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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  December 12, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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everyone it is thursday, december 12, i am michelle griego. >> morning i am kenny choi so let's get a check of the forecast. good thursday morning to you, even though we have a break on the rain now we can see the wet roadways there, some slick conditions heading out the door for work and school and we will have more on the morning commute coming up but here is a look with the golden gate bridge camera and you can see the wet roadways and foggy conditions is a start off the day. temperatures are definitely mild for sure. livermore, san jose 60 degrees to set off 58 oakland and san francisco mid 50s concord as well as santa rosa. cloudy skies today, areas of fog and through the afternoon there is a chance to see more isolated to scattered showers this afternoon and this evening with increasing light rain for your friday. unsettled weather pattern will continue for as . keep the umbrellas handy over the next three days. today, the daytime highs above
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average, 61 san francisco, 62 san jose and 63 concord. let's check in with the traffic alert. it continues on 101, we are tracking this accident 101 towards palo alto. southbound lanes are blocked but the latest from chp is there opening two left lane so things are improving as you work your way through there. at one point, both directions were shut down. all northbound lanes are open southbound lanes are opening up for two left lane so that should relieve congestion through there. until they get all lanes of income you are better off taking 280 or el camino. as far as the drive times, there is delay around the southbound side but on the northbound side of 101, 41 minutes from the south bay working towards sfo. all lanes are open northbound and southbound lanes you have two left lanes blocked at san
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antonio. use 280 as an alternate and try el camino as well. some brake lights through the altamont pass. the east shore freeway started to get busy as well. let's check in with anne makovec. there was a dui arrest that happened before 2 a.m . this guy left his zipcar in the middle of the lanes and that's what the car looks like luckily, no one was inside. they would have been badly badly injured. nobody was injured in this crash. it made a huge mess. gravel all over both the northbound and southbound lanes and that's why they were both shut down for almost 4 hours early this morning. the car was left in the middle of the lanes and, two work trucks came up behind it. they all mixed it up and, one of the trucks spilled its load of gravel all over the lanes. a 25-year-old man was arrested for dui for leaving the car in
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the middle of the lanes. we will keep you posted all morning and when those lanes reopened. in the meantime, another look at your morning commute from jackie.>> if you follow muni on twitter you may have seen the one car trains but it is a bit misleading. here's what they treated. heads up due to equipment availability, muni metro service will see an increase in one car trains to rapid we expect minimal impact on capacity . more one car trains means less two car trains which means less wiggle room for passengers. they told the chronicle that they learned about a problem with the pins yesterday and those pins keep the trains coupled together. they only last about three months before becoming unreliable so to ensure passenger safety, their running trains with older pins as singles. the manufacturer is rushing out a stack of fresh pins at its expense. they told the chronicle also that the manufacturer will redesign and reengineer the pins so muni doesn't
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constantly face this problem. it is not the first time with this problem, a shear pins, broke off in april and muni said it was bringing in an independent contractor to figure it out. that was nearly eight months ago so we hope to hear from some commuters about this pesky problem. the east bay, angry parents use the holiday classic to shut down oakland school board meeting.>> the kids the they deserve the very best and this is not okay hey. >> they read a poem in the style of how the grinch stole christmas and they sing modified christmas carols with lyrics about budget cuts. the disruptions have been happening for months and got ugly when police clash with protesters at a meeting in october. >> someone who believes that a 6.5 million our police forces more important than keeping schools open, should never be
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on the board, not for one more minute. >> this is the democratic process under the state law. if people aren't happy with the performance of an elected official, they have the opportunity to file papers for recall.>> the oakland school board says it will begin voting on a new $15 million in cuts for february. the house judiciary committee is taking the next step in the impeachment inquiry against president donald trump. committee members will vote on the final wording for the articles of impeachment. we are joined live from washington with katherine johnson. we met good morning, this hearing just got underway in the last minute which means a very historic day as we are watching the house judiciary committee within hours now, send these articles of impeachment onto the house floor, for an official vote. this means today, the next few hours, are the last chance for democrats and republicans to make their final cases against
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or for impeachment. he is accused of two high crimes and misdemeanors, article one is abuse of power and article 2 is section of congress for democrats a president donald trump abused the power of his office by pressuring ukraine to investigate his political rivals, the bidens, and then obstructed congress by stonewalling the impeachment inquiry. republicans maintain president donald trump did nothing wrong and democrats are out to get him.>> they don't like the president or his supporters and they dislike us so much they're willing to weapon as a government. >> i am a black man representing georgia, armed when jim crow was alive and well. to me, the idea that elections can be undermined is not theoretical. remake the committee today will pass both articles on partyline votes. that's with the final 43 for the full house next week. although we are expecting to know how the vote will go
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today, the house judiciary committee will vote on each article of impeachment separately, and come republicans will again have that final chance to make their arguments to add amendments. this judiciary committee is led by democrats. the majority is democrats, so, we are assuming the democrats will win the vote but again, it is something to watch today.>> we've heard so much from both sides of the aisle so go over how both parties are backing up their arguments.>> reporter: today, republicans will continue to make the claim that president did nothing wrong and the democrats don't have enough evidence saying that overhearing the plan of a possible quid pro quo isn't acting on it. they're hammering him there is no evidence which means democrats are really going to be trying to hone in on the articles of impeachment and focus on the evidence they claim they have . for example, an obstruction of congress they see there's plenty of proof saying that they've refused to participate in the impeachment inquiry. they're hammering that through the day through this final vote.>> all right thank you.
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today, san francisco's health department will unveil the plan to address the growing number of deaths linked to opioid abuse in the city. at the same time, matt haney will push fellow supervisors to push the crisis. it is one after the attorney's office announced charges in connection with the overdose deaths of a bay area man and his infant son. prosecutors say they traced the fentanyl back to a network of dealers in the tenderloin district. 29 of patrick o'neill and his 13-month-old son liam were found unresponsive in a home in santa rosa in september. three people have now been charged with supplying that fentanyl. crews in new zealand are preparing to launch an effort to find the bodies of those still missing after a volcanic eruption this week. we will hear from a tourist to jumped in to help during the height of the chaos. voting is underway in critical elections in the uk, more on what is at stake.
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she wrote a cloudy and foggy start today. this is the doppler and a few spotty showers across the diablo range and the santa cruz mountains. keep those umbrellas handy. we have the latest information on the trouble spot on 101 and a new problem on 680. on the economy, a unique leader.
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and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space your best is yet to come @ start to the day, for the most part the showers have wrapped up but let's check the visibility be because we are looking at half a mile visibly for half moon bay and 2 1/2 miles for concord. we will talk about the shower chances as we go to the day and we will time it out on future cast, taking you hour by hour. we have a traffic alert around 101 southbound at san
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antonio, two left lanes are open but the three right lanes are blocked until further notice due to a crash that happened this morning. all lanes were blocked in both directions, northbound lanes are open so that is the good news. southbound has two lanes blog. we see a back up with things getting a bit busy on the approach as you work your way westbound 580 and e shore freeway. a little foggy at the golden great bridge. took new zealand officials will begin recovering bodies remaining on white island tomorrow. today, they announced the death toll is currently at eight, more than 20 people are still in intensive care suffering severe burns. we are hearing from a man who got off the island minutes before that volcano erupted and then turned around to help other tourists.>> everybody was horrifically burned. skin falling off, lots of screaming. panicked screaming.
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get me out of here, i'm burning, i'm burning. >> they were able to pull 23 survivors onto a boat he says he spent much of the 90 minute trip back to shore caring for young couple from virginia. they managed to seek shelter behind a rock was still suffered severe burns over much of their bodies. britain's voters are headed to the polls this morning to choose the next government. this is the second reddish election since the country voted to leave the european union. experts say the election can pave the way for brexit under prime minister boris johnson. it is the center of his campaign and meanwhile, the opposition labor party, has put healthcare at top of its pitch. all major polls says johnson will win. israel will hold in and unprecedented third election in less than a year in
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march, this after lawmakers failed to form a new government. it follows the failure of the leaders to break the ongoing deadlock . the move means the prime minister will remain in his prime minister even though they have presided over a transition government there for a year. the academy of sciences is getting into the holiday spirit. you can visit santa under the sea, close enough anyway. he will be at the coral reef and is the world's deepest living coral reef exhibit . more than 100 species are in this collection and santa will be in full scuba gear to answer questions about the reef come of the event kicks off at 11:30 this morning and runs through christmas day. >> santa is everywhere he can fly in the sky and go in the water.>> he is magical. i wish i could pop my wand and make magic happen on the freeways but unfortunately have delays working their way on 101 southbound through the
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peninsula at san antonio. two left lanes are crushed. it happened at 1:45 this morning . all lanes were shut and earlier. two left lanes are open southbound on the three right lanes are blocked as a clean up the mess. northbound lanes are opened after they were shut down earlier. this vehicle was left in the roadway and two work trucks hit that so lots of debris. one of the trucks were carrying gravel. so they are hard at work mopping up the area and sweeping up the mess. you have delays, about 20 minutes just to get through this backup in palo alto. only 2.5 mile stretch where the delays are so that is significant. as i zoom out, 280 looks better . use that as an alternate . el camino as well. north 101 no troubles now, things look clear. in the south bay we are starting to see some brake lights northbound 101 so
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typical stuff here so i want to alert you to the section northbound 280 at lawrence expressway. a couple of lanes are blocked now so traffic is building behind the . a vehicle report along 680 working your way in danville. a break from the rain for now but we are looking at more isolated to scattered showers as we had through the day today. and also to mount to keep the umbrellas handy just pack them in the car headed out the door for work and school. just in case. here's a look with this camera at north . a foggy start so mild. san jose and livermore starting off at 60. 58 san francisco as well as oakland. mid-50s for concord and santa rosa. you can see we are catching a break from the rain just a few spotty isolated showers across the peninsula in the valley as well as redwood city and the diablo range to the west of san
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ramon and to the northeast of castro valley. that is pretty much about it. through the afternoon, above average temperatures, upper 50s for the coast and later today low 60s for the bay and mid- sixties inland. we are looking at the chance to see if there are more scattered showers. you can see that subtropical moisture, the zonal flow, bringing in this moisture for us. it will be settled the next couple of days of time it out on future cast. here we are at noon and you can see some light scattered showers for 3 p.m. and then by 5 p.m. there is a chance to see some wet weather for us. through tomorrow, there is a next weather system we are looking at increasing light rain for friday afternoon and evening. not expecting a lot of rain over the next couple of days. today through tomorrow, looking at anywhere from just about a quarter inch of rain.
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daytime highs above average for this time of year running about 3 to 7 degrees above average. 64 sunnyvale, 64 fort campbell, 65 santa clara and san jose. concord 63 and pleasant hills. 65 livermore and pleasanton. san francisco topping out at 61 as well. 62 alameda and oakland. 62 san rafael and 62 cloverdale. upper 50s for clearlake. looking at the chance were isolated to scattered light showers today and increasing light rain on friday. i will keep this chance for showers on saturday. the weather model is not a great agreement for saturday. one keeps says drive. sunday will be dry and bright especially into monday and then
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rain chances pick up next tuesday. the midst of the bay area housing crisis we are hearing success stories and how one city is helping in the fi [ electrical buzzing ]
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[ dramatic music ] ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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this morning the woman accused of running over and antioch barber is waking up in a jail. ruby delgadillo turned herself in yesterday and she's accused of intentionally hitting 63- year-old brian martin with her car. she was apparently upset about his son's haircut. martin is currently recovering and meanwhile from a broken leg in the hospital. and a gofundme page has been set up for him and has raised nearly $600,000. police are looking for the person behind an attempted
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crossbow attack at a gilroy hotel. the target was standing on the second floor balcony at a best western when this crossbow nearly hit his head. the bolt came from a handheld crossbow similar to this one. and original serious project home, a successor we take a look at a unique plan to combat rent hikes and evictions and is working. a new program called small sites provides seed money and other assistance so nonprofits can buy homes and much of the money comes from inclusionary housing fees, luxury developers have to pay. all told, the program helped purchase 35 buildings and keep more than 500 people in their homes. the program keeps tenants safe from eviction but residents have to stay alert and reach out. >> alert for changes to your building whether or not it is your landlord starting the painting they've never done in the building after not paying attention to your building for 10 years.>> we talked to the neighbors and say this is what
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needs to happen. >> san francisco requires that nonprofits get a five day heads- up when a property hits the market. the city passed a $600 million bond to support the small sites program last month. the mayor will hold a press event to celebrate the success. send us your stories and ideas to project home at and you can see our reports at pg&e customers are expected to see a huge spike in power outages after results of aging lines over the next few decades. details on the new research. is surgeon is charged with attempting to kidnap her own son, the bizarre case that ended more than 1000 miles from where it began. let's take a look outside, this time, at the bay bridge toll plaza where you can see things are stacking up [ electrical buzzing ]
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. the rain has eased up but another damp morning, mary is tracking the possibility of showers throughout the day. muni is dealing with an issue with the problem plagued trains of what has placed them out of service this morning. morning it is thursday, december 12, i am kenny choi. >> and i am michelle griego so let's get over to mary lee .
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a little bit of a break here now, we are starting off the day with cloudy skies in the areas of fog and for the most part showers have wrapped up this morning. here's a look at the golden gate bridge camera heading out the door, be prepared of slick services because we have the showers push you overnight and it is foggy in spots. mild start to the day talking 60 livermore as well as san jose and 58 oakland and san francisco, mid-50s concord and santa rosa. cloudy, foggy start. through the day we could see some isolated to scattered light showers in the afternoon and evening and increasing light rain on friday. daytime highs above average, 61 san francisco 62 oakland and fremont, 65 san jose and livermore. keep those umbrellas handy and we will talk more about the 48 hours. checking the roadways we've had a tropical it all morning long but i just got
6:31 am
word from chp that the lanes are open at 101 near san antonio where the problem was, we had a crash that happened about 1:45 this morning. you can see it was a big mess, and abandoned vehicle in the lanes at 101 and hit by two separate work trucks. gravel spilled in the roadway and parts of the barrier were damaged. a lot of debris in the lanes. all lanes are now open. at one point both directions were close down so let's the map here. north 101 moving up to speed. southbound 101 some residual slowing. you can use 280 which is a great alternate. he has no troubles everything should get better as you work your way through. south of here we are getting where the trouble spots out of the san jose area, 280 northbound near lawrence expressway. river crashed blocking lanes and the backup is slowing things down. north 101 out of san jose the brake lights at 286. as for public transit, let's go
6:32 am
to kpix 5's jackie ward with why some muni writers should be ready for a crowded commute. >> reporter: is squishy and official traffic or commuter term gimmick today should be for muni passengers inbound. if you follow on twitter, you may have seen the news about these single car trains. it is a bit misleading, his what they had to say. it says heads-up due to equipment availability, muni metro service will see an increase in one car trains tomorrow. we expect minimal impact on capacity . more one car trains needs less two car trains which means less wiggle room. they told the chronicle that they learned about a problem with the pins yesterday, the pins keep the new trains coupled together. they last about three months before becoming unreliable. so to ensure their safety, their making sure the trains with older pins are singles. they are rushing out a stack of
6:33 am
fresh pins, they also told the chronicle, the manufacturer will redesign and reengineer the pins so muni doesn't constantly face this problem. this is not the first time, in april, a sheer pins, broke off in april and a promise to their bringing in an independent contractor to figure it out.>> it is frustrating, they are already impacted as it is. with two train so i hope they get it together. it is a little ridiculous.>> reporter: they only have about a dozen of these one car trains running this morning were already we've seen about four here at the west portal muni station. san francisco city officials made their rounds in west portal last line to check in on residents whose homes were flooded due to heavy rain. the west portal neighborhood
6:34 am
was submerged under 2.5 feet of water over the weekend. frustrated never say that the city should have done more to help. they say the storm drains are the problem but construction to replace the old drains isn't scheduled until two years from now.>> the work may be started in 21 and done until 23 and that is not acceptable.>> that means another couple of winters of maybe repeat performances. >> the san francisco public utilities commission says even if the capital improvement project is in place, the area may still face flooding issues because of the location. the sharks will introduce the new interim head coach after pete deboer was fired following a dreadful road trip. he was in his fifth season with san jose and he led the sharks to their only stanley cup final in 2016. the team in the conference finals again last season but they badly underperform so far this year. the team will introduce the assistant coach as the interim
6:35 am
head coach, he was the head coach of the florida panthers. i met the live news desk and let's go to capitol hill where it is an historic day inside the chambers of the house judiciary committee. as they debate two articles of impeachment against president donald trump. they met last night in a rare off-hours session and are expected to vote by the end of today. the two articles are abuse of power and obstruction of congress for the president not participating but we haven't heard anything from the president directly on twitter about the impeachment but he has retreated dozens of things so he has been very active. he is highlighting a lot of things about his presidency. we are learning more about tuesday shootout at a kosher grocery market in jersey city.
6:36 am
surveillance video shows the suspects parking a u-haul van and entering the store firing. it makes it clear the attackers targeted the grocery store. it began at a cemetery before she went to the deli and they have been identified as david anderson and a 50-year-old francine graham. the two were a couple and identified as black hebrew israelites, designated hate group. the deadly attack was a targeted hate crime. >> there is no question that this was a hate crime. >> six people died in the shootout and a veteran police officer, three civilians and two suspects. they were also the prime suspect in the killing of a driver who was found dead in a car trunk in a new jersey town over the weekend. is surgeon is in custody in a bizarre case of southern california to montana.
6:37 am
the doctor was on supervised custody visit with her 12-year- old son and then in an attempt to kidnap the boy, she allegedly hit the supervisor in the head with a metal object. the boy ran away and she hopped into a charter jet to northern montana. investigators tracked her down in the small town of whitefish. they say that she withdrew $900,000 and gave away her belongings prior to the assault. she is an orthopedic surgeon living in san jose. took a former uc berkeley football player faces charges after he is accused of attacking a police officer. 19-year-old joseph ogunbanjo is charged with two counts of felony assault. he was arraigned for resisting an officer tried to take his gun. he is no longer part of the football program they say and he is scheduled to enter his plea tomorrow. power outages could spike significantly due to aging pg&e
6:38 am
lines according to a new report from georgia tech university, obtained by the wall street journal . the utility company is focusing most of the power line replacement efforts in wildfire prone areas. aging lines and other areas have been de-prioritized and according to the report, that could lead to twice as many as a stained power outages in 15 years and four times as many outages 30 years from now as more of those lines fail. the new audit says pg&e diverted millions of dollars away from burying power lines underground they shifted $123 million from 2007 to 2016. it is not clear what the money was used for. according to the audit, the diversion added to the time it cost for projects . a spokesperson says the company was within the rights to reallocate the money. we are getting a glimpse into the future of firefighting, we will share the
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entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. welcome back, checking the roadways now we have a pretty significant delay out of the south bay northbound 17 the crashes clearing at the summit and look at this, all this red working your way here. lanes should be cleared within the next couple minutes but a pretty big back up there so heads up on 17 out of the south bay. 101 southbound is now open. some people are paying to walk rescue dogs, is part of a program that allows customers to rent a dog for a hike and help give the animal a second chance of life. every week, walkers pay $45 to take the dogs on a two hour hike through la's runyon canyon. a majority of the walkers are
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tourists and the walk is booked online through airbnb experiences. all the money raised goes to free animal doctor which is a nonprofit that provides surgeries for ill and injured rescue dogs. they have led to dozens of adoptions.>> these are rescue dogs and they don't have the best behavior, they've been abused and neglected. because of the imperative in behavior. if you want, you can adopt the dogs. a look at what is coming up later on cbs this morning, anthony mason joins us from new york. good morning, head, democratic presidential hopeful pete buttigieg will be on studio 57 and his plans to win support. a new warning for smart toys, what you need to know about protecting your kids information from online hackers before buying connected devices
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this holiday season. she's got more grammy nominations, sensation lizzo is joining us here in studio 57, more information at 7.>> i just saw her in hustlers last night, i watched that movies and she was great in it.>> she is awesome. the place is a bus and we can't wait to see her. we are having a big jump in unemployment claims plus simply meant inflation is muted. here's jason appeared >> reporter: the labor department is reporting that initial jobless claims soared over 49,000 higher to 252,000 this past week which is the highest level since september 2017. thanksgiving was a big part of that as the holiday pushed off a lot of claims into the following week. continuing claims, those on
6:45 am
long-term benefits fell by 31,000, less than 1.7 million. job markets were sought including the biggest jobs gain in 10 months in november. inflation is soft this year, not changing as the wholesale side prices were up by only 1.1% in november. from a year earlier. if you strip out gas and food, the core rate was actually down by 2/10 of a percent. president donald trump treating that there will be big news soon and that they are close to a trade deal with china, ahead of a key tariff deadline on sunday. as the two sides try to come to a phase 1 trade agreement the market is over it for months now and that is jolting the market higher let's go to the big board to see how we are doing. the markets are surging higher now. the dow is up 150 points over 28,000. nasdaq is gaining 40 points of the s&p 500 is up by 16 points. back to you. the world's
6:46 am
first all electric fire engine could be coming to silicon valley, to change the future of firefighting. you can see it is black and yellow and looks like a bus more than a fire engine. it costs $1.2 million. the chief says it will help it one on their fleet by the year 2021. and because it is all electric, there is no need for diesel, except to fuel the engines backup power supply.>> the omissions are carcinogen so that's not good for the environment or the health and safety of the personnel. certainly not good for the public to breathe.>> could run out of juice during a call? that's what happened to the tesla in fremont police because someone forgot to charge it. the fire chief says they are adding a backup power supply to the design truck or the public can take a look at the electric engine today at fire station 6 in menlo park. >> it looks pretty awesome, a cool design. i know there
6:47 am
have been problems on the roads this morning, how is it looking now?>> better on the 101, all lanes open both directions at the san antonio delay. some usual stuff on the peninsula out of mountain view. southbound 101 working your way out of palo alto looks better. south of there, south bay we have a pretty significant line of red which means a lot of delays. speeds down to five miles per hour and they just cleared this out. our map is still updating here . a crash happened at 4 this morning. since it was so early and not really very well traveled, we were not having delays but look at this now that the morning commute is really in full swing. a lot of brake lights. give yourself some extra time. traffic at 680 we have reports of a vehicle fire and it looks like it may be blocking at least one lane. traffic is slow anyways out of walnut creek.
6:48 am
you macy's and brake lights here . the walnut creek commute is busy anyway working out of concord on 224 and there is a surface street problem at cherry lane so keep that in mind. 18 minute drive time from the bridge to the 24 connector. headed west on 24 you have pockets of slowing and delays working into orinda. westbound 80 at the maze we have reports of a cross that they just cleared it out. the damages done and you have a busy drive from the e short freeway, 38 minutes from hercules towards the maze. the bay bridge metering lights is on and you will see delays on the 80 approach and westbound 580. tail lights headed northbound a lot of brake lights here past the coliseum. it is earlier than usual, it gets slow usually after seven but possibly a trouble spot there so i will look into that. we are catching a
6:49 am
break from the rain this morning, looking at south bay, the south bay or san jose camera and you can see mostly cloudy skies. let's show you the transamerica camera looking north. you can see some patchy fog, a great start let's check the visibility and the temperatures. a mild start, looking at 60 degrees to start off the day, upper 50s in oakland. so, dealing with areas of fog, half a mile and along the coast 2.5 miles for fairfield and napa and it looks better in santa rosa. just a few minutes ago down to half a mile now looking at three miles for the visibility. the high deft offer and you can see we have a dry start to the day, checking a few isolated light showers pushing right over fremont and other showers across the diablo range in the santa
6:50 am
cruz mountains which is about it. we have quiet weather this morning. through the afternoon there is a chance to see more isolated to scattered light showers, this unsettled weather pattern for us and above average temps. mid 60s inland so mostly cloudy skies i give a chance to see some isolated to scattered light showers. all because of the zonal flow and you can see the subtropical moisture coming in . with that moisture we are still looking at unsettled weather. and the shower chances. not looking at any major strong storms over the next several days. but we do have a more wet weather in the forecast. taking hour by hour, stopping at noon and you can see some scattered showers and here we are at 3 p.m. and the 5 pm with light scattered showers for the evening commute. into friday and the afternoon we will have increasing light wind with the next system.
6:51 am
it could be a mess on friday afternoon and evening commute. not expecting a lot of rain. maybe about a quarter of an inch through today and for tomorrow. well, it's that time of year we have the tahoe ski report at kirkwood snow base 54 to 56 inches, snow chances for saturday, conditions machine groomed and for northstar the snow base 19 to 48 inches with packed powder and again if you're heading up to tahoe, this weekend, there are some snow chances on saturday. in the bay area, above average temperatures 3 to 7 degrees above average and to the south baby go, 64 sunnyvale, 65 santa clara and san jose. concord 63 in pleasant hill, san francisco 61 through berkeley. 62 oakland and cloverdale. the extended forecast with light isolated showers today. some showers on saturday.
6:52 am
parents in oakland are getting creative to express their outrage at school board members, the new announcement adding to their anger. some commuters may be more squished than usual if you're
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time for look at this top stories, the house judiciary committee is taking the next steps in the impeachment inquiry against president donald trump. members are voting on two articles of impeachment, abuse of power and obstruction of congress. here's a look from inside the united states capital now, this morning, the committee is expected to look at both articles on party line and this will set up a final debate before the full house next week. the court votes. britain's voters are headed
6:56 am
to the polls to choose the next government, the second british election since the country voted to leave the european union. experts say the election can pave the way for breaks it brexit. angry parents said on oaklands school board meeting singing modified christmas carols with lyrics about budget cuts. the schoolboy says it will begin voting in february and $15 million in new cuts for next year's budget. debris from a nasty crash shutdown both directions of highway 101 this morning, chp says a work truck slammed into a abandoned car near san antonio road in palo alto. those trucks spilled cement across the highway. officers found the driver and arrested him for dui, all lanes are now back open. i'm live from the muni station in west portal and some passengers heading inbound
6:57 am
to the city may be more cramped than usual because of a problem that muni said it would fix months ago. we follow them on twitter you may have seen the news about single car trains but is a bit misleading. here's what it says it says, heads up. due to equipment availability, muni metro service will see an increase in one car trains tomorrow . we expect minimal impact on capacity. more one car trains means less two car trains which means less wiggle room for passengers. they told the chronicle they learned about problem with the pins yesterday, those pins keep the new trans couple together but they only last about three months before they are unreliable. to ensure passenger safety they are running trains with older pins as singles. the manufacturer will rush out a stack of fresh pins at his expense. it is not the first time they've had this problem. we were made aware of this in april when he pins, broke off. back then, muni promised they
6:58 am
would bring in an independent contractor to figure it out so here we are nearly 8 months later dealing with the same problem we have spoken to some pretty strata commuters this morning . we have seen about four of the dozen or so single car trains that are out there this morning from the west portal muni station. take a look at the roadways now, if you're headed out the door and plan on taking 880, brake lights northbound and fogo passed the coliseum. plan on a slow commute. bay bridge metering lights are on and backed up into the maze, due to a crash clearing at the summit and a vehicle fire continues on 680. a great start to the day, areas of fog through the afternoon and above average temperatures, low to mid 60s and the chance isolated showers in the afternoon with increasing light rained for your friday . we have some
6:59 am
shower chances on saturday looking at bright, dry weather ahead, sunday into monday with showers back for next tuesday and wednesday. let's check in with michelle in cbsn bay area newsroom. >> we are following a lot including a family near the bay area crediting a christmas miracle for the high-speed crash that could have ended very differently for their baby. how one sheriff's office is bringing the holiday spirit back for a group of inmates. don't toss out your use goods yet and might is the perfect secondhand gift. if you're heading out the door, log onto and check out cbsn bay area , you can watch those stories and much more throughout the day on multiple devices and platforms just download the news app we will see you at 7. we love this time because now it is time to go get breakfast and put on more coffee.>> it is true. and more cbsn. >> thank you for watching kpix
7:00 am
5 news this morning, cbs this morning is next. have a good morning to you our viewers in the west, and welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. voting on impeachment. house democrats take another big step toward impeaching president trump later today, while the white house changes its defense strategy. suing for their son. the family of a british teenager killed in an accident with an american driver speaks exclusively to cbs news about the steps they're taking to get justice. pete buttigieg in studio 57. the democratic presidential hopeful will be here to talk about his rise in the polls and the backlash from his rivals. and lizzo's 100%, exclamation point. rapping, singing sensation lizzo will be here for her first interview since she got eight grammy nominations and was named "time's" entertainer of the year.


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