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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 5, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PST

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on cbsn bay home. medical center back in august. another huge air bag recall we're live in the north bay w te affecting 1.4 million vehicles. we'll tell you what we know second day in a row. the question this morning, are about this coming up next. the crimes connected? tesla's ceo testifies in a right now, 2 of my breakfast jacks with a freshly cracked defamation case against him. this morning why elon musk says his words were taken in the wrong way. good morning. it is thursday, december 5th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's get over to mary lee tracking the weather and a bit of a break today. >> michelle and kenny, a break in between storm systems today. it is a dry start, but we're dealing with the fog. we're talking about the storm system that arrives tomorrow coming up. here is a live look with the golden gate bridge camera. temperatures running in the upper 40s to low to mid-50s. egg and your choice of sausage, or now chicken, san jose, you're down to a half mile, so foggy conditions are just 4 bucks. served all day, so they're not just for early birds. especially in the south bay. great cause i was out raging last night. (snores) the east bay, and trivalley. livermore just checking a few get my 2 for $4 breakfast jack deal while you can.
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minutes ago at zero for the visibility, now at a quarter (vo) ♪ i know what you're thinking. mile. looking at a mile for santa rosa electric, it's not for you. right now, so please, be careful and, you're probably right. on the roadways. electric just doesn't have enough range. as we head through the afternoon, seasonal daytime highs, mostly cloudy skies, a it will never survive the winter. spotty shower or sprinkle is possible. you can see temperatures running charging stations? good luck finding one of those. mainly in the upper 50s to low so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. 60s. let's check in with that foggy commute. gianna? >> let's do that. or, is it? we start offit s mateo ♪ bridge. i can't show you a live image. it is so socked in. heavy fog and visibility reported across the span there. we have reports of a crash near the toll plaza chp has been unable to locate the accident. that is the latest in the update so they're looking for that. they're also reporting limited visibility through here. might be a bit tough. we're seeing slight delays working your way through there. looking at traffic along 580, a portion where we're seeing limited visibility as well due to the foggy spots. your drive times are actually
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okay. 21 minutes from 205 to 680. > an einn fire atwn 23 milesur e her home in novado. kpix 5's katie nielsen joins us live from the scene with how it all unfolded. katie? >> reporter: michelle, we're here at the corner of chase and cherry streets. firefighters trying to put this fire out six hours after it started. you can see some smoke coming don't miss the xfinityt gobeyond black friday event, out of the attic of the home and also firefighters here still when you can get $100 back trying to put out those hot you'll g amazi speed tand wifi coverage spots. the first 911 calls about this from america's best internet provider. fire came in around 10:30 last plus the emmy-award winning x1 voice remote with xfinity x1, giving your family night saying flames were the easiest all-in-one entertainment experience. shooting up out of the roof. when firefighters arrived and tried to get inside the house, choose your package now and you'll get the gift of $100 back. they were blocked by what they now that's simple, easy, awesome. called a large amount of items for a limited time you can get $100 back stored inside the home and on our most popular packages. attic, making it hard for hurry this offer won't last, so switch today.
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firefighters to find the elderly woman who was inside. >> crews tried to make immediate egg and your choice of sausage, jacks or now chicken,cracked entry into the building. it was very because served all day, so they're not just for early birds. nice cause i was spinning till like 4 am. (snores) the house was full of materials, get my 2 for $4 breakfast jack deal while you can. extra storage. >> firefighters eventually found the 84-year-old, brought her outside, attempted cpr, but she passed away from her injuries. fire investigators will be here trying to figure out exactly how now at 5:30 and streaming on this fire started, but right now cr ieni. area, we're flo the fire is still burning, only ten minutes ago, we actually saw flames shooting up from the what stopped firefighters from roof. the firefighters quickly attacked those, put them out, getting to her in time. but because, again, the large plus, fed up in contra costa amount of items inside, they county. neighbors say police are not said this is a heavy fuel load, doing enough to keep them safe. so they will be here for hours the 49ers broadcaster takes this morning making sure that the bench. they get those flames out. his recent comments get him investigators still trying to suspended. now the team is speaking out. figure out how this happened. good morning, everyone, it neighbors say the woman came home around 7:30 last night and is thursday, december 5th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi.
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then the fire started at 10:30. time right now is 5:30. let's check that forecast. still no idea what happened we're getting a break from the rain but not from the fog. during those three hours. >> yeah, we're starting out the day, kenny and michelle, with live in novado. katie nelse kpix 5. foggy conditions, especially if i'm anne makovec. you liven the south bay, let's go live to paris, france. there is a very large protest trivalley, east bay, you're in it for sure with thick fog this going on. thousands of workers are participating and it is really morning. let's get right to the weather bringing a lot of things to a headlines. heading out the door for work and school, here is what you need to know. dry conditions but foggy to standstill, including start off the day. transportation. most of the subway system is looking at mostly cloudy skies shut down right now. as we head through the also involved in the protest are afternoon. catching a break in between teachers and hospital workers, storm systems today, so mainly so we're looking at facilities that are either severely under dry. now, don't be surprised if you see a sprinkle, an isolated staffed or closed completely. shower as we head through the they're protesting president day, but for the most part, emmanuel macron's efforts to overhaul the mention system. we're catching that break for it started last night on the today. we are tracking our next storm system and that will bring subway system and then grew from increasing rain and wind with a there. thousands of police officers are being deployed right now over strong cold front pushing fears that things could turn through for friday. that will likely be the friday violent. that has not happened yet. afternoon and evening timeframe back to you. as the cold front pushes across 5:04 right now. the region. in the meantime for today, developing news in hawaii. investigators are trying to looking at seasonal daytime determine why a u.s. sailor
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opened fire killing two civilian highs, concord, a high of 60. workers. the sailor was on active duty fremont, 62 san jose. 69 for san francisco and and sub marine was docked at we'll time out the rain for tomorrow on futurecast coming up pearl harbor. one other civilian defense department employee was injured but for now, a foggy start. during the firefight. the gunman died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. there is no word on a possible motive so far and it is unclear >> it is affecting your drive. chp issue for the pass. if the victims were targeted orn the meter lights have been turned on and you can see military base went into traffic is stacking up pretty much bumper-to-bumper as you work your way through there. just beyond the 880 overpass and lockdown around 2:30 yesterday afternoon when the first active building quickly. no accidents or incidents but a shooter reports came in. slow ride working through here. >> we got a bunch of texts from it gets better across the upper our friends on the ship and on the barge letting us know there deck into san francisco. checking drive times, one of the is an active shooter alert. >> the shooting happened at a busiest spots through the ship yard across the harbor from altamonte pass, the super commuters making the trek out of tracy. 33-minute drive time. the pearl harbor national there is a fog advisory in effect there as well as the memorial. this coming saturday will mark south bay. i'll have a closer look at that 78 years since the japanese bombing which propelled the u.s. into world war ii. more than 2,300 americans died coming up in the next report. in the attack on december 7th, i'm katie nielsen live in 1941. the search is on this novado. an elderly woman has died after
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morning for some jewelry heist an overnight house fire. firefighters are still here on suspects in sunnyvale. scene. they're trying to put out any of in two minutes, the burglars the remaining hot spots at this left the store owner with a home. we saw them using a thermal imaging camera to try to see if $20,000 loss yesterday morning before 3:00. there is any hot spots left in you can see the suspect using a the roof or near the attic. rock to smash glass counter tops. we're at the corner of chase and they believe the same crooks may be connected to similar burglaries. >> you feel violated. cherry streets. the first 911 calls came in i think these are the people saying flames were shooting out that don't care at all. of the roof. when firefighters arrived and tried to get inside the house, somebody knows something about they were blocked by what they it. >> this happened monday at called a large amount of items marcel jewelry in los altos. the suspect used a truck to ram stored inside the home and attic that made it hard for into the store front and drove a firefighters to find the elderly white bmw as the get away car. the question is if the video woman who was trapped inside. caught on video was the same in >> crews rescued her, brought the sunny vale money heist. elon musk ceo of tesla has her outside, and attempted life wrapped up two days of testimony in his defamation trial in los saving cpr and the woman passed away as a result of her injuries angeles. he is being sued by british cave from the fire, it appears.
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>> i'm just so sorry, really, diver known for rescuing 12 kids really sorry that it happened. in a flooded cave in thailand. musk falsely labelled him a it is heartbreaking. pedophile on twitter and to pay >> fire investigators will be here just as soon as the sun comes up, trying to figure out for damages for harming his reputation. musk claims that his online what caused this fire. according to neighbors, the comment was an off the cuff insult, quickly written in anger woman had been out shopping all and not meant to be taken day with friends. she came home around 7:30 last seriously. happening today, a transgender student's fight over school bathrooms could set the night. the fire reported around 10:30, so firefighters and investigators are still trying stage for a ground breaking to figure out exactly what happened in those three hours ruling. an atlanta federal court of from when she came home to when appeals will hear arguments over whether a school district should the fire started. be ordered to let students use live in novado, katie nielsen, kpix 5. 5:33 right now. the search is on for a woman who the bathroom that matches the police say ran over a barber in gender identity. he was allowed to use the boy's antioch because she was upset about her son's haircut. restroom. district has since appealed. 5:07 as we take a live look this happened at delta barbershop yesterday afternoon. witnesses say the woman was at the white house where the complaining about the haircut trump administration has until outside causing a scene. tomorrow to decide whether to the barber went to get her put up a formal defense in this license plate number and that is when things took a very nasty phase of the impeachment turn. witnesses say the woman hit the
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inquiry. yesterday four law professors testified before the house barber with her car sending him flying through a glass door and judiciary committee about the constitutional origins of into a vacant store front. impeachment. three witnesses invited by the democrats testified that the police have identified the president's attempts to pressure suspect as 28-year-old ruby dougvillo of brentwood. ukraine are grounds for she is still on the run. the vehicle she used in the impeachment. among them, stanford university professor, pamela carlin. >> i read transcripts of every one of the witnesses who assault was a 2006 blue toyota appeared in the le hearing because i would not speak about prius. >> backing out, and take off these things without reviewing real fast. the facts. >> the lone witness invited by when i came over here, my buddy the republicans, cbs news here, the owner of this contributor john that turley barbershop, laying down all the way inside. >> the barber may have fractured said he did not vote for trump a leg. if you have any information but there wasn't enough money to about this, you're asked to call impeach him. judiciary committee is expected police. to hold more public hearings in lafayette, neighbors packed a community meeting last night to address a recent uptick before potentially drafting articles of impeachment. in crime. there have been two home 5:08. >> up next, our original series project home. invasion robberies within a san francisco's seniors say they're not giving up without a month. the lafayette police department has increased patrols but many fight. coming up, their demands for residents feel more needs to be affordable housing taken right done. >> my concern is that we have
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to the mayor. it is a dry start but it is higher risk robbers now. it seems like the m. o. has foggy. i'll let you know the locations getting the densest fog this changed. morning coming up. the foggy spots will affect >> lafayette police say there are situational awareness your drive this morning. cameras installed in the we're seeing a community and the footage has helped to solve crimes. this morning a 49ers broadcaster has been suspended for comments he made about an opposing player following sunday's game. >> take a listen. >> really good at the fake. but when you consider his dark skin color with a dark football with a dark uniform, you can't see that thing. >> tim ryan made the comments about baltimore ravens quarterback lamar jackson who rushed for more than 100 yards in the win over the 49ers. ryan, who appears on kpix 5 during the preseason broadcast, released a statement and here is what it said, quote, my choice of words and trying to describe the conditions of the game. lamar jackson is an mvp caliber
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player and i respect him greatly. i want to sincerely apologize to him and anyone else i offended. the team also released its own statement saying, quote, we're disappointed in tim ryan's comments earlier this week and have suspended him for the up coming game. tim has expressed remorse in a public statement and has also done so with us privately. 5:36 right now. here is a live look at the oakland coliseum, now the focus of a major controversy. scott mckibben sat down and now has criminal charges filed against him. he reportedly billed ring central for $50,000 consulting fee to help negotiate multimillion dollars naming rights to add ring central to the coliseum's name. the alameda county district attorney's office filed the charges, claiming that he violated state conflict of interest laws by profiting from the deal. ring central never paid the fee after being notified of the
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potential conflict. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk. we have breaking news. a new, huge recall affecting air bags in people's vehicles. this is 1.4 million vehicles that are included in this. it is all dealing with the takata air bags, the subject of the largest autre call in history, affecting tens of millions of cars. the newly discovered defect says it can cause air bag inflaters to explode, under inflate or spew out shrapnel at passengers. we don't know exactly which vehicles are involved. the national highway safety administration says some brands of 1995 to 2000 vehicles. recalls will come from the actual vehicle manufacturers as opposed to takata. taking a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge. state lawmakers want to know how you want it rebuilt. since 1956, the richmond san
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rafael bridge has been a connection between the east bay this morning governor newsome says the trump administration is blocking li fro its own and the north bay. money to fight homelessness and it survived the earthquake but he is not waiting any more. experts say the cost of maintaining the bridge will soon the governor is releasing $650 million in emergency be too high. the bridge has been seismically funding to fight homelessness. retrofitted and is considered california cities and counties safe in the event of earthquakes can now start applying for their but concrete started falling share, however, the federal from the upper deck earlier this government needs to review data on homelessness in the state year. state assemblyman mark levine is before approving it. newsom claims the white house renewing a push for the public has been sitting on that data to share creative ideas for for months. features to add to the bridge. >> comfortable knowing they can go over the bridge without things falling down on them and 5:12 right now. our original series. >> people crowded into the what not. that is all need. >> some of the suggestions mayor's office and refused to include more lighting and express lane for buses or even a leave until they were heard. rail line for smart trains. about 100 people have submitted >> reporter: one by one, more suggestions so far. happening today, a smart than 100 demonstrators went train drill in marin county will door-to-door through san francisco city hall. happen on a southbound train they're looking for support from that will suddenly lose power in city leaders for more affordable housing for seniors like irma,
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who says more than half of her the middle of san rafael. role players will simulate injured patients so first responders can practice income goes toward rent. emergency procedures. also happening today in >> at myrdo be living santa clara county, a key meeting to improve vta service. the silicon valley transit users where i have been living for is urging the public to attend many years. and speak out so the board can >> reporter: the demonstration culminated with a sit in, in reallocate funds from highways to transit operations. they need at least 100 people to mayor london breed's office. comment to get enough votes and they sang, prayed, and refused adjust the vta funding. to leave until her staff agreed there are more cases of e. to schedule a sit down meeting coli linked to romaine lettuce with the mayor. >> i think we're all just grown in salinas valley. diane king hall has that story feeling shocked and disrespected and more in today's money watch that the mayor is making it so report. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, difficult to meet with faith michelle. wall street snapped this week's leaders and elders and students. losing streak. >> the budget includes the dow jumped 146 points and $7 million in new funding for the s&p 500 gained 19. e. coli outbreak linked to housing subsidies for seniors romaine lettuce is expanding. health officials say the tainted and aging services. prop a includes $150 million for lettuce has been tied to 102 new affordable senior housing illnesses and two dozen states. properties. earlier this year, the mayor the fda says consumers should
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introduced a charter amendment check whether the lettuce is that would have rezoned public land for affordable housing andd labelled with a place of origin and throw it out. of supervisors voted this down. >> it would be nice for those viacom completed the merger same people to march to city with cbs. it will include show time, hall and demand that this board support the kinds of policies that are going to help cut that bureaucratic red tape so we can paramount pictures and nickelodeon. it also includes cbs owned television stations. get the housing built yesterday. we're hearing about the top >> what they all say they want gifts of the year. which ones were the most to see more of is what patricia had. she has been living in the popular? >> all right. topping the 2019 list is and i international hotel, a 100 % affordable housing complex for low income seniors in chinatown. >> you said you feel lucky. oop! the gif had more than 419 views. >> i feel very lucky. i'm thankful. >> patricia pays 30% of her the number two iss the gif from income toward rent. if it weren't for this place, show time shameless. she couldn't live in this city. this is used to express >> could you afford an apartment disapproval or anger. here? >> no. not now. hello by nick jonas and >> reporter: the i-hotel is not keanu reeves and one from phoebe exempt from stories of seniors from friends saying whatever. being pushed out. >> i like that one. nearly 200 people were evicted >> okay. so my friends and i have this during redevelopment of this debate the other day.
5:15 am
neighborhood in the '70s. so if it is gif or gif? riot police infamously pulled seniors living here in the >> it is gif. >> so the guy who created it streets. the story is etched in the says the pronunciation is gif and it is a nod to the peanut windows of practice trisha's building. >> remember the struggle. it is a sad story but also a butter, so that is the story about how we have to keep pronunciation. to be fair, because i hear on moving on. >> then the evicted elders held signs that read i'm old, i'm shocks and awe. people pronounce it gif, the oxford english dictionary will tired, i don't want to move. accept either pronunciation. the inventor does say it is protesters today saying a pronounced gif so i have been similar tune. they say action is urgent if we sticking with that. >> if diane king hall is saying want to prevent more seniors gif, i'm going to say that. from being pushed out. >> this group agreed to give we need to change our game. >> thank you. >> all right, diane, thanks so mayor breed's office until the end of friday to schedule a much. >> have a great day. meeting. they said if they do not hear from her by then, they will come >> you got it. >> settled. gif it is. social media app instagram back, sit in her office, and next time, they will bring even is changing up its policies. users will have to add the date of birth to the account. more people. . keep sending us your stories they want to keep the app age appropriate and expects the ad and ideas to project home at targeting to become more you can see all of susie's reporting on our website. accurate as well. this morning we're getting time check is 5:41. >> something to take the edge our first look at a high-tech
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off this holiday season. >> for the community group vehicle aiming to revolutionize hustle, we wanted to help out firefighting. this is the new all electric our neighbors. >> the unique cup of cheer for fire engine. fire engines typically travel short distances so the city says folks worried about the online demand on the battery is packages. all right, we're starting minimal. >> looks cool. neon yellow. i like that. off the day dry this morning. let's check the roads. we're also dealing with the fog. we're dealing with foggy i'll show you the locations conditions this morning. >> foggy freeways. getting the foggy start and the limited visibility hitting looking ahead to tomorrow, the roadways. be careful, especially if you're tracking a big storm system. in parts of alameda county, san we'll take you hour by hour and when you can see the return of jose, and the altamonte pass. the rain. that is where chp issued fog that fog may cause a few advisories for the freeways. problems on the roadways. let's get a closer look at we're getting first reports of a traffic on the westbound trek out of tracy, connecting off of 205 there. traffic is busy. we're seeing speeds dipping down to 19 miles an hour. it is the usual slow and go stuff but then you're also dealing with foggy spots through there. through the altamonte pass. limited visibility gets better as far as your drive goes, as drive times is getting toward the dublin interchange. you can actually see this portion of the freeway. definitely, once you get out of
5:17 am
the altamonte, connecting toward 680, things improve a bit. 33-minute drive times, 205 to 680. everything else, major freeways are in the green. that is good news for 80, highway 4, and 101. there is a traffic advisory in effect for parts of highway 4, right around hillcrest, where you have limited visibility. clocking in nice speeds on the commute side, the westbound side with no delays out of antioch into bay point. commuting in and out of san francisco, south 280 at the 101 split. reports of a trouble spot. activity is over to the right shoulder and not seeing any delays. traffic is quiet through there. foggy spots along 280 through the peninsula, so if you're is your business still settling for slow internet? travelling through there, past well time is money. vista point, you can see limited switch to comcast business now and get a great deal visibility. bay bridge, no metering lights when you get fast, reliable internet. and traffic is getting busier with a 30-day money-back guarantee, there. a live look at 880, the nemitz installation when it works for you, and 24/7 customer support. freeway. foggy spot is in the south bay. so what are you waiting for? we have limited visibility reported through there. get this great deal when you >> dense fog for the south bay, sign up for fast, reliable internet. trivalley, and east bay and call 1-800-501-6000 today. watching all of this very
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comcast business. beyond fast. closely for you. it is a dry start. you can see the fog on our sales force tower camera looking west. traffic is in the upper 40s to low to mid-50s ats ur let's check visibility. south bay, down to a half mile in san jose. three quarters of a mile in livermore, looking at two miles in fairfield and a mile for santa rosa. please, be careful, as you leave the house and hit the roadways this morning. weather headlines, it is dry to start off the day, but foggy. as we head through the afternoon, we are looking at mainly dry conditions, mostly cloudy, we'll be in between storm systems today. could come across an isolated, spotty shower or some sprinkles. don't be surprised if you see that. for the most part, we'll be in between storm systems for your thursday today. we'll see increasing rain and wind for tomorrow as a strong cold front pushes across the region. this is the reason why. we have the low pressure system that brought the wet weather yesterday. that is moving out and there is
5:19 am
the next storm that will drop a cold front our way for your friday. timing it out for you on futurecast, taking you hour by hour, you can see for today, mostly cloudy skies, and again, a chance to see an isolated expecting a package? shower. here we go for tomorrow morning. it will be a busy week for so it is going to be a mainly deliveries with many of the cyber monday deals and gifts dry start to the day tomorrow headed to your front door. but watch as the rain moves in right now is peak time for for tomorrow and the afternoon. this is stopping the clock at thieves. police are on porch pirate 3:00 p.m. and it will be a mess patrol, some setting up bait for the friday evening commute packages. the goal is to catch thieves as the cold front pushes across the region. that is when we'll see the before they strike again. technology inside the bait packages are helping police heaviest rain and the strongest winds. track whoever takes them. >> we basically look at the still looking at wet weather for items most commonly stolen through the community and try to the weekend. rain fall estimated totals match the bait items with the through the weekend, some beneficial rain fall anywhere items. >> so your best defense is to from a half inch to as much as set up track and delivery alerts one to three inches of rain and and if possible, use lockers of course, the winds are going like the amazon hub. new this morning, peace of to kick up tomorrow in the mind for your packages with a afternoon and for tomorrow evening as that cold front pushes across the region. cold beer nearby. a colorado bar is offering his in the meantime, though, for address for holiday deliveries. today, looking at seasonal the frolic pub has been offering
5:20 am
daytime highs. we'll show you what to expect a point of refuge for packages for the south bay. and patrons. >> not at my home all of the low 60s, 61 in sunnyvale. time. we're in the travel city, so we 61 for you in morgan hill, just, i don't know, find comfort in the good will that chris has looking at 60 in concord and 62 that we can deliver our packages in livermore. san francisco, you'll see a high here and not have to worry about not having them for christmas day. >> the bar's owner says they will probably continue to lend a of 69. berkeley, 69 and oakland. helping hand through the 60 in alameda and san leanedo holidays and beyond that. and clover a dale at 59. the bars in colorado have started up the service as well. here is the extended forecast. an update for you on the we'll see the break for today. there we go with increasing rain unique unicorn puppy that went viral last month. >> despite all of the attention, and wind. also, sierra snow on friday does he has not found a home yet. look wet. could see isolated thunderstorms here is why. even for your saturday. people have been coming to see a few showers on sunday. him at the animal rescue nonstop but they're also leaving mean comments about his appearance online. that is not nice. the extra tail on his forehead doesn't seem to be bothering sunnier by next monday. three, two, one! him. >> that is beautiful. the shelter wants to make sure the holiday spirit has arrived he ends up in a home that at the nation's capitol. appreciates him for who he is. this year's tree traveled more he is adorable. than 1,000 miles from the carson it says he will become the national forest in northern new spokesdog for a media campaign
5:21 am
mexico. happening today, back here celebrating our differences. in california, two kids from >> i'm kind of shocked. gilroy and morgan hill will be i thought he would be, right? helping light up the christmas >> yeah. >> i'm outraged right now. tree at the state capitol. he is a sweet little puppy. the 88th annual tree lighting >> he is getting a lot of program will start at 5:00. this year, a 66 foot tall white visitors. come on, there has to be fir from the demonstration state somebody who wants him. forest in shasta county will be >> mary, michelle? >> you want a puppy? >> one day, one day. >> i have one already and he is decorated with about 10,000 lights and more than 500 hand crafted ornaments. >> looks beautiful. enough. i hope he finds a home soon. the time is 5:21. >> straight ahead this morning, first, she had his heart, and if you're out and about leaving your hemi, give yourself now he has her kidney. coming up, how this couple a few extra minutes. we have reports of pretty dense fatefully beat the odds in order fog with limited visibility. to survive. coming up at 7:00 on "cbs fog advisory also in effect for this morning," the latest from the altamonte pass. we'll show youimes hawaii on yesterday's deadly coming up. i want to focus on the golden shooting at the pearl harbor gate bridge looking okay here naval base and exclusive access with no delays working your way to a new section of president across the span. trump's border wall and why the north of the golden gate as you holiday season may be the best approach the robin williams time to job hunt. on the economy, a unique leader. tunnel. we're getting reports of a crash involving a vehicle that hits mike bloomberg's created over 400,000 jobs. the center divide. it is blocking one lane. as president, an opportunity economy that works for us. you'll see brake lights toward
5:22 am
the golden gate bridge. traffic light is heading into tax fairness -- where the wealthy pay their fair share. san francisco. not the case at the bay bridge. education .. affordable college and high skill vocational training metering lights are officially on. we have reports of a crash near so people can succeed in the new economy. the toll plaza. economic security .. lower cost health care i did see flashing lights for tow crews. hopefully they got that out of and affordable middle-class housing. the way quickly. it is a slow crawl through here. proven leadership on jobs .. you're backed up to the maze at to build an economy where people don't just get by, this point. an earlier back up as you make they get ahead. your way westbound 580 as well i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. as the east shore freeway. san mateo bridge, you can see it now. fog lifted just a bit. we were seeing dense fog along the toll plaza. traffic is starting to stack up for the morning ride across the span. the earlier trouble spot has been cleared. for the most part, your drive between 880 hayward toward 101 westbound into foster city doing okay right now. taking a look at traffic in the south bay, not a lot going on. we have one minor snag on the northbound side right at lawrence expressway. it is on the off ramp. not affecting the main lines of the freeway. a lot of fog in the area. chp issued a fog advisory for parts of the south bay. we are watching that fog,
5:23 am
especially the south bay trivalley right now, so if you're headed out the door, just be careful on the roadways because of the thick clouds. we'll show you the visibility coming up. here is a live look looking east. it is dark but we're dealing with that fog out there. let's show you the temperatures in the upper 40s to low to mid-50s this morning. the visibility, taking you out to the south bay. it looks a little better. eight miles in san jose. a half mile in livermore across the trivalley, two miles in fairfield, four for santa rosa. looking at mostly cloudy skies, a few spotty, isolated showers. it is a possibility. if you come across a specific, don't be surprised about that. for the most part, we'll be in between storm systems. mostly cloudy skies, mid-50s fos for the bay, inland locations topping out in the low 60s this afternoon. here is the satellite and radar view of the low pressure system don't miss the xfinityt gobeyond black friday event, that brought the wet weather yesterday. it will be moving out and when you can get $100 back tracking the next storm for
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5:25 am
according to a new study in well as for san jose. 60 in concord as well as for england, children with diabetic pleasant hills, 62 in livermore. mothers had a 29% increase of daytime highs topping out at 59 onset of cardiovascular disease compared to mothers who did not for san francisco, berkeley, have diabetes. a rare lung disease found in oakland, 60 for alameda and san people working with hard metals leandro. extended forecast for today, mainly dry. tomorrow, increasing rain and has been linked to e-cigarette wind for your friday. sierra snow, a wet day on saturday, could see an isolated use. a patient with hard metal says thunderstorm on saturday, a few the disease was likely caused by showers on sunday, but sunnier vaping. this is the first known case where e-cigarette use has been by next monday. back to you. linked to the disease but >> sounds good, thank you. researchers say that there are a familiar feeling for bay likely more cases that have not area residents. these major brushfires are been diagnosed. it was meant to be for a burning a large swath of california couple who met australia, a wide area along the online. >> not only are they a perfect match, one of them matched to be southeastern coast has a severe fire danger rating emergency warning eggs are in effect and the partner's kidney donor. some residents are even trapped in rural areas. lisa and dan summers met through here is video from sydney, e-harmony. doctors told dan he had a kidney the majority of people forced to wear filtration masks just to go issue and needed a donor. the odds of that were one in about the day. officials raided the air 100,000. get this, his wife was tested pollution over much of the city
5:26 am
and matched. >> it was like being next to a as hazardous. time is 5:52. >> straight ahead, take an emotional experience and turning it into a way to give back. stranger on the plane. there was a sense that it was coming up, this woman's meaningful way to keep people going to work. >> it at usf warm this holiday season. let's take another look outside at one of the traffic came now this is a deal that goes beyond the holidays.
5:27 am
don't miss the xfinity beyond black friday event, when you can get $100 back with the package that's right for you. you'll get amazing speed and wifi coverage from america's best internet provider. plus the emmy-award winning x1 voice remote with xfinity x1, giving your family
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the easiest all-in-one entertainment experience. choose your package now and you'll get the gift of $100 back. now that's simple, easy, awesome. for a limited time you can get $100 back on our most popular packages. hurry this offer won't last, so switch today. one missouri woman is putting good use to left over yarn by making something extra
5:29 am
special for the needy. >> she ceo crochets hats, scarfs and blankets. someone got her a huge gift. it was a car. >> if this is a way that i can serve and be able to do something i love as well, that is why god gave me the gift that i have got. >> when i left my home, i was leaving a life of drugs behind. i didn't know there were people that cared that much about others. it is amazing. >> more than 40 hats and scarfs she hangs on her fence have been taken. she hopes to make more and keep spreading the christmas spirit. >> pretty awesome. time is 5:55. drivers could encounter treacherous conditions today. we'll have an update on a major problem that shut down a stretch of 101. house speaker nancy pelosi is about to make a very major announcement dealing with the
5:30 am
impeachment inquiry live on capitol within minutes, we have our eye on it. we'll keep you posted. firefighters still on the scene here of an overnight fire at a house in novado that killed an 84-year-old woman. the latest, coming up. and don't forget, we're streaming now on cbsn bay area. you can find us on, now this is a deal that goes beyond the holidays.
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don't miss the xfinity beyond black friday event, when you can get $100 back with the package that's right for you. you'll get amazing speed and wifi coverage from america's best internet provider. plus the emmy-award winning x1 voice remote with xfinity x1, giving your family the easiest all-in-one entertainment experience. choose your package now and you'll get the gift of $100 back. now that's simple, easy, awesome. for a limited time you can get $100 back on our most popular packages. hurry this offer won't last, so switch today.
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flames rip through a north bay home overnight, killing a woman in her 80s. what is h the aack on peaarbor,a u.s. sailor opens fire on civilians at the naval ship. the latest on the investigation. the latest look outside at the foggy start to the morning. you can see in the distance there, the tippy top of the
5:34 am
sales force tower. we'll be mostly dry today before another round of rain arrives. mary will time it out for us. good morning, everyone it is december 5th, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's check in with mary for the foggy forecast. >> we're dealing with thick fog, especially the trivalley and east bay this morning. i want to talk about your weather headlines, a dry start, but again, foggy conditions to start off the day. as we head through the afternoon, looking at mostly cloudy skies, mainly dry this afternoon, but a sprinkle, a spotty shower, that is possible as we head through the day. really in between storm systems for your thursday.
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