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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 9, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> on the scheme of things, a volcanic eruption, it's not large, but if you were close to it it's not good. >> reporter: jack young, the president and ceo of a travel service says the late anthony bourdain changed the way people traveled, and now his clients want out of tourist zones and off the beaten path. he says it can be exciting and magical, but an extra layer of preparation is needed to stay safe. >> when you travel, be cautious, checking everything you can as far as safety before you go with the state department or whatever is on the news. >> reporter: young says the usual, like carrying cash and hard copies of passports and bookings and credit cards are important, but so is heeding the warnings of locals. he says to scan the news as soon as you get in a country and be prepared to change plans accordingly. >> you double check the area you're going into and stay out of the areas they tell you to.
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most clients listen. some clients don't, and they run into issues. >> authorities in new zealand have issued a 5-mile nautical warning around white island until the activity stabilizes, and all local charters to the area have been canceled. thank you. a van full of rescue dogs was recovered this morning and 2 suspects detained. about 10:00 last night the driver of the van went into the extended stay america hotel in fremont. now she left the air-conditioning running and the keys inside the advantage along with all 30 dogs. when she returned about 5:00 this morning, the van was missing from the parking lot. luckily it was equipped with gps and this afternoon officers were able to locate and recover the van at 81st and olive in east oakland. 2 suspects were detained and 27 dogs recovered so far. >> for those in the community
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that happened to purchase a dog, especially from a gentleman in a white van, we ask you contact the oakland police department or fremont police department. >> other than being a little scared, all the dogs are unharmed and doing well. new video shows the moment a man breaks into a home in vallejo. it happened off of skyline drive in a neighborhood near oakwood avenue and redwood parkway. they believe he was posing as a door to door salesperson and talking to an accomplice on the phone while peering many windows before breaking a window and slipping in. the homeowner was home and confronted the man who fled on foot. it was a foggy start to the work week for people in the bay area, making it tough for drives to see this morning. in spot spot visibility was less than a quarter mile. there was a dense fog advisory for the shoreline, peninsula and valleys. the fog caused problems for several hours this morning at
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sfo. at least 113 flights delayed, 15 canceled. dimitrios pagourtzis darren peck has more. >> yes, you have the fog and then the higher clouds giving the sky the gray view. looking at the scene from on top of the sales force tower, there's a batch of gray over the entire bay. here's this morning. you can see how wide by filled in the entire bay area was with low clouds, the entire north bay covered in gray extending through much of the south bay. the take away is if you had fog on the roadway monday morning, plan for it again tuesday morning, and then we look ahead because there's a chance of light rain into tuesday night. look at the time stamp. that's wednesday at 3:00 a.m. i'll play you through the whole
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futurecast in terms of this small chan of rain for late tuesday and early wednesday. see you with that in a bit. all right, thank you. san francisco city officials admit they were overwhelmed with hundreds of calls for service when heavy rains flooded homes in west portal this weekend. frustrated neighbors say the city should have done more to help. don ford found a long time fix could take awhile. >> reporter: the neighborhood is drying out, but now folks are asking how it happened. >> i looked out the window and couldn't see across the street it was raining so hard. >> reporter: water backed up into the homes and flooding more than a foot deep went for almost a block. residents say the storm drains were the problem, and the san francisco public utilities commission that maintains the drains crews. >> there are some areas across the city that don't meet our
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level of service like 17th and folsom, those are areas we have created improvement projects the build out infrastructure. >> reporter: so they don't meet that level of service right now? >> they don't. >> reporter: drainpipes simply too old and small to handle the rain, rain that exceeded an inch of an overwhelming the neighborhood. today clean up crews are busy drying out the garages, but it's not the first time to flood. >> this is the third time in 6 years. >> reporter: third time? >> yes. >> reporter: what happened the other 2? >> the first was a water main break which was a fluke of course, and the year after that after all the homes were repaired, we had the same type of flooding we had this last weekend. >> reporter: the construction to replace the old drains isn't scheduled to start until 2021. in san francisco, don ford,
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kpix 5. 5. bart inspectors are launching a fare evader investigation. bart estimates that in the more than 35 sweeping done since september, 75 to 100 people have have been kicked off trains each time. each sweep lasts 3 to 5 minutes. >> i have seen the sweeps. i think the presence and coverage is good. >> it's unfortunate because for the people that ride bart, the commuters, they just want to get where they're going. >> bart hasn't announced an end date for the sweeps. today on capitol hill, house lawmakers laid out their impeachment plan for president trump. it moves the process one step closer to a vote. >> reporter: today's hearing lasted more than 9 hours after all lawmakers got their chance to make comments and ask
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questions, that includes the bay area's representatives. as the impeachment inquiry enters its final phase, we saw the partisan divide wider than ever as democrats and republicans clashed over evidence and process. democratic and republican lawyers made their best case for and against the impeachment of president trump. >> president trump used the power of his office to pressure and induce the newly elected president of ukraine to interfere in the 2020 presidential election for his personal and political benefit. >> there's no indication of bribery, extortion or other illegal conduct. the call is not the sinister mob shake down that some democrats have described. >> reporter: democrats say the president abused his power and obstructed justice. >> if in fact president trump
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can get away with what he did again, our imagination is the only limit of what president trump could do next or a future president could do next. >> reporter: republicans argue democrats only want president trump out of office. >> nobody understands really what the majority is trying to do except interfere and basically make sure they believe the president can't win next year if he's impeached. >> reporter: white house lawyers declined to participate in today's hearing. instead president trump sent a flurry of short tweets, denouncing the proceedings. lawmakers were frequently sparring and there was a disruption at the start. >> we voted for donald trump! >> reporter: a protester supporting the president had to be escorted out of the room. >> the point of order is he's inappropriate to be up here asking questions -- >> that's not a point of order. >> reporter: republicans repeatedly challenged chairman nadler about how he was
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conducting the hearing. they could finalize articles of impeachment this week. it's still unclear if the articles of impeachment will be limited to the ukraine investigation or if house democrats will broaden them to include elements of the mueller report, possible obstruction of justice. sources tell cbs news that house speaker nancy pelosi is said to be in favor of more narrow articles and we know that she has a lot of influence in this process as this heads to a possible floor vote. on capitol hill, i'm natalie brand, kpix 5. >> president trump is criticizing the fbi after the justice department released its watchdog report into the origins of the russia probe. now according to the 434 page report, the inspector general found no evidence of political bias or improper motivation in the bureau's effort to investigate possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia, but the report
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highlights missteps by the fbi including significant inaccuracies and omissions in applications the bureau failed to monitor a former trump campaign advisor. >> they fabricated evidence and lied to the courts and did all sorts of things to have it go their way. >> the fbi director ordered his agency to take dozens of corrective steps, but the attorney general has ordered a separate internal investigation that he's overseeing. i'm ken bastida at the live news desk. we have breaking news in the campaign for president. michael bloomberg has garnered his first major endorsement here in california and it comes in the form of san jose mayor sam lacardo. the mayor of san jose has agreed to serve as bloomberg's california co-chair to advise him on strategy and policy.
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he was formerly a kamala harris supporter. the campaign pointed out his leadership in fighting climate change, which is one of the top priorities of bloomberg. and bloomberg will be in california for his first trip as a presidential candidate a little later this week. at the live news desk, i'm ken bastida, back to you. all right, ken, thank you. authorities are investigating a cyber attack on the city of pensacola, florida that occurred just hours after the deadly shooting friday at a pensacola naval base. officials are hesitant to link the two. a city spokeswoman says they reported it as a precaution in light of the events on friday. a saudi gunman went on a shooting spree killing 3. the fbi hasn't confirmed whether the gunman acted alone. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a woman mauled by her own tigers.
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the california conservationist raised them since they were cubs. she explains why she wants to work with them again. >> the 49ers on top of a thrilling win over the saints. now just 3 weeks in the regular season, how their super bowl odds are shaping up. >> a banana taped to a wall sold for 6 figures. how one man decided to leave his own mark on this controversial piece of art.
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an animal sanctuary founder was mauled by her own tigers this weekend at a charity event. the event was saturday when 2 tigers pounced on her. she had to be hospitalized for cuts and puncture wounds. animal control will investigate the incident, but perry's attorney doesn't think there will be any negative outcome. >> patty went into the cage
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with the 4 tigers which she's done a thousand times, and the bengal took path his paws and wrapped around her legs, she fell down, another jumped on her. >> she reportedly believes the animals were just trying to play and plans to work with the tigers again once she's fully recovered. federal and state authorities busted a drug smuggling ring based in the bay area. agents seized more than 30 pounds of meth. 11 people were arrested in sonoma and contra costa counties, including the alleged ring leader. according to court records, he was recorded making deals over the phone with his supplier in mexico. the investigation reportedly started in martinez where police persuaded someone to become a government informant. russia was handed a 3 year
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ban from the olympic games to stop performance enhancing drug use. they found the country was involved in suspicious drug testing data. this prevents russia from having a formal presence at the 2020 and 2022 olympics. russia's anti-doping agency has 3 weeks to appeal the ban. the federal government is looking into whether google violated labor laws dealing with their firing of 4 engineers last month. they claimed they had leaked information in violation of their policies. the 4 then filed a complaint saying google fired them for attempting to organize a union. google says we dismissed 4 individuals involved in repeated violations of our data security policies, including systematically accessing and disemanating other employee materials and work. today the dow dropped. officialsare worried whether the white house will go forward with a 15 percent tariff on
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products made in china, including some electronics. some fremont residents may have noticed the smell of natural gas today. you can see in this video the company was venting gas from sections ofa pipe. pg&e did alert customers the smell and sound may be noticeable in the area, but they were told it is not harmful. darren peck is here with the local forecast, and what are we looking at? more rain? what's going on. >> little bit of rain. but what we've all seen today is kind of a gray looking day. fog in the morning, but then clouds hung on all day. it's not been the prettiest day. >> yes, very gray. >> so let me show you what it looks like above it all from our camera on top of mount vaca. above the blanket of gray that's sucked in the bay area
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all day, this camera sits at 2500 feet. you can see what we've got. it's almost like a summer pattern. this is almost like we've gotten socked in with a wide stretch of june gloom. here's the satellite in a second, but first here's the view from the top of the sales force tower, sitting underneath all that at 1700 feet. so there's the run down for daytime highs. concord the only one that made it into the 60s. everybody else in the 50s. 58 for san jose and santa rosa, fremont at 57, 57. looking at how this plays out for us, i think a good example of the clouds tomorrow morning, when we begin, will be to look at what the clouds were like this morning. i'll bring us back to the morning and afternoon, and you can see we're prand socked in w clouds. that's how tomorrow morning
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will likely look. we had a dense fog advisory this morning in case you missed. tomorrow you may have another one. patchy fog likely with us again into the day on our tuesday morning. and for the next item of interest we have to go a little ways out into the pacific. that's where we pick up our next weak band of rain. not a lot to this, but we bring it forward and into late tomorrow we have a pretty good band of rain right off the coast. looks good there, but won't by the time it comes on shore. we switch into the higher resolution forecast model. you can see how it's pretty broken, even still out there. so let's play it forward and see how it comes together as we get into tuesday night. already we've seen it break up a lot. but now we're seeing light showers develop in the north bay in the predawn hours of
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wednesday, and even though the rain out here appears to just break up and disappear into wednesday morning, got to keep a small chance for a sprinkle anywhere across the bay area. even though it doesn't look like that here, this model has waffled back and forth over the last 24 hours. so the possibility is there. it won't be a major rain event, but don't be surprised if you get a little light rain into wednesday morning. but looking at where the accumulations fall, where we get the rainfall you notice by the time we get through with wednesday up north, there's a 10th inch of rain, but following this out, it quickly turns to 0s as soon as you cross the golden gate and stays 0s from there into the south bay. there are tonight's lows. back down into the upper 30s for santa rosa. meanwhile san jose only going to 45. so it's more of our typical winter spread where it's cold in the sheltered valleys up north, everyone else stays pretty typical.
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typical daytime highs for tomorrow. we talked about the chance of rain tuesday night into wednesday morning. looks more impressive on the seven-day than it actually will be, and friday there's another chance of a light sprinkle second half of the day. more on that friday system as we get closer to it. shouldn't impact the weekend in a meaningful kind of way. back over to you. like the sound of that. some superhero reflexes. at the time scary moment actor ryan reynolds was almost crushed by a collapsing stage barrier. just because we're super hungry... ...doesn't mean you got to spend a lot! because denny's brought back the super slam™.
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actor ryan reynolds had his reflexes tested this weekend when a stage barrier collapsed at his comic-con event nearly crushing him. in this dramatic video that barrier that separatedded reynolds from his fans gave way without warning, giving the actor mere seconds to jump out of harm's way. he was in town promoting his new film. the golden globe nominations are out, and netflix is leading the pack. >> what's this? >> adam driver nominated for best driver for his role in the divorce drama marriage story. it has 6 nominations including best motion picture drama. it will go against the netflix crime film the irishman, 1917, joker, and the two popes. the irishman landed 5
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nominations as well as once upon a time in hollywood. hbo's chernobyl and the crown also racked up nominations. one starving artist caused quite the controversy after eating a very expensive piece of art. >> the piece of art, well, it's this banana. it's a banana duct taped to the wall, the masterpiece of an italian artist. the first edition sold for $120,000. it was on display at art basel in miami beach until a performance artist took it off the wall and ate it. >> 50 percent say don't do it, it's art, you can't touch it. >> the other 50 percent say just do it. >> so he just did i. he's known for his comic pieces
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including a golden toilet. the latest piece of art was replaced with a fresh banana for the buyer. you want a real piece of art? the 49er game was a van gogh, but the big win came at a big price, 3 key starters are injured. a mom's instinct kicks in when a man tries to steal her suv with her 3 kids inside. the moment good samaritans rushed in to help. >> reporter: this white line is sparking quite a debate between perception and reality. i'll have that story coming up. because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him.
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i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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ask your doctor about piqray. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the 49ers regained the top spot in the nfc after revailing in a high scoring battle in new orleans. they now have the inside track for home field advantage throughout the 6 months..
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good evening, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> and i'm allen martin. dennis o'donnell is here to tell us more about the game. better not have turned it off early. >> the 49er offense had to bail out the top ranked defense. they're calling it the game of the season in the nfl. 12 touchdown, 94 points, nearly a thousand yards combined between the 49ers and saints. the finish came down to the wire. >> garoppolo back, caught, george kittle down the sideline! runs by a man! george kittle went crazy on the play. here's the game. high snap, the kick is good! >> 49ers 48, saints 46. because the seahawks lost last night, san francisco takes the top seed in the nfc, and it made for a pretty worn out flight back to the bay area.
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