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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 5, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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releases a first of its kind safety report. the disturbing report showing thousands of sexual assaults. >> the difference between life and death. a video raising new questions about an officer involved shooting in contra costa county. >> reporter: 2 men have been arrested in connection to home invasions in the city, but they could be responsible for more crimes. >> she was looking right at me. she put the prius in go. nia ba describes the moment he says a woman ran him over because she was upset about her son's hair cut. >> and we're on storm watch
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tonight. when thunderstorms return to the forecast and what to expect this weekend. now at 11:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. uber's first ever safety report was a stunner. the company says tonight that riders reported more than 3,000 sexual assaults last year. there were also 9 murders and 58 deadly crashes. kpix 5 is in san jose with reaction from riders. >> reporter: from a letter to employees, the ceo of uber says releasing the information is the right thing to do, and the company is acting with transparency and accountability. are you concerned about your safety when you hop in an uber? >> especially when traveling alone. >> reporter: hannah says her guard is up every time she gets in an uber. >> when i'm with someone else it's not as scary. >> reporter: now uber released a safety report covering the
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last 2 years. they received 3,045 reports of sexual assault including 245 cases of rape. ubers say riders in the u.s. took 1.3 billion trips last year to put it in perspective. >> strangers have access to us and pretty much have control when they're driving. >> reporter: uber is adding an in-app ability to call 911, the ability to share real time ride details with a friend or family member, and a code to give to our driver to confirm they're legitimate and assigned to your ride car. for hannah and her mom these are all great steps. >> great idea, fabulous. too many people getting hurt and taken to the wrong locations. >> reporter: uber also says the release of the report may actually cause the number of reported sexual assaults to go up as people are more
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comfortable reporting incidents. in san jose, mark sayre, kpix 5. >> if you'd like to read more of the report, we have a link on tonight, newly released dash video shows a sheriff's deputy opening fire in downtown danville within a second of the suspect's car coming toward him. >> don't do it! >> this happened last november. a 33-year-old took off when police tried to question him about a suspicious person call. he died of his injuries. the sheriff's department later said the deputy fired to avoid being run over. the victim's mother said he could have easily gotten out of the way, and she's now suing the department. well, this is the calm before the next big storm with this beautiful sunset tonight. our meteorologist darren peck is in the weather center
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tracking this next one for us. darren? >> ken, yellows and oranges in the sky at sunset tonight. yellows and oranges on the futurecast radar for tomorrow. let's time this out. that's 4:00 a.m. rain not here then. but i'm going to advance this into the late afternoon tomorrow. and if you've been keeping track at home, the timing of this storm has been pushed back a little in the last 12 hours. look at the time stamp. that says 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, and that's what we're seeing the leading edge work into the north bay. it's going to take its time getting down for the rest of the bay area. by 7:00, it's still centered on sonoma county. by 8:00 we're seeing the showers work down to san francisco, golden gate, across the bay bridge as we get to 9:00 and 10:00, and by 11:00 tomorrow night it's down in san jose. isphase 1 ofve dferent ory. we nee tk about both days, and i'll have more on that in the complete forecast in a few minutes, back to you. thank you, darren. the race is on to protect a
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small monterey county community before the next round of rain. crews spent the day stacking sandbags and putting up concrete barriers after yesterday's downpour caused flooding across highway 101 into the town. cal trans also worked in the area cleaning ditches and the highway. police arrest 2 suspects wanted in connection with a string of violent home invasions in the east bay. kpix 5's andrea nakano has the latest. >> reporter: police in lafayette say the crime spree didn't end here. investigators are telling us the 2 men arrested are wanted in connection with 4 violent invasion robberies in the east bay since october 29th. >> it was very, very surprising and shocking. it's a relief to know that the arrests have been made. >> reporter: for a community like lafayette, it was rare to have 2 home invasion robberies in a month's span.
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>> tonight we hope people sleep for peacefully. >> reporter: a tip in the community helped break the case wide open and led them to a home in fairfield where they arrested 2 men. investigators started to connect the dots over the weekend that the 2 suspects may be responsible for a total of 4 hope invasion robberies. the first incident. october 29th in oakland. lafayette was then targeted halloween night, and then the most recent took place the day before thanksgiving back in lafayette. police say in the caselast week, the armed suspects walked through an open garage door, tied up the homeowners and assaulted them. the chief couldn't confirm whether the network of cameras in the city played a role in solving the crimut>> es t you'll be caught. we're not shy about that. we want people to know this is
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not the place to come and commit crimes. >> reporter: police have cameras placed around the town to catch criminal activity, but also they get a lot of help from the community who want to keep their neighborhood safe. >> we have cameras and we happily show them to the police when there's an incident and they can put the timeline together quickly. >> reporter: police say they found guns and stolen items from the robberies during the arrests. they're activity searching for a third suspect. in lafayette, andrea nakano, kpix 5. a robbery suspect in a stoledden car crashed head on into a police cruiser around 4:00 near the south hayward bart station and snarled the evening commute. the suspect fled a traffic stop but they broke off the pursuit when he started driving the wrong way on mission boulevard. that's when he collided with the cruiser.
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the officer wasn't injured. new details on a story we first brought you last night about a barber who was run over. the suspect, a mom who was upset over her son's hair cut. kpix 5's joe vazquez talked to the victim tonight. he described the dramatic moments before he says that suspect hit the gas. >> reporter: the barber, bryan martin, is recovering here from a surgery he had earlier today. we talked to him by phone as he described the horrifying ordeal of being run over by a car after he said he was confronted by an angry customer. >> i'm in a little bit of pain, but not nearly as bad. the surgery went well and i'm extremely optimistic. >> reporter: martin was in terrible shape yesterday afternoon after police say 28-year-old ruby delgado ran him over, crashing through a store front. martin's leg was rehe had been the hair of her son.
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he squirmed resulting in a small nick. he said the mother seemed fine at the time. >> she came back and showed it to me and i was like what can i do? i couldn't deescalate it. >> she left, tried to come back in, kicked in the door, bryan left to take a picture of the car, and that's when she ran him through the store next door. >> she was looking right at me. she put that prius in go. she had one hand on the wheel, one flipping me off and screaming. she held that steering wheel and aimed right for me and pushed me through the building and then backed out and drove off. >> reporter: as much as he's fighting through the pain, he wants the public to back off the suspect and let the police do their jobs trying to find her. he says he keeps thinking about 2 boys in the car with their mom while all this was happening and wonders what will happen to them. joe vazquez, kpix 5. the house is on track to impeach a president for just
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the third time in u.s. history. democrats want to move quickly. cbs news reports president trump could be impeached by christmas. house speaker nancy pelosi made it official today, green lighting congress to begin drafting articles of impeachment. she addressed the nation from the capitol where tempers flared. >> reporter: do you hate the president, madam speaker? >> i don't hate anybody. i don't hate anybody. not anybody in the world. i pray for the president all the time. but don't mess with me when it comes to words like that. >> the president quickly accused pelosi of having a nervous fit. >> for him to say that was really disgusting to me. the president is a master at projecting. when you call somebody else nervous, he's the nervous one.
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when he suspects somebody is not praying, he's not praying. but i do pray for him because he's the president of the united states. >> it's a hoax, it's a big fat hoax. >> meantime the house judiciary committee could start drafting articles of impeachment as soon as next week. the white house is already preparing for a trial in the senate. join our morning team for the latest from washington starting at 4:30 a.m. viacon cbs, the parent company of cbs 5 made its debut on the nasdaq this morning. the chairwoman and president and ceo joined cbs personalities to ring that opening bell. the merger brings together media properties like cbs, show time, and paramount pictures. a wild chase involving a hijacked ups truck. the explosive end in the middle of the afternoon commute. >> take your eyes off your phone. what's behind a spike in emergency room visits and cell phone injuries.
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4 people are dead after a chase involving a stolen ups truck. >> they failed to rob a jewelry store near miami. the pursuit came to an explosive end in the middle of a busy intersection.
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>> reporter: it was absolutely out of control. in the midst of a shoot out in the middle of miramar parkway, the 2 armed robbers confront and fired on police. the 2 likely armed with high powered weapons. the result, a shoot out that seemed to go on forever. [ siren ] >> reporter: earlier the chase went onto miramar parkway. the ups truck slowly rolls to a stop. the police officers make their move, and the shoot out ensues. >> unfortunately the suspects are now deceased, but 2
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additional penitent civilians were also deceased. reporter: t the ups driver and a bystander killed in their car. no word on which shots killed driver and bystander. >> we have just began to process the crime scene as you can imagine. this is going to be a very complicated crime scene. >> reporter: with all that gun fire, police officials say no police officers were injured. i'm hank tester, cbs news, florida. ups trucks in the bay area also targeted here. this is 1 of 3 incidents in the bay area in the last 3 days. so far there have been no arrests. all right, before you send another text message, you'll want to listen to this next study. a new study on emergency data
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show cell phone injuries to the neck, ears, face, eyes, nose, and head rose significantly over the past 2 2 decades. they were mostly due to texting or distracted driving or walking with cell phone in hand. and the san rafael police department added a new member to their team. met blue, the new comfort dog that's helping emergency dispatchers. he reported for duty for the first time last month. the 2-year-old lab and golden retriever mix was trained by guide dogs for the blind, but they determined his personality would be better suited to a different role. >> he adds a positive element to our day and makes us more excited than we usually are to be here. >> since blue joined the force, he's been a companion for not only the dispatchers, but also san rafael police. tonight people in the sacramento area are on the lookout for 2 bucks tangled in
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christmas lights. >> yeah, we've seen it happen in the bay area as well. these bucks were spotted around folsom lake and somehow their antlers got caught in christmas lights. it's a problem every year around the holiday. now they're trying to catch the deer and remove the decorations. it's beginning to look a lot like the holidays at the state capitol. governor newsom and the first partner hosted the annual tree lighting ceremony tonight. the tree is 66 feet tall and decorated with 10,000 lights and more than 500 hand crafted ornaments. winter has arrived at yosemite. look at this. park officials posting photos of the snow capped park. it's just beautiful. glacier point road and a couple of other roads around the park now closed for the winter season. and a lot of that snow is
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getting rained on with this last passage of rain in the valley. now that we're about 15 hours away from the on set of rain in the bay area, the high powered computer models are able to get a lot more specific in the detail, and the timing has adjusted. in other words coming in a little later than we've been forecasting. this is tomorrow at 1:00 in the afternoon. the rain is still off the coast. we bring it into the north bay into the late afternoon. that's 3:00, 4:00 tomorrow. it's starting to rain pretty good up in sonoma county. now we advance this forward, and i'll bring it ahead to 8:00. that's when we see that really well organized line right here stretching down. that gets to the golden gate by 8:00. doesn't mean it's not going to rain before that. it just tells us that the on set of the heavier rain. the really well-organized band
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at the front with the best rain will come through in the early evening. at least according to the latest model runs. and we're getting pretty close now, so we can fine tune it a little more. look at the time stamp. that says 11:00. we have widespread rain moving over most of the bay area and finally getting down into the south bay in a meaningful wait. so it's a friday night rain maker. important for the timing on the commute. plan for rain on the commute home tomorrow, but it will likely be rainier past that time frame. and friday we pick up an inch and a quarter in the north bay. this is good rain up there and decent rain for the rest of the bay area so far. now let's fast forward. that's saturday morning at 1:00 a.m. saturday plays out a little differently. saturday we end up with more scattered showers. it's not like a real organized line that comes through. instead it's pop up showers throughout the day. there will be times it's not raining and an hour and a half later it's going to rain.
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and some of it will come in the form of an isolated thunderstorm. in that case you get a brief little downpour, and that could happen any time at any point in the day on saturday. sunday has more rain. it's not going to be as much as saturday, but we can't take the chance of rain out of the forecast on sunday yet. we can for monday. sunny skies there. next chance of rain shows up by wednesday of next week. mary will have much more on this tomorrow morning at 4:30 until 7:00. darren, 49 players react to the broadcaster's comment, and could the cowboys really get into the playoffs with a losing record? we'll kick it off coming up. >> and don't forget, we're streaming now on cbsn bay area.
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sharks do pretty well when they're skating on thin ice. they've lost only one time in overtime or a shoot out. the sharks coming off a blowout loss in dc. they were down a goal in the
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2nd, but logan fires the one timer, his ninth goal of the season. then a shoot out, could logan respond? no. the sharks get a point, but the canes win the game and when they win in carolina, there you go. cow palace, the ice follies. great memories, ken! the sharks are 2 and 1 in shoot outs, san jose has 3 more games left on the road trip, and stick around for the top 5. you do not want to miss joe thornton. 49er radio analyst tim ryan apologized to members of the team today following his suspension for making comments
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about lamar jackson's skin color. and it sounds like the apology was well received. >> we know what he was trying to say. this is the era we live in. it's messed up. but internally we got his back. >> he could have used better verbs, but i don't think anyone in this locker room took it the wrong way. and the bears quarterback passed for 244 yards and 3 touchdowns plus ran in another from 23 yards out. bears beat the cowboys, dallas has lost 3 straight. at 6 and 7, how about that, the cowboys are still the leaders in the nfc east and the playoff picture. if the season ended toda you shouldn't have to live with pain.
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gimme the top 5. scored 14 points against northern illinois. gales win by 12. tonight's marlon brando award tonight. give that man an oscar. remember myles garrett hit mason rudolph? how about this for a stocking stuffer this christmas. oh my gosh. forget the trump chia. jackson hayes plays for the pell cons and flies like one. he's only 19 years old. the canes goalie wanted a piece of joe thornton, and down goes frasier. 4 minutes for roughing, but that was well worth it.
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thanks for watching, the news captioning sponsored by cbs >> house speaker nancy pelosi announcing to the country and world that articles of impeachment against president trump will proceed. >> don't mess with me. ♪ d.c.'s got its hustlers ♪ white house's got its budgets ♪ ♪ speaker of the house is nancy pelosi ♪ ♪ she's as pantsuited as they come ♪ ♪ if you violate the constitution ♪ ♪ she's not a grandma you want to cross ♪ ♪ though donald trump called her nancy ♪ ♪ you better just call her boss ♪ ♪ because you don't quid pro quo on her watch ♪ ♪ you d't


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