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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  December 11, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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another washout in the bay area tonight. when will we finally get a break in the rain? a flood of presidential hopefuls in the bay area this evening. >> let's start unifying. >> the key endorsements that one contender just picked up. the school board meeting, demands for transparency, and the recall of the interim school board president. now at 7, we are on storm watch tonight. i am ken bastida. >> i am veronica de la cruz. drivers are encountering dangerous roads tonight. >> people armed with umbrellas carefully darting bubbles in san francisco's north beach. taking a live look outside. low clouds visible above a shot
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of a glistening san francisco skyline. doerun is tracking the storm. >> that shot looking at treasure island is about to get some rain on it. i want to stop it on the last image. there is your organized line a better rain that is sweeping across the bay area. it has been bringing moderate rain into much of the north bay over the cast of the last 30 minutes. you can see the drive over to 116 into one country. if we follow this to the south, i want you to see the band sitting at the city right there. this is all going from the southwest up to the northeast and progressively moving east as it does that. plan on the rain to pick up in intensity for the city. that will work its way across the east bay. we will stay in a good band of rain overnight. i will be back with what that means for tomorrow coming up. back to you. this just in. that suspect accused of running over the barber in antioch last
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week is in custody. she just turned herself in. tonight ruby delgadillo accompanied by her lawyer met with police. just one week ago, officers responded to the delta barbershop in antioch where they said delgadillo drove through the storefront and badly injured 63-year-old barber brian martin. he suffered a broken leg from the crash, but he is recovering. a gofundme account set up for martin has raised almost $7000. protester shut down the oakland school board meeting. we have this video. >> they are teaching the students to choose their own path for themselves. >> parents and teachers have been unhappy. board members called for a recess which still is in effect tonight. just yesterday, protesters interrupted a different meeting to announce they had enough signatures to begin a recall on the interim president.
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>> this of the democratic process. i have reviewed the secretary of state information very carefully. if people are unhappy with the performance of an elected official, they have the opportunity to file papers the recall. >> now they are suddenly staying on top of closing our schools, they are another $15 million in debt. something is not adding up. there's a lot of misinformation. we have been lied to. that is very clear now. >> district officials prepare to announce more bad news. the $15 million budget short fall for next year. we are at tonight's meeting. we will have the latest on kpix 5 news at 11. stuck presidential candidate michael bloomberg in the bay area today. he and former governor jerry brown talking climate change. that is where kpix 5's andria borba is live tonight. >> reporter: california is no longer irrelevant when it comes
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to the residential primaries. it has moved up date wise on your calendar. that means you're going to be seeing a lot more presidential candidates coming through in the coming months. millionaire presidential hope tom steyer was in walnut creek today. michael bloomberg on stage hours after he received an endorsement from the mayor of stockton. just last month, bernie sanders in oakland. if you feel like presidential hopefuls are flooding california like never before, you are not wrong. >> let's start unifying, let's rebuild this country. >> reporter: california used to only surge for an atm. the contest was largely decided by the time golden state voters hit the polls in june. this election cycle, for the first time, the california primary has been moved way up to super tuesday, march 3, placing only behind the races in iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina. aching appearances like this
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one with former governor jerry brown important election strategy, as important as making the debate stage. >> the end of the world is not news. the end of the news is what we have to worry about and do something about it. we are here to talk about climate change, planet action, if what we can do. california is doing more than any other state. >> reporter: putting the issues of california voters front and center. >> we have to do something by getting a president who will understand, we are in jeopardy of destroying everything that we know. we've just got to do it right. >> reporter: stier and bloomberg are displaying interesting saturday. they think that will not be a clear leader coming out of iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina. live in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. stuck a huge drug dealer rest. they arrested three suspects,
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who they believe sold drugs that killed a father and his 13- month-old son in santa rosa. the news comes as the attorney's office continues their efforts to crack down on what they called lawlessness in the tenderloin. they u.s. attorney david anderson repeatedly cited sanctuary city laws is one of the barriers to successful drug enforcement. >> the way those policies are being applied in san francisco is also resulting in sanctuary instead. sometimes even immunity for those who are engaged in criminal misconduct. >> we stand by i think prairie city policies. this is san francisco. secure is an idea. one city leader wants to bring a cruise ship to oakland, docket, and then house the homeless aborted. how the plan is thinking even before it sets sail. >> reporter: council president rebecca kaplan has been making national headlines all day long when she floated this idea
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yesterday. if she is able to pull this off, it will be a first in the country. >> certainly, with a crisis this big, we should be looking at all the options. >> reporter: president kaplan says she has been calls from cruiseship companies who are retiring old vessels with dirty inches. >> a ship that used to cruise cannot be docked, plugged in, and they have been used in other cities as hotels. >> reporter: kaplan is retiring to the time that they to put hurricane katrina victims on this cruise ship it >> my goal is not for us to buy a ship but rather that the ship operators would negotiate a contract for a dock and then people would pay on a sliding scale basis to stay there. >> reporter: the court of oakland says they respect her desire. they are designed for cargo ships. safety and security issues that are federally regulated would make residential uses
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untenable. >> the port of oakland said it would be untenable to put the where cargo shipping is taking place. they do have a couple of options on land they own where they don't have cargo shipping going on. there is also the possibility of looking at other docs be on the court of oakland. >> reporter: her seems to be widespread support to do something, anything. >> that sort of that could work pretty well. >> having up to 1000 people living on a ship where you work, how does that sit with you? >> that's fine. >> i would rather have them on something like that been in the street. >> is healthy. however you are doing it, you are trying to help. >> reporter: the next steps are for the staff to come up with a big comprehensive report looking at the feasibility, possibility of rv sites, tiny homes, and yes, now cruise ships. in oakland, kpix 5. >> in our original series
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project tone, a success story. a black female small business owner and the mother. she is everything that san francisco continues to push out. earlier this year, her landlord tried to sell her building, raise the rent. but chloe pushed back. >> it feels like we won. that is a really good feeling. >> tonight at 11, learned about the program fighting for tenants like chloe in the city. still ahead, the house judiciary committee argues the battles and impeachment late into the evening. house and they could go to the floor of the house. struck a major settlement between a disgraced hollywood producer and his alleged victims. by harvey weinstein some say is getting off too easy.
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when you lease a new volvo. mike bloomberg's created on tover 400,000 jobs.ue leader. as president, an opportunity economy that works for us. tax fairness -- where the wealthy pay their fair share. education .. affordable college and high skill vocational training so people can succeed in the new economy. economic security .. lower cost health care and affordable middle-class housing. proven leadership on jobs .. to build an economy where people don't just get by, they get ahead. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. i am veronica de la cruz.
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right now the house judiciary committee is debating the articles of impeachment and whether they should advance to a full house. lawmakers plan to work into the night. >> the first article charges that the president use the powers of his public office to demand that a foreign government attack his political rivals. the second article charges that the resident obstructed the congressional investigation into his conduct. >> a major victory tonight for thousands of undocumented farmworkers. today the house passed a bipartisan bill that would grant them legal status. the measure will provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants working in agriculture. the bill heads to the senate. i whitehouse hanukkah reception. president trump find in order to allow us --
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>> my administration will never tolerate the suppression, persecution, or silencing of the jewish people. police in new jersey say the suspect in a shooting spree yesterday clearly targeted a jewish market. this video shows them getting out of their van and taking aim at the kosher deli. three civilians and an officer were killed in that shooting spree. that's not a dramatic shift in appears for disgraced hollywood producer harvey weinstein. he arrived at court using a walker. the new york times is reporting he reached a deal with dozens of women accusing him of misconduct. under the deal, weinstein would not be allowed to admit wrongdoing or pay anything to his accusers. the money would come from insurance companies. to the sierra. the recent storms dumping feet of fresh snow which is a welcome sight for skiers and snowboarders. the squaw valley opening today.
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for the riders who want to get up to the slopes, they can order and uber. the ride sharing company introduced in ski. uber ski. >> the snow in the area is going to fall. it is really the friday and saturday storm that lowers the snow level down to 4000 feet and creates more of an issue for travel. be aware that if you're going into the sierra friday or saturday. with come back to the here and now. doppler, plenty of rain in the north bay. i want to show you how things are planning out north of the golden gate. that is where the majority of this is. moderate rain. it looks good on radar. this is coming down. we will probably pick up a 10th of an inch of rain. still, that is enough to get the roads wet. we are still on the telly to the commute home for the
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evening. heavier bands here coming in. that is marin. you can see that is the golden gate bridge. the city down here. it can be tough to pick that out. there is so much rain getting in the way on the radar, which is what we had. the yellows and oranges show you heavier bands of rain that will move across the city. as far as the east bay and south day, nothing. not yet. if we come back out for a wider view and switch from a high death doppler input into future cast, there will be plenty of rain still to go. i plenty of rain, i mean light showers like what we have been seeing. it will stay with us overnight. it will stay with us tomorrow. we cannot take rain out of the forecast for thursday. it will be down pours. there will always be a chance for a light sour. tomorrow will be a lot like today. if you look at the totals by the time it is all said and done, for all of this time we will have spent under the gray skies living with constant dampness, we are not even putting a lot in the rain
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gauge. let's get an idea on why the rain is behaving like this. here is our rain coming into california. along line of clouds stretching to the pacific. it is not like there is an organized storm. what there is is this long stretch of moisture coming up from the subtropics feeding into whatever impulses there are, keeping just white disorganized showers going. friday night into saturday, remember i said that is when the snow level would come down in the sierra? that is also when we are going to experience a little more organization to the rain. look at the timestamp. this gets us into friday. think of friday as first half of the day, we should get a break from the rain. the second half of the day, the rain picks up again and goes through the first half of saturday. overnight lows, kind of one. daytime highs for tomorrow, kind of one. 5-7 degrees above average. there is a chance of rain for friday and saturday. the second half of friday,
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first half of saturday, we are done with the rain. a cooler storm gets here for tuesday next week. we are not done. back over to you. let's talk hockey. the sharks making a change tonight. head coach pete deboer is out. >> are sports director joins us with more. >> what have you done for me lately. sharks coach pete deboer was skating on thin ice since the season began. after a dreadful road trip and a five-game losing streak. they decided it was time to make a change. deboer was in his fifth season with san jose. he led the sharks to their only stanley cup final in 27 16 and. the assistant has been named interim head coach. now to the say it ain't so file. the athletics dodgers signing
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madison bumgardner after they failed to sign gerrit cole. bumgardner is reportedly seeking a five-year deal north of 100 million. will be strange to see him in a dodger uniform? it wouldn't be the first. brian wilson spent two things in l.a. also jason smith left for san francisco. the man who never ever should have been in a dodger uniform, his final season with the dodgers. some giants don't look right in another color. i remember willie in san diego and with the oakland a's. it's just not right. bumgardner cannot be in a dodger uniform. unfortunately, it might happen. >> giant ownership, are you listening? still ahead, they have torn
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up lawns, public spaces. a new plan to deal with an east bay city's pig problem. struck a woman accused of stealing $100,000. how she allegedly scammed victims by posing as a psychic. . celia cruz was still winning grammys at 77 john wheeler illuminated our ideas of the universe at 70 and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space your best is yet to come
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wild pigs in lafayette have gotten so out of control that the city is bringing in reinforcement. pigs have been in the area for years. recently they have expanded into the community park. because thousands of dollars worth of damage. >> reporter: what can be done? >> we are working with a licensed trapper at fish and wildlife. >> it will be up to the department of fish and wildlife to determine what happens with these pigs after they are captured. relocating them is not an option. a sacramento woman claiming to be a psychic is wanted on grand theft charges. the 29-year-old is accused of stealing $100,000 from her victims. investigators say she posed as a psychic to gain their trust. she allegedly promised to bless any money given to her by doubling the amount. police say the suspect
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disappeared with the victims returned to collect their promised cash. still ahead, the climate crisis taking center stage tonight. >> time magazine announces its youngest ever person of the year. by the winner is rejecting the accolade.
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she has taken the world by storm. now greta is gaining worldwide recognition. >> she has been named 2019 time magazine's person of the year. the teenager who has mobilized millions to fight climate change says awards are not what the environmental movement needs. she spoke at the un's climate talks in madrid where she accused leaders of misleading the public. >> the biggest danger is not in action. the real danger is when politicians and ceos are making
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it look like real action is happening when in fact almost nothing is being done apart from clever accounting and creative pr. >> she says this is the year the climate change went from behind the curtain to center stage. no one did more to make that happened in greta. today she says she shares the honor with climate activists everywhere. thanks for watching the news at 7. it continues streaming. >> we will be back at 11. >> see you then.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. steve: let's go now. come on. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheers and applause] steve: thank you very much. i appreciate that. thank you. thank you, folks. thank you very much. i appreciate that. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheers and applause] got another good one for you today. returning for their fourth day with a total of $21,465, from mobile, alabama, it's the champs, it's the martin family. [cheers and applause] and from torrance, california, it's the lloyd family. [cheers and applause]


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