to complete of violence prevention training program the addition of a 911 button to their app and a tool that alerts the company winnie wright appears to be going off course.
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tesla ceo elon musk takes the stand in a defamation lawsuit over at sweet. he is being sued by the british he called hetero guy. the diver helped rescue a dozen boys from a flooded cape in thailand. yesterday he testified that the tweet was not meant to be taken literally. the trial is a set expected to last five days. the timeout 6:09. straight ahead, why a certain bay area emergency siren system is about to be shut down and what it means in the face of a crisis. as you're heading out the door for work and school grab your umbrella and wrinkle. tracking hi-def doppler, i would start to the day. we will talk about what you can expect taking you hour-by-hour on future cast as we said through the evening and we're tracking a major accide
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it is a website to our wednesday. tracking-doppler with the heaviest rain and light rain over san francisco. the east bay, getting a light rain and heavy rain in the tri- valley. are busy spot is in the south bay where we have a traffic alert for 280 north down. we've got a major injury accident blocking the three left lanes. drive times 29 minutes ago from 680 to 85. you can use 87 or 85 to avoid the delays. new this morning the housing forecast for next year just out. minutes ago data from says housing prices will go down. inventory will reach historic lows and mortgage rates will be reasonable and the 2020 elections could be the housing market wildcard. california governor gavin newsom says he will announce
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that he's releasing emergency homeless eight for cities and counties in the state. he plans to make that announcement in san bernardino county today. outside of an affordable apartment community. tonight at 11:00 right here , grandparents demanding affordable housing. we are back with our original series project home. keeps sending us your ideas and see all the reporting on our website happening today in the east bay, a public safety meeting will be held to address a spike in crime in lafayette. two residents were injured during home invasions last week. police say armed suspects entered a home through an open garage door. they tied up the people inside and ransacked the home. a similar robbery happened a couple miles away halloween night. police will give an update on a crime investigation this evening at 7:00 at the center on
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mount diablo boulevard. san francisco is putting a temporary end to a siren system that for years has invest -- been tested every tuesday at noon with more than 100 sirens 50 could be heard all around town. the department of emergency management says it is taking the entire system off-line for some upgrades. after tuesday of next week they will change hardware and all of the sirens and it will take two years to complete. the time to us all the equipment and then actually do the upgrades, and testing and so forth. >> the last times they were used in a real emergency was when there was a look contaminated water on treasure island. we have a lot going on. we have rain outside, especially in the south bay and now accidents. >> mary has been talking about the areas hardest hit and that is a tri-valley and the south bay and that is where we find one of our most serious
6:16 am
accidents. it was reported at 5:30 this morning and you can look at our screen. there's a lot of wet weather expected today. definitely leave early if you are hitting the roadway this morning. northbound 280 right at guadalupe parkway, two lanes are blocked which is a lane closure for 30 minutes or more. northbound 280, traffic is backed up behind it and major injuries reported and the latest from chp is that nine vehicles were involved. several crews have been called out and one vehicle is stuck up against the guardrail. that may take some time to clear out. you can see north 101 is very busy as well as 87 getting a bit busy also. 101 slowing go for the morning ride no crashes there so it might be better than 280. 101, 12 minutes to get to the 680/280 connector but then you will have brake lights. you are dealing with a slow
6:17 am
spot because of a crash 287 or 85 or santa clara street might work out. head to san francisco. we have flooding on eighth street at the exit and you might see this throughout the bay area because of the wet weather. flooding and standing water and po flooding also may affect your drive to the babe bridge via treasure island. were getting reports of standing water as well. a live look at the bay bridge. meeting lights are on and we are starting to see traffic bob down. in the meantime, one of the tunnel boorse is back open and this was shut down for a fire extinguisher inspection has tricked -- close is what happened nightly from 9:30 to 4:30 am although weather may delay the work.
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so, tracking the rain this morning, grab your umbrella, your wrinkle, you will need it and the heaviest rain for the tri-valley, east bay as well as for the south bay. here is hi-def doppler lit up this morning. taking you to the south the first, it is pouring right now right over san jose and the alaric neighborhood as well as willow grove. across 101 down to morgan hill you are getting a drenching this morning. you can also see a moderate rainfall across 880 and 680. looking at heavy rain right over the tri-valley from the altamont pass, livermore as well as dublin, pleasant, light rain from danville, sam wrote and looking at the light rain pushing across the peninsula from redwood city, san mateo, south san francisco, and into
6:19 am
san francisco. here is a live look at the richmond-san rafael bridge and looking at the rent will waste and temps running in the upper 40s to low to mid 50s. we're tracking the rain this morning, definitely a wet start to the day. as we head to the afternoon looking at scattered showers and for the evening commute. as we head home looking at some wet weather. mainly dry for your thursday but our next big storm system will arrive for friday and bring heavy rain, strong winds and could see some isolated thunderstorms. the satellite and radar view, this low pressure system keeping us unsettled. that is why we have rain this morning. then scattered activity for the rest of the day. timing it all out for you and take you hour-by-hour, 70 am still raining, through the afternoon at 3 pm, looking at scattered showers, and more showers will continue for the evening commute. looking it up bit of a break by
6:20 am
tonight and into tomorrow. mainly dry for thursday, a few isolated showers are possible but really catching that rake, a little bit of a breather for thursday. you can see the next arrives on friday. widespread rain on friday afternoon and heavy rain as the cold from pushes through. we can see some isolated thunderstorms. rainfaesr today, friday, anywhere from half an inch to an inch and a half a brain. some beneficial rainfall for us. and not just the rain for us but looking at snow in the sierra. if your thinking about heading up to the sierra this weekend, you will definitely encounter travel delays because heavy snow is possible with the winter storm watch in effect friday afternoon through sunday afternoon. our sunrise today at 7:08 and are sunset at 4:50. temperatures are seasonal. mainly dry tomorrow, rainy,
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windy for friday, a wet day saturday and a few showers sunday, sunnier by early next week. a santa fe neighborhood on edge coming up the coyote sightings caught on camera and pets missing. taking a live look to capitol hill. you know when you go to ross for a few gifts and realize... oh yeah! you should've gotten a cart? that's yes for less. get gifts for everyone on your list and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices.
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and you're not sure who'll be more excited... oh, yeah. ... or them? ahhhhhh! that's yes for less. be a rock star this season and save big on gifts they're gonna love. at ross. yes for less. people and san jose's cambrian area are reporting more sightings of coyotes and more cases of missing pets. since september people have been posting photos and videos and one neighbor solid coyote just after sunrise. >> i got up and looked out the window and there was a coyote with a cat in its mouth.
6:25 am
>> once i know there is a food source they will stick in that area for a little while. >> a wildlife specialist for santa clara county vector control says a coyotes are simply on the move after living along a nearby creek and being flooded out from the rain ricky says they are likely on their way to the nearby foothills. santa clara county jewelry store heist was caught on camera. two days ago the crooks rammed a stolen truck into the store in los altos. they broke display cases of cameras and ran up with the jewelry. they say this is that their time and four months they have been targeted. >> the first time they broke through the roof. they came to a skylight pick the second time they broke the window and the door. and they could not get in either. >> the owner says 90% of his merchandise was in a vault where the thieves could not get to it.'s >> coming up a new clue from
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 6:30 the impeachment inquiry against
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president trump moves to the house judiciary committee. what to expect on capitol hill in just 30 minutes. taking a live look outside my treasure island camera at the bay bridge. you will definitely need your umbrella this morning. and patients for this latest round of rain affecting your morning commute. warning that. it is wednesday, december 4. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30 and we are on storm watch all morning long. we're tracking the roads, 's life with why some drivers are having trouble and let's get right to marry with a look at our forecast. >> a wet start to the day. tracking hi-def doppler you can see it is lit up as a system moves inland. the location getting the heavier rain right over san jose. the south a you can see moderate to heavy rain pushing over san jose, the alaric neighborhood, down through los gatos. sunnyvale and 101 to morgan
6:31 am
hill as well catching that rain. across the triad -- across 680 getting moderate rainfall and light rain pushing across the san francisco area. yourself and francisco and through mill brain. is a wideness out and put this into motion you can see the rainfall action pushing to the north. as you head through the day we are looking at wet weather. scattered showers for the coast the bay and in land, mid 50s for the coast later today, upper 50s for the bay and upper 50s in land. so seasonal daytime highs could have more showers for that evening commute. let's go live to nielsen in south san francisco along 101. i know you have been catching some off-and-on showers this morning. >> mary, we haven't right now
6:32 am
we are seeing a very steady rainfall along the side of the freeway. could be take a look behind me you can see the windshield wipers on with all of these cars and all the spray is being kicked up by the tires you can see the water in all of the headlights. sections of 101 have been dealing with flooding all week. including their hospital curve and interchange with highway 92. part of this is due to debris clogging the drains but also just because of the sheer amount of water coming off the roadway. another issue caused by all of this rain and cold weather, water main breaks in san francisco. there have been 12 breaks in the past two weeks sending rivers of water and mud down the street including three spots in the area.>> we have to as possibl isolate the leak,
6:33 am
shut the water off which is why there is an interruption in services for some of the customers in the area. >> san francisco has 1200 miles of pipes under the streets at about 10% of those are more than 100 years old so obviously this continuing rain causes a lot of issues around the bay area and right now 101 we are seeing some localized flooding on the on ramps and off ramps but everything from the majority of the lanes have been cleared around 4:30 this morning. but for a look at traffic across the area is going out to gianna. let's jump to the roadways in the south bay. mary mentioned we are seeing some pretty heavy rain and you can see an overview of the map and we will show you a lot of the activity. 101, 280 still busy and in fact the traffic alert is still in effect on northbound 281 lupe parkway.
6:34 am
hopefully they will have the legs open quickly but you can see traffic is backed up at least to 680. at this .680 also slow and go because of the crash of 101 north and also busy. the crash was north 280 right at 87. nine cars were involved. 85 a new crash year which is south down right at great oaks boulevard and it's busy anyway coming away from the 101 and you can see south of their view got brake lights coming out of morgan hill. erosions from the storms prompted san bruno to declare a local emergency. about 30 feet of hillside gave way. no homes are in danger but the mayor told us the city once to be safe with more rain on the way this morning. the emergency declaration will help speed up stabilization plan and right now one lane is close in that area along with the sidewalk. stay with us as we monitor the active weather through the week and get always updated forecast
6:35 am
on her website, and were streaming live on cbsn bay area. all eyes are on capitol hill this morning at the next phase of the impeachment inquiries begin. at 7:00 our time the house judiciary committee is taking the baton from the intelligence committee and here is a live look inside that hearing room right now. the intelligence committee just released a 300 page summary of its findings from the last round of hearings. that is certainly going to be part of the conversation today and we are also going to hear from intellectuals rather than fact witnesses. four law professors will be testifying including pamela carlin who is from stanford. she was considered as a pre- court nominee at one point. they will be testifying about the historical resident of impeachment. the house judiciary committee is controlled by democrats and they could come up with some
6:36 am
articles of impeachment and they can approve them within days. we will keep an eye on that. back to you. a new murder trial for the boyfriend of a bay area eris. he is returning to court after a split decision trial last month. last month jurist found her not guilty for the murder of her previous boyfriend and father of her children at deliberations held to a hung jury. the case gained international attention after they posted the most expensive veil ever at $35 million if convicted they face life in prison. tragic development this morning in the case of a sonoma county man who died in police custody. the chain of events began last wednesday. deputy started chasing a car they believed was stolen. the pursuit lasted about 20 minutes and the car stopped in bloomfield and officers ended up boxing him in and struggling with the driver. >> included the use of a taser, and ultimately once the driver
6:37 am
was released from the vehicle they noticed that he had he was unconscious and stopped breathing at one point. >> he was pronounced dead at the hospital. it turns out he owned the car he was driving and have recovered it after reporting it stolen. to top it all off he was stopped one street over from where he lived. a new clue this morning in the case of a grandmother killed in a hit-and-run while walking her doctor police believe this gold buick right over the 17-year-old woman friday night. they think it is a 1997 to 99 lesabre. the woman was killed in a crosswalk and if you spot the car or have any information call police. the richmond city council is delaying a vote on whether to keep: the city. almost 4 hours of testimony ended in frustration for both union work there's an environmentalist. the law calls for the terminal
6:38 am
to phase out the storage of coal and petroleum byproducts. residents and environmental advocates say the dust accumulates in the city and poses a health hazard. the law would effectively bad oil shipments to the port the livelihoods of workers there. the next richmond city council meeting has not yet been announced and it would land on christmas eve. happening this evening the oakland unified school district will hold a community meeting to discuss its plans to close schools of the next two years. the meeting will be from 6:00 to 8:00 at the cafeteria fremont high school on foothill boulevard. struck out this morning we have learned that the mastermind behind the college admission scheme approach seven coaches before one took the bait. john vandemoer the former head of the program accepted almost 800,000 in bribes to recommend students for admission at athletic recruits. stanford paid for an external review of the admissions
6:39 am
process and recommended adopting a formal policy making it clear that the omission of student athletes cannot be bought. plus flagging any recruits who come to their attention to a third-party consultant. stanford university's present had this to say saying, quote, it's imperative that stanford has the necessary safeguards in place to engender trust and confidence in the integrity of the program. for the exercise bike pallet and, it is sparking controversy on social media. take a look. the woman is did a bike by her husband. she documents her year-long fitness journey and eventually shows him her progress. the ad is a debate and many on social media accused him of being sexist and creative negative body images. peloton stock even plummeted 10% yesterday. right now raider nation has a new reason to appreciate their team. coming up how the players are giving back this holiday season. i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv.
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investigators in california school country are looking into the death of 300 packages online retailer amazon. shift deputies say on sunday the service dump the packages at the close post office and the packages were taken. one week earlier they made a large delivery at a similar kind while the post office was close. a postal worker happened to be there at that time to secure the delivery. that was when they found out that it needs to go to a different office. >> the pioneer post office has
6:44 am
no cameras and there were no witnesses to the theft. a statement from amazon reading in part, this does not hag th customers standards we to make this right. kids will not have to worry about missing presence this year. gomaresanta's l events are visit is one to her stop the san jose police department is inviting kids to shop with the cop. here's a look at what they did last year. the event starts with breakfast for more than 200 elementary school students and each kid will get a $150 gift card for a holiday shopping spree. a uniformed officer will join them to help build trust in police. old navy and glide are joining in also. they will pair 100 kids with volunteers for a shopping spree at the old navy store in downtown san francisco each kid will get a $100 gift card and and old navy personal shopper.
6:45 am
a bay area football team also getting into the spirit. yesterday the oakland raiders partnered with the marines to host a toys for tots collection drive at the south them all in hayward. they came out to sign autographs and exchange toys to brighten the holidays for some under -- it's beautiful what they do. it's awesome to get the opportunity to get back to the community. >> players say they are grateful to get the time with the fans before relocating to las vegas next year. we have some breaking news at the nato conference in london. this is a look at capitol hill but we have -- be we been watching the going on in london. president trump canceled his press conference that he planned to close out the nato summit. he tweeted about it saying that he decided to cancel the press conference because he helped so many over the past couple days. in fact he was mocked for that by a group of other world
6:46 am
leaders. that was caught on tape where they said that was why he was late to several events. he decided he wasn't going to hold anymore and will head back home. he says they travel to all. we will get a check up weather and traffic with all the rain in the bay area we are seeing a lot of oxidants. >> i'll give you some spots. i'm getting word of a couple new trouble spots in the north bay. right now i want to get you updated on the delays. it is a soggy commute so grab that raincoat or your umbrella and get going especially if you were commuting to downtown san jose. northbound at 87 there was a crash blocking three left lanes. waiting on an official update. were hoping things have been cleared. i know a couple vehicles have been clear to the right shoulder but looking at the sensors we are seeing a slow ride. traffic on 680, and the backup there as well. northbound 101 really bogged down as you work your way
6:47 am
through downtown san jose. guadalupe parkway right before where the crashes onto 80 you will see brake lights are also. a lot of people using 85as an alternate so we are seeing is the conditions there. illicit traffic is pretty slow and go. got brake lights all the way from 101. so also reports of a crash on south 85. that is over to the right shoulder. (shoulder problems at southbound 101. up to the north bay, look out for an accident involving a big rig and a vehicle. it is at 121 south of napa. you will see some activity on scene. a lot of raindrops out there and a lot of wet weather. you can see that on our live shots. as far as traffic we have reports of a trouble spot near lucky drive along 101. that's an area we typically see
6:48 am
flooding when we get wet weather and caltrain has been called to the scene. southbound 101 is doing ok as you work your way into san francisco. at the bay bridge getting word of a broke down vehicle. one lane right before where the slapshot is, metering lights are on and some slippery fr what a mess for that morning commute. the hardest hit areas, the tri- valley and the south bay. on hi-def doppler, grab your umbrellas and raincoats, tracking all it. it is pouring right now over san jose. the allen neighborhood and willow glen, los gatos, as well as cupertino, down one over to morgan hill and checking rainfall rates in san francisco, about 6/10 of an inch per hour. pushing up through fremont, union city, is a wet start today. heavy rain over the tri-valley.
6:49 am
altamont pass, livermore, dublin, ludington and light rain falling across walnut creek, danville to cimarron and right over the golden gate looking at the light rain pushing into san francisco. there is a live look at the golden gate bridge camera where it is raining right now. upper 40s to low to mid 50s as we start your wednesday. it is a rainy start. looking at scattered showers this afternoon and evening. the rain tapering to scattered activity through the day. mainly dry for tomorrow. some spotty showers possible and catching a bit of a break before our next storm system rolls in. it will be a strong cold front for your friday that will bring heavy rain come in strong winds and isolated thunderstorms with that cold front. this is the low pressure system that is pushing in land right now. that is what is bringing the rain for us as a low continues
6:50 am
to push across the region. we will see scattered activity. here we go at 7 am. it is still raining as we go through the rest of the morning but scattered as we head through 3 pm. this is in the afternoon and looking at some showers. >> at 6 pm for the evening commute. it could be another wet one. tonight, and tomorrow, mainly dry and catching a break. a few spotty showers possible but i think we will catch the break before the next storm arrives. friday with the cold front, that will bring heavy rain, strong winds and isolated thunderstorms along and behind that cold front for your friday. rainfall amounts today through friday looking at anywhere from half an inch to almost an inch in three quarters. some beneficial rainfall so for us here in the bay area watching the rain up in this area that they will see the snow. a winter storm watch in effect for the west slope of the sierra and the tahoe area. if you are expecting or
6:51 am
thinking about traveling over the passes over the weekend it will be a mess. looking at daytime highs, seasonal will -- a break on thursday, rainy and windy on friday and showers for the weekend. 6:51. as more cities install outdoor warning system one is silencing their spirit what residents need to know when the next emergency hits. as rain continues to fall across the bay area it's causing issues not just for commuters but also for some underground water lines. we will explain why coming up. good morning. military families living in soil conditions and dangerous mold, maggots and leaks. a lawsuit over how some say
6:52 am
it's too late for the military to take action. also students are lagging behind when it comes to reading, math and science. in our school matters series, there are those who will say that you're:
6:53 am
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yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. we are live along highway 101 right here at san francisco international airport we have been seeing rain on and off all morning. right now traffic is still moving steadily but there is flooding around the on ramps and off ramps. another issue being caused by the storms, water main breaks in san francisco. the department of public works says all of this rain could lead to the pipes shifting which causes them to rupture. that is exactly what happened yesterday morning where an
6:56 am
eight inch water main broke sending water rushing down the street. and even into some people's houses. earlier this week we saw a lot of flooding along highway 101 that close some lanes in her hospital curve and also the highway 92 interchange. there was some flooding this morning on 101 but chp in the department of transportation got that cleared up before the rest of the morning commute. live in south san francisco, nielsen, kpix 5. time for a look at this morning's top stories but the law firm says it will announce another lawsuit against san francisco-based ride-hailing company lift. they say that the student involved 21 plaintiffs who said they were victims of sexual assault by lyft drivers. the firm says many of the cases happened after lyft was sued in september. in san francisco warning
6:57 am
sirens in place for decades are going off-line for the department of emergency management says he needs to make major updates to the system. the process is expected to take two years. in minutes, the house judiciary committee will hold its first public hearing in the impeachment inquiry and it is kicking off with opening statements from four constitutional law experts. they will lay the groundwork for an impeachment vote. and articles of impeachment. cbs news will carry a special report when that begins. take a look at the roadways. your drive times, it will take you longer to get to work this morning because of the wet weather. altamont pass a 60 minute, the east shore freeway varies -- i want to show you what that accident looked like at 280. we have been monitoring it. this is northbound at 87 you can see several vehicles involved. major injuries and seven cars involved. they did have to hit someone
6:58 am
out of the vehicles. now the updated latest information is that there are still lanes blocked in this area we're seeing very busy delays through downtown 101, 680 also affected. use 85. 85 is still busy also. in the south they are we getting the heaviest rain and here's one more look at hi-def doppler. grab your umbrellas and raincoats. a rainy start as we head through the afternoon took scattered showers for the afternoon and evening. seasonal daytime highs, 58 in concord, the oakland and 57 for san francisco. a wet day today, looking at a break by tonight and into tomorrow, and then our next system rolls in. a cold front will bring heavy rain, strong winds and thunderstorms for your friday. it does look wet into the weekend. let check in now with
6:59 am
michelle in our new cbsn day newsroom. what do you have? >> all of this rain is making for the perfect time to bundle up with a cup of coffee. we will tell you how you can get an unlimited supply of starbucks plus gilroy strong. how the community continues to rally around the garlic festival shooting survivors and you will need -- as you head out the door, check out cbsn bay area. you can watch those stories and more throughout the day on multiple devices and plat norms. just download the cbs news app. i always forget my umbrella. >> thank you for watching kpix 5's this morning.
7:00 am
as you take another logic outside a special report is coming up next on cbs news as the house judiciary committee holds another this is the cbs news special report, the impeachment hearings. i'm norah o'donnell live from the nation's capital where the house judiciary committee is about to hear historic testimony on the impeachment of president donald trump. the judiciary committee's role is to write the articles of impeachment and vote on whether to send them to the full house of representatives. here's what we're going to do this morning. we're going to hear the members and lawmakers four legal scholars. the republic


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