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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  December 10, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news.
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now at 4:30, and streaming on cbsn bay area, we are looking live from our exclusive salesforce tower, actually, not our salesforce tower camera. we are looking our treasure camera. and the skyline of san francisco. not a lot of low-lying, fog. but we are going to get more on that. it is tuesday, december 10th. good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> thanks for waking up with us. i'm kenny choi. let's get a check of the forecast with mary. good tuesday morning. we are starting off the day with cloudy skies. it is a gray start. not saying that five. here's a live look with our roof camera. and you can see the temps are running in the upper 40s to atho. as wee looking at highs seasona
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for this time of year. 56 for the high in san francisco. 57 in oakland. looking at 61 in san jose and 55 for conquered. again, looking at most likely skies. you can see that weak cold front approaching. we will time this out for you, when you see some showers as we head through this evening coming up. gianna? checking the roadways right now, i want to show you a a live look at the bay bridge. you can actually see it this morning. so that's goodness. no major delays right now. you are pretty quiet out of the east bay into san francisco. a couple cars, as usual. note metering lights. you are clear across the upper deck into the city. san mateo bridge, off to a great start this morning. here's a live look. tail lights headed westbound, working their way towards 118 80, clear, both directions. the freeway, northbound at no delays. live look new this coliseum. you can see traffic is moving nicely, south bank as well. your travel times, mostly in the green. just a little yellow on that
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580 ride through the altamont pass. i'm and macvicar. the hospital shooting that just went down in the czech republic. a man killed, six people before killing himself. two other people were injured. at spital. all the victs were patients. cal ti. the gunmen, 42 years old and shot himself in his car. and at this point, we don't know anything about what the motive might have been, why he shot the six patients, eight patients, rather. again it was six that died. the prime minister said these events are for us completely from a different world. back to you. a live look at capitol hill this morning. house democrats are expected to unveil articles of impeachment against president trump. cbs news has learned they are abuse of power and obstruction of congress. cbs news reporter laura podesta with what to expect next.
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>> reporter: cbs news has learned house democrats have decided to move ahead with two articles of impeachment against president trump. abuse of power and obstruction of congress. they can the president abused his power on a white house meeting and hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid for ukraine as leverage for an investigation into former vice president joe biden. house democrats also alleged the president blocked subpoenas and documents across the executive branch as part of the investigation. the judiciary committee could consider the charges as soon as this week and the full house could vote by next week. >> on an issue like this, you don't count the votes, people will just do what they do. i never asked anybody, for the inquiry. >> the judiciary committee held a nearly 10 hour hearing. >> donald j. trump, 45th president of the united states, abused the power of his office. >> let me tell you, those that
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think you've done something special here, you have set the bar so low, i'm afraid it's irreparable. >> reporter: the president tweeted throughout the day, writing, witch-hunt. read the transcripts and the do nothing democrats are a disgrace. only two u.s. presidents have been impeached. andrew johnson and bill clinton. if president trump becomes the third, the senate will hold a trial to decide if he should be removed from office. laura podesta, cbs news, new york. >> president nixon resigned before he was impeached. the full house has is scheduled winter break next friday. you can much this morning's announcement live right here on kpix 5 news in a special cbs news reported. local news will continue on kbcw , channel 44, and cbsn bay area. download the cbs news app or head over to to watch
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on your favorite device. new details out of new zealand this morning. officials have confirmed another death following yesterday's volcano erght peop missing. we have also learned that several people from the u.s. were among those on white island when that eruption struck. including san franciscan michael schade and his family. video on cell phone captured tourists screaming moments after the eruption. >> no, no, no, no. >> it is clear that there were two groups on the island, those who were able to be evacuated and those who were close to the eruption. >> on the scheme of things, the volcanic eruptions, it is not large. if you were close to that, -- >> geologists in new zealand said they saw an uptick in seismic activity in the air a w the outlet to tourist activity. two doesn't rescue animals caught up in a dog napping at a fremont hotel are being held as
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evidence this morning. it could be days before they get to meet their new families. it all happened yesterday morning around 5:30. police say the driver of a d.n.j.'s pets transport van stopped for the night in fremont . she left the car running with the dogs inside. when she returned to check on them, the event was gone. >> i spoke with one of the officers there today. right now, she is being held as evidence. so we don't know when she's going to be released to us. >> officials say they found the stolen vehicle by using its gps tracker. it ended up in the neighborhood in oakland. they also arrested the man behind the wheel and detained another man attempting to buy a dog. a cow football player has been taken into custody for what police call, a, quote, scary series of events. it started when joseph flagged down a police cruiser near a campus. he asked to drive the patrol car and see the officers gone before forcibly opening the door. it was a struggle and he tried
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to take the officers weapon before jumping into that cruiser. eventually backed up arrived, arrested him. how athletics said this, the details as described by the police department are troubling . while he is no longer a member of our football program, we will main concern for his well-being. the search is on for a man caught on camera breaking into a home in vallejo off skyline drive. police believe the suspect was posing as a door-to-door salesperson and talking on the phone with an account with >> the homeowner confronted the intruder who then ran off. and daly city, police are looking for 2 men accused of stealing a wallet out of a 67- year-old woman's purse on black friday. then going on a target shopping spree. if you recognize them, call police. a concord woman facing the threat of deportation this morning now has a reprieve that could save her life. isabel has lived here for 16 years. back in august, the trip emre
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station said that she had to leave. this morning, following outrage and a visit to capitol hill, the family's deferred action status has been renewed for 2 years. city leaders in palo alto have stepped in to protect renters before 8news state rent cap law kicks in. the city council just approved measures to stop rate hikes and unjust evictions following similar ordinances. tenants have protested. they were getting gouged or kicked out. the said landlords were taking advantage of the delay before the rent cap law takes effect in january. moving tariffs on roughly $156 billion worth of chinese imports could put american toymakers in a tough spot right before the christmas rush. mrsa louis first bought the animoodles. she says that small business is doing well. the detachable magnetic dolls are selling well and will soon start in a new animated show on
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an undisclosed streaming channel. >> we have a very special set of factories in china that produce really well-crafted high-quality stuffed animals to overnight be able to moved to another country is really difficult. >> a 15% tariff is scheduled to go into effect on sunday hitting the company hired. president trump's toy tariff will go into effect on december 15th. now deal is reached with china. a bay area city is topping the list involving top-tier tech jobs. diane king hall has that story and more in today's moneywatch report. >> reporter: stocks closed lower monday, led by losses in tech, healthcare, and financial issues. the dow dropped 105 points. the nasdaq lost 34. the s&p 500 fell 9. snapping a three-day winning streak for the index. on the flipside, shares
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to 82 months-following news of a $13.5 billion settlement with the victims of the wildfires, blamed on its equipment. if approved, the deal puts pg&e one step closer to resolving the big as utility bankruptcy in u.s. history. amazon is the president and for the company missing out on a lucrative pentagon contract. the $10 billion cloud computing contract was awarded to microsoft instead. amazon's founder jeff bezos and "the washington post" are frequent targets of the president. the pentagon said the decision was entirely free of external influence. if you're looking for a top- tier tech job, you have five cities to choose from. and new study shows growth in the innovation center from 2005 to 2017 was concentrated in just five coastal cities. boston, san francisco, san jose, seattle, and san diego. researchers say that actually
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widens the income gap in those metro areas and drains talent from other parts of the country. and that is your cbs moneywatch report. for more, head to at the new york stock to change, i'm diane king hall. time now is 4:40 to. some special fans honored at chase center. coming up, how the warriors welcomed the group who survived a bay area mass shooting. let's take a live look outside. this is from our
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welcome back. as we take a live look at san jose international airport, where a new barista is impressing some travelers. an expert at multitasking over long stretches of time. in fact, this car never leaves his post at cafe ex. this is peter. he is a robot capable of serving a variety of warm or cold beverages. you can make 10 cups of coffee simultaneously. cafe ex just opened right before thanksgiving between dates 33 and 34 in terminal "b". the workers are honoring a special group in a story you will only see on 5. welcoming survivors of the shooting.. survivors and their families cheered on the dogs as they face off against the grizzlies. for many, it was their first
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ever game at chase enough. the warriors provided the tickets, tours of the arena, and a special meeting with coach steve there. they also watched pregame warm- up courtside. >> it is kind of surreal. i think it is a little intimidating to be in a crowded place. but, you know, it makes me feel safe knowing that we are being escorted. >> the gilroy garlic festival shooting left three dead and more than a dozen injured in july. warriors coach steve kerr has been a vocal advocate for stricter in control. 4:45. as we get another check of the forecast, a little bit drier this morning. there's a lot more rain to come. >> we are looking. it is a weak storm system. where looking at a weak cold front, bringing light scattered showers. not a big deal. but we could see some more what whether as we head through this
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evening. so you might want to pack your umbrella, your rain jacket, as we are looking at this weather system pushing through. here's a live look with our treasureupto low 50s at this hour. so here's the satellite and radar view. we have that ridge of high pressure and that is what kept us dry yesterday. and as we go through today, that ridge of high pressure is going to push to the east and we have another front on approach for us. let's time it all out for you, taking you hour by hour. here we are as we take you through the afternoon with mostly cloudy skies and there is that weak cool cool front that will rain showers north. as we head through 6:00 pm, looking at those showers pushing into the san francisco area in the and here we are at 8:00 p.m. so for the evening commute, you can come across some light showers pushing through. as we go through 10:00 pm, it still looks like. with that front, and for tomorrow morning, it could be a
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wet start to the day. this is at 5:00 a.m. and then turning to drier weather for your wednesday afternoon and then a few showers even possible for thursday. so really, that unsettled weather, but not expecting any big storms this week. just some scattered showers here or there. let's talk about rain fall amount >> not expecting a lot. maybe a few hundreds to about a quarter to a half inch of rain and that is today through tomorrow. your daytime highs for today, seasonal for this time of year. it is taking you to the south bay. later on in the afternoon. we have 60 in sunnyvale. 60 in santa clara. 61 for san jose and 60 for morgan hill. 59 five mountain view. highs topping out in the mid- 50s for concord as well as pleasant hill. upper 50s in livermore. a time highs, topping out at 56 for you in san francisco. 54 berkeley. 57 in oakland. 56 for san leandro. cloverdale, you'll see a high of 57. so again, dry for the most part. as we head through the morning. as well as the early afternoon and then some light showers push in for this evening tomorrow morning.
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may be of feeling rain showers thursday into friday. but we are looking at drier weather for the weekend. gianna? all right, so make sure you have that umbrella on him. taking a look at the roadways right now, so far, so good, i make freeways. we do have reports, though, of a minor accident westbound 580 right at that 680 dublin interchange. but by the looks of it, on our live shot here, it does not look like it is causing any problems or delays right now. traffic is still moving okay on that was found side of 580 with no delays, at least through this portion. east of there, that is where we see the brake lights for that typical morning ride as you work your way out of tracy was found into the altamont pass. it looks like brake lights start and extend at least two crimeline at this point. past that, though, no major snags as you work your way toward five 8680. drive time right now, 34
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minutes, 205, to 680. we are seeing rain conditions. you're moving up to speed with no delays. 101 looking good as well. taking a look at traffic, 580 through the castro valley. it is moving nicely with been with no delays. 880, both directions, looks pretty good as well. off to a great start. looking at traffic here through san lorenzo. not seeing any slowdowns at all. over to the peninsula, south 101, right at the airport parkway, we have reports of a crash in the center divide. by the looks of it, it doesn't look like it is causing any delays. it good start to your tuesday morning drive. get your proton packs ready. the new trailer for the ghostbusters movie is here. and ryan reynolds stars in an explosive new netflix movie. >> michelle medina has your eye on entertainment. >> reporter: there's something strange in the air in the first trailer for ghostbusters afterlife. the sequel to the original films sets the stage for a small town haunting as a single mom and her two children try to start a new life. >> it is like the walking dead. your dad never mentioned this to this? >> ghostbusters afterlife also
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features some the original ghostbusters, bill murray, dan aykroyd, and ernie hudson. it hits theaters next year. get ready for more late night laughs and carpool karaoke. >> ♪ and if you are with me, then i'm with you, darling ♪ >> reporter: cbs has announced "the late late show" will air on comedy central. celebrity guests are stepping in to host the show. tonight's guesthouse is harry styles. and director michael bay team up for an explosive new netflix movie, six underground. a tech billionaire recruits a team of operatives for a bold and bloody mission to take down a dictator. it premieres on netflix december 13th. that is your eye on entertainment. michelle medina, cbs necos
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to san francisco and make way for the 49ers mass unit. they just lost a few more players. kick off coming up. before we go to break, let's take a live look outside. at minetta internat
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what is a cloudy and try start to the day as we head through the afternoon. mosto cloudy skies. daytime highs, seasonal for this time of year. as we head to this evening, we're looking at light showers. so here we go for the south bay. 60%. santa clara, 61 in san jose. 55 for a high in concord this
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afternoon. 66 in san francisco. 54 in berkeley. 57 for a high in oakland and topping out at 57 in cloverdale. good morning. it is you're commuting out of the north bay this morning, or in sonoma county, it is a good time to be on the freeways. 101, no delays, as well as most of traffic moving through 29. 12, 128. now delays out of napa. everything is clear. headed toward golden gate bridge, look at that, not a lot of cars making the truck just yet. very early, and very quiet. now delays there. it looks like we're doing okay at the bay bridge. the 49ers may have won the game, but the victory came at a steep price. ♪ center weston richburg is up for the rest of the season after suffering a torn tendon. richard stearman going to miss at least a couple of weeks with hamstring injuries. d.j. jones sprained his ankle. and kawann in concussion protocol. brother peyton, letting
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support. tied at 17 in overtime. carson wentz. the former sanford man, philadelphia won. they are tied with the cub was for 1st place in the nfc east. six and seven. while. rookie sensation and the grizzlies making the house call. game for eric pasco. shooting. this turn over. missed that. 13-one run. does he looked rusty to you? 110-wanted to. they have yet to win consecutive games this season. is paul's winter meetings are underway. we already have a massive deal. the world series champs signed stephen strasburg to a seven year deal worth $245 million. that is 35 million a year.
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delete the richest contract ever for a pitcher. your tuesday morning top five. on sunday, 35 chief players were left on the team playing and ended up in jersey. arriving in new orleans about two and in the city chiefs beat the patriots 23-16. in san jose, stanford and north carolina to win the national championship. katie meier had a huge save the shootout. telling everybody just exhibit. james harden drives, double team. a pass. and that is an alley- oop. side, final seconds. jrue holiday in a blender. knocks down the jump shot at the buzzer. they won one of 5-13. saccameno down one one seconds left. wide open. thrills the deep three.
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the kings won 119-118. that is the top five and that is the latest in bay area sports. i'm dennis o'donnell. 4:57. straight ahead, san francisco goes silent. coming up, why does the last time you'll hear an emergency siren for the next two years. the board of supervisors in san francisco is helping to pass an ordinance that would protect tens of thousands of tenants from being evicted. and don't forget, we are streaming now on cbsn bay area. you can find us on,
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 5:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, as we take a live look at capitol hill this
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morning, house democrats are taking a critical step into the impeachment inquiry, a preview of have they plan to move forward this morning. plus, shots fired at a hospital outside of prague. at least six people now dead. this morning, the security boost across the country. a major vote planned today in the closing loopholes any new state law this morning. how some bay area tenants could soon be protected from evictions. good morning, it is today, december 10th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. let's get over to mary lee. a little bit of a change today. >> that's right, yeah, michelle. we are tracking a weak cold front that is going to push across the bay area this evening, bringing some light scattered showers. in the meantime, it is a dry start with cloudy conditions. comes running in the upper 40s to low 50s. there's our treasure island camera. so your weather headlines, we are going to see mostly, these guys. so drive this morning. and for early afternoon, and then this weak weathe


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