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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  December 9, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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now at noon, and streaming on cbsn bay area, a foggy start to the workweek. some parts of the bay area socked in this morning affecting visibility on the roads. good afternoon. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's take a live look in san francisco. some of the fog has burned off as we take a live look at the golden gate bridge. it is lingering in other areas of the bay area. check out this time lapse video from our camera looking towards sales force tour and you can see the top there and the fog rolling through the city. sfo, the fog is affecting travel out of the airport.
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15 cancellations and 113 delays at last check. meteorologist mary lee is here with the latest conditions. >> we're still dealing with foggy conditions but not as dense with the fog. you can see the fog covering the golden gate bridge there. we can check visibility. 6miles in livermore. earlier this morning livermore you were down to 0 for the visibility so ware seeing improving conditions. 6miles in hayward. 10 at the oakland airport and earlier this morning, we were down to a tenth of a mile so we're starting to sea better conditions out there with our visibility, although napa at a mile and 3/4s. we'll fake you through what you can expect for the rest of the workweek. we're looking drier compared to last week. we'll talk about a couple weak weather system toss move incomening up. i'm anne makovec. we have some breaking news. oakland police just recovered a
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stolen van that had a bunch of dogs inside, possibly not what the robber was frying was trying to get away with. the van stolen from a motel parking lot in fremont. they were a mix of rescued and privately owned dogs. the driver was inside of that motel in fremont and left the van running to keep the air on en the was stolen. an hour ago, the police spotted it and made a traffic stop and found the dogs inside. they appear to be okay. police arrested the owner and they took all those dogs to oakland animal control while all this gets sorts out. >> bart police officers are now conducting random sweeps on trains and kicking them off if
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they don't have proof of payment. >> reporter: bart police officers are focusing their efforts here at the embarcadero center bart station because it has the most traffic at any of the stations. in the latest effort to solve the $25 million fare problem, they are hyper focused on morning trains. >> they conduct enforcement on the 13 trains coming out every morning from san francisco so they hold the trains at embarcadero and they do their walk through asking for proof of payment. the ones that don't get removed from the the system. >> in more than 35 sweeps ston since september, 75 to 100 meme have been kicked off trains each time. the focus is on ejecting violate tors and not giving out i think the presence and the coverage is good.
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>> do you hope it will fix this problem? >> i'm positive it will and i think it will work itself out. >> reporter: it is unfortunate because for those people riding bart, commuters, they just want to get to where they are going but at the same time our city's social safety net is pretty nonexistent and so just think the issue is very complicated. >> done on random unannounced mornings, 14 officers inspect the sweeps starting at 5:00 a.m. each lasts 3 to 5 minutes. bart has not announced an end date for these sweeps. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. they are subject to a $75 fine. a juvenile citation is $55. >> capitol hill, both sides of the impeachment inquiry are making their legal cases today. natalie brand says it moves one step closer to a vote.
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>> reporter: a supporter for trump went into it at the start of the impeachment hearing. after that demonstrator was escorted out, nadler told lawmakers he was obligated to investigation president trump because he argues he has broken his oath of office. >> the evidence shows that donald j. trump the president of the united states has put himself before his country. >> reporter: but the committee's ranking republican said the entire proceeding is politically motivated. they cagehat hes the president of the united states. democrats say the president withheld military aiigion into they accused the president of obstructing the congressional
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investigation that followed. >> ordering executive agencies and government officials to defy subpoenas for documents and testimony. >> white house lawyers declined to participate in today's hearing in a sharply worded letter writing "house democrats have wasted enough of america's time with this charades." >> trump says they are failing to make a case for impeachment. those testified have denied having awareness of criminal activity or even an impeachable offense. natalie brand, cbs news, capitol hill. >> >> democrats are working to hold a full house vote on articles of impeachment before christmas. >> a berkeley student may be
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facing punishment after using racial and homophobic slurs. >> on the website read it, someone claiming to be the person who recorded the video apologized saying the wo young man were not in the clearest of minds and never meant the words they expressed. the university said cal condemns all forms of bigotry and hatred. some are calling it a hate crime and want the person in it to be disciplined. >> this is a hate crime. i will be blatantly honest. he marginallized women as well in the video. he should be expelnd and he should have some sort of ban from the campus because this is a really scary matter. you never know what is going to happen next. >> cal issued a statement saying in part the campus is taking appropriate reaction to the video being posted on
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social media. we do not discuss the situation of individual students. new details about last week's shooting that killed three sailors. the saudi gunman posted anti- american tweets before the killings. cbs news learned he may have been having issues with an instructor. they still don't know if he acted alone or if others were under volved. taking a look at the big board. the dow is down 68 points. if you want to sign up, you're returning out of time. a new plan date takes affect in the new year. people who want their coverage to begin in january, 2020 must sign up by sunday. those who choose to go without coverage could face a financial penalty unless they qualify for an exemption. the program connects californians with financial assistance.
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>> what we can do first out of the gate and cover california is to get more people covered. getting more people in the door lowers the cost for everybody. this year health insurance premiums went up by .8%, less than 1% across the state. >> for more information on enrollment and financial help head over to covered homelessness in her own words. we're turning over the microphone to maven living in an encampment. she talks about life on the streets for women and a better understanding of her community. >> this is an ever evolving, new face of homelessness on college student ks, grandparent ks, your mom. anybody can become homeless. >> she tells what she thinks would help solve this problem. watch project home tonight at 11:00. >> still ahead, 49er fans feeling mighty fine after a monster win. where the team stands now in
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the playoff picture. the doping ban that has sidelined russians for years. pro tips before you led to the airport. >> we're streaming live on cbsn bay area. find us on, the cbs news app or your favorite platforms on the economy, a unique leader. mike bloomberg's created over 400,000 jobs. as president, an opportunity economy that works for us.
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tax fairness -- where the wealthy pay their fair share. education .. affordable college and high skill vocational training so people can succeed in the new economy. economic security .. lower cost health care and affordable middle-class housing. proven leadership on jobs .. to build an economy where people don't just get by, they get ahead. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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new at noon, russia has burn slapped with a four year ban for doping for the anti- doping agency which means there
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will likely be no team at the olympics in tokyo or the next world cup soccer tournament in cutter. they have 21 days to appeal this ban. pae g easy win ints d aty. a in the streets mocking new orleans fans with their own signature slogan who dat, we dat. they moved from the number five spot to number 1. check out these updated rankings. the rams win against seattle seahawks behind the 49ers with a 10-3 record. rams were left in the third spot and the arizona cardinals round out the top fire. >> the hol stay travel season is well under way full of
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chaos, flight delays, cancellations and a lot of patience but what is t lessh will travel this holiday season. it is beth to have your boarding pass ready for security and now the question of real i.d.s. >> well, they are required if you don't have anything else. if you have a valid u.s. passport that will suffice all the time, but remember this is a law passed back in 2015 and they kept extending the deadline. the dead lane is coming up for this coming october. a >> now before packing, liquids, gels and 3.4 ounces per container. all liquids must fit in a one quart size clear plastic bag and only one bag per passenger. >> kpix 5 is working to fight hunger with the help of area food banks local
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businesses. i headed to santa rosa for bay area's family drive. >> reporter: i'm here at the food bank where during the kincade fire groceries were tris booted to more than 25ous people and they can't do that without donations. >> we're superexcited today. way brought a check last week for $14,000 from our customers who donated their ticket money from an event we lad to cancel. >> you lad to cancel because of power outages. >> yes. it was upsetting but it was exciting to see people donating their money instead of taking a refund. this check is for $13,000, a dollar a ticket from all the events we sold this year. >> thank you so much. lisa cannon with the food bank joins me. >> this has been a very long partnership, over ten years
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with wine red and this will allow us to baste food for over 100,000 meals. >> that really brakes a big impact. there you go. if you would like to give, go to let's get a check of the forecast. many parts of the bay area dealing with a lot of fog out there. >> at the is right kenny. we're tracking that for you. some spots the fog is burning off to just cloudy case. here is a live look. you can see the clouds out there. temperatures are running in the upper 40s to low- to mid-50s at nis hour. the weather headlines, a drier weak compared to the stormy weather last week with a couple weak weather systems this week and i'll show you that in the extended forecast but looking at partly to mostly cloudy skies this afternoon. then some showers with a weak cold front that arrives late tuesday into wednesday so some scattered light showers. again late tuesday into
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wednesday. i'll show you this on futurecast. so all of our recent storms did help bit the rainfall for the water year. we're looking at since october 1st in san francisco more than 3 1/2 inches. about 2 1/2 inches of rain for oakland. about 2 and a quarter in san jose and santa rosa. 9 and 3 -4s there. 67% of normal. month to date for san francisco, 56% in oakland. san jose 70%. santa rosa 121% of normal month to date. of course we're just starting the water year so we'll keep adding to that hopefully so. but that low pressure system that brought the powerful storms over the weekend continues to push out of here and this ridge of high pressure will be building in. let's take you hour by hour. we're looking at partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies this afternoon. for tomorrow a foggy start and mostly cloudy skies.
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there is that weak cold front that falls apart as it pushes across our area. looking at some showers for tuesday night. some scattered showers, light scattered showers for wednesday morning and mostly cloudy wednesday afternoon. sin set at 4:50. sunrise at 7:14. daytime highs seasonal for this time of year, 58 san francisco. 60 for concord. there is that extended forecast again. a few light showers possible late tuesday into wednesday. then our next chance of showers will be on saturday. nothing at all like what we saw last weak. i'm still not washing my car, right? >> that is good. >> thanks. well, the kennedy center honors celebrated the legacy of "sesame street" and big bird stole the show. cast members all wore yellow feathers for carroll spinney who played big bird and the grouch for 50 years. >> he died yesterday and they paid homage to his career that
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when this week's students rising above scholar saw his father battle cancer, he felt he can't help but now he is facing others with their own healthcare concerns. >> reporter: he greets patients every week at a free healthcare clinic serving the sacramento area. he is fluent in spanish, a skill his patients appreciate. >> being able to translate to patients that don't understand a few words or just knowing that the patients are reassured and comfortable with having a spanish-speaking person there brings me happiness. >> helping others improve their health is personal to him. when lee was 12 his father was diagnosed with cancer. >> we didn't have people in the
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medical field helping us who spoke spanish. >> his mother struggled to understand the english speaking doctors treating him. >> it was like translators that didn't translate well. >> then he found himself needing medical care after tearing his acl during a soccer game. >> it was pretty cruel for me. >> surgery soon followed. unable to attend classes his grades slip. >> i couldn't let myself fall into this mode. >> determines to make his father proud, he focused on his recovery returning to school and bringing his grade gpa to a 3.9. now a sophomore at uc davis majoring in human development he is helping patients. >> even taking their vitals, that is really important to me and to them. >> volunteer clinic doctors are
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impressed. >> the students are just so -- here, because they are ideal lis stick. >> his father is too and cancer free and proud of his son of his service to others in the immigrant community. >> seeing if you're impacting if not the word but some peep, that is the best gift you can give. students rising above and its scholars go to k we will be right back. you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. it's just a loan designed for older homeowners, and, it's helped over a million americans. a reverse mortgage loan isn't some kind of trick to take your home. it's a loan, like any other. big difference is how you pay it back.
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%fo >>mingtoniat 00, thnortbay afs redesigned a major road without public input and how it could put people at risk. remember, we're streaming live 24/7 on cbsn bay area. >> >> and that is it folks. we're done. >> we're done. >> at least for today. >> at least for today. i know, but we will be back here tomorrow and "the bold and the beautiful" is next. >> see you tomorrow morning at 4:30. have a great afternoon.
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