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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 8, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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. video of a college stupidity using racist language. how officials say they will handle the situation. >> a heartless crime. a disabled woman attacked and robbed of her wheelchair. how the suspect was stopped. >> northern california native and green bay quarterback aaron rodgers shows off more than his move on the football field. how she bringing attention to an important cause. >> good evening. >> we begin tonight with outrage over a video of a bay area college student making racist and sexist remarks. kpix 5's joe vazquez has the story on the cal campus tonight. >> reporter: the video shows a
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student here at uc berkeley using language that is racist as well as sexist. >> why do you think black people are so bad? [bleep] >> i don't think they should have rights at all. >> reporter: someone claiming to be the person who recorded the video apologized. saying the men were not in the clearest of mind. officials say they are aware of an offensive video but will not elaborate on consequences. quote, the campus is taking appropriate action. due to federal laws that protect student privacy we do not discuss this situation of individual students. >> it is just terrible. i am not sure what is going to
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happen. something like that should not be tolerated whatsoever. >> the stuff he said was not okay. >> it is definitely really messed up. i heard of lot of threats have been said against him and what not, i think that is extreme. >> do i need a reason? >> he is my color. we are the same color. it doesn't make sense. >> this video was a hate crime. he wanted to express hate on a group of individuals. and he marginalized women as well. i think he should be expelled and banned from the campus. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. the weather now, something we haven't seen in a while.
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sunsets here. a time lapse video. fog rolling through. it was a stunning sunday in the bay area. mostly dry. it looks like it will stay that way for the week. fog is moving in but what a week it was. sonoma county 18 inches of rain. big sur a foot and the same for in the santa cruz mountains. low pressure to the south, high pressure, dry tomorrow. fog will be a problem during the morning drive. a break from the rain. monday looks sunny. late tuesday, late thursday, a few showers moving in. there have been no big rain makers in the forecast. flights have been delayed and
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15 cancellations. two deadly shootings hours apart leaving one neighborhood on edge tonight. shots rang out saturday afternoon leaving one man dead. over hours later a second man was found shot to death. both were close to schools. the first victim was found dead down the street from an elementary school. the second, across the street from a high school. the police department says the two cases are not related. no word yet on motive or suspects in both cases. contra costa county deputies released new video showing the seconds leading up to a fatling officer-involved shooting. the footage may be difficult to watch. . >> shots rang out in november 2018 as officers tried to pin a suspcaduring a chase. and then all of a sudden the suspect hit the gas and drove
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between the police cruisers and a deputy opened fire. the 33-year-old victim had a history of mental illness and died in the hospital. the family filed a lawsuit but the police department is defending the deputy arguing his life was in danger. attorneys talked today with wildfire victims about the new settlement with pg&e. the utility agreed on friday to pay out $13.5 billion. a portion of that will go to people who want to rebuild after the devastating fires linked to pg&e equipment. including the wine country fires in 2017 and the camp fire that leveled paradise last year. today attorneys for survivors said their work is far from over. >> for us, it is halftime. for you, an eternity but our work begins at this point. now we have to go to work to
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make sure that this is money gets into your pockets, the right amount, full and fair settlement in the shortest period of time. >> people must file claims by the end of the month. the settlement needs approval from a bankruptcy court. the hearing is december 20. well, those are 49er fans showing their pride for the 49ers. they trolled saints fans assistanting new orleans' slogan. dennis o'donnell has highlights from the win. >> the 49ers chance that number one seed was on the line against the saints and both offenses ready for the bright lights. the superdome is one of the toughest places to play. pick it up, fourth quarter.
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six yard score. 49ers led 42-33 with 9 minutes left. back come new orleans. drew brees to smith, 46-45. the saints take the lead. failed on the two point conversion. they left too much time for jimmy garoppolo. new orleans misses a tackle. he takes off. 39yards to the 30-yard line and a face mask penalty. that set up a field goal. he banged it through for the 48- 46 win. 12 touchdowns combined in the game. san francisco improves to 11-2. saints fall to 10-3. >> i wouldn't say it is a statement. it is a good step in the right direction. couple games left here and the playoffs, we are moving in the right direction. >> i am exhausted. that was a dog fight.
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i am tired. >> it was a very good day for the 49ers. the seahawks lost to the rams which means san francisco is now in sole possession of the best record in the nfc. i am dennis o'donnell, back to you. >> all right. ahead of today's green bay game, aaron rodgers made a show of support for his northern california hometown and the people rising from the ashes. as. betty yu explains, the simple gesture is going a long way. >> the packers bead the redskins but it is what aaron rodgers wore on his feet that has lot of northern californians talking. >> his cause for the fires out in california. >> reporter: green bay quarterback aaron rodgers wore his heart on his cleats during the pre-season against the washington redskins.
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featured cal fire, the state of california, and the hash figure butte strong and paradise strong as part of the my cause, my cleats campaign. aaron rodgers is a chico native. it is the most destructive wildfire in california history. >> great for the city and this area, the bay area, i mean, local guy, went to cal. i just think it is great he is raising awareness. >> for him to highlight the issues that have been going on in our backyard is real nice to see that he still has a pulse on what is going on here. >> raising money for the immediate needs and the long- term recovery. dacal fire thanked him for thc
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his support as the area continues to rebuild. >> a lot of times people in pop culture and athletes are -- they are told they don't speak out enough so this is a moment for them to be like i am speaking out. >> reporter: the cleats for the campaign will be auctioned off and the proceeds go to each player's charity of choice. betty yu, kpix 5. atththe naval air station, why it fire is classifying it as an act of terrorism. >> and a man throwing a disabled woman from her wheelchair. >> we didn't have time to do anything. >> everything was destroyed. >> a major clean up
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. welcome back. people lined the streets in pensacola, florida to pay their respects in the naval air station shooting. the fbi is shooting as ofan terrism. >> we are, acas we do, in most active shooter investigations, work with the presumption that this was an act of terrorism.
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>> the shooter was a 21-year- old second lieutenant in the royal saudi air force. airman mohammed sameh haitham. >> there are a number of saudi students who were close to the shooter and continue to cooperate in this investigation. their saudi commanding officer restricted them to base and the saudi government pledged to fully cooperate with our investigation. >> the party days earlier where he watched mass shooting videos with three other saudi students. one of the three students who attended the dinner party recorded video outside the classroom building while the shooting was taking place. >> as you know this is a navy base. there is a lot of teams on the review still needs to go
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on. >> the fbi later sent a statement saying the are multiple videos from surveillance as well as cell phone videos that were taken from outside the building after the attack started and after first responders had arrived. a federal law enemfoenrct cbs n shooter appears to have been harboring anti-u.s. and extremist views. he was shot but will survive. >> saved people in the process. kind of still trying to piece everything together. in washington the house judiciary committee is preparing for a new set of impeachmgs tomorrow. are committee chairman said he expects to ent bring articles o impeachment against president trump later this week. tomorrow the panel will hear from the house intelligence
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committees. house intelligence chairman adam schiff said there is strong evidence against the president. >> that is the president of the united states would abuse his power. >> i think he was acting on concern about ukraine, i think he was ncabflrengecconntiection >> he said the articles of impeachment may be focused on abuse of power and obio> stneru frightening attack on a wh ir rider. this happened in ph happened last week aboard a train. a man struggled with the woman, dumping her on the floor. he jumped off the train but good samaritan wrestled the chair out of his hands and then police arrested the suspect
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this weekend. one san francisco neighborhood knee deep in muck tellinp of residents nito g us they feel abandon by the city one day after flash floods poured ed inthe street into a river. the water brought up raw sewage that became a 3-foot deep toxic soup spilling into homes and garages. today neighbors took stock of the damage and dragged their ruined possessions into their driveways. >> within minutes, we didn't have time to do anything. all we had time to do was go upstairs anstd d. that >> the city should be out here, photographing how high the water came up, they are not here. >> it down pour may have been unexpected. the city knows the low vuerable residents say public works
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dropped off sandbags the week before thanksgiving but claim nobody cleared the storm drains. >> tonight toward city t. ha vn pocity rthall was pretty much s on to the earthquake and rebuilt and tonight lit up. the numbers show 50s and 40s at this hour for the bay area. fog is a problem. with, you know, going -- that will be affecting the morning commute tomorrow as low pressure heads to the south. high pressure builds up offswe horeget d ansunshine tomorrow. in the future cast, here is what's happening, low clouds fill the shoreline but sunny. monday will be a inisbelaautifud day. and few low clouds. no big deal. future cast, wednesday, a ripple in the atmosphere. low-pressure system moves through. it is weak but there is a chance of showers mostly north of the golden gate bridge tuesday night, wednesday
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morning. a chance coming through again thursday night. in general it will be dry. dry tomorrow morning. sun up 7:13 a.m. and the skies will foggy or and beby the afternoon it will a dry and partly sunny day. temperatures bay wide near 60 degrees. if you are winging your way out of sfo tomorrow, weather shouldn't be a factor. fog will be a problem. 55. rain, rain, rain. for chicago, atlanta, new york but seattle has sunshine and 51 degrees. overnight tonight the numbers in the 40s. fog forming and the forecast high tomorrow will be very close to 60 degrees no matter where you are. san jose. a lovely little garden city.
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that was 1865. things changed. still a lovely community. in walnut creek 60 degrees. 59 fairfield. e tch bay, it is nice. our morning. pa 59og at lakehy fport. sty.he extended forecast, damog and for the weekend, mostly high and dry. homelessness in her own words. on project home we are turning over the microphone. she a woman living in an encampment in oakland. >> every evolving, changing, new face of homelessness. anybody could become homeless. >> she tells us what she thinks would help solve the problem.
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tune into project home uptorrow scene sparking a powerful political message. why the display had joseph, mary and jesus in cages and santa swapping his sleigh for something more edgy. >> i am dennis o'donnell, coming up on game day, the nfl's game of the year, it was all about the 49er's offense. a must-win game for the oakland raiders but a shoot out turned into a mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights,
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the ones that make a true difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed heshut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction.
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all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. kerrygold has a taste so rich it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grs-fed cows produce ,
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for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. theashateket ta tsyo . southern california church is using a nativity scene to spark a debate. mary, jesus and joseph, separated, caged, topped with razer wire. the pastor said the ear what would happen today if the holy family showed up
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seeking asylum. >> it is making a bold statement. >> i can see it is being controversial. >> the church pastor doesn't see it as a political statement but some took to social media to call it inappropriate or just wrong but inside the church, the family is reunited. well, santa claus has arrived early at san francisco general hospital rising a motorcycle. all members of harley davidson. the fundraiser donates hundreds of toys to boys and girls who are patients at the >> therehundre ys donad every year. definitely supports the healing of our patients. >> it started 36 years ago. the founder saw it as a way to give thanks as he was treated for the hospital for injuries
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. this year's miss universe pageant. the crowning moment making history. >> the new miss universe is south africa. >> miss south africa came out on top. the first black woman from her county to wear the miss at cracker barrel, we're cooking up
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