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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 5, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PST

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when the next-door gets here. you can see a few spotty areas of green, we cannot rule that out for tomorrow. let's get into the details, on friday, saturday storm. it will be the most impressive point, the rain will be heavy at times and it will be windy. on saturday all day long it is on and off showers with isolated thunderstorms mixed in. i will be back with much more on that. back over to you. today's rain did not help much. crews had to shut down the
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highway but before it closed you could see some drivers took chances trying to get through it. u.s. police investigating after a man plunged 200 feet of a popular lookout point in san francisco. there was a rescue mission when they got the man but he did not survive the identity has not been released. new video to show you, a woman in antioch ran over a barber because she was upset about her son's haircut. it happened that delta barbershop him a witnesses say the woman was complaining about the haircut and went outside causing a scene. the barber went to get her license plate and that is when things took a nasty turn. the woman hit thhim flying through a glass door into a vacant storefront. lease identified the suspect as
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28-year-old ruby delgadillo who is still on the run tonight. the vehicles used was a 2006 lou toyota previous. >> she took over -- off real fast. >> the barber may have fractured one of his legs. two jewelry heists in two days, the suspects are still on the question tonight. >> reporter: the owner of the shop says the surveillance cameras recorded the entire crime. the getaway drivers license plates, the thing is he believes the same suspects were caught on camera in a different burglary on monday. in just two minutes these burglars left the store owner with a $20,000 loss.
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>> we feel violated. this is something that doesn't happen in sunnyvale. >> before 3:30 this morning the suspect used a rock to smash the front door and glass counter top. >> i come in here expecting something minor but they did a brazen robbery. >> the rain made it difficult to capture the license plate on the white bmw. but they believe the same crooks may be connected to this jewelry store burglary on monday. the suspect used a truck to ram into the jewelry store front that drove a white bmw as a getaway car which was recorded on surveillance camera. he hopes the suspects spend their time in jail instead. >> these are people that don't care at all. somebody who is not thinking about it. >> reporter: the cameras may
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have copy license plate. he is considering hiding hing security. suspended for commenting about a player on sunday's game. >> reporter: tim was suspended for one game after making these comments earlier this week about baltimore ravens quarterback, lamarr jackson. >> he's really good but when you consider his dark skin color with a dark football with a dark uniform you could not see that thing. >> jackson rushed over 100 yards over the 49ers who also appears on kpix issued an apology for his comment saying "i regret my choice of words and trying to describe the conditions of the game. lamarr jackson is an mvp caliber player
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and i respect him greatly, i want to sincerely apologize to him and anyone else i offended peered >> the 49ers have not announced brian's replacement. oakland police need your help identifying this man who they believe is responsible for committing armed robberies at metro pcs stores. the latest one happened yesterday on foothill boulevard. the suspect was armed with a gun at the time of the robberies and there is a $7500 reward for information leading to an arrest. facing felony rape charges. daniel marino was arrested and three victims claim he sexually assaulted them. if you have any information on these cases contact police. also neighbors having a
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meeting to address an update in crime and a suburb. >> we are asking residents if they feel safe. >> reporter: standing room only at the veterans memorial building, they have increased patrols in the area but the residents feel that more needs to be done. and some are ready to take action. for a community that is felt sheltered from big-city crime, to home in five -- invasions in two months has many in fear. >> it happened halloween night that occurred before gunfire erupted at an air b&b house party killing five people. >> my concern is that we have higher risk robbers now. it seems like the ml has an thmed wa thugh
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an open garage door and tied up the homeowners, assaulted them, and got away with the goods. >> we take this very seriously. i have a wife and kids at home, i don't want this happened in my home and if it does happen we need to solve it. >> a suggestion is to install a camera. >> it provides pictures going up and down the street. >> neighborhood watch wants to do its part to protect lafayette. >> increased crime and population, people and communities closer to having a system on the roads. >> reporter: there are situational awareness cameras installed in the community and footage from the cameras has helped to soinafayettekpix five
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demands for affordable housing to the mayor. the union square christmas tree was beat out by seven feet. where you can witness this holiday spectacle. we are streaming right now, find us on on the economy, a unique leader. mike bloomberg's created over 400,000 jobs. as president, an opportunity economy that works for us. y.
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an ski vocatlning soeople cceed in the newtunity economy theconomy. for us. y. economic security .. lower cost health care and affordable middle-class housing. prde jobs .. to build an economy where people don't just get by, they get ahead. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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kerrygold has a taste so rich it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there. more than 100 people crowded into the mayor's office and refused to leave until their demands were met. >> they want san francisco's mayor to allocate half $1 billion toward more affordable housing.
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>> more than 100 demonstrators went door-to-door through san francisco city hall. they're looking for support from city leaders for more affordable housing for seniors. like irma who says more than half of her income goes toward rent. >> at my age i am still working in order to be living where i have been living for many years. >> reporter: the demonstration culminated with siddons. for more than 90 minutes they sang, prayed. and refused to leave until her staff agreed to schedule a sitdown meeting with the mayor. >> i think we are feeling shocked and disrespected. that the mayor is making it so difficult >> i really understand where they're coming from. >> this year city budget
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includes $7 million in new funding for housing subsidies for seniors. and $6 million in subsidies on the department of disability and aging services. they include $150 million for new affordable senior housing properties, earlier this year the mayor introduced a charter amendment that would have rezoned public land for affordable housing and teacher housing the board of supervisors voted that down. >> it would be nice for the same people to march on city hall and demand that the sport support the kind of policies that are going to help to cut that redtape so we can get the housing bill. >> reporter: what they say they want to see more of is what patricia henriquez has, she has been living in the international hotel, a 100% affordable housing complex in chinatown. >> i feel very lucky. i am thankful. >> reporter: patricia pays 80% of her income towards rent, she knows if it weren't for this
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place she couldn't live in the city. >> could you afford an apartment here? >> it is not for seniors being pushed out, nearly 200 people were evicted in the 70s. riot police infamously pulled seniors living here into the streets. the story is etched in the windows of patricia's building. >> it's a sad story but it's about how we have to keep on moving on. >> reporter: the evicted elders held signs that said "i am old, i am tired, i don't want to move." they say action is urgent if we want to prevent more seniors from being pushed out. the group agreed to give the mayors office two days to schedule an appointment. if they do not here by friday
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they will fit in the mayor's office again and they will bring more people. >> what could happen? is it possible for them to get the money they are asking for? >> yes and no. there is a large budget it just seems to be a little bit of politics right now between the mayor and the board of supervisors getting them to agree on that. >> never heard that before. >> that seems to be where we are at. >> thank you. keep sending your stories and ideas to project home. and see of all of susie's reporting on our website. >> we are getting our first look tonight at a high tech vehicle that aims to revolutionize firefighting. this is the new all electric fire engine. they typically travel short distances so demand on the battery is minimal. >> the park got eco-friendly makeover and washington square and north beach has reopened with a ribbon cutting ceremony,
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it is been closed for about six months repairs happened just in time for this weekend, santa con event. >> new to report on kpix. >> a merger between cbs and bio come has been finalized. the company will be called biocom cbs it will include cbs, nickelodeon, and much more. he said this is a historic moment that brings together two iconic companies to form onof the world's most important content producers and providers. the new company begins trading tomorrow on the nasdaq. the 90 foot tree in front of the center is the tallest living former golden state
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player at 7'4" inches tall did the honors, the tree will be up through january 4th if you want to check it out. let's get into this forecast tonight. even though we have a chance for a few light showers don't count on much but there is a small chance we are going to move ahead and start talking about the next storm. let's leave behind the massive colored clouds that we have been living with for the last five days. now to the next one, this one will not stick around for five days but it's going to make friday and saturday quite rainy and we are going to advance this to prime time for this storm on friday. this gets us into the afternoon. the center of the storm looks good but i want you to look at the edge with the long narrow ribbon of green in the pacific it's an atmospheric river, we are looking at a map that is the concentration of water vapor there's plenty down here that
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look towards hawaii the narrow ribbon is coming our way. so the storm is going to have a good amount of rain to work with. it gets us to friday at 1:00 when it starts. in the best of the rain is going to come through on friday afternoon into friday evening. that is at 6:00 p.m., that means your friday commute is going to be quite rainy. then as we get into saturday you get into a different kind of character for the storm. saturday there's going to be good rain but scattered thunderstorms. it comes through in one wave. that is what friday's total looks like and when we have saturday's rain on top of that plan on a wet couple of days here. if you get into the 70 forecast upper 40s, daytime highs tomorrow, low 50s, no big deal we're pretty much right on mark where were we should be.
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those will be the leftover stragglers, hopefully there is not much and monday and tuesday was sunny. they will have much more and that >> why wrestlemania is helping the 49ers prepare for the game in the superdome. and
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the warriors were playing some of the worst basketball so why not check out a team that is playing the best. nearly erased a 15 point first- half deficit, grant cut it to points but there is no answer for the role. plus they knocked down over 40% from downtown, since they had the double-digit lead in back to back seasons. it is 8-2. d'angelo russell back almoche.
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the guard knocked out a career- high 10 at 106 91. the warrior 4-19 is still the worst record in the nba. sean payton is concerned about two key 49ers. tight end george not just as a receiver but a blocker. they haven't been to the indoor venue since 2014 which means it is new to him most 49ers. they haven't played there but he is more than prepared. >> i was there two years ago. there was an extra 20,000 people. >> you went with me. the undertaker came out and i am expecting to be like that with the entire game. >> th
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baker mayfield has an injury but he says he will play through it on sunday, his reason is in the top five. >> because mama didn't raise a wuss. >> tiger woods will be 44 later this month. 50 yards past in the bahamas. wasn't shy about showing it either.
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18 years between those golfers. good to be the king. >> does he travel? >> yes, every other day. >> not a great night, then claiming the back of the room, how do you like it? and speaking of, last night it popped out, officials did not give hard in the point. the rockets are not playing because houston never would've gone to overtime and lost to san antonio. referees, what say you? >> yeah. it is part of the game. >> two for two.
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the late show with stephen colbert is up next. >> news continues in the bay area and check out tomorrow
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morning, we will get you updates on the approaching storm, traffic, and we will take a (lively music)
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