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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  December 11, 2019 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. >> now at noon and streaming on cbsm bay area, a soggy start to our wednesday morning. commuters dealing with slick roads and more rain is on the way. i'm michelle. >> i'm kenny. taking a look outside right now, the rain has been off and on depending on where you are. >> checking those conditions on high deaf doppler. you can see a wet golden gate bridge there. so slick roadways, the raindrops on our live camera. let's check high deaf doppler and you see more clouds coming in. here's a closer look at the golden gate with light showers pushing in as well as for parts of san francisco.
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you can see for the east bay from san leandro, castro valley, heyward getting that weather across concord, walnut creek, as well as the richmond san rafael bridge. wet conditions there. as we head up north through petaluma, some light showers there pushing up through glen ellen, santa rosa, even some moderate shower activity over santa rosa this afternoon. as we go through high def doppler and across our futurecast as we head through the afternoon we are looking at scattered light showers with this weather system. not a strong storm by any means, but it will bring more showers as we head out through tonight. michelle? >> mary, thank you. new at noon, the federal government is putting pressure on the city of san francisco to enforce laws in the tenderloin where drug deals and other crimes have been happening in the open.
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we were at a news conference where the u.s. attorney just spoke, anne? >> reporter: the u.s. attorney here in san francisco wants the city to get on board with federal law enforcement efforts. he says the lawlessness in san francisco is taking a deadly toll across the bay area. and the case in point that he used today was a criminal case involving three people allegedly in a fentanyl sale that ended in the death of a father and 13-month-old baby in santa rosa in september. the arrests of those three, part of a federal initiative in the tender loin which the feds named fit, and u.s. attorney david anderson says this case is an example of how dangerous dealings in the tenderloin go far beyond its borders. and he didn't mince words about his officers frustrations. >> open air drug markets attract evil and export misery,
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despair, and as this case demonstrates, sometimes even death. >> reporter: the fit initiative has knelted 100 arrests since august and the feds are urging the city to help out and cooperate with the department of homeland security. despite the city and the state's sanctuary status, he also wants the city to rejoin the fbi's joint terrorism task force which the city left in 2017. for that to happen, both the board of supervisors and the police commission would have to approve that. the police union, though, is all for it. live in san francisco, kpix 5. today prosecutors are asking a judge for more time to decide whether to hold the new trial in a high profile murder case. the two were accused of conspiracy and murder. they were in a relationship when lee's ex, keith green, was found dead.
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days of jury deliberations resulted in a mistrial. the woman was found not guilty. the oakland unified school district is looking ahead and considering budget cuts. >> you should be held responsible for beating up parents and teachers who are trying to speak up and stop this. >> that is oakland school parent parent, she's serving the president a notice of intent to recall her position. earlier in the meeting, the president announced a $15 million budget cut to the next school year. oosd says they have no comment but have not heard back yet. we expect to learn more about the budget plan tonight. more detals on the preeking news we first brought you at noon and streaming on cbsn yesterday. the new jersey state attorney general now says the two suspects in a deadly gun battle are prime suspects in the
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killing of a man found in a car trunk nearby. officials also say the two shooters targeted a jewish kosher deli in the shootout. the shooting began at a cemetery before shifting to the deli. the suspects opened fire with two long rifles then two police officers on patrol a block away immediately opened fire on the suspects. a detective, three bystanders and the suspects were all killed. based on the amount of ammunition found, police believe the suspects intended to kill many more people. investigators are not commenting on a motive but the new york times is reporting one suspect published anti-semitic and anti-police posts online. taking a live look in washington where tonight the house judiciary committee begins debate on the articles of impeachment against president trump. if those charges of abuse of power and obstruction of congress are passed out of committee, they will go to the house floor for a full vote. if passed in the full house, the republican-controlled
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senate will then hold a trial. it's not yet clear if the senate will call witnesses to testify during that trial. meanwhile, president trump ridiculed the impeachment effort at a campaign rally in herb she, pennsylvania, last night. >> when the house democrats announce these two flimsy, pathetic, ridiculous articles of impeachment. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says that if the house approves the articles of impeachment a trial will be the first order of business come january. to campaign 2020. two big money democratic candidates are making stops in the bay area. former new york mayor michael bloomberg is making his first stop in san francisco today. he recently got the endorsement of san jose's mayor who says bloomberg has a reputation for taking on bullies in big business. he will appear with former california governor jerry brown to talk about climate change. and california's own billionaire candidate will be
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touring northern california. tom steyer meets with local democrats in walnut creek at 10:30. a solution to the housing crisis that's actually working. in our original series project home a san francisco success story. chloe is plaque, female, small business owner and a new mother. she's everything san francisco continues to push out. her landlord tried to sell her building and raise the rent but chloe pushed back. >> it feels like we won. and that's a really, really good feeling. >> tonight at 11:00, learn about the program fighting to keep tenants like chloe in the city. walnut creek police are asking for your help to catch a liquor thief. they say this man stole more than $400 worth of liquor from a bevmo and took off in a white sedan. he had also stolen from other bevmo locations earlier. if you recognize him, call walnut creek pd. youtube is taking another
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step to curb hateful and violent speech on its site. it will take down videos that lob insults based on race, gender or sexual orientation. youtube has been accused of allowing and fostering hate speech in the past. the company says they try to walk a fine line. facebook is standing up to the u.s. government's bid to get a peek at your private messages. facebook says it will enable a type of encryption on its messaging services including facebook messenger and whasapp. not even facebook could read the contents. this is in response to a letter from attorney general william barr raising concerns that facebook's encryption prevents law enforcement from finding illegal activity. still ahead, oakland about to welcome its new indoor football team. we talk to some of the players about the new venture for the city. and a new honor for teen
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climate activist greta toonburg. and we are streaming now on cbsn bay area. you can find us on, the cbsn app, or your favorite platform.
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tickets just went on sale to watch the bay area's new indoor football team the oakland panthers. i spoke with a couple of players about their start. >> we're a brand new team here. we're going to be exciting to watch, man. this is my sixth year playing
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in arena football league. it's a good thing to be home here in oakland, california, to give back to the community and give them something to do in the springtime. give the community something to watch and something positive. they're leaving, the hometown, the raiders. we can show you a good time. >> and we're building and to see the building blocks form to become this foundation that we wanted to become, we're building a culture here that just because the warriors and raiders are leaving, we're still here. we want the support, we need the support and the best part is we're still at home. the oakland panthers first game is on march 14th against the iowa barn stormers. let's see how the stock market is doing. the dow is up about 11 points. as millions of people use plastic to buy holiday presents, the federal government says u.s. credit card debt is now over $1 trillion. a survey from found over the past six months
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just 26% of people paid their credit card statement in full every time. that's compared to 36% last year. some people are paying more than 20% in interest. one way to get that rate down is to call your credit card company and ask for a reduction. another tip, set up automatic bill payments and pay more than the minimum payment. she's only 16 years old and is taking the world by storm. climate activist greta thunberg is time magazine's 2019 person of the year. hours before time announced that honor, the swedish environmentalist spoke at the united nations climate talks in madrid. this is the first time that the magazine has chosen an individual teenager as the person of the year. thunberg is the youngest person ever to have that title. around the bay area, families are struggling to put food on the table this holiday season and kpix 5 is working to help. ken bastida takes us to oakland for our food for bay area families drive.
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>> reporter: we're here at the alameda county community food bank and you can see a lot of volunteers really busy, especially this time of year with the holidays coming. and i'm with rea from oracle. tell me about the donation you guys are making today. >> yeah, so oracle has been a food bank supporter for more than a decade now. we're very grateful for the important work that the alameda county community food bank does to end hunger in our local communities and we're proud to support those efforts again this year. >> that's great that not only do they provide money, but they provide help. show me the check you're presenting today. $45,000. that is absolutely amazing. allison pratt is here from the food bank. alson, this says frarm fresh produce program, what's that? >> the food bank serves one in five county residents and most of what we distribute is fresh fruits and vegetables. so this is an incredible
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investment that oracle is making. >> i saw kiwis over here. oranges back this way. and there's a lot of produce here. where does it come from? >> most of it is grown in california and we eat with the season. so whatever's seasonal, we tend to see that in our warehouse. >> and this is important for families, isn't it? >> absolutely. it's important for the academic success of children. it's important for the ability of adults to go to work and feel healthy every day. >> thank you so much. you can get involved too, kp do it. >> definite the season to give and get your umbrellas ready. that's right. we've been working overtime on high def doppler with the umbrellas going for us. we've had several days with unsettled weather. that will continue as we go through at least the rest of the week. so here is high def doppler there. let's show you those light scattered showers.
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across the richmond san rafael bridge, that light rain pushing through. zooming in over the golden gate, it is wet over san francisco. the marina district, sunset district looking at that wet weather. the bay view district and for the east bay from heyward, castro valley. you see that wet weather. here is that live look with or richmond san rafael bridge. you see those temps running in the mid to upper 50s to even low 60s. mid-50s thor you in concord as well as for san francisco, livermore, upper 60s in oakland. santa rosa coming in at 5 # at this hour. so it's a cloudy afternoon for us. definitely a gray afternoon with those scattered light showers. we continue with that as we head through this evening. scattered activity, could see the shower activity increase overnight into tomorrow morning. could be another wet start to the day for your thursday morning. and this is all because of these low pressure systems, these weather systems, passing and giving us that unsettled weather.
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these are not strong storms by any means but still giving us those shower chances with light showers pushing through. so here we go on futurecast as we head through the rest of our afternoon with those cloudy skies, looking at some scattered showers as we go through the afternoon and for this evening. and here we are at 11:00 p.m. so at night we're going to see increasing showers tonight overnight into tomorrow morning. so definitely could be a wet start to the day for your thursday. we're going to keep that chance for showers as we head through the rest of your thursday and even into friday. our sun set at 4:50 and our sunrise at 7:15 tomorrow morning. daytime highs, looking at seasonal if not above average. 59 in san francisco. 60 in oakland. 62 fremont. 63 san jose and 60 for concord. there we go with that extended forecast as we are looking for some more scattered activity for the rest of today into thursday, friday. saturday, the weather model is not in great agreement.
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we do know sunday will be sunnier and brighter. partly sunny on monday and could see showers on tuesday. >> all right, mary. that's good. it's a big day for the san francisco ballet. >> yeah, tonight is opening night of the nutcracker. of course, it's a holiday tradition. mary, you're so lucky, you got insight into this year's big anniversary of the production. >> this is so cool and super exciting. it's the 75th anniversary and this morning i was joined by someone from red curtain addicts. she talked about the significance, especially here. >> the san francisco ballet was the first ballet company to present the nutcracker in mishg. so this tradition started here in the bay area. tonight they'll have a lot of the claras that have been represented across the general rations and a few of the original ballerinas in the first performance in 1944 on christmas eve. >> the 75th anniversary performances of the nutcracker run from tonight through december 29th.
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well, we've all been there, right? staring at the food aisle trying to figure out what to buy. >> now a company hopes to make that easier by introducing activity labels. they would outline how much exercise you need to work off a food item. a chicken and bacon sandwich with 445 calories requires 42 minutes of slow running. a chocolate bar, 229 calories, would need 22 minutes of running. a medium mocha coffee with 290 calories will need 28 minutes of running. in all that's more than an hour and a half on the treadmill. >> it might make you think twice. should i put them away or maybe be a bit more active? >> british researchers predict people could cut 200 calorie as day with the new labels and would be three times more likely to get moving.
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first, let's do a tip on basil. i'll show you the best way to select it. best way to select it, simply like this. nice and green all the way around. fresh cut flowers, the leaves got to feel nice and fresh. very important. when you bring them home, don't put them in the refrigerator in a plastic bag. they'll turn black. i put them in the kitchen in a glass of water. i cut the bottom, treat them like cut flowers and put them in the kitchen like that. sometimes i might wrap cellophane around if it's cold, but not all the time. that way they last two, three, four days. you don't want to wait longer than that because some of that aroma will be gone. when you use basil you want to rip it, use your hands. the oil from the basil will end up on the knife.
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fresh basil in the market. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. it is one hog of a problem in the east bay. so much so that the city has hired professional trappers to stop that stampede. we'll have that story and much more coming up tonight at 5:00. and remember, we are streaming live 24/7 on cbsn bay area. >> we are on all the time. okay. >> yes we are. >> but not now. that's going to do it for us. >> time to eat some lunch. i hope you enjoy yours too. we'll see you right back here tomorrow morning. on the economy, a unique leader.
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mike bloomberg's created over 400,000 jobs. as president, an opportunity economy that works for us. tax fairness -- where the wealthy pay their fair share. education .. affordable college and high skill vocational training so people can succeed in the new economy. economic security .. lower cost health care and affordable middle-class housing. proven leadership on jobs .. to build an economy where people don't just get by, they get ahead. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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♪ >> ridge: [ sighs ] i promised myself we wouldn't have this argument again. simple document. >> brooke: [ sighs ] >> ridge: it looks longer than it is, that's good. three copies--one for you, one for me, one for the county. should probably read it. >> brooke: does it say anywhere in there why we're doing this? >> ridge: settlement protects you, your bank accounts, um, personal properties. >> brooke: thomas is pulling all the strings. i don't want this divorce. and i know you don't want this divorce. but your son does. he hates me becai


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