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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  December 6, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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right now at 7 . storm fro the bay area right now. when the rain and the wind will really ramp up. a series of violent incidents is leaving drivers on alert this holiday season. what is being done to protect them. >> it's really scary because they're to provide a service to people. a deadly trend on bay area streets, what can be done to protect pedestrians? >> it is a crap shoot. sometimes it is okay but a lot of times people don't pay attention to the traffic signs. >> reporter: commuters terrorized on highway 101, we hear from the latest victims of the mysterious projectile attacks. >> life is a precious and whoever is doing this, you know, think twice, please. right now on the kpix5 news at 7 and streaming
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area, that evening i am ken bastida. >> i veronica de la cruz. get ready for a very soggy weekend we are tracking a popular storm into the area. wind gusts approaching. taking a live look outside, across san francisco the roads are already slick across the golden gate and the bay bridge. while the skies have cleared up briefly, the storm will leave the city soaked. darren is tracking it all for us from the weather center. one look at high def doppler and you can see the storm is centered right over the bay area. take a look. you have other bright yellows and oranges, i'll come in for a closer look. ring is to the north bay, which has really seen the most impressive rain since this started up here around three in the afternoon. i will come in for a close-up look. anywhere you see the yellows and oranges that is heavy rain. we can follow that, not only from the grid for downtown windsor but all the way down 101 for santa rosa down into
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petaluma. if we look at the bigger view, focuses up north but that is not the only place it is raining. it may not be as yellow and orange for the rest of the bay area but let's pick out a couple of other spots. watching one shower moved there across the bridge, a few more spotty done the eastern south bay. fremont just up the hill. before that some light showers, now, we need to highlight the next little wave about to come on shore just off the peninsula. there is san mateo, this is the open water out there. if we put a forecast track on that, it'll move across the hills of the peninsula and get over towards san mateo in the next 20-30 minutes. it'll move faster than the forecast would have you believe the showers have proven that they have the ability to do that. what happens next? we just switched from live high definition doppler, this is the futurecast. i will play this forward and watch what happens. we keep the showers going from here, all the way through the night. back with more on saturday. over to you. a few weeks ago they were
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fleeing from the kinkead fire, tonight neighbors and sonoma county have another set of concern on their minds. flash floods, specifically in the burn scar areas. for the wet weather moved in, people spend the day spreading hay over the mud and using missionary to fill in trenches, they also placed a call rocks by a stream. >> are you worried about landslide? or debris movement around here? >> if you get a lot of rain, you will definitely have landslide and stuff. >> no way around those chain controls for drivers heading up to the sierra this weekend, taking a look at conditions. this is soda springs, you can see there that roads are clear, but earlier it was slow going because the roadways are very slick right now. just a few hours ago skies were blue the sun was out, it was shining bright. skiers and snowboarders taking advantage of this pleasant conditions at the mountain resorts. snowfall totals can hit four
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feet by the end of the weekend. >> this year to receive 75 inches of snow, another 20 on the way. we have a 48 inch base, we are looking at being 100% open. people in the bay are stoked. >> a cautionary tale tonight from san jose fire crews had to rescue a cold and muddy driver after his car plunged into the water from a levy last night. he was trying to drive down a bicycle path but the vehicle slipped. drivers are not allowed on the levy and fire crews say recent rains in the area even more treacherous. our crews will stay on top of this for you and we will have updated weather reports all weekend long right here on kpix 5 and online at also tonight, we are learning that the florida ups driver who was killed after his band was hijacked was filling in for a coworker who called out. armed suspects carjacked frank's uck trleading police on a chase and then a shoot out. he and three others were
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killed. ups drivers have also been the target of armed robberies here in the bay area. len ramirez has had how drivers are working to stay safe during the holidays. >> reporter: ups drivers are working hard under busy and now increasingly dangerous conditions. some now admit they are afraid to make the deliveries, especially after dark. >> it's really scary. we're here to provide a service to people. >> reporter: the armed robbery of three ups drivers this week has put a damper on the holiday season. >> this is pretty sad. >> reporter: urbano brizuela has been a driver for ups for the past 16 years. >> to imagine, it used to be a pretty good, safe city, in years back. now, all this happening. too soon, too fast. >> reporter: the latest robbery happened wednesday night. after making his delivery to a home on war admiral drive near snow avenue, a driver was held up by a gunman in dark clothing.
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i forced him to lie face down the street while an accomplice robbed his truck of valuable packages. >> they know what they're looking for, they are looking for electronics. >> reporter: jerry sweeney should know he was a ups driver and now is the lead of the teamsters union that represents 1400 drivers. >> the majority of them are out during the heavy peak season which is a big potential for crimes like this to happen, especially in some of the areas ups needs to address this issue. >> reporter: he says there is an inherent risk to making package deliveries, but he's not going to stop >> i just pray to god that it never happens again to nobody. but we've got a job to do. >> reporter: san jose police say they continue to look for two suspects described as adult males, both wearing ski masks and dark clothing. the getaway car was described
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as a newer lack condo. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. tonight milpitas police have released photos of three men expected any smash and grab robbery. it hd gust at e jewelry store in the great mall. as before, police say the three robbed a nearby home depot. a photo shows them in that store then getting into a car at the jewelry store. the three suspects broke display glasses and stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and watches. 2019 will go down as a deadly year on bay area streets. there is a shocking number of pedestrian deaths this year. andria borba has more from market street. another busy intersection where you really need to watch your back. >> reporter: in 2019, the simple act of crossing the street became a more dangerous proposition across the bay area. >> it is a crap shoot. sometimes it is okay but a lot of times people don't pay attention to the traffic signs. >> reporter: with less than a month left in 2019 pedestrians in cities large and small were
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mowed down and killed. in san jose, 57 pedestrians died. in san francisco, the number is 17. even berkley had two. actingtothe sfmta, tom maguire, says drivers need to slow down and state laws need to change allowing lower speed limits. >> speed limits are set in ways that are appropriate for suburban areas but not but that is where people move fast. but not for san francisco. >> reporter: pedestrians we spoke with say they pay extra attention before stepping into crosswalks because they are not sure drivers see everything. >> i always watch around, anyway. who knows? >> just walking sometimes they come across the corner. just like now. you really do have to pay attention and be careful. >> reporter: walked sf says if progress is going to be made towards the goal of vision zero more changes need to happen fast. more police enforcement of dangerous driving, lower speed
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limits and key streets and for many more intersections with no turn on red the pedestrians can truly cross safely. >> that was andria borba reporting there for us. we are also learning that a 15-year-old boy was hurt in a shooting at a burger king in brentwood it happened around 3:00 this afternoon around second street. the boy suffered a gunshot wound in the leg and was airlifted to a hospital. school officials briefly locked down liberty high school across the street during the incident. still to come, tesla ceo elon musk back in court over a tweet. >> by a cave explorer wanted the tesla ceo to fork over tens of millions of dollars. the fbi investigating whether a deadly a track and a deadly shootout at a naval base was terrorism. >> walking to the crime scene was like being on the set of a movie. plus, a verdict is in, will or won't he participate in impe request from house democrats. there are those who will say that you're:
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the founder of tesla, and spacex, could've been on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars. but, it did not take a jury long defined otherwise. they came down with a verdict today that elon musk did not defame a british cave explorer in his 2018 tweet. vernon unsworth sued the tesla ceo back in 2018. he called musk's offered to rescue a soccer team from a thailand cave using a many summer rain a pr stunt. that prompted musk to call him a pedo-guy, he claimed that muscat defamed him. closing arguments today a attorney suggested that he should pay him $190 million in damages for that tweet. jurors deliberated for less than an hour and pe standing by
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stormont, what is the latest? >> north bay getting the heaviest and there is a unique concern in the north bay because we still have that big burn scar from the kincaid fire. that's going to get dumped on. i want to start off by spotlighting that. you'll see green, yellow and orange on this. i will show you that bird scar is. all you have to do is look for the heaviest rain. you don't have to look at high definition doppler, i could with the footprint of the fire on the screen. if i look at had and how much rain were going to get on the bird scar for the kincaid going forward, that is four inches of rain on the higher slopes. all of the water has to flow downhill. that is why there was a flash flood watch for the reasons of the kincaid. the number one concern here would be anyone out driving around on rural roads between now and 4:00 tomorrow morning. just be very aware of your surroundings. they can change quickly. whether it is rockslides or
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washing. as far as total rainfall between now and midnight tonight, we pick up anywhere from a half an inch to a little more in the mountains. if we look at the south a similar story. i'm only showing you the rest of tonight. let me show you phase 2. this is what we are in now come the leading edge of the widespread rain comes to an end by about midnight. a small break, the center of the storm comes here. let's talk about what this means for the weekend. saturday will be the main concern because on saturday, all day long, they areawide, we still have a very good chance for on and off showers. in fact more than a chance, it looks like we will have a fairly rainy saturday. it won't be continuous, you will get breaks. showers that you develop come in the form of an isolated
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thunderstorm or two. it is a very active saturday. as we get into sunday, things start to improve. we are only concerned with the first part of the day, morning up until perhaps the early afternoon. we are going to call it a few leftover showers. some of those could still be a struggling thunderstorm or two and then we start to clear things out. yes, it is snowing in the sierra. good totals on top, will get about two feet of snow through the passes. but it's not snowing as low as we would like to see. overnight lows tonight are warm. we are staying in the mid-50s. not that dramatic for a cold front as far as the temperatures go. those daytime highs in the middle of the storm are above average for this time of the year. kind of interesting and it says a lot about how this cold front is put together. is not necessarily going to drop the temperatures in a big way. there is the sunshine on monday, mid 60s inland. if you remember from tomorrow or mean yesterday, 70. we are able to take that out,
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we'll get a nice little break after sunday. >> i noticed it was a little bit warmer out there. here is what you missed if you're just getting home. tonight the fbi is about getting a deadly shooting at a florida naval base as a possible act of terrorism. shots rang out this morning at the naval air station in pensacola. the shooter swarmed a classroom killing at least three people and wounding several others including two sheriff's deputies before one took amount. authorities have identified the shooter as a member of the saudi air force. they say he was training at the u.s. base. president trump says the saudi king called him to express his condolences. >> walking to the crime scene was like being on a set of a movie. >> the king said the saudi people are greatly angered by the barbaric actions of the shooter. and, that this person in no way, shape, or form represents the feelings of the saudi people who love the american people so much. tonight president trump has decided to stay out of the
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impeachment inquiry. the white house counsel rejected an offer from house democrats calling the probe "baseless." writing in a letter. "house democrats have wasted enough of americans time with this charade." republicans say the end result has already been decided. >> facts, evidence, proof. it doesn't matter to nancy pelosi, it's all about politics for her. >> articles of impeachment could be drafted as soon as next week and could include charges of abuse of office, bribery, and obstruction. uber took a major blow on wall street with the release of its bombshell safety report. its stock market value plan to plunged buy $1.4 billion today, shares dropping 2.7%, it comes one day after uber revealed there were nearly 6000 reports of sexual assault involving drivers and passengers in 2017 and 2018. the ceo took to twitter after
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the report was released saying the company is working to better protect its riders and drivers. tonight, antonio brown trying to make amends with the nfl and his fans. the wide receiver who's been out of a job for 77 days posted a lengthy apology to instagram. the raiders and the patriots both released brown earlier this year after a number of grievances and sexual assault allegations. in his post today, brownson imparts "over the last few weeks i've had the opportunity to think about everything that has transpired. i am deeply sorry the organizations that i offended. my hope is that you forgive me and help me move on from this minor setback. i look forward to competing and helping a team reach their goals." coming up next, highway 101 mistry scaring driver so much they are putting up their own money? plus, the shock and the mail making some bay area residents worry they will not be able to vote. >> we got any calls yesterday, people panicked.
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visit your local chase branch. a string of bizarre projectile attacks on highway 101 leaving commuters on edge in monterey county. >> they are so concerned they are pitching in their own money to help catch this culprit. tonight a concerned citizen had donated $5000 to the reward fund , upping the total reward now to $14,000 for any information leading to these culprits. chp says the attacks on drivers are becoming more brazen and frequent with 47 incidences since february. the most recent victim? a bay area man.
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the attack happened last night on 101. he was making his daily commute from san jose to prudential when he was hit. >> heavy traffic going about 60- 65. i heard this explosion for an instant i thought it was a blowout but with what has been going on in the area i was like i think my window has been shot. life is so precious, whoever is doing this, think twice, please. a registration error might keep some californians from voting in march's residential primary. hundreds of thousands of people in contra costa county got postcards in the mail stating that they don't have a party preference when, in fact, some of those people have always had a preference. the local elections office says it is a statewide problem. >> we got 80 calls yesterday. people panic, you know, there is a lot of interest in this upcoming primary. elections officials say even if you didn't get a postcard about your party
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preference, you should still go to the state website here on your screen to verify it. that way you can ensure that you can vote in the primary. coming up next, a very special visit for a group of bay area elementary schoolers that went viral. >> had their teacher made it all happen. there are those who will say that you're: too fat. too skinny.
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radio station 90 97 now invited a second grade class behind the viral lizzo remix to meet the artist herself last night. she is performing at the annual poptopia concert in san jose. the los medanos elementary elementary class all the chance to go backstage, meet lizzo. their teacher tells us the students were absolutely
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speechless. they could not stop hugging the popstar. [ laughter ] last month second grade teacher dorothy honey mallari change the lyrics to lizzo's hit song truth hurts to motivate and inspire her students and that video went viral. that is just so cute. >> those kids will remember meeting her but they will also always remember the teacher that they had. >> hopefully the words to the song as well. there is a lesson in there for them. >> takes jik for watching the news at 7. it continues a streaming on cbsn bay area. good night. so help bridge the gap with a medigap insurance plan, like an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. medigap plans help pay some of what medicare doesn't, reducing your out-of-pocket costs.
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