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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 5, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PST

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morning. >> definitely foggy out there. thank you for watching kpix 5 this morning. "cbs this orning" is coming up orning" is coming up good morning to you our viewers in the west, and welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king with anthony breaking news, the democrats are moving towards impeachment. >> breaking overnight, a sailor kills two shipyard workers at the pearl harbor navy base. we're at the scene of the attack as investigators search for a motive. standing by r. kelly. longtime girlfriend joycelyn savage defends the singer saying a recent online attack under her name came from an imposter. and reindeer red alert. no, we're not talking about rudolph. we visit an arctic town known as santa claus' home where reindeer are struggling to survive because of global warming.
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it's thursday, december 5th, 2019. here's today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. [ siren ] brnk . >> the house is moving forward with articles of impeachment. he leaves us no choice because he is trying to corrupt the election once again. a sailor open shooting at a navel yard. >> melania trump firing back at a back at someone who mentioned trump's son, barron. >> it makes you look mean. it makes you look like you're attacking someone's family. a volu after a chemical plant fire. elevated levels of butadiene.
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>> joe biden said he would consider kamala harris as a running mate. this one day after she dropped out of the race. george zimmerman zieled a $100 million suit against trayvon martin's parents. >> the suit says he was defamed. >> reporter: more people have gotten sick from the e. coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce. there have been more than 100 cases. all that -- >> this is not a stunt. it went airborne over a dozen of cars at a florida dealership. >> unbelievable. and all that matters -- >> he's two-faced. >> the president abruptly ended his scheduled meetings at the summit after canada's prime minister was caught on camera laughing about mr. trump. >> and now the bombing of canada begins. on "cbs this morning." >> double-teamed on the right side. the fire and long jumper, it's no good. look -- off the glass and in at the horn! wins the game winner, and george washington down nine scores the final ten points to win at home 64-63 over b.u.
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>> wow. way to go. welcome to cbs news. we have breaking news this morning, the top democrat is moving forward to put the president on an impeachment trial. >> with a heart full of love for america, today i am asking our chairman to proceed with articles of impeachment. >> that is nancy pelosi who said minutes ago that the house has to act. our nancy cordes is on capitol hill for us. why is the speaker doing this right now. >> it may have seen like a fore gone conclusion, nancy pelosi had not come out in favor of impeaching this president before today. here announcement raises the possibility that president trump will be impeached by the end of
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this month. >> after two months of investigations and testimony, nancy pelosi says she now supports articles of impeachment. >> he leaves us no choice but to act because he is trying to corrupt once again the election for his own benefit. >> jerry nadler signalled that he is ready to move ahead after a trio of league experts endorsed the democrat's view. >> president trump abused his office. >> yes. you have bribery here. >> is there enough evidence here to charge him with the high crime and misdemeanor for obstruction of congress. >> they say the question that he investigate joe biden would have been impeachable even if he had not upped the pressure by
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withholding $400 million in aide. >> but cbs news legal analyst, jonathan turley called the case thin. >> it has to be based on thin, not presumptions. >> i have gone through all of the crimes mentioned, they do not meet any reasonable interpretation of the trims. >> they are drafting articles, don't be fooled. >> democrats are, none the less, ready to take the next step. >> the white house responded quickly, stephanie grisham tweeting that speaker pelosi and the democrats should be ashamed.
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>> nancy, thank you, we spoke to john dickerson good morning. >> good morning, anthony. >> we heard eight hours of testimony, four legal scholars. on the one hand we had one saying if this isn't impeachable, nothing is, another saying there's nothing impeachable here. where are we? >> well, we're kind of where we are and where everything is in washington now where basically where you sit depends on where you previously stood. and the process has to go, you know, a lot longer, further. what yesterday was was an attempt actually to step back from washington's normal partisan polarization and say when they built the standard for the office in the summer of 1787, what were they trying to do? and is this president living up to that standard, or has he fallen short? but you can't step back in washington. >> you go back to the constitution, though, john, this question really isn't that complicated, is it? after all of this testimony yesterday -- >> it's at the absolute center of the presidency. what's the question at stake
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here? did the president use his powers of office for himself and not his country? when they created the constitution, they sat george washington at the front of the room as a model for building the presidency. why? because twice in his career he'd given up power and not done the thing for himself but protected the republic. they said that's what we want in a president. he both did it when he gave up his commission as commander of the continental army and also when his soldiers tried to stage a coup against the government. washington heard about the coup and said, "how dare you, don't you do that, you must protect the republic." that was the model for the office. that's at question here. did the president do something for himself with the powers he's been given. it's at the center of the presidency. >> impeachment is always going to be political. it's an inherently political process. this feels particularly partisan. what's the message to americans tuning in who think it's just a partisan mud fight? >> yeah. >> a, you're right. and -- and -- but b, let it breathe. you know, let the process go forward. it's going to be messy because
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it was messy when democrats were the ones, when it was a democratic president who was in the hot seat. it's now going to be messy when it's a republican one. but -- yet this is why yesterday was important. what's the standard for the office? did this president fall short? and then if he fell short, wh's? >> the president and his legal team so far have refused to participate in the inquiry. can they cry foul if they are refusing to participate? >> well, i mean, in politics, they can, right. >> do they have a legit gripe? if they're not going to participate. >> that's right. one of the weaknesses in the president's case is the president is saying not only did i do nothing wrong, it was perfect. his defenders in congress don't start with that as their argument but complain about the process, it implicitly undermines the president's argument. if you were in a trial and you weren't even in town when the crime you're accused of happened, you'd want your defense attorney to say "he wasn't even in town." when they complain about the process and don't use the president's argument which is what i did was perfect it undermines the president's case. >> what happens now? i mean, i think people are
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looking at it, their heads are about to pop off because nothing seems to change. >> you wouldn't expect it to. it takes time. and so what happens is you have, you know, you'll go now to the question of articles of impeachment, and then presumably based on what we think because democrats are in control of the house, it will move into the senate. and then you'll is an actual trial and some of these questions about whether the president did what's alleged will actually be adjudicated. >> as nancy cordes reported, january is clear on the senate calendar. they're expected to have a trial. >> yes. and republicans will be running things. by the way, we've got a public that's dealing with the end of the year holidays and all of that going on. >> yes. >> that's something for democrats -- >> in an election campaign -- >> and we've got an election campaign. >> all right, john. thank you so much. moving on to 2020, one day
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the navy says they shot three defense department employees yesterday and then killed himself, the motive is unclear. two of the workers died and the other is in the hospital. jonathan is right outside of the hospital. >> we're right outside of an entrance to the dock where the shooting took place. and they're trying to figure out what it sounded like. were less than half a mile away. a memorial was put on lock down, and visitors were told to shelter in place. >>. >> is it real, is it fake type thing. >> a shooter in his navy uniform
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shot and killed two ship ward workers before shooting and killing himself. >> he was deceased by an apparent self inflicted gunshot. it happened near dry dock two, and area where ships and submarines are repaired. a text went out warning of an active shooter situation and telling people to lock down where they were or find shelter. >> they're not letting us out. is there a shooter? >> the lock down was lifted and the scene secured. random.
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>> we are two days away from the pearl harbor attack. >> still a lot of questions there, jonathan, thank you. one day after kamala harris ended her presidential campaign, candidate elizabeth warren said any democrat would have the california senator on a short list of potential running mates, and joe biden appears to agree. >> she's solid. she is -- she could be president someday herself, she could be vice president, she could go on to be a supreme court justice. she could be attorney general. i mean, she has enormous capability. >> campaigning in iowa, biden was asked about any hard feelings from the first democratic debate. you'll recall when harris
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confronted him on racial issues and biden said, quote, i'm not very good at keeping hard feelings. more news on "20/20," the first interview with former new york mayor michael bloomberg since he joined the democratic presidential race. gayle will join him in aurora, colorado. >> getting on a plane. >> visit the memorial for the shooting victims at the movie theater there. a big issue finish bloomberg. >> yes, he's going to announce his gun violence plan. we'll get to ask for the first time, why are you getting in now, this way? should be -- i'm looking forward to it. in other news, the ride-share giant, that's lyft, is defending its commitment to safety after 19 women allege they were sexually harassed, abused, or raped by lyft drivers. a lawsuit filed yesterday said the company's response to the sexual predator crisis amongst lyft drivers has been appallingly inadequate. this comes just three months after a similar lawsuit by 14 other women. jamie yuccas is in los angeles
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with more on the story. jamie, good morning to you it. what are the allegations? because it's all very disturbing. >> reporter: good morning. many women in this new lawsuit say the incidents happened at night after they decided to take a lyft because they had been drinking. they believed they were making a safe choice, but instead ended up fearing for their lives. >> during the rape i immediately froze and thought to myself that the lyft driver would kill me. >> reporter: one by one, women came forward wednesday detailing alleged incidents of sexual assault by lyft drivers. >> the next thing i knew, the driver was on top of me trying to put his tongue in my mouth. >> reporter: a new lawsuit alleges that at least as early as 2015 lyft became aware that lyft drivers were sexually assaulting and raping female customers and failed to adopt and implement reasonable driver monitoring procedures designed to protect the safety of its passengers. one alleged victim tells cbs news she fell asleep in her
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lyft, and her driver assaulted her. >> that's what i'll never forget. my fear and like, you know, having to makethat sudden decision like how am i going to get myself out of this. >> reporter: in a statement, lyft says what these women describe is something no one should ever have to endure. "we recognize these risks which is why we are relentless in our work to build safety into every aspect of our work." the company says it has launched more than 15 new safety features including daily background checks for all drivers, and in-app emergency assistance for passengers. but lawyers allege eight of the plaintiffs in the latest lawsuit were assaulted since those measures were implemented. >> what lyft has to do is they have to make all rides digitally recorded. if an employee knows that their employer's watching them, they're not going to be committing crimes in the car. >> reporter: the women are suing for unspecified damages. as for lyft, it says it's partnering with the nation's largest anti-sexual violence
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organization called r.a.i.n. as part a sexual violence prevention education program. anthony? >> jamie, thank you. president trump's promise of a southern border wall is beginning to take shape in texas. cbs news got exclusive access to this construction site in donna where an eight-mile stretch of wall cost being $167 million is being built. mireya villarreal real is there. is this evidence the president is keeping his promise? >> reporter: you know, take a look, there is the old wall that was built during the bush administration. if we walk about 20 feet over here, there is new construction, and i promise it is there behind all of that fog. as you mentioned, this was a big campaign promise for president trump. however, this wall is not going to stretch all along the southern border, and it is already facing some legal fights from local landowners.
7:17 am
what's the reality of illegal drug smuggling here, especially in south texas? >> the reality is it's all around you. >> reporter: border patrol sector chief rudy karisch is overseeing this new eight-mile stretch of border wall in the rg valley just a half mile from the river. the goal -- to stop illegal human and drug smuggling. >> this administration has made it clear they want to help us by giving us the tools that we need to be more effective. >> reporter: is the wall the answer to everything? >> no, of course not. it can never be. a wall is not going to make an arrest. however, if you have piece of tactical infrastructure in place, maybe that person's going to decide i'm not going to cross in this location. i'm going to go somewhere else. >> reporter: nine projects are funded in the valley for 109 miles of new wall, part of a larger almost $10 billion government effort to reinforce the border. but it's not quite the concrete wall the president promised on the campaign trail in 2016. >> no windows, no nothing. precast concrete, going very high. >> reporter: the only concrete is on the bottom to keep floodwaters away from local
7:18 am
landowners. as the president continues to boast about the wall's effectiveness and impending completion, there are still apparent cracks in the process. the social media video shows two men recently scaling a portion of refurbished wall in california. >> the united states government's abusing us. >> reporter: landowners are also feeling the pressure. rey cavazos and his family have owned about 69 acres of land along the border for generations. they worry the government will take their property next. to them, the wall is a waste of money. how long do you fight? >> we're going to fight as long as it takes. we know that it's very difficult to fight the government, but we're going to hang in there as long as we can. >> reporter: this project is set to be done in january of 2021. this is a very active area for illegal activity. border patrol agencies telling us grounds sensors went off not far from here this morning. -- the chief telling me he wants all of the projects done by the end of next year. >> thank you so much.
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in a new video, one of r. kelly's girlfriends, joycelyn savage, is denying she denounced him on line. ahead, how her family is good thursday morning. a dry start to the day but foggy so be prepared. as we go through the afternoon dry conditions, cloudy skies, a spot to shower is possible. increasing rain friday. today daytime highs in the upper 50s to low 60s. increasing rain, when the on friday.
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ahead, we'll take you to northern finland to see how climate change is affecting the area that claims to be saptda's hometown. santa's hometown. the effort to protect reindeer herds from dying out forever. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. wow!
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this is a kpix5 news update. good morning. a 84-year old woman is dead after a fire in novato, the fire began late last night at the home. the cause is unknown. police looking for a woman accused of running over a barber. this happened yesterday afternoon in east with the plaza shopping center. witnesses say the woman was upset over her son's here cut before the incident. julian castro will be in the bay area today. he will begin today delivering a foreign policy speech at his alma mater stanford university.
7:27 am
later he the roads. a fundraiser in san limited visibility on 580, be careful. bridges this morning are still busy. you can see in the top left traffic is stacked up, a little bit better on the golden gate. checking the maps along the peninsula know accidents but extra slow as you work your way onto 280. a dry start but a foggy start. as we head through the afternoon dry conditions, cloudy skies, a sporty shower is possible. the next storm will arrive tomorrow. today mid- to upper 50s to low 60s. a windy day expected on friday. on the economy, a unique leader.
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mike bloomberg's created over 400,000 jobs. as president, an opportunity economy that works for us. tax fairness -- where the wealthy pay their fair share. education .. affordable college and high skill vocational training so people can succeed in the new economy. economic security .. lower cost health care and affordable middle-class housing. proven leadership on jobs .. to build an economy where people don't just get by, they get ahead. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. marry.
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>> that's our big statement. not letting the system take you down. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. one of r. kelly's livin girlfriends is now denying that she called him a monster on line. in a new video, joycelyn savage says she did not write the post to the crowdfunding site patreon describing kelly as controlling and abusive. she says whoever did write them is an imposter. those posts have since been removed. our national correspondent, jericka duncan, is here. i'm listening with both ears because the story seems to take on so many twists and turns. what is joyce lion saying -- joycelyn saying now? >> essentially she said that was continue her. in the video obtained by tmz, savage says, she claims that the singer abused her are, quote, nonsense.
7:32 am
she also said she will not be part of the assassination of kelly's name, career, and character. >> that's not me. i'm not that kind of girl that would do something like that and betray him. >> reporter: joycelyn savage is fiercely denied new claims of abuse by r. kelly. nearly two weeks ago on the website patreon someone claiming to be sav age said r. kelly kep her locked up like an animal. in previous interviews she defended kelly saying a member of the staff starved her for days at a time until she learned her scripted lines word for word. now joycelyn says that was an imposter. >> just really, really, really sad that somebody would pretend to be me, pretend to be me and say that i'm a victim, that i am brainwashed, okay. i'm a sex slave. >> what is your relationship, both of you, are r. kelly? >> reporter: in march, savage
7:33 am
and kelly's other lin girlfriend, azriel clary, told king they're happy. >> he's our full support. all we need is each other. >> reporter: savage's family says they've begged her for several years to leave kelly. her mother described phone conversations with her daughter to gayle. >> i call them prison calls because i can tell that someone is listening to the calls. and she calls with a script. >> reporter: the savage family says they are disappointed to learn that joycelyn says she was not the person operating the patreon account. >> a new statement they say for nearly three years, jocelyn savage has not been able to speak outside of a controlled environment created by mr. kelly. her video today was not any different. >> tha stup. >> reporter: kelly is now in jail, awaiting trial facing federal and state sex crime charges. in a march interview with gayle, he strongly denied the allegations against him. >> how stupid would ite foreto what i've been through, oh,
7:34 am
right now, i just think i need to be a monster and hold girls against their will, chain them up in my basement, tm out. stop it. y'all quit playing. quit playing. >> robert -- >> i didn't do this stuff. >> reporter: kelly's lawyer said in a statement now that we know that joycelyn savage was not the person behind the stories, we know that the stories that she told were complete fabrications or at least the person was completely fabricating these stories. kelly has not said that he's guilty of these things. he's pleaded not guilty to all charges and is expected to go to trial in the spring. >> he's insisting that he's innocent. i have the same question. >> how many days -- 12 days? >> 12 days between the time of the post coming out -- >> did she address it in the video at all? >> no. >> what's patreon say? they paid somebody. >> this is a crowdfunding site, the idea is i'm going to tell
7:35 am
you subscribe and pay this money. there weren't a lot of people paying a lot of money to hear what this person allegedly had to say. >> when i did interview, i didn't know r. kelly was in the room because it was a big suite and he was around the corner. the minute they started talking, he started coughing loudly. i know they heard him. whether that affected their answers or not i don't know. they were emphatic about, no, they're there was their own free will. if they wanted to leave, they could. >> very interesting detail. all right. thank you so much, jericka. climate change is threatening the arctic's reindeer. ahead, we take you to what's called santa's hometown to find out how they're trying to save the reindeer population. you're watching "cbs morning news." nd mike, but since they bought their new house... which menu am i looking at here? start with "ta-paz." -oh, it's tapas. -tapas. get out of town. it's like eating dinner with your parents. sandra, are you in school? yes, i'm in art school. oh, wow. so have you thought about how you're gonna make money? at least we're learning some new things. we bundled our home and auto with progressive, saved a bunch.
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this morning our series eye on earth explores how climate change is threatening a symbol of christmas. this is the season for santa's famous reindeer but at the north pole the herds are plummeting in size. over the past 20 years wild reindeer and caribou populations have declined by more than 2 million. mark philips takes us to santa's hometown to find out why these animals are struggling to survive after more than a million years on earth. >> reporter: good morning from northern finland about 300 miles north of the arctic circle, reindeer country. that's them in the distance over there. but this isn't about santa claus reindeer. this reindeer story is no laughing matter. it's more than a thousand miles from up here in the high arctic
7:41 am
of finland to the north pole, as the reindeer flies. but that isn't stopped the finns from naming the capital santa's hometown where rudolph's cousins provide sleigh rides, albeit on the ground and where you know who welcomes children of all ages. but all is not what it seems in this winter wonder land. so rudolph here is a healthy young reindeer, but hundreds of thousands of others are in real trouble. to find the real reindeer and the real trouble, you've got to go about 250 miles north of santa's village and then drive a snow mobile another 30 or so miles across rough open tundra in temperatures approaching zero. but winter even up here isn't what it used to be. our guide is from the ancient
7:42 am
people who have been herding reindeer since the dawn of time. the climate here in lapland, he says, is changing. >> it's warm weather. >> reporter: it melts? >> and next day freezes. >> reporter: does it happen more often now where you have rain or warm weather and the snow melts? does that happen more in the last few years? >> yeah. in the last ten years. >> reporter: this is the result, reindeer are dying. a big discovered on the islands last summer. the huge wild herds of caribou, same animal, which roam across alaska and northern canada have been reduced by half, according to a recent government report. and ante, the reindeer herder, knows why.
7:43 am
>> this is what they're looking for. >> reporter: the reindeer feed on liken,. all that thawing and refreezes means they can't. when the snow turns to ice, what happens to the reindeer? >> we have to feed them. >> reporter: they can't dig for the food? >> no. we have to give them extra food. >> reporter: up here in the land of the northern lights, it's a constant battle. ante lives in a village of just ten houses, the most remote village in finland, which is saying something. each day he travels 60 miles each way to find the herd and check it's okay. how many reindeer do you herd? >> i have some reindeer, but it's same thing if i ask you how much you have money in the bank.
7:44 am
>> reporter: to you, the ithe bank? >> my reindeer is my whole -- >> reporter: whatever you're worth? >> my whole worth. >> reporter: they runabout 5,000 animals. right now it's reindeer roundup time. ante and his wonder dog benna drive the herd south to where they can bring them feed and where a few are sold off to the reindeer meat market. it's how they make their living. it's very hard work-up here. >> yeah, there is hard work some days. >> reporter: why don't you leave and go work in the city or something? >> i don't know. this is my life. >> reporter: these reindeer in finland are the lucky ones. they have the herders to look after them. elsewhere, though, the human influence hasn't been so kind. >> yeah. i don't think wt to move from there to the city either.
7:45 am
i want to move from here and go do that job. pretty disturbing numbers. >> it is. >> beautiful pictures but a serious problem. >> i like benna that little dog. ahead on what to watch, colin kaepernick's good thursday morning. it is a dry start to the day but it is foggy. be prepared for that as you e r dry conditions, cloudy skies this afternoon, a sporty shower is possible. the next storm will arrive tomorrow being rain and winds. daytime highs in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s. this portion of "cbs this
7:46 am
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7:50 am
food stamps. it exempts work eligible adults from having to obtain steady employment having to obtain benefits. the change was made to encourage people to get jobs. critics say it passes the burden for providing food for those in need to other organizations. >> most of the people who could face removal are ineligible for any other form of government assistance, so this is going to hit them hard. >> it's the first of three proposed changes to the food stamp program which could affect up to 5 million people. redskins new wide receiver is giving props to colin kaepernick for getting signed. he caught this incredible -- >> whoa! >> yeah, incredible catch from the former san francisco 49ers
7:51 am
quarterback. video of the catch scored about 4.5 million views on twitter. he really believes the opportunity to catch passes from kaepernick helped him earn a spot on the redskins practice squad. as for kaepernick, though, he has not heard back from the nfl. >> at least somebody got fined. >> kaepernick has no interest from any nfl team. >> at all, which is really remarkable. >> everybody who watched him said he was really good, but the way it was handled on his side was problematic to a lot of coaches who were watching. if you guys hate tripping over power cords, maybe you just need an electric eel for the holidays. take a look. this christmas tree at the tennessee aquarium is powered by none other than miguel watson. miguel watson. in case you're wondering that's
7:52 am
really his name because officials say he releases low voltage blips of electricity when he is trying to find food and that translates to a rapid dim blinking of the christmas lights. he has a twitter handled called @electricmiguel. check it out. >> that's creepy. >> stay with us. we'll be right back with our world of weddings series. so you can enjoy it even if you're sensitive. delicious. now, i've heard people say lactaid isn't real milk. ok, well, if it isn't real then, i guess those things over there can't actually be cows. must be some kind of really big dogs, then. sit! bad dog. frustrated that clean clothes
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this is a kpix5 morning update. good morning. as we check your roads right now we are dealing with some foggy spots so be careful, limited visibility across the bridge right now. we have a broken down vehicle on 84, it is blocking that number three lane from the left. a 57 minute drive time to 101. you may want to try the san mateo bridge instead. about 835 minute drive time between 880 towards 101. that will save you have an hour. on 880 you are stacked up, lot
7:57 am
ofkeof write. city. today we will be in between storm system so a dry day, we are starting off the day with foggy conditions. as we head through a day cloudy skies this afternoon, dry, a spot to shower a sprinkle is possible. we are looking at dry conditions for today. the next storm system will arrive tomorrow with rain with a strong cold front pushing in friday. today upper 50s in san francisco, 60 in concord, increasing rain and wind in the afternoon and evening tomorrow. mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights,
7:58 am
the ones that make a true difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat
7:59 am
8:00 am
him.thessage. it's thursday, december 5th, 2019. happy via com cbs day to us. >> to us. >> but we are still cbs this morning and welcome back to you. i'm gail king. ahead, the searcr sailor carried out a deadly shooting at the pearl harbor na se. >> h emocrats ay it's time to go ahead and impeach president trump. we'll hear the white house response. >> and i'm anthony mason. our world of wedding series highlights a same-sex married couple in israel where gay weddings are not allowed. >> but first, here's today eye opener at 8:00. >> the top -- states on trial. >> while it may have seemed like
8:01 am
a foregone conclusion. but house speaker pelosi had not formally come out in favor of impeaching this president before today. >> it's gonna be messy because it was messy when it was a democratic president who was in the hot seat. and it's now going to be messy when it's a republican. >> this morning, investigators are trying to figure out if this gunman knew his victims or opened fire at random. >> many women in the new lawsuit believed they were making a safe choice but instead ended up fearing for their lives. >> this was president trump's biggest campaign promise. however, this wall will not stretch all along the southern border. and, in fact, it is already facing some legal fights. >> if you just bought a tray of sushi from a drug store or a gas station and you're about to put one of those pieces in your mouth, wait. >> ready to eat sushi, salad, and spring rolls are being voluntarily recalled over fears of listeria contamination.
8:02 am
they were shipped to trader joes, seven eleven, and walgreen's. >> okay. now you can put it in your mouth. let's be honest. if you bought sushi at a drug store, you don't care if it's poison. health warnings are not for people like you, my friend. >> funny because it might be true. welcome back to cbs this morning. we're going to begin with breaking news. house democrats taking the next step forward in the impeachment inquiry into president trump. house speaker nancy pelosi announced just this morning that she's asking the judiciary commit wr committee to begin drafting articles of impeachment against the president. she says democrats have no choice because they believe mr. trump is trying to influence the 2020 election in his favor. >> our democracy is what is at stake. the president leaves us no choice but to act because -- >> nancy on capitol hill for us. nancy, good morning. very tough statement made. >> good morning. house speaker pelosi did not mince words in her roughly six-minute address. she made it clear that democrats believe it's up to them to keep the power of the president in
8:03 am
check. speaker pelosi referencesahat in creating the impeachment process to keep the democracy from ever returning to the hands of a tyrant. >> if we allow a president to be above the law, we do so surely at the peril of our republic. in america, no one is above the law. >> pelosi's announcement comes one day after the house judiciary committee questioned four law professors about the legal standard for impeachment. cbs news legal analyst jonathan turley was the only witness called by republicans. he told the committee that democrats are going too far too fast. disagreeing with the other professors, who said that the president's actions should be punished. mr. trump lashed out on democrats on twitter this morning before pelosi spoke. writing, quote, i say if you are going to impeach me, do it now, fast so we can have a fair trial in the senate and so that our
8:04 am
country can get back to business. democrats on the house judiciary committee have been asked to stay in town this weekend. they're hoping that they can get those articlesd early as next . >> nancy, thank you. an intense review of security at pearl harbor is underway after a navy sailor killed two civilians yesterday. the joint base outside honolulu was placed on lockdown after the sailor shot three defense department workers at the naval shipyard. before turning the gun on himself. >> two of the workers have died and a third is recovering. jonathan is at pearl harbor with the latest on this investigation. jonathan, good morning to you. do you know anything more about the gunman? >> and good morning to you, gail. the gunman is active duty. a navy sailor dressed in his uniform. and this morning, it's still a mystery why he picked up a weapon and opened fire on three civilian employees.
8:05 am
naval investigators this morning now triying to piece together i the if this was a random attack. one witness described hearing what sounded like rapid gunfire. it's unknown what type of gun was used but we can tell you personal weapons are not allowed on base. the identities of the suspect and his victims have not been released. we do know the sailor was assigned to the fast-attack submarine. the uss columbia, which was docked for maintenance. one witness telling cbs honolulu affiliate kgmb what he saw. >> i looked out in time to see the shooter who was -- i'm assuming was a sailor because he was in uniform. point the gun at his head and shoot himself. >> and we're just two days away from the anniversary of the pearl harbor attack. dignitaries and veterans expected in town this weekend. >> an e. coli outbreak linked to
8:06 am
row main lettuce expanding this morning. the number of people sick has increased from 67 to 102 and that's in just over a week. our consumer investigative correspondent is here.sohere dh? >> well, this all started they say in california. the cdc says romanine grown near salinas, california, is likely the source. and telling consumers to throw away lettuce from that region or unlabeled. 58 people have now been hospitalized with e. coli related illnesses. ten have developed kidney failure. this particular e. coli strain is also linked to an 2018 outbreak that prompted a warning against eating any romaine lettuce across the country. how can you protect yourself? in addition to avoiding salinas-grown row main, it says
8:07 am
don't eat salad mixes or wraps that could contain the lettuce. the cdc also warns that washing or cooking will -- three to four days after consuming products tainted by this. diarrhea, vomiting, or a fever above 102 degrees. i think it's worth pointing out to people if you're in a restaurant and you're seeing rom romaine and you're not really sure, avoid these salads. >> hamburger and fries again for me. >> yeah. that wrap sandwich comes with some lettuce and you know don't whether it's romaine. >> is arug la okay? >> evidently so. >> thank you. same-sex couples are forced to go to extraordinary links to win recognition for their wedding in israel where gay marriage is il >> even if it's not legal, we want all of our friends and families to be there. and to keep the -- the jewish
8:08 am
tradition. >> ahead in our world of wedding series, we'll show you what one same-sex couple had to do to officially tie the not.
8:09 am
there is much more ahead. jill schlesinger is in our toyota green room jill's in our toyota green room with surprising advantages of searching for a job over the holidays. you can tell jill's anxious to get to the table. you're watching cbs "this morning."
8:10 am
as always, we thank you for that. we'll be right back. s morning." thank you for that. we'll be right back. you wouldn't do only half of your daily routine so why treat your mouth any differently? listerine® completes the job by preventing plaque, early gum disease, and killing up to 99.9% of germs. try listerine®. need stocking stuffers? try listerine® ready! tabs™. need stocking stuffers? still fresh...
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allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. adults with weakened immune systems may have a lower response to the vaccine. the most common side effects were pain, redness and swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, joint pain, less appetite, vomiting, fever, chills, and rash. ask about prevention. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13®.
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and you're not sure who'll be more excited... oh, yeah. ... or them? ahhhhhh! that's yes for less. be a rock star this season and save big on gifts they're gonna love. at ross. yes for less. hey, i'm here about the hey, i'm here about the receptionist job. >> hi. >> hi. >> what? >> the receptionist job that was in the paper. >> you're hired. >> i think he uttered, hey. it's a good opening line. chris hemsworth is his jo
8:15 am
you see in ghost busters searching for work during the holidays, though, may be less difficult than you think because of the strong economy. tomorrow, the labor department releases november jobs report. economists expect employers created about 180,000 jobs. the unemployment rate was likely 3.6% near a 50-year low. that is good news. cbs news business analyst is here to sort it all out. i've always heard, jill, don't put your house on the market. don't look for a job after thanksgiving because ain't nobody hiring. but anthony mason can say your daughter got a job. >> yeah. fantastic. >> nonprofit foundation. researcher. we're very happy in the family. >> i think people are surprised to learn there are december jobs that are really hot jobs and here's why. when they are still posted in december, it usually means the company or the organization really needs to fill it. a lot of hiring managers say to me. look, if we've got that job up there. it's usually because someone left unexpectedly. there's a problem and we don't want to go back and have to get this reapproved next year, go
8:16 am
through another budget process. >> are there certain jobs that fall into that category? >> no. it's totally company specific. but i will say this. because of this, that you should really keep that job search going. also, just imagine if you keep it going now, you do have a leg up when it comes to january. >> but seasonal hiring has actually been dropping for like the last six years, hasn't it? >> yes seasonal hiring in many places has gone down. however, temp and gig workers are certainly going out there and filling these jobs. many of them, at certain companies, like target or ups, convert into full-time jobs. i kind of think about a temp worker in the holidays like a try before you buy on both sides. so it can work really well. >> since it's the holiday season and people are all trying to cross people off their gift list, if you have a family and are looking for a job, can you give them something to help the search? >> i think what's really helpful is you go in for those jobs that seek soft skills, right? and those are the things -- >> like what soft skills? >> a lot of people will say we
8:17 am
want people who have communication skills. work well with groups. critical thinking. so if you think about that, you can actually help somebody by signing them up for a public speaking class. even better, i did a fun thing last year end of the year. i went to a bunch of executives. i said what was the best thing you learned when you came into the organization? someone said an improv class. so imagine you sign your kid or friend up for an improv class. learn to think on their feet. it's so valuable. >> what are some of the ways people can take advantage during this time? >> if you are still looking for a job or starting your search, it's so great. december, networking central, right? holiday parties. reach out to people. and stay engaged. >> i'm looking for a job. >> don't say that. say, hey, we just want to wish you a happy holiday and stay engaged. and reach out to you after the 1st of the year. don't get hammered at your holiday party. >> and don't tell people you're looking for a job is that what you said? >> no just reach out. soft touch. >> thanks.
8:18 am
american chestnut trees. ahead, how researchers are trying to bring them back. that's coming up. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
8:19 am
8:20 am
this morning we're exploring a project to bring back an icon. american forests. more than a century ago, nearly four billion american chestnut trees grew in the eastern u.s., dominating forests from maine to florida. wood logged from the massive trees helped build the country and was used in everything from homes to railroad ties. its famous chestnuts fed animals and people. about a century ago, disease wiped out virtually all the trees. chip reid visited a virginia farm to learn how an ambitious program is trying to restore the once mighty chestnut. >> reporter: the american chestnut tree was once an american icon, a national symbol of strength and a cornerstone of the appalachian economy. today it is functionally extinct. >> every year it produced
8:21 am
bushels of nutritious chestnuts. supported wildlife like we've d it alsotaed the nptly to t country through trade at the turn of the 20th century and decimated four billion trees in just five decades. those that remain in the wild cannot reproduce on their own. rex mann is a retired forest ranger who began volunteering with the american chestnut foundation over 20 years ago in hopes of giving the american chestnut tree a fighting chance. you had a health battle, and that inspired you. >> when i retired, i was diagnosed with stage-four non-hodgkins lymphoma. i had a decision to make. i could do nothing and let nature take care of it, or i could choose to use the best science we had and try to drive
8:22 am
that monster into remission. >> reporter: now for what researchers say is the first time in american history, a functionally extinct tree species could be restored. what is the research that you are doing now? >> we as a science team are trying to develop an american chestnut tree that has enough blight tolerance that it could survive in the forest. >> reporter: researchers at the american chestnut foundation are breeding the american chestnut with the chinese chestnut which is resistant to the blight. >> sometimes they don't work. >> reporter: after the trees are bred, their burrs which house the nuts are harvested. >> in there is a pollinated burr. >> yep. yep. >> reporter: chestnut burr. inside are two or three chestnuts. they will be planted, and this is just one step in a long, complicated process that they hope will eventually lead to a blight-resistant american
8:23 am
chestnut tree. but before they are planted and ed again, the burrs must be sorted, then the viable nuts will be planted and injected with the blight to see which ones survive. the young trees that do well will be bred again. tell me why it is so important to save the american chestnut tree. >> well, it was a way of life in the appalachians and the eastern u.s. forests. >> reporter: the mighty american chestnut also bears rot-resistant timber which provided homes and industry to the nation's heartland. and with it hope for those who had little. >> those people were poor. in the fall of the year they would gather chestnuts by the sacks full, carry them down to the country store, and swap them for shoes for the kids. and there were trainloads of chestnuts going to all the major cities and people bought them and roasted them on the street. >> reporter: now chestnuts
8:24 am
roasting on open fires across america are of the larger, less sweet european and asian varieties. >> we want a tree that's competitive in the forest. grows tall. and replaces the american chestnut in that great form and timber quality. >> reporter: if researchers can rescue the tree, the american chestnut could serve both as a model for protecting other vulnerable plant species from insects and disease and as a weapon against climate change, capturing more carbon from the air thanks to its larger size. >> we're blazing a trail for how people who care about this can restore the other trees we're losing. i think that's really the big story. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," chip reid, meadowview, virginia. >> i hope they're successful. >> yeah, i didn't realize in the holiday season we're eating european and chinese chestnuts. i want american chestnuts -- >> i do, too. they taste better, right? made in our "world -- ahead in our "world of weddings"
8:25 am
series, how a same-sex couple overcame laws fo this is a kpix5 news morning update. good morning. i'm gianna franco. it is 8:25. we look at the roadways right now. still busy. that morning commute in full swing. some hot spots out of the east bay. westbound 80 specifically we have a crash there. if you're headed to the bay bridge metering lights are on and you can see a bit of fog there at the bay bridge toll plaza. there are foggy spots throughout the bay area. mary will have more. the richmond san rafael bridge, 15 minutes to drive. traffic very slow at the toll plaza. a earlier trouble spot las cleared so about an even drive
8:26 am
time. 34 minutes between 880 and 10 if ntto fake the dumbarton bridge. it is better than a little while ago. traffic along 680 southbound due to a crash. >> tracking that fog. you can see that. some fog rolling in. let's check the visibility. especially for the try valley down to a quarter mile in livermore. looking at 2 1/2 miles for oakland. about a mile for fairfield. just be prepared about the foggy conditions' we start off the day. mainly dry. catching a break for today. there is a chance to see a sprinkle or spotty shower but increasing rain and wind for your friday. highs upper 50s to low 60s seasonal daytime highs. then the extended forecaster. increasing rain and wind for your friday. could see an isolated thunderstorm on saturday, a few storms on sunday.
8:27 am
8:28 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." it's time if bring you some of the stories that we call "talk of the table." why? because it's a table, and we're all talking. so each -- we each pick a story to share with all of you. anthony, it looks like you're up first. ⌞> i'm kicking this off. we are remembering pioneering tv writer, d.c. fontana. ♪ that's why you heard that music. she went where no woman had gone before. dorothy fontana was the first female writer for "star trek." she died tuesday in california. fontana wrote for all three seasons of the original "star trek" series in the '60s. she's credited with creating key details for the sci-fi franchise including writing the backstory for spock, the half human, half
8:31 am
vulcan played by leonard nimoy. she was 0 yea-- 80 years old. she saw the scripts at columbia pictures and said "i could write this." >> i never heard of her. >> a lot of people didn't know florida d.c. fond ttana was a woman. deliberately. she didn't want people to know. she co-wrote the pilot for "star trek next generation" and wrote for "bonanza," "the six million dollar man," "the waltons." an incredible career. two members of the original cast, george takae, he said "we have lost a true genius," in a sweet. and called a pioneer. >> i assumed she was a man, too. >> what does d.c. stand for? >> dorothy. dorothy fontana. tony? >> i've got a story that will seem like a local story, but stick with me, it's national. if you're a parent, you're going to want to hear this. new yorkers are coming to terms with recent bans, there was a ban on plastic bags, a ban on single-use styrofoam. got overturned, but it was a
8:32 am
ban. now there's talk about the next thing that may be banned -- paper receipts. thg,g athe drug store. city council members are considering this crackdown becaus bpa. there are some studies that show the chemical at high levels could harm the female reproductive system. now most cash register receipts are towed with the chemical. -- are coated with the chemical. under the ban, if it goes through, retailers would be required to offer e-mailed receipts. why does this matter to parents? pin 2012 the fda was so concernd about bpa that it took it out of baby bottles. banned it. the long receipts, if you're a parent, what do you do when you have a baby in the car? they love those things. >> most of us get the receipt and throw it out anyway. >> yeah. so if you're just -- you don't have kids, you don't worry about it. first of all, don't give it to your kids, think devices. the second thing, this may be like the bulge in your pocket where you come out of the store, what is on there -- >> a lot of the long receipts have coupons. >> we should point out that the american chemical council says
8:33 am
nothing to see here. there's no harm related to bpa in receipts. this is a precautionary thing by the city council. >> that's not a local story. you're right. mine is about the houston rockets because i just love basketball. and i really like when you see something that just doesn't make any sense. the houston rockets will likely protest a blown call, and it does look blown on a dunk made by james harden on tuesday. take a look at this. >> harden, the steal and the dunk -- oh, he missed it! >> well, the ball went in, you got to see a tight show. the officiating crew mistakenly ruled -- it went in and flipped out. it was clearly in. see the net flipped up. >> it went in. yeah. >> the rockets ended up losing to the san antonio spurs 135-133 in double overtime. >> ooh. that's a game changer there. >> a big game changer there. it clearly went in. >> wow. >> the net flips up. that's no fair that they don't get that point. according to espn, the rockets
8:34 am
will likely file an official protest. they're hoping to be either awarded the victory because they were winning at the time of the blown call, or have the final seven minutes and 50 seconds of the game replayed. >> a do-over. >> what do you think should be done? >> that is always so tough there. you know -- after that moment, the whole game changes. >> i know it does. >> you can never put it back in the bottle. >> you can't. i don't see reversing the outcome of the game necessarily. i think maybe replaying it is the best way to do it. >> no one asked me, but i would vote that they get to replay the game. no one asked me, though. >> i would go with the do-over, too. boys and girls in the studio, friends and countrymen, i'm taking off now. why? as we said at the beginning this is viacom cbs -- this is viacom cbs newsday where we're joining companies. and i get to ring the bell at nasdaq with spongebob. never met spongebob before. >> spongebob's going to be there. >> you get to meet spongebob. >> stephen colbert and trevor noah and the big muckety mucks
8:35 am
will be there, too. i'm heading to the nasdaq, we're going to ring the bell promptly at 9:30. then going to denver to talk to mayor michael bloomberg. a long day. >> what a handsome new logo. >> god willing, i will be back evening and be on the set tomorrow. looking forward to. i'm going to leave. >> bye. >> good-bye, safe travels. >> taking my things. taking my new viacom cbs book. thank you, viacom cbs. so generous. thank you. >> you can write all your thoughts. >> write all my thoughts. i'll see you guys. >> take it easy. >> bye-bye. >> bye. all this week we've been exploring the world of weddings, looking at the different ways people get married and celebrate their love around the globe. seth doane traveled to israel where he met a same-sex couple who had to find a legal loophole to get their marriage recognized there. >> reporter: this has all of the trappings, traditions, and excitement of a wedding, but gay marriage is not legal here in israel. israel embraces gay tourists and hosts a gay pride but lags behind when it comes to gay
8:36 am
rights. still, hundreds of wedding guests have gathered in a very public show of support. ♪ true colors shining through ♪ >> reporter: their celebration was no dbt different. the venue was a nightclub. the officiant was not a rabbi. [ cheers ] they wanted to keep some of the classic jewish traditions. the toasts, the giant chupa or canopy representing home. >> shalom -- [ applause ] >> reporter: and the stomping on glasses. ♪ >> i think that just by doing a big wedding in israel that that's our big statement. not letting the system take you down. >> reporter: the couple met almost a decade ago when they were serving in israel's army. do you think it was love at first sight?
8:37 am
>> well it developed. i'm not sure if it was love at first sight. >> it depends who you ask. >> reporter: we were with them ahead of the big day as they checked out the venue, the decorations, and those all-important details at their tel aviv apartment. we heard how the stresses of planning a wedding are universal. has it always been a peaceful situation, or have there been arguments? >> probably -- >> arguments. >> reporter: as a same-sex couple, there were considerable differences in wedding planning. [ cheers ] ♪ >> reporter: the tel aviv celebrations were part two of the wedding. back in august, the guys and their families traveled to portugal where they could legally marry. then a loophole allows the union to be officially recognized in israel. in 2018, more than 400 same-sex couples registered their foreign
8:38 am
weddings here. etai pinkas-arad was one of the first same-sex couples to marry outside of the country. he's on the city council and founded the lgbtq center that staged a mass protest during pride in june. >> we wanted to give an opportunity for as many couples as possible to get kind of married. >> reporter: married from a publicity perspective more than a legal one. >> absolutely. >> reporter: israel's pride is a destination for gay travelers, but this is a jewish sedate -- jewish state. orthodox oppose the tradition. being gay is a sin in judaism? >> it is,in the jewish law. ♪ >> reporter: here, marriage is a religious institution. there's no civil union straight or gay. >> in tel aviv, you have gay parties, you have gay pubs and bars. but sometimes it feels as if
8:39 am
like the government is using tel aviv or the gay community as like a -- >> what is that? >> showing to the world all israelis very liberal place, very -- does is very accepting because when you compare it to the other countries of the middle east, yeah, it's right. >> reporter: still, they're proud of their country and their relationship. [ cheers ] >> even if it's not legal, we want all of our friends and families to be there and to keep the jewish tradition. >> reporter: at their ceremony, they selected the rainbow as their wedding colors. i like your hair here. something mayor's mom incorporated into a hairdo. you don't need to know hebrew to understand the connection between the families. how are y? >> wow, the couples -- ♪ >> reporter: just after the
8:40 am
vows, the guys changed into t-shirts for a brother-sister family dance-off. is this wedding everything you hoped for? >> yeah -- >> i think it is. >> during the ceremony, i was looking at the crowd. i said, i have to memorize this picture of all the people we know and all of the people we love standing together at the same place. >> it's amazing. >> reporter: the legalities or lack thereof are overlooked here at least for this celebratory moment where all that matters is love. ve for "cbs this morning," seth doane, tel aviv. >> thank you so much. whether it's recognized by the state or not, looked like a lot of fun. >> it seemed that they support gay tourism but not gay rriage. >> this is a d that back to the founding of the state. the religious community controls weddings and secular supports other things. thank you so much. ahead, inside a new exhibit that reveals a different side of ci
8:41 am
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8:45 am
seat to a white passenger on a bus in montgomery, alabama. "cbs this morning saturday" co-host michelle miller is at the library of congress in d.c. where an exhibit is detailing parks' life. good morning. what can people see there? >> they can see a whole lot. we can tell you, you know, we grew up with that story, right. it was told to us in school, our parents shared it with us. this exhibit gives us a full picture of her life. her decade of activism before that event and struggle and triumph after it. there were writings, memorabilia, and 2,500 photographs. the library is showing us the rosa parks was no accidental activist. few people in this world have launched a revolution sitting down. >> that day ms. parks said, this is it. >> reporter: enough is er: tha
8:46 am
liarian carla hayden is giving rosa parks a closer look. what do you want to show me first? >> the impact of her family history. >> reporter: hayden says the exhibit "rosa parks: in her own words" reveals a granddaughters of slaves from teen rebel defying injustice to naacp leader to civil rights icon. >> you see in her own handwriting her thoughts, her inner feelings, and she had such poetry. >> there's just so much hurt -- >> reporter: adrienne cannon curated the collection which contains more than 7,000 of parks' writings. >> i had been pushed around all my life, and i felt at this moment i couldn't take it anymore. >> reporter: but cannon says while writing often on recycled paper, parks found her voice strategizing against segregation. >> it was mrs. parks' plan all along to do everything she could in order i 1954 wn he worked wit
8:47 am
naacp to counsel blacks jail under segregation laws. >> my first civil rights case was claudette carter, the 15-year-old girl who on march 2nd, 1955, did the sam that rosa parks did but did it nine months before. >> reporter: the case may have set an example, but not the stage. that came on december 1st, 1955. >> i was on that bus -- >> reporter: jane gunter, a then-pregnant military wife, is the only other person to admit she was there. >> all the sudden there was a tall man standing in front of me. i stood up and said, she can have my seat. and when i said that, he pushed his knees into my knees and said, "don't you dare." >> reporter: when she realized years later what she witnessed, she called to meetd mber you >> no, she didn't remember me.
8:48 am
i said the story about the tall man, and she instantly said, "you were there. rterks' convin" launched the year-long bus boycott in montgomery. >> they knew that there would be some event that would allow them to put the plans in action. >> montgomery, alabama -- >> reporter: a charismatic new preacher that had come to town didn't hurt either. >> at present we are in the midst of a protest. >> reporter: protests sparked by a woman who never rested, who believed the struggle continues. and now everyone can see the impact of both her actions and words. >> her writings are right here with thomas jefferson, with t r thurgood marshall, with all of these people. her writings are right here. >> so is her family bible, one of the many dresses that she made, and the presidential medal of freedom she was awarded back
8:49 am
at the white house in 1996. this exhibit opens today. it's free to the public, and it's well worth a visit. anthony? >> and i really, really want to go. thank you very much. no accidental activist. not at all. we'll be right back here on "cbs this morning." kerrygold has a taste so rich it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there.
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before we go, a sweet moment between santa and one little boy in illinois at a mall. >> you're okay, buddy. you're okay. >> santa helped calm down baiz weertz when he was too nervous to meet him. he was hiding in a shopping cart to avoid it. the 8-year-old has autism and an anxiety disorder that makes it almost impossible for him to talk to people he does not know. even santa. santa gave him treats and stroked his head. his mom told "cbs this morning" that he is happy to finally meet the real big guy in red with the white beard. >> i i'm ládeia, and there's more to me than hiv.
8:53 am
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this is a kpix5 news morning update. >> good thursday morning. 8:55. i'm gianna franco. collecting the roadways. if you're commuting on 113 there is a serious accident blocking lanes at the 12 connector so keep that in mind as you're out and about in the north bay. otherwise there are foggy spots. we have slow and go conditions there near the toll plaza westbound sluggish. a crash not too far from that blocking lane so making it busy towards marin this morning. taking a look at traffic. westbound 80 slow and go conditions continue. qui have brake lights still into richmond. a head's up there. westbound 580. past that brake lights into
8:56 am
berkeley also. traffic on 680 southbound at main street that is still blocked for the broken down vehicle. you can see traffic backed up mary. >> tracking foggy conditions this morning. a dry day but we are looking at more rain as we led for tomorrow. let's show you what you can expect. we're tracking that fog. let's check the visibility. down to 3/4s of a mile in livermore. still looking at the foggy conditions for livermore, the try valley and 2 1/2 miles for santa rosa. weather headlines. it is a dry start with foggy conditions. mostly cloudy skies in the afternoon. a few spotty showers are possible. maybe a sprinkle and increasing rain and wind for your friday with a strong storm system. daytime highs mid- to upper 50s to 60s with a windy day expected on friday. forces
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