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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  December 11, 2019 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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now at 11:00, breaking news, in just hours congress could be another step closer to impeaching the president. we're live from capitol hill with what happens next. this was the intersection that was under 2 1/2 feet of water and residents say the city was too slow to respond, how they aired their frustrations tonight. ♪ it's the very best and this is not okay ♪ . demonstrators disrupt the oakland school board meeting tonight as the district was going to announce millions of dollars in cuts. and our original series project home, a solution to the bay area housing crisis that's actually working. we have breaking news now at 11:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> committee members back to
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work tomorrow morning to debate and vote on articles of impeachment against president. let's get you right to natalie brand on capitol hill with what comes next. >> reporter: those members will be back first thing tomorrow morning after a late night here and tonight did take on a solemn tone, but republicans and democrats on the committee appear divided as ever as they head closer to a historic vote. the house judiciary committee worked late into the night with democrats and republicans clashing over the two articles of impeachment against president trump. >> if we do not respond to president trump's abuses of power, the abuses will continue. >> the only abuse of power here is the majority racing the fastest they've ever had the clock and the calendar determining what impeachment looks like. >> reporter: the first article of impeachment alleges president trump openly and corruptly urged ukraine to publicly announce investigations into his political opponent, former vice
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president joe biden. the second article of impeachment accuses the president of directing the unprecedented categorical and indiscriminate defiance of the house investigation. the judiciary committee will continue its work tomorrow and members will be able to propose various amendments, but with democrats controlling the committee, passage is all but certain setting the stage for a full house vote. >> it's not just because they don't like the president. they don't like us. they don't like the 63 million people who voted for this president. all of us in flyover country. >> the hard working people in dublin, california, and hayward, california, in my district or a mom in michigan or a former in wisconsin aren't following this and don't care despite how unquestionable the facts are in support of impeachment, but i have faith in the american people and i know that they know right from wrong. >> reporter: with the democratic house expected to take a final vote on
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impeachment next week, republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said a possible trial will be their first order of business at the start of the year. now bay area democratic congresswoman zoeloftgren who is on the committee noted she's worked on the past two presidential impeachment proceedings. she said this third time brings her no joy but said no one is love the law. as we heard tonight, republicans on the committee remain united in defending the president, so tomorrow we are likely to see a lot of procedural maneuvering, but the committee seems headed for a party line vote. >> the committee reconvenes tomorrow at 6 a.m. we'll have the latest starting at 4:30. some light rain coming down over parts of the bay tonight. meteorologist darren peck is tracking that and what you can
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expect for your morning commute. >> things have quieted down. i want to focus on the commute to work tomorrow. you see the rain that's moved to our east. maybe some of that's hitting the ground. most likely it's not if we're seeing any light rain now, it's in the east bay. let's advance this to 5 a.m. tomorrow. now we're into the morning commute and nothing has changed. there is still the possibility for a few light showers. they should not be strong enough to have a major impact on your drive, but on some areas that will likely get some slick roads in the morning, there's 5 a.m. in the east bay, the 6:00 hour going across the city down into the peninsula. none of this lasts long. we're not done, got another chance for rain taking us into saturday. i'll see you with that in a few minutes. andrea is in the west portal neighborhood where they got hit with flooding over the weekend with an update there. >> reporter: this was the intersection that was under roughly 2 1/2 feet of water to
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give you an idea of how deep that is. the water came up almost to the second line and then it spilled into the garages of about a dozen homes. frustrated residents feel that the city didn't respond quickly enough and those residents had their chance to air their frustrations tonight. >> i think it's a little disappointing for us as a neighborhood you didn't think maybe i should check on west portal. >> reporter: san francisco board of supervisor norman yee walked the streets of 15th avenue tonight have thing homes affected by flooding. >> just getting a chance for them to vent a little bit or air out some stuff and for them to give suggestions was worthwhile. >> reporter: this flood prone area of west port port recall portal was hit once again saturday according to residents for the third time. >> i ran downstairs to try to
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open the garage door and get a rake to try to rake the leaves out on the drains. the wart was already coming in the garage. >> reporter: the residents' main gripe was why it took the city so long to respond to the emergency. many also have questions about wiwona uld be done differently street the is slated for a massive project to improve storm drainage, but it's not expected to start until 2021. homeowners fear this neighborhood can't wait years for a solution. >> the work may be starting in '21. it may not be done till '23 and that is just not acceptable. >> that means another couple of winters of maybe repeat performances. >> reporter: the san francisco public utilities commission says even after the capital improvement project is in place this area may still face flooding issues just because of its location. in san francisco, andrea nakano, kpix5. that woman accused of running over an antioch barber
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is behind bars tonight. ruby delgado is booked into the contra costa jail accused of running over 63-year-old brian martin with her car after getting upset about her son's hair-cut. martin is currently recovering after suffering a broken leg. a gofundme page set up for him has raised nearly $7,000. tonight angry parents used a holiday classic to shut down an oakland school board meeting. kpix5's joe vazquez was there when things took an unexpected turn. >> reporter: protesters took over the oakland school district board meeting tonight in a very unusual demonstration. >> their rights and teaching their students to choose. >> reporter: parents, some teachers and even students stood at the front of the meeting and began reading stories they had written in the style of dr. seuss. >> and the grinch said oh, but i hate all that noise, the noise, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise. >> reporter: after the oakland
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unified school board called a recess children took over their seats. protesters also sang modified christmas carols with lyrics about budget cuts. ♪ these kids deserve the very best and this is not okay ♪ >> reporter: the activist group called oakland is not for sale has been protesting school closings for months. it got ugly when police clashed with protesters at a meeting in october. this woman is suing the school district for a severe knee injury she got during the class and is now running a campaign to try to unseat jody london. >> somebody who believes a $6.5 million police force is more important than keeping schools open should never be on our board, not for one more minute. >> this is the democratic process under our state laws. people are unhappy with the performance of an elected official, they have the opportunity to papers for a recall. >> reporter: after the short break some bad news was
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announced. >> heading into next year our staff is anticipating we will need to cut $15 million from our budget from 2021. >> something is not adding up. there's a lot of disinformation. we've been lied to and that's very clear now. >> the oakland school board will begin voting on the new cuts for next year's budget in february. a months long fentanyl investigation led santa rosa police to a large heroin bust. in november a narcotics team located a drug trafficking organization that involved several residents of sonoma county and today the team arrested four suspects and seized 11 pounds of heroin worth about $200,000. this investigation is ongoing. tonight we're getting a look at the man accused of stabbing his co-worker in palo alto. police say 21-year-old lionel munoz got into a fight with the victim, stabbed him from behind. both men were outside contractors working in the mail
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room at rubric on page mill road. an unsuspecting person was almost the bull's eye of an attempted crossbow attack in gilroy today. the victim was on a second floor balcony at a best western when this crossbow bolt narrowly missed his head. the bolt came from a hand-held crossbow similar to this one. anyone with information is encouraged to contact police. coming up next project home, the unique plan that's combating rent hikes and evictions and winning. a forever home after a dognapping drama, the happy ending for some hopeful pet owners. it could be the future of firefighting, coming up the world's first all electric fire engine comes to silicon valley. >> don't forget, we are streaming now on cbsn bay area. you can find us on, the cbs news app or your mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights,
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now our original series project home, the san francisco success story. >> we look at a unique plan to combat rent hikes and evictions. susie steimle with a solution to the housing crisis that is actually working. >> it feels like we won and that's a really, really good feeling. >> reporter: at home in her inner richmond apartment with her husband mike and their new baby alonzo chloe jackman butrago is all smiles, but earlier this year life as they know it was in jeopardy. it all started when her landlord put the building up for sale, then strangers started asking to tour her place. >> i just felt very defensive. these people are coming through, it's very invasive to have somebody come into your space to look around at it so they could figure out a way to get rid of you. >> reporter: next came this
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notice. >> then there was a note that said this is a not rent controlled building with an asterisk next to it. that's when we freaked out. >> reporter: chloe is a female minority native san franciscan new mother and small business owner. she's a little bit of everything. san francisco is consistently at risk of losing by pricing people out. she works around the corner from her apartment as a photographer in her own studio. alonzo often comes with. they was not about to give all of this up. >> so we started getting the neighbors together and saying this is what needs to happen. >> reporter: through a flyer in her mailbox chloe just happened to learn about the small sites program. >> this is an issue that affects every resident of san francisco. >> reporter: caroline fang is the director of community real estate for the mission economic development agency or meda. meda connected chloe's building to the small sites program. small sites uses public money to help buy sites off the public money so tenants like
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chloe can stay. >> we essentially pay what you would pay on the private market for these buildings. we're not paying less than another buyer would pay. >> reporter: meda owns the largest number of buildings associated with the small sites program. san francisco has provided $75 million to help meda purchase 26 buildings and help more than 400 tenants keep their affordable housing. all told the mayor's office helped keep 35 buildings and more than 500 residents in place. the program started in 2014 with just $3 million. a lot of funding came from inclusionary housing fees that luxury developers pay towards the city's affordable housing fund. this november the program got a big boost. >> the city just passed a $600 million bond in november and with that we'll have another at least $30 million to add to the pot to be able to buy buildings off of the private market. >> reporter: caroline and her team are training other nonprofits to continue this work and looking for more
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permanent forms of funding. she's warning tenants to look out for these signs. >> be on alert for changes to your building, whether or not it's your landlord starting that painting that they've never done in that building after not paying attention to your building for over 10 years to having random investigators walk through your building. >> reporter: chloe's building is now protected for the next 99 years, long enough for the next generation of san franciscans to call this place home. >> he's so cute. in june the city enacted the community opportunity to purchase act or copa. that law now insures nonprofits get a five day heads up to purchase eligible properties before they go onto the market and this is a program that had the mayor's full support. she's touting it at a press event tomorrow with chloe. >> win/win. no one gets to sell the building and people get to stay in it. >> and it's market rate, so that's good for them. >> keep sending your stories
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and ideas to and see all of susie's reporting on our website. following a dognapping drama, we have some happy new pet owners. justin rodriguez drove from washington to pick up ava, an italian mastiff. fable is back in tracy smith's arms. these dogs went missing when a pet rescue transit van was stolen in fremont with more than two dozen dogs inside. tonight the search does continue for papo. police believe he was sold somewhere in oakland. it's the world's first all electric fire engine and it could soon be coming to silicon valley. kpix5's maria medina shows us the future of firefighting. >> reporter: this is what an all electric fire engine looks like. it's the first of its kind. it takes about four hours to charge and the menlo park fire protection district hopes to get one on its fleet by 2021. you're used to seeing fire trucks look like this, but soon
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they could look like this. >> electric vehicles are not new. it's only new to the fire service. >> reporter: tonight the menlo park fire protection district showed off the world's first all electric fire engine, no need for fuel, the engine's backup battery. >> you got eight hours to keep going. >> reporter: this isn't the first bay area agency to try out an electric vehicle. fremont police began using a tesla as a patrol car earlier this year, but a few months ago -- >> down to be six miles of battery on the tesla, so i may lose it here. >> reporter: -- the department forgot to charge it and the tesla nearly ran out of juice during a car chase. >> i'm not concerned about that because we in the design phase will make sure we don't have a single point of failure. >> reporter: the fire chief says they plan to make changes to the engine to fit the department's needs. it will first be used and tested out as a rescue truck before an engine for fires. bottom line he says the electric vehicle is better for
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the environment and potentially the future of firefighting. >> the emissions on diesel and carcinogens is not good for the environment or health and safety of our personnel and it's not good for the public to breathe. >> reporter: and the all electric fire engine will be at fire station 6 tomorrow between 1:00 and 5:00 for the public to check out. maria medina, kpix5. >> the chief says the electric vehicle, fire truck is, about $1.2 million and is comparable in price to other ladder trucks. the company behind it will present its contract to the fire board tomorrow. darren peck standing by with alook at the forecast. what are we in for tomorrow? >> kind of a unique situation just like today where we could get a light mist for 24 hours and end up with about a 1/10- inch of rain in most places, more in some spots, but on average into the heart of the bay. that's what hi-def doppler looks like now and there's very
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little on it. let's show you what's going on on the big expect to get an idea how you can have a persistent mist event because we've got one more day where we'll be doing it again. good rain coming in to our north, but watch the long band of clouds stretching down towards the subtropics. look at this a slightly different way. that's the water vapor in the atmosphere. the brighter the color, the more there is and look what keeps getting pushed our way. it's not like we've got a very impressive storm coming in, but we have a constant, steady supply of higher amounts of water vapor to work with and in that case it doesn't take much to wring out a few sprinkles. that's what's been happening. if we watch this on futurecast, i'm going to play this forward taking us from now into thursday and friday and look what happens as we get into friday. there is a long stream of rain coming our way and this time there actually will be just enough energy coming down from the pacific northwest to meet up with it and turn it into rain, which is why the next
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rain event meaning more than just mist and sprinkles, but we'll actually get some rain, maybe 0.1 or 0.2-inch out of this quarter inch will come in the second half of friday into the first half of saturday. look at the timestamp. that says 6 p.m. and you can see the rain comes in from there overnight into saturday morning. that's about it. here's another way to look at this. this is how the rainfall accumulates between now and saturday. by tomorrow morning we've picked up about a 0.1-inch of rain with the mist and light showers we'll likely have overnight. then we get a little break throughout the day thursday, doesn't turn off completely tomorrow, but we don't add a lot to it. watch what happens going into friday, second half of the day. you see the gauge goes up a little more. now we're closer to 0.4-inch of rain in some places over the next three days. as far as temperatures, have you noticed it's kind of warm? these overnight lows are relatively warm. are so the daytime highs, 5 to 7 degrees above average for this time of year in places.
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so we'll get a break from the rain late saturday, all day sunday and monday. next storm gets here tuesday. that one is a little cooler. we'll have to watch that one, could be more impressive. mary will have a lot more on this. she starts at 4:30 and goes till 7 a.m. she'll have an update at noon and we'll have the drive and any wet roads covered. the sharks shake up the coaching staff after a dismal road trip. and the warriors were down 18 at hatch, but it's the you know when you're at ross and you find their favorite hero... a price that makes you the hero? yes! that's yes for less. yes! with hot holiday toys for all ages, ross is your toy destination. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less.
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. the sharks are in jeopardy of missing the playoffs, so tonight pete deboer was fired. deboer was in his fifth season with san jose and led the sharks to their only stanley cup final since 2016 and made the conference finals last season, but the sharks are 15- 16-2 this year. assistant bob boughner was named interim coach. boughner had the top job with the florida panthers for two seasons. nba, the knicks made their only trip to the year to the chase center to play the warriors and thank god for that, nine combined wins between the two teams.
11:27 pm
our producer calling it a toilet bowl and the warriors down 18 at the half but chipped away. three seconds left, deangelo russell to send it to overtime, but the knicks pulled away. jerome randle knocked it down from downtown. new york won 124-122 which means the warriors are back to being the worst team in the nba. the money like the new baseball keeps playing at the baseball winter meetings. former nats third baseman -- great writing, ken -- anthony rendon signed with the angels, seven years, 245 million, a 3.19 average last year. rendon, strasburg, cole all got deals totaling 814 million, all represented by scott boris who
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and keep the public safe.
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top five and cal, a career high of matt bradley against fresno state, bears win, 69-63. tiger woods won his match at the presidents cup, all smiles, but they stop there. usa is down 4-1. kawhi leonard returned to toronto tonight, scored 25 and the clippers win. get out of john moran's way passing aron baynes for the jam. that guy can play. jets running back le'veon bell missed the game sunday with the flu but was spotted the night before at a bowling alley in jersey. bell was asked today if he was surprised about all the outrage. >> the biggest surprise i bowled 251 with the flu. that's the bigger surprise. career high.
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colbert is up next. >> thank you for watching! the news continues streaming captioning sponsored by cbs >> president trump's campaign team turned him into the destroyer of impeachment. they superimposed trump's head over avenger's villain thanos. the creator of the character, jim starlin, says he found it pretty disturbing that they compared him to a mass murderer. ♪ ♪ >> help me, president trump! aarrgghhh! >> i am the chosen one. ♪ ♪


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