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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  December 12, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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to the grinch. scattered debris made of concrete spreads across 101 on the crash that started it all. good morning it is thursday, december 12, i am kenny choi. >> and i am michelle griego so let's get over to mary lee. keep the umbrellas handy because we have this unsettled weather, we could see more light isolated to scattered showers. a foggy start, the golden gate bridge camera as what roadways and you can see the father and check out how mild is as we start off the day. livermore and san jose at 60 degrees, 59 oakland, the doppler shows the shower activity has wrapped up this morning. again we are looking at the chance for more showers as well. isolated to scattered as we had through the afternoon with highs in the upper 50s for the coast and mid 60s inland. about average temperatures for this time of year . 61 san
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francisco and 63 concord, 65 san jose. let's look at the traffic alert. we've got both directions of 101 complete shutdown on the peninsula. you're looking at exactly what happened here at 1:45 . debris is scattered because of a crash involving a vehicle abandoned in the roadway, to the work trucks hit the car and it caused a big mess. there is a lot of debris in the roadway so gravel, concrete from the barrier so, both directions of 101 completely shut down . chp said caltrans is now on scene sweeping the area. it is a big mess. both directions in this area. you will see delacey use alternates try 280 which is the best bet. no delays there and both directions for you can use el camino and there are detours in place but again remember that.
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as a commute heats up things will get really busy through harry so you will see significant drive times increasing and working on the way to 101. really quick, there is a traffic alert on 29, pg&e trench issues, one lane is blocked and there is traffic control in place. to campaign 2020 former vice president joe biden is expected back in the bay area today for another round of fundraising. political reports that two events will take place one hosted by senator dianne feinstein and the other by a san francisco lawyer. the front runner paid a visit to the bay area in october, his campaign recently announced he raised about $20 million in the last quarter. michael bloomberg made his campaign swing through the bay area yesterday and he and former governor jerry brown came together to discuss the nonprofit americas pledge which aims to keep united states a
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global leader in the flight against climate change for this with two scientists in san francisco. >> i think the ability to leave the country given you have credibility that no one else has, is an obligation you have and that would be great contribution. >> is very encouraging, it is sort of verifies or justifies what we do. it is important, some people, imposition of powers recognize that importance. >> according to a recent cnn poll, primary voters in california are evenly split among the top three candidates. the former vp is neck and neck with bernie sanders, meanwhile support for massachusetts contender elizabeth warren slept to 17%. still, they are closely bunched at the top of the field with no other candidate reaching double digits. i met the live news desk so let's go to capitol hill where the don is coming up
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over another historic day in the debate on whether or not to impeach president donald trump. the house judiciary committee debated late last night and is set to take a vote by the end of the day and cbs news reporter catherine johnson is joining us live from capitol hill i what to expect today.>> reporter: good morning, this hearing picks up in about an hour and we are expecting to see some fireworks is this is democrats and republicans final chance to make their arguments for and against impeachment. now, the president is accused of two high crimes and misdemeanors. article one is abuse of power, article 2 is obstruction of congress for democrats a president donald trump abused the power of his office by pressuring ukraine to investigate his political rivals. the bidens then obstructed congress by stonewalling the impeachment inquiry.>> president president donald trump will that the enormous powers of the
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presidency to cheat in 2020 election. >> this is the quickest, thinnest, most partisan impeachment in all of american presidential history.>> reporter: today the committee will pass both articles on partyline votes. that's as of the final impeachment votes before the full house come into happen at some point next week. today the judiciary committee will be voting on each of the articles of impeachment, separately but again, we will see the votes land across partyline but republicans are not going without a fight. they know this is the final chance to make their case and they are getting some amendments added to these articles of impeachment but the house judiciary committee is led by democrats and they have the majority. it is unlikely any of those amendments will make all the way through.>> there's a lot of democrats that think those articles up for the vote don't go far enough. why is the house focusing specifically on those two? >> reporter: right, the house originally went, they were
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thinking broader and maybe bribery or thinking about possibly a charge of obstruction of justice and bringing in robert mueller report and russia investigation but they landed on these articles of impeachment because they know the republicans will continue to hammer home where is the evidence? where is the evidence? that's what everyone needs to see. in addition to the general public so democrats think they have the best chance at these two articles of impeachment including instruction of congress because they have the proof that the white house refused to participate in impeachment inquiry. they will be leaning on that as the evidence when the things come down. in the east bay, angry parents used to holiday classic to shutdowns the oakland school meeting . >> the kids deserve the very best on this is not okay, hey. >> they ready dr. seuss like
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poem in the style of how the grinch stole christmas and thing modified christmas carols about budget cuts. after the school board called a recess, children then sat in the seats. the disruptions have been happening for months now and it got ugly when police clashed with protesters at the meeting in october.>> somebody who believes that it $6.5 million police force is more important than keeping schools open should never be on the board, not for one more minute.>> after brick the school board resumed its meeting in a room and accessible to protesters and announce bad news. >> heading into next year, the staff is anticipated we look at $15 million from the budget for 2021. >> the school board will begin voting on the new cuts for next year's budget in february. the board of trustees for the city college of san francisco will decide the fate of almost 300 classes. 288 classes could be dropped from the register which includes 90% of classes for the
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older adults program . the cuts could prevent many students from graduating on time . advocates rallied outside of city hall tuesday in a push to keep the classes in session. they are calling on the city to provide $2.7 million in funding to help the college. up next, the original series project home, the unique plan combating rent hikes and evictions that is working. okay so we are starting off the day with cloudy skies and areas of fog and showers have wrapped up for now but keep the umbrellas handy and likely pack them in the car because you will need them. you need extra time if you plan on taking 101 or [ electrical buzzing ]
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[ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott.
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you came back! the original series project home with a san francisco success story. >> we look at a plan to combat rent hikes and evictions . susie with the solution to the house a housing crisis that is working. >> it feels like we won. and that is really, really good
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feeling . >> reporter: at home and her apartment with her husband mike and their new baby, she is all smiles. but earlier this year, life as they know it was in jeopardy. it started when her landlord put the building up for sale and strangers started asking to tour her place. >> i felt very defensive, they were coming through and is very evasive to have somebody come into your space to look around so they can figure out a way to get rid of you.>> reporter: next came the notice.>> the said it was not a rent- controlled building with an asterisk next to it of us and we freaked out. >> reporter: she is a female minority native san franciscan, small business owner and new mother. she is a little bit of everything, san francisco is at risk of losing by pricing people out. she works around the corner as a photographer in her studio. she always brings a little baby. she was not about to give this up. >> we started getting the neighbors together and saying
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this is what needs to happen. >> reporter: through a flyer, she happened to learn about the small fights program.>> this is a issue that affects everyone issue in san francisco. >> reporter: the community real estate director, they connected chloe's building to the small sites program. they use public money to help nonprofits like matta find that is off the private market so tenants like chloe can stay. >> we pay what you pay on the private market for these buildings, not any less than a different buyer would pay. >> reporter: san francisco has provided $75 million to help them purchase 26 buildings and help more than 400 tenants keep their affordable housing. all told, the mayors office of community develop meant helped nonprofits by 35 buildings and keep 500 people in place. the program started in 2014
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with just $3 million. a lot of the funding came from england inclusionary housing fees, fees that luxury developers paid toward the affordable housing fund. the program got a big boost this november. >> they passed a $600 million bond and with that, we have another $30 million to add to the pot to be able to buy buildings. >> reporter: their training other nonprofits to continue this work and looking for more permanent forms of funding. she is warning tenants to look out for these signs. >> be on alert for changes to your building, whether or not your landlord starting the painting they've never done after never paying attention to your building. to having random visitors walk through your building.>> reporter: chloe's building is protected for the next 99 years. long enough for the next generation to call this place home. in june, the city passed the community opportunity to
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purchase acts which ensures nonprofits get a five day heads- up in order to purchase any eligible properties before it goes on the market. >> send us your stories and ideas to project home at cbs this morning. let's get another check on the roads, and other traffic alert.>> it is affecting your drive on the 101 and the delays are stretching northbound 101 in the area between mountain view and palo alto. you see this purple and red in the middle, that's where the trouble spot is, there is a vehicle abandoned on the freeway hit by two work trucks. a gravel spill now as well is concrete from the barriers in the roadways plus the debris from the actual accident. it is affecting both directions were the complete closure is . i know caltrans sweepers are on scene clean things up but that is taking types of traffic
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backing up into mountain view if you're headed on the northbound side of 101. south bend bc delays so it looks to the oregon expressways where the backup is on the southbound side. give yourself some extra time . use 280 instead. the speeds are at the limit with no delays. el camino runs adjacent as well. of course it is early once the morning commute gets in full swing. we will see some more delays to this area so hopefully they will wrap it up. and other traffic alert, this is due to some pg&e work happening there, one lane is blocked. the rest of the bay area fairly quiet, no troubles it on the san mateo bridge and things look drive so that is good news there. don't forget the umbrella and we have more on that coming up. traffic is light between 880 and 101. the bay bridge is stockinette. you can see traffic is backing up.
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it gets better through the upper deck. no delays on the golden gate but it looks a little damp on the road was there. we have the wet roadways because of the showers that did push to the bay area overnight. we are starting off the day with a break from the rain, cloudy skies and areas of fog and you can see how foggy it was that we just showed. here's a look at the treasure island camera. you can see cloudy skies, temperatures are mild and check it out, livermore, san jose at 60 degrees to start thursday, 59 oakland and san francisco, mid-50s in concord and santa rosa. this is the doppler, quiet for now but pack the umbrella. put on the rain jacket if you're headed out the door because we are still looking at the chance to see some more showers as we had through the day. let's check the visibility down to three quarters of a mile at
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half moon bay looking at three miles for concord and half a mile for santa rosa. we are dealing with cloudy skies, areas of fog and through the afternoon, a few showers are still possible with light isolated showers this afternoon and evening. we will see increasing light rain though for the friday. the high surf advisory in effect from 3 p.m. today until 3 p.m. saturday. they have dangerous surf and rough swells, so rip current risk along the coast for the beaches. the satellite and radar view you can see this subtropical moisture coming in, the zonal flow and that's why we are going to stay unsettled with our weather. we are not looking at the weather system coming through today but because of this moisture we still have the chance to see some showers. let's take you through future cast at noon, some scattered showers through 3 p.m., there will be some showers there.
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through friday, we are going to see increasing light rain with the next weather system there. this is at 3 p.m. friday. so really, going through the next few days, we have that unsettled weather with the shower chances. not looking at a lot of rain as we had through the day about .1 inches perhaps, very light if we do see any more showers today. it is that time of year we have the tahoe ski report, alpine meadows looking at the snow base 24 inches to 72 inches and it is packed powder. we have a snow chance looking ahead to saturday in tahoe, heavenly 34 to 48 inches with the snow conditions machine groomed. back in the bay area today, above average temperatures for this time of year, looking at again isolated to scattered showers possible . 64 is the
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high and palo alto and 64 sunnyvale. concord you will see a high of 63, 63 pleasant hill and livermore 65 as well as pleasanton. san francisco at 61 today as well as berkeley. 62 san rafael and 62 cloverdale. the extended forecast, showers today increasing for friday, showers possible saturday but it looks writer and dryer on sunday into monday. straightahead, stepping up in a huge way to help survivors of new zealand's deadly volcanic eruption, coming up, the life- saving donation. lets head outside, take a look at the traffic camera at the golden [ dramatic music ]
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this holiday... ahhhhh!!! -ahhhhh!!! a distant friend returns...
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elliott. you came back! and while lots of things have changed... wooooah! -woah! it's called the internet. some things haven't. get ready for a reunion 3 million light years in the making. woohoo! -yeah! welcome back we are monitoring this major traffic alert at 101 on the peninsula. use 280 as an alternate especially with this crash did they have had both lanes closed now. looks like northbound 101 is open so good news i will have more coming up. on our
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health watch, patient care and safety is being compromised because nurses are not getting enough sleep. according to research published in sleep health, researchers looked at data from more than 1500 nurses here they reported sleeping on average just under seven hours on a workday compared to more than eight hours on a day off. alarming research finds childcare centers rarely required and or the caregivers to get the flu vaccine. the flu is dangerous for children who are at greater risk of serious complications and even death. the study published in the journal of the pediatric infections diseases society, binds a quarter of childcare centers require the vaccine of children. and fewer required for adults. as a warning from researchers when it comes to unnecessary prescribing of antibiotics, a study published in the reddish medical general found as many as 2/5 of antibiotic prescriptions in the united states are inappropriate, lacking the documented indication to back
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their use. new zealand officials will begin recovering eight victims bodies remaining on white island tomorrow. meanwhile, doctors are working around the clock treating volcano burn victims. medical officials say it is a huge task and they've ordered extra skin for grafting onto patients. hospitals in australia are stepping up to help out.>> we dispatched 10,000 square centimeters of skin which will have arrived this morning and the colleagues to the petition tissue donations and provided another 10,000 square centimeters.>> right now more than 20 people are in intensive care's suffering from severe burns. >> once we knew the extent of the severity of the casualties, there would have been 100 staff in the emergency department, acute care unit. we used every space and every resource we had
5:26 am
for these people. >> police say two more people have died in the hospital, raising the death toll to eight. nine americans were confirmed to be visiting the island at the time. new information on the car crash that shut down both directions of 101. some of the lanes have reopened and an arrest has been made, the latest coming up. don't forget we are streaming now on cbsn bay area, find us on
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i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. you know when you're at ross yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. streaming on cbsn, new follow-up for the area athlete accused of assaulting a police officer the charges he is now facing. a woman accused of ramming a barber with her car,
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what led to her arrest. a big day for the united kingdom. the election that is paving the way for brexit. >> good morning i am michelle griego. >> and i am kenny choi. grab an umbrella today as your head out the door for work and school, keep that handy because we are looking at more showers, the shower chance as we go through the day today. here is a look with the golden gate bridge camera and you can see the wet road race across the golden gate and a little foggy. it is a mild start, to start . san jose 60 degrees, 59 oakland, livermore and san francisco and mid-50s concord as well as santa rosa. a cloudy, foggy start. isolated to scattered showers this afternoon and this evening. and unsettled weather pattern for us and increasing light rain provided. daytime highs today, above
5:31 am
average, 61 san francisco, 62 oakland and fremont, mid-60s san jose, livermore as well as concord. some information on this trouble spot along 101. a traffic happened here and both directions were shut down at san antonio but chp reported that northbound lanes are open so that is good news, the lanes should have delays but things should be getting better now that the load northbound lanes are open. southbound lanes remain closer in the meantime you want to stick with alternates 280, looking like the best bet to avoid residual delays on the northbound side of 101. with the closure on the southbound side you can seat 280 clear el camino will work as well. northbound lanes are open on 101 between mountain view and palo alto but the southbound lanes remain closed. let's go to the live news desk now. >> yes, an arrest has been
5:32 am
made, a dui arrest, the driver of this car that you can see was demolished in this crash. he apparently abandoned it in the middle lanes of the freeway. that is what caused the crash when two other work trucks came upon the abandoned car, crashed into it and spilled their loads all over the lanes of both sides of the freeway. that's why both northbound and southbound lanes were shut down for almost four hours. it happened about 1:45 a.m. no injuries reported on this was a zip car that he was driving. they tracked him down after this crash and the northbound lanes are open southbound lanes are shut down because the dot has to clean up the gravel. to the storm watch, san francisco city officials made the rounds in west portal, to check on residents whose homes
5:33 am
are flooded due to heavy rains. >> it is disappointing that you didn't think that maybe we should check in west portal. >> west portal was submerged under 2 1/2 feet of water. frustrated neighbors say the city should have done more to help.>> just give him a chance to vent a little bit or air out some stuff. and for them to give suggestions.>> the storm drains are the problem they say but construction to replace the old drains is scheduled for two years from now.>> the work may be starting in 21 but not done until 23 and that is not acceptable. >> that means another couple of winters of maybe repeat performances. >> the public utilities commission says that even if the capital improvement project is in place, the area will face flooding issues because of the location. new details of the uc berkeley football player accused of attacking a police officer. the 19-year-old is charged with two counts of felony assault.
5:34 am
he was arraigned for resisting an officer and trying to take his gun. he is in custody at the santa rita jail in dublin. they say he is no longer part of the football program and he is scheduled to enter his plea deal tomorrow. an update, the woman accused of running over in antioch barber is behind bars. ruby delgadillo turned herself in yesterday and is now booked into the contra county jail. she is accused of hitting brian martin with her car after getting upset about her son's haircut. she is behind bars and he is recovering from surgery on his legs. and unsuspecting person is almost a bull's-eye of an attempted crossbow attack in gilroy. the victim was on the second floor balcony at a best western when this crossbow nearly missed their head and hit the wall next to them. the bolt came to my handheld
5:35 am
crossbow and anyone with information is asked to call police. a group of doctors says it ended protest: the government to allow them inside detention centers to give flu vaccines to migrant children. activists were able to meet with border patrol officials and get approval to kick off a medical pilot program. demonstrations were held for three days outside of cbp headquarters in san diego county. six protesters were arrested and three migrant children have died from influenza while in custody. taking a look at capitol hill, today the house judiciary committee will vote on the final wording of the articles of impeachment against president donald trump. that will set up a final debate for next week. stay with us, to hear more from our reporter on the impeachment proceedings. britain's voters will head to the polls to check and choose the next government. this is the second election since they tried to leave the european union.
5:36 am
it can pave the way for brexit under boris johnson. meanwhile the opposition labor party which has had healthcare at the top of the pitch, all major opinion polls suggest that johnson will win. a new report from pg&e says power outages could soar in northern california if lines are not replaced soon. they are focusing on thickest fixing equipment in high fire risk areas but many lines need replacement. is is power outages could double in the next 15 years and quadruple within 30 years. pg&e would have to replace at least 1200 miles of the oldest lines every year, to prevent that. this comes as a new audit shows pg&e diverted millions of dollars away from efforts to bury power lines underground over the course of 10 years. the review done says pg&e shifted $123 million from 2007
5:37 am
to 2016 and not clear what the money was used for. but the audit found the shift likely caused such projects to take longer and become more expensive. pg&e spokesperson told the chronicle until 2017, the company was allowed to reallocate the funds as needed. the federal reserve put interest-rate policy on hold potentially for a while. we are here to explain why and how that decision impacts you. the first question is, the fed has cut rates three times as your so why did they decide to stop now?>> reporter: they reciting a strong labor market, just moderate economic activity and muted inflation. so the central bankers unanimously decided that the current level rates 1.5% to 3.75% is the right range to maintain a balanced economy. not too hot or not too cold. they noticed the consumers of been doing the household living. they are raising it up high
5:38 am
pace and business investments and exports remain less. >> the fed released an economic project and so what are they predicting now? >> reporter: they have a moderate level of growth and low employment for the next few years and as a result, they anticipate, no action, no interest rate moves next year, just one hike in each of the subsequent two years. what does that mean for you? if you are a saver, you are not happy. a year ago you were having interest rates creep higher in your money market accounts but that has gone away. conversely, if you are a borrower, you will see low cost for short-term loans like credit cards or autos. some adjustable-rate mortgages. the bottom line is the fed will kick back and take it easy. they will just keep watching the information and of course this could change if the
5:39 am
economic data changes.>> always analyzing the numbers, jill, thank you so much. police and fire need your help to donate more toys for the holiday toy drive. the richmond fire and police a holiday toy program needs extra help, it serves over 1500 underprivileged kids. you can assist by sending a cash donation on their website or dropping off toys at any richmond fire station . acts fast, they have to come in by december 20. straightahead, a roreversed and why people around the world are paying to walk dogs. well, we are getting a break from the rain, it is a cloudy start with areas of fog and to start the day, tracking more showers. get those umbrellas handy we will talk all about it, coming up. the latest information on this traffic alert, this is 101 along the [ electrical buzzing ]
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all for just $6.99. the $6.99 super slam™ is back! see you at denny's! good thursday morning, here is a look at sfo, it is cloudy no there and you are looking at 60 degrees. a mild start to the day. through the afternoon we do have shower chances so pack the umbrella if you're headed out the door for work and school. we will time it out for you, on future cast, coming up. if
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you follow muni on twitter you saw the news about the one car trains but it is a bit misleading. here's what they treated, heads up, due to equipment availability muni service will be seeing an increase in one car trains row and we expect minimal impact on capacity. more one car trains means less, two car trains which means less wiggle room for passengers and they told the chronicle they learned about a problem with the pin yesterday and the pins keep the new trains coupled together. they only last about three months before becoming unreliable so to ensure people safety their running trains with older pins as single. they are rushing out a stack of fresh pins at the expense. they also told the chronicle that the manufacturer will redesign and reengineer the pins so they don't have to constantly face this problem. it is not the first time i've had this problem. in april, a sheer pin, the same one as this morning, broke off and muni said he was bringing in an independent contractor
5:44 am
to bring it out. that was eight months ago so we hope to hear about this pesky problem from commuters. christmas has come early for these hospital patients in louisiana. santa visited patients and lighted the christmas tree in shreveport. officials say they want to help their people see a bright side to the holiday season. >> we want to recognize families, families going three difficult times and recognize the difficulties that they're going to and show them our support. and show them our support and that we are here with them. >> kids were part of the celebration, people and families were reminded they are not alone this holiday season. some people are paying to walk rescue dogs as part of a
5:45 am
program that allows customers to rent the dog for a hike and give help to the animals second chance at life. they pay $45 to take the dogs on a two hour hike through la's runyon canyon. a majority of the walkers are tourist and the walk is booked online through airbnb experiences. all the money raised goes to free animal doctor a nonprofit that provides surgery for ill and injured rescue dogs. they have led to dozens of adoptions. >> these are rescue dogs who don't have the best behavior, they've been abused and neglected. you can see that behavior improve and improve and then the dogs are adoptable. >> it is so popular that they're expanding the walks to other areas of california including a hike near san diego. an unusual thief was caught on camera, check this out . security camera footage shows a squirrel doing the misty outside of an apartment in los angeles but immediately a witness spotted the squirrel on the run and nabbed the
5:46 am
package and returned it to the owner. this may not be the first robbery either, the owner says he frequently finds his packages and bushes around the apartment. >> that pesky squirrel he says i can't store that in my cheeks. >> that little grinch. try to ruin christmas for everyone. >> that is funny though. the roads are not too good, i have good news and bad news for the good news is on 101 northbound lanes are open. the bad news is on the flipside, southbound is completely shut down. due to a crash that happened about 1:45 this morning and they had both directions shut down but now we are dealing with the southbound side. there was a gravel spill and parts of the barrier in the roadway plus the metal debris. they are working on that but northbound, all green so no delays, southbound, you see delays out of palo alto. use 280 in the meantime or 82,
5:47 am
el camino, they are moving at the limit. the morning commute gets busier, things will change and we will see more delays on the 101. hopefully they will open the lanes quickly. at the limit on 280 both directions, no delays there. northbound into daly city clear. speaking of daly city, i am getting word from bart of a 10 minute delay out of the area and the antioch direction so plan for that. san mateo bridge looks good with no snags between 880 and 101. heads up cell phone 101 and you'll run into the delays. the metering lights are on but beyond that 880 overpass, not to the maze just yet. no snags on 80, the golden gate bridge is easy with no delays . south 101 from 37 down to the city, is pretty quiet and
5:48 am
northbound not dealing with any troubles there due to construction. northbound 880, traffic moving nicely. near the colosseum. a quiet southbound through this portion but into hayward we will see some brake lights and you may run into some rain as well. pack the umbrella out the door for work and school as we are looking at the chance to see some showers. catching a break, cloudy skies and areas of fog here's a look with the treasure island camera with clouds and sky and check out the temperatures now. we are on the mild side, san jose at 60 degrees to start off thursday, 39 livermore and 58. mid 50s concord and santa rosa. let's check the visibility as very done with areas of fog especially along the coast, three quarters of a mile at half moon bay. looking at a quarter mile in santa rosa so some dense fog for you across parts of the
5:49 am
north bay. this is the doppler and the roadways are still wet from showers pushing through overnight. quiet conditions for the most part, a few spotty showers over the diablo range as well as the santa cruz mountains. that is about it as we start off the day. there is a chance to see isolated and scattered showers through the afternoon. the unsettled weather for us. daytime highs above average, upper 50s for the coast and low 60s for the bay and mid-sixties inland for highs later on in the afternoon. heading to the beach, be careful because there is a high surf advisory from 3 pm today at 3 am saturday so we are talking breakers at 16 to 22 feet. that means a rip current risk so please be safe on the beaches there. the satellite and radar view and you can see subtropical moisture coming in so that is why we are still looking at that unsettled weather. the zonal flow of the moisture coming in so we do have the
5:50 am
shower chances as we go through the day. on future caste at noon and looking through some light scattered showers possible also 3 pm and 5 pm there is a chance to see some sours. through friday, through the afternoon a weather system has increasing light rain friday afternoon and evening. it looks like a wet evening commute. through today, into tomorrow the rainfall amounts, not a lot maybe a few hundredths of an inch of rain. the sunrise at 7:15 and the sunset at 4:51. the south bay we go, 64 is the high . also for campbell 65 and san jose morgan hill. concord you will see a high of 63 as well as pleasant hill. san francisco 61 62 is the high cloverdale.
5:51 am
the extended forecast as we are looking at isolated and scattered showers, light showers possible today and increasing light rain friday. it looks dry and bright by the end of the week and for the start of next week. straightahead, a special nomination for a special crossing guard. coming up why this 82-year-old is hailed a hero this morning. here is a look this morning at the richmond san
5:52 am
looking around here i see tablets, laptops, printers, smartphones.
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good thursday morning, the roadways are slick and we had the showers pushed through overnight but for the most part we are catching a break from the rain. keep the umbrellas handy, isolated to scattered light showers are possible but above average temperatures, san francisco hitting 61 and 62 oakland, 65 san jose, 63 conquerors were about 3 to 7 degrees above average. if you're just joining us he may want to skip 101 until they open all lane south 101 completely shut down. north 101 is open they were close from about 1:45, 280 is a great alternate. north 101 is closed. an 82-year-old woman has been nominated as america's favorite crossing guard. >> she pushed three kids out of
5:55 am
the way of a moving car in february when she was a crossing guard from wisconsin for herself in harms way to push three children out of the path of a moving suv. she was taken to the hospital immediately with the cracked vertebrae.>> i didn't know if she was going to stop or not. and, so, i just kept going with the kids and i said go girls, go. i put my hand out as though i was going to stop this car. and she bounced right across the back of me. and i landed out inside of the road by the snow bank. >> she made it out of the hospital in a couple of months and now she's honored with a nomination for america's favorite crossing guard. a look from capitol hill this morning where in minutes, members of the house judiciary committee will begin voting on articles of impeachment against president donald trump. we will take you live to the nation's capital for the very latest on this historic
5:56 am
decision. we have a closer look at the crash that shut down both directions of 101 earlier today for the arrest that has been made. one tiny pin is causing major issues with muni this morning, we will let you know if we think it will impact your commute. we are streaming now on cbsn [ electrical buzzing ] [ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh!
5:57 am
elliott. you came back!
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news . a damp start in the morning but we will see a break in the rain. bay area roads are slick from overnight showers we will have the latest on the messy crash that completely shut down 101 in south bay. parents and oakland are getting creative to express their outrage at school board members . the new announcement adding to their anger. good morning
6:00 am
everyone it is thursday, december 12, i am michelle griego. >> morning i am kenny choi so let's get a check of the forecast. good thursday morning to you, even though we have a break on the rain now we can see the wet roadways there, some slick conditions heading out the door for work and school and we will have more on the morning commute coming up but here is a look with the golden gate bridge camera and you can see the wet roadways and foggy conditions is a start off the day. temperatures are definitely mild for sure. livermore, san jose 60 degrees to set off 58 oakland and san francisco mid 50s concord as well as santa rosa. cloudy skies today, areas of fog and through the afternoon there is a chance to see more isolated to scattered showers this afternoon and this evening with increasing light rain for your friday. unsettled weather pattern will continue for as . keep the umbrellas handy over the next


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